Shakira is releasing her latest album Sale el Sol loosely translated as The Sun Rises on the 19th October 2010. The album will feature Loca (in Spanish crazy) which Shakira has recorded both a English and Spanish. The English version is featuring UK rap artist Dizzee Rascal and the Spanish version Dominican hip-hop artist El Cata

Shakira wanted something different for the Loca music video instead of the usual costly productions. It was done very simply with a hand held camera with Shakira interacting with fans in Barcelona acting ‘crazy’ and just having fun. It starts of with some dancing on the beach then roller scatting as at some point she decides to do a costume change on the street and exchanged her skirt for leather pants. She proceeds to jump on the back of a motorcycle (without helmet) ending the music video in water fountain. Chorus bits are of her dancing on the beach or with Dizzee.

The video is lots of fun and very sexy but according the the Spanish government criminal as Shakira broke numerous laws while shooting it. It could have all easily been avoided if the proper permits was gathered beforehand, the charges are rather lame so lets just assume the organisers just did not think it would be necessary. There are very strict antisocial behaviour laws in Spain, first complaint is public disturbance by stopping traffic, second riding on a motorcycle without a helmet and third is for dancing in a historical water fountain.

Shakira – Loca feat. Dizzee Rascal (Official Music Video Premiere)

Shakira – Loca (Spanish)

After her song for the soccer world cup Waka Waka: It’s time for Africa broke records for most sold world cup song, this album looks promising. The album Sale el Sol will also feature Waka Waka on it’s track list.

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