Eugene Terreblanche murdered on his farm


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Eugene Terreblanche was murdered on his farm today just outside Ventersdorp. He was attacked while sleeping by two workers that worked on the farm. According to the workers they got in a argument earlier upon which they responded with a panga and a “knopkierie”.

The time they attacked Eugene was around 5pm, when police got there he was lying on the bed with serious head wounds and wounds to his upper body. He was still alive but later died in hospital at around 7pm.

According to the workers that attacked him they got in a argument, police said the attack was not politically motivated but that will only be revealed if true during the investigation.
The police arrested the two suspects who confessed to the killing. Eugene did not permanantly live on the farm but slep there once in a while.

While the police say the murder was not politically motivated we as mentioned earlier will only learn the real motive for the attack later.

Social networks are buzzing with many saying that this is because of Julius Malema’s recent “kill the boer” campaign.

Last week Julius Malema was ordered by the court to stop singing the “kill the boer” or “shoot the boer” song.

Eugene Ney TerreBlance was born on January 31 1941 and was a Boer Afrikaner the founder of the Afrikaner weerstadsbeweging. His biggest dream was a boer state and he pushed and fighted for that most of his life.

He was also one of the biggest fighters for the Boers and desperately wanted independence for the boers

We can only say that Eugene Terreblanche loved his country and was a strong fighter in what he believed.


Our leader, Eugene Terre’Blanche murdered on his farm

It is with shock, dismay, frustration and the greatest of emotional pain that we were informed that our leader, Eugene Terre’Blanche was murdered on his farm Villanna (meaning “Home of Anna”) just outside Ventersdorp called around 17:00 this afternoon.


Details are sketchy, but from reports by people at the scene there was an argument with one of his black farm workers this afternoon. Later, while he was taking an afternoon nap, the farm worker, incited by others, entered his house and hacked him to death with a panga (chopping knife used for clearing bushes).


When police arrived they found our leader on his bed with mortal wounds to his upper body and head. He was declared dead at 7:00pm.


This news comes amidst reports of Julius Malema’s banned song which calls for freedom fighters of the ANC to “Kill the Boer”.


Our leader did not live permanently on the farm, but rather in Ventersdorp. He visits the farm regularly during the week and on weekends.


Eugene Ney Terre’Blance was born on January 31 1941 and was on of the founders of the Afrikaner Weerstadsbeweging. He dedicated the last decades to realising a dream of freedom for our Boer people and the concept of a Volkstaat, a free state where we could rule over ourselves.


We call on all our supporters, friends and members of the AWB to be calm for now as we mourn the passing of our leader.


We will post more information as it becomes available.




2010 04 03 – AfriForum calls on all South Africans to remain calm after murder of Terre’Blanche

In response to the murder of Mr Eugene Terre’Blanche, AfriForum appealed to all South Africans to remain calm.

These events are a call to all South Africans to come to their senses and to be aware of the extremely polarised and violent circumstances presently prevalent in the country.

AfriForum condemned the murder in the strongest possible terms, as all murders in South Arica are condemned. All communities – white, as well as black – should refrain from reckless statements and from romanticising violence.

It is urgent for all to remain calm under circumstances which are very tense and potentially may be destructive.



The murder of Eugene Terreblanche will inevitably polarize and inflame passions in South Africa at a time when tensions are already running high.  This could have tragic consequences and it is essential that all leaders stand together now, and call for calm.  Violence has never been a solution to South Africa’s enormous challenges.   Now, more than ever, we must resist racial polarization, and continue to build the non-racial middle ground of people who want a peaceful and prosperous future for all.

The singing of songs such as “kill the Boer” creates a climate in which violence is seen as an appropriate response to problems, whether personal or collective.  These words have been correctly described by the courts as hate speech.  We urge all South Africans to stand together and reject incitement and threats of violence, that could destroy our capacity to build a shared future.  We all have a responsibility towards one another.  Let us exercise this now more than ever before.


