Bosnian girl revealed to be girl that chucked puppies in the river

The puppy chucker was caught, she is a Bosnian girl living with her parents. There was a Facebook group and a massive internet hunt to find out who the puppy flipper is. She claims that the puppies were sick but it turns out most people think she is the "sick" one.

There were a few names going around the internet of who it was but most of them were wrong. Michael Bay even offered a $50,000 reward to those that give information that leads to the girl’s arrest.

Police may not give the name of the girl because she is still a juvenile. First claim was that her grandmother told her to chuck the puppies in the river, that however remains to be seen if that is the truth.

Whatever the truth is, she will most likely carry that event with her for the rest of her life.

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