Eugene Terreblanche was murdered on his farm today just outside Ventersdorp. He was attacked while sleeping by two workers that worked on the farm. According to the workers they got in a argument earlier upon which they responded with a panga and a “knopkierie”.

The time they attacked Eugene was around 5pm, when police got there he was lying on the bed with serious head wounds and wounds to his upper body. He was still alive but later died in hospital at around 7pm.

According to the workers that attacked him they got in a argument, police said the attack was not politically motivated but that will only be revealed if true during the investigation.
The police arrested the two suspects who confessed to the killing. Eugene did not permanantly live on the farm but slep there once in a while.

While the police say the murder was not politically motivated we as mentioned earlier will only learn the real motive for the attack later.

Social networks are buzzing with many saying that this is because of Julius Malema’s recent “kill the boer” campaign.

Last week Julius Malema was ordered by the court to stop singing the “kill the boer” or “shoot the boer” song.

Eugene Ney TerreBlance was born on January 31 1941 and was a Boer Afrikaner the founder of the Afrikaner weerstadsbeweging. His biggest dream was a boer state and he pushed and fighted for that most of his life.

He was also one of the biggest fighters for the Boers and desperately wanted independence for the boers

We can only say that Eugene Terreblanche loved his country and was a strong fighter in what he believed.


Our leader, Eugene Terre’Blanche murdered on his farm

It is with shock, dismay, frustration and the greatest of emotional pain that we were informed that our leader, Eugene Terre’Blanche was murdered on his farm Villanna (meaning “Home of Anna”) just outside Ventersdorp called around 17:00 this afternoon.


Details are sketchy, but from reports by people at the scene there was an argument with one of his black farm workers this afternoon. Later, while he was taking an afternoon nap, the farm worker, incited by others, entered his house and hacked him to death with a panga (chopping knife used for clearing bushes).


When police arrived they found our leader on his bed with mortal wounds to his upper body and head. He was declared dead at 7:00pm.


This news comes amidst reports of Julius Malema’s banned song which calls for freedom fighters of the ANC to “Kill the Boer”.


Our leader did not live permanently on the farm, but rather in Ventersdorp. He visits the farm regularly during the week and on weekends.


Eugene Ney Terre’Blance was born on January 31 1941 and was on of the founders of the Afrikaner Weerstadsbeweging. He dedicated the last decades to realising a dream of freedom for our Boer people and the concept of a Volkstaat, a free state where we could rule over ourselves.


We call on all our supporters, friends and members of the AWB to be calm for now as we mourn the passing of our leader.


We will post more information as it becomes available.




2010 04 03 – AfriForum calls on all South Africans to remain calm after murder of Terre’Blanche

In response to the murder of Mr Eugene Terre’Blanche, AfriForum appealed to all South Africans to remain calm.

These events are a call to all South Africans to come to their senses and to be aware of the extremely polarised and violent circumstances presently prevalent in the country.

AfriForum condemned the murder in the strongest possible terms, as all murders in South Arica are condemned. All communities – white, as well as black – should refrain from reckless statements and from romanticising violence.

It is urgent for all to remain calm under circumstances which are very tense and potentially may be destructive.



The murder of Eugene Terreblanche will inevitably polarize and inflame passions in South Africa at a time when tensions are already running high.  This could have tragic consequences and it is essential that all leaders stand together now, and call for calm.  Violence has never been a solution to South Africa’s enormous challenges.   Now, more than ever, we must resist racial polarization, and continue to build the non-racial middle ground of people who want a peaceful and prosperous future for all.

The singing of songs such as “kill the Boer” creates a climate in which violence is seen as an appropriate response to problems, whether personal or collective.  These words have been correctly described by the courts as hate speech.  We urge all South Africans to stand together and reject incitement and threats of violence, that could destroy our capacity to build a shared future.  We all have a responsibility towards one another.  Let us exercise this now more than ever before.


Eugene Terreblanche was murdered today in his sleep on his farm in Ventersdorp.

Eugene Terreblanche was the head and leader of the AWB. Eugene Terreblanche was also one of the biggest fighters for the Boers and desperately wanted independence for the boers.

What would happen next we can only wait and see.

Eugene Ney TerreBlance was born on January 31 1941 and was a Boer Afrikaner the founder of the Afrikaner weerstadsbeweging. His biggest dream was a boer state and he pushed and fighted for that most of his life.

He was murdered about two hours ago according to our sources.

This comes as the song “kill the boers” just got banned and Julius Malema also got gagged and may not sing the song.

Many people on various social networks already started blaming the recent “kill the boer ” campaign by the country’s ruling party the ANC.

We can only say that Eugene Terreblanche loved his country and was a strong fighter in what he believed.


UPDATE: According police Eugene Terreblanche was attacked at 5 to 6 pm on his farm in Ventersdorp. When police got there he was lying on the bed with fatal injuries to his head and upper body, he was still alive but died later.

Police found a panga and a “knopkierrie” at the farm and they arrested two farm workers that was currently working on Eugene’s farm.

According to them they got in a argument with Eugene Terreblance and then killed him.

He died because of his injuries and was declared dead at 7pm.

Eugene did not permanently live on the farm. According to police the murder is said to be not politically motivated (for now at least.)

UPDATE 2: Please note that the police said the murder was not politically motivated but we believe further investigation will reveal whether this is true or not.



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