Eugene Terreblanche was murdered today in his sleep on his farm in Ventersdorp.

Eugene Terreblanche was the head and leader of the AWB. Eugene Terreblanche was also one of the biggest fighters for the Boers and desperately wanted independence for the boers.

What would happen next we can only wait and see.

Eugene Ney TerreBlance was born on January 31 1941 and was a Boer Afrikaner the founder of the Afrikaner weerstadsbeweging. His biggest dream was a boer state and he pushed and fighted for that most of his life.

He was murdered about two hours ago according to our sources.

This comes as the song “kill the boers” just got banned and Julius Malema also got gagged and may not sing the song.

Many people on various social networks already started blaming the recent “kill the boer ” campaign by the country’s ruling party the ANC.

We can only say that Eugene Terreblanche loved his country and was a strong fighter in what he believed.


UPDATE: According police Eugene Terreblanche was attacked at 5 to 6 pm on his farm in Ventersdorp. When police got there he was lying on the bed with fatal injuries to his head and upper body, he was still alive but died later.

Police found a panga and a “knopkierrie” at the farm and they arrested two farm workers that was currently working on Eugene’s farm.

According to them they got in a argument with Eugene Terreblance and then killed him.

He died because of his injuries and was declared dead at 7pm.

Eugene did not permanently live on the farm. According to police the murder is said to be not politically motivated (for now at least.)

UPDATE 2: Please note that the police said the murder was not politically motivated but we believe further investigation will reveal whether this is true or not.



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977 thoughts on “Eugene Terreblanche murdered on his farm”

  1. May his soul rest in peace. He was a true leader, a man amongst men, albeit misunderstood and sometimes misguided.

    I hope his death doesn’t trigger something ugly!

    1. May his soul get eternally fucked in the ass by a gang of farm labourers. Ha ha!! Trigger what? What will a bunch of sissified Afrikaners do besides talk tough online?

  2. A 21-year-old man and 15-year-old boy were arrested and charged for his murder. The two told the police that the argument ensued because they were not paid for the work they did on the farm.
    This is over unpaid wages and not because of the ‘Kill the Boer’ song.

  3. Sad. That’s all I’ve got to say. I didn’t think that what Mr. Terblanche did was correct, but killing someone in cold blood is just low.

  4. K@k hierdie is ‘n direkte opdrag van malema – natuurlik sal die poliese en almal nou uitmaak dit is nie, want hulle weet hier kom k@k

  5. We don’t know the facts yet. Maybe he didn’t pay them because they didn’t do what he hired them for. If it is even true that he did not pay them. Still,killing someone for not paying you………..what mentality????

  6. How stupid are you?!? It is the song “Kill the boer…” that made them do it. They had a fight over their salary and their buddy Julius Malema tells them to kill the boer. What do you think un educated people will do that think Julius Malema is their saviour? Wake up.

  7. He deserved It… , becouse they are Black he thinks he has the right to pay them late… Farmers take note Treat people with Justice or you will be next …
    why Cry for an old fool that is a murderer himself look at all the nonsense he created in former Bophuthatswana and now young folks like myself are suffering affirmitive action

  8. My sympathy to the family. 1. The article said it was not a politically motivated killing but they had some arguments. Lets not jump the gun here guys. 2. The fact of the matter is that we all understood the content of the msg irrespective of how it was written. Ta

  9. Naive? This is what all the press releases are saying. IOL, Reuters, News24, Cape Argus. Why would I believe differently until the statements are proven otherwise?

  10. No matter how the ANC and their police cronies spin this story, those in the know will tell you that it’s all part of the genocide of the whites – all whites and not only Afrikaners! The regime has gone to great lengths to disarm the white population, yet nothing has been done to get rid of the thousands of illegal AK-47s and other weapons, many of which have been stashed away in hidden arms caches.

  11. The murder on MR TERBLANCE is a shock. Is it a coinsidence that it happened on the same day that Malema sang his “song” in Zim ? 67 days before Fifa WC !!! SA is now in crime mess !

  12. Hey asshole no one deserves to be murdered in cold blood!!! If you doont have the money imediately how should you pay them?? You just made your comment sound racist!! But racism only counts against the whites of this country! Get your story together! If your boss at work pay you a little later than expected, are you just gonna kill him for it??

  13. My sympathy to the family. 1. The article said it was not a politically motivated killing but they had some arguments. Lets not jump the gun here guys. 2. The fact of the matter is that we all understood the content of the msg irrespective of how it was written. Ta

  14. “becoase” … because your are a moron maybe? Maybe you went to school with Malema.

    Our thoughts are with the family.

  15. David, you are obviously black or some liberal piece of shiiiit who will always take the side of the so called victors. I cannot emphasis the fact that killing somebody for being paid late is a black thing…. I do not kill my gardener if he comes late or brakes my lawnmower or steals stuff off my property, but if the rolls were reversed and I was his gardener I would surely be killed… Eugene Terblanche was an old man who should have died in his bed like Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeke, but because he is not black that priveledge has been denied him and all the other farmers and other innocent white people who were killed just because they where white. Long live white brite and polite…….;

  16. You must be deaf and blind. And do you really think the media and Police are going to report the real story? They know what the reaction will be. Word wakker!

  17. There are numerous remedies out there to resolve employer / employee conflicts i.e. the CCMA. Julius’ persistent use of the ‘kill the boer’ song could have a subliminal effect on the farm workers’ reasoning ability. Did you forget what happened at Bophuthatswana? Julius, are you ready for another round?

  18. IF i dont pay u and u are evicted or u loose your car then its not right , But if a white guy does not pay a Black farmer money that he needs for food he is fine

    anyone that does not pay wages on time, should be hacked, becouse they are denying u dignity and self respect they are turning u into a begger.

    he tried murdering a petrol attended some years ago now he got the same thing back , yippy

  19. Listen here. You don’t know the real story what happened. How do you know that he paid them late?? Why did they have to be so freakin’ arrogant in the first place, they could’ve simply just wait for the money, why would he not pay now when he most probably always did? THEY JUST COULDN’T WAIT – WAS THAT REALLY SO HARD? THEY SHOULD’VE BEEN GRATEFUL THAT THEY HAD A JOB!! I bet you don’t even know the whole history about Mr. Terre’blance. You just felt like you needed to comment here because hey, you can do whatever you want nê? Well let me tell you something. I’m white and I’m young. I too suffer affirmative action. How can you say that he deserved it? Did you personally work for him? When you get murdered by your fellow “comrades” just know – you deserve it too.


  20. David – why don’t you go and read a book – maybe start with grade one. And then some history 101. Go have a shower – a very cold one. Stand up for yourself and stop blaming others. MAAK JOU OE OOP!

  21. It’s truly sad that another human being have been murdered. My concern is that this murder will escalate into some kind of crisis. Malema (the puppet) and his rantings of late and court ruling against him will not help ease tensions. What worries me is that once again this will turn into a race issue. I suspect there are people working very hard to destabilize this country. They are picking away the scabs of some painful wounds. This is detracting our attention away from their true purpose. It’s time we all wake up, stop thinking the enemy has a race and find out who really is behind this campaign of disunity amongst South Africans!

  22. People like YOU are the reason that our country is in such a mess!!! What happened to standing together? i’m not fan of Mr Terblanche, but he was a human being and an Afrikaner- one of us. Why is it okay that farmers get killed? It seems like nobody cares…. I do care!!!!

  23. Dit is verskriklik – nou gaan hulle nooit hulle geld kry nie. Alle moorde in SA is so onnodig. My man is 15 jaar terug ook vermoor vir NIKS. ‘n Vriend van my kinders is Donderdag doodgeskiet – is ‘n lewe so min werd??????? Waar gaan ons heen?????

  24. This is what happen when one is nasty, angry and frustrated in life… I do not give a damn about his life!

    He was an angry person, vicious and racist… So deserve to be executed…


  25. shame the man was murdered – it had nutting to do with malema – he is an arse by the way –
    pure plain murder or…….

    is it…………..

    wait for it……………..

    one more time……………………

    as the hindus say ” KARMA” – wat goes around comes around

  26. jy weet nie waarvan jy praat nie David!!!! Is iemand van jou al vermoor – jou Pa Ma Broer of familie lid???? Seker nie!!!!! wie gee iemand die reg om ‘n lewe te neem.

  27. Co-sign wit u anonynomous! Malema had nothin to do with this, u live by hate you die by hat simple!

  28. Just out of interest – is this a site that claims to be a leader in english grammar – I mean is anyone expecting perfect language or literary perfection – I mean I’m sure the author – WHO DID SAY AT THE END THAT HE/SHE WAS AFRIKAANS – was not hoping for a Nobel prize??? For fuck sakes just look at the site – the name alone is a dead give away!!! So I for one – who pride myself on my articulate ability was really not “offended” by this article as many of you seem to be – petty don’t you think. So even though it clearly isn’t the best literary piece I’ve come across, the content is surely what is more important. And even more important – and I choose not to be self righteous here – is that white South Africans (and it’s sad that after all we’ve been through we’re back to race) on the whole seem to be angered by this and rightfully so and are talking about NOT being bullied and intimidated by what is obviously inhumane behaviour and are willing to fight back. I just hope they/we are and do so aggressively! This IS a fight – make no mistake and we have to capitalize on our intelligence in order to get the upper hand here. Even if that means our intelligence is translated in retaliatory violence. Unfortunately that’s what it might come to – we’re dealing with terrorist mentality here and we all know civil discussion as far as that is concerned does not work. I think Malema and those black South Africans who choose to support him exercise some trepidation from now on.

  29. Firstly, other reports note that Terreblanche had a dispute with his labourers over unpaid wages. Was this enough of a reason to kill a man? No. But it does provide a better explanation than those who want to see this as a political conspiracy. Really, if people had wanted him dead it would have happened long ago!!

    Secondly, Terreblanche was far from a saint. What about the man HE was convicted of killing?

    P.S. It’s “fought”, not “fighted”.

  30. And what about murders, rape, corruption, theft, hi-jacking, farm killings – are these also not denying of dignity and self respect? All this can not be compared to money. Money is really such a small little thing when you take time to think about it, but wait – you can’t. You follow blindly. You follow because you are told to follow. You write this shit because you were mentally told to do so. You have no insight of your own. You won’t stand up for what is right because you know then you will be ‘hacked’ Maybe someday you’ll be in this exact same position and then I hope I’ll get the oppertunity to laugh in your face.

  31. Just out of interest – is this a site that claims to be a leader in english grammar – I mean is anyone expecting perfect language or literary perfection – I mean I’m sure the author – WHO DID SAY AT THE END THAT HE/SHE WAS AFRIKAANS – was not hoping for a Nobel prize??? For fuck sakes just look at the site – the name alone is a dead give away!!! So I for one – who pride myself on my articulate ability was really not “offended” by this article as many of you seem to be – petty don’t you think. So even though it clearly isn’t the best literary piece I’ve come across, the content is surely what is more important. And even more important – and I choose not to be self righteous here – is that white South Africans (and it’s sad that after all we’ve been through we’re back to race) on the whole seem to be angered by this and rightfully so and are talking about NOT being bullied and intimidated by what is obviously inhumane behaviour and are willing to fight back. I just hope they/we are and do so aggressively! This IS a fight – make no mistake and we have to capitalize on our intelligence in order to get the upper hand here. Even if that means our intelligence is translated in retaliatory violence. Unfortunately that’s what it might come to – we’re dealing with terrorist mentality here and we all know civil discussion as far as that is concerned does not work. I think Malema and those black South Africans who choose to support him exercise some trepidation from now on.

  32. Your day may be nearer thank you think. You, like your boy Malema, obviously, also failed history. How stupid you sound. Go catch your taxi.

  33. You are an indigenous retard who thinks he is a European by using an european creation, the internet, and then show your African retardness in your logic.
    You can come and play with me, whilst I hold a panga in my hand, and I will show YOU how easy it is to kill. Nothing intelligent about that …just black behaviour, listening to their basic killer instincts. You live today because of white farmers feeding you, white doctors treating you, and because of white creations, you black moron.

  34. The “enemy” you perceive is not the true enemy. Just sit back and ask yourself – who will benefit if a race crisis were to unfold in SA right now? People please take off your blind folds.

  35. I wonder who is going to rot in hell. Terblanche and all the white people who have been murdered so far will be avenged and then you are the one who will rot in hell…… You bloody idiot.

  36. If you had any intelligence, you would:

    1) Not advocate for retaliatory violence

    2) Not think you are smarter simply because you are white


    3) Realise that this incident was not an “attack on the Afrikaaner nation”.

  37. Sincere condolences to the Tereblanche family. Losing a family member is heart-tearing. He too was a person, and as each of us, he too made mistakes, but from his heart, did his best and did what he believed in. Let’s remember his good bits, and the disagreed bits be buried. May you find strength and comfort in those that care. Our deepest sympathy.

  38. In reply to “one bomb many k4s” big words for such a minority,Would u like to be EUGENE TERREBLANCHED? I can organise that yl u put together that bomb

  39. ET was a fair man in my opinion. I wish I had had the opportunity to have met him. My sincere condolences to his family and close friends. If it must be, it will be. My Great Grandfather fought against the english along side the Boer, though he was english him self, and I will to just as my Great Grandfather fought for what was right.

  40. All you Afrikaners are sick, that man was evil and committed heinous crimes and deserve no better, he should have been killed a long time ago. It just shows you don’t have any regrets or remorse to what you did to black people in their own homeland for over hundred years, you maimed and killed so many and they have extended their hand of reconciliation and forgiveness to allow you to live in South Africa and you don’t seem to take it with open arms. It’s just a dream to think that you will ever rule this african land ever again, never, it will never happen again. Move on, forget it and embrace your hosts (the africans – who are the rightful owners of the land). Treat the africans nice and they will not bother you, stop the master and servant attitude and mentality and embrace diversity and you will have your rightful place in a society for all.

  41. Dear Black boys who murdered Mr. Terre’blanche.

    Even though I said and commented quite a few things on this site already, all I want to say lastly is this:

    I hope you felt good when you did it. I hope you are feeling good at this moment while you are being held at the police station. I hope you get food and a place to rest – you must surely need it after your escapades. I hope your parents’ are proud of you. I hope one day when you have children of your own that they will be able to be proud of you. I hope that your conscience is now at rest for admitting to this crime. I hope your siblings will cheer you on and spread the word that it was actually their brother’s who did this. I hope that you are happy. I hope that you don’t feel guilty – because guilt might someday be your cause of death. I hope that Malema will pay your wages that you did not apparently get (which I think you absolutely did). I hope that you are aware of what you’ve just done to South Africa. You caused major political trouble and public uprising. I honestly hope that you are prepared for what is about to come your way… I hope your relationship with Jesus Christ is in good order – you’ll be needing this as I have a feeling that you will not live very long.

  42. And how many innocent black people were slaughtered by the white Nationalist government? How many massacres happened? Do the words “Sharpville” and “Soweto” mean anything to you?

    If killing someone for being paid late was a black thing, there would be very few white people left in this country!

    Rhetorical question: Are there really any “innocent white people” in this country?

  43. Wow! Couldn’t believe it… And to “those” of you justifying this, we’ll see how YOUR family feels when something like this happens to you. Yes, Eugene was not always right, but in all fairness, he was MURDERED