Look like Mel Gibson’s back. It is the first time in seven years that Mel Gibson has done a movie and this one looks good. Edge of Darkness is a action thriller with cover ups and loads of mystery. It is a adaption from a 1985 BBC television series.

Thomas Craven, played by Mel Gibson, is a homicide detective for the Boston Police Department but more importantly to him he is a father to Emma Craven, played by Bojana Novakovic.  When his activist daughter comes to visit him she gets killed outside his house, everyone assumes the murderer was actually after Thomas but the reality is far more sinister. A CIA officer Matt Jedburgh, played by Ray Winstone, was sent to cover up the real reason for the murder of Emma. So with nothing left to loose Thomas Craven goes after the men responsible for killing his daughter.

Edge of Darkness – Trailer HD


Opinions have been mixed about the release which is on the 29th of January 2010. Personally, from what I have seen, Mel Gibson looks better than he has in years, older, yes but he can still do a good action with drama in between. Having a baby with a young new partner might have something to do with it.

Mel Gibson (54) arrived with his new lady,Oksana Grigorieva 39, on his arm at the premiere of Edge of Darkness looking very happy. It is the first time Oksana has accompanied Mel to a opening of a movie he stars in. Oksana gave birth to a baby girl Lucia on 30 October 2009, she looks pretty good for a mother of a 3 month old.

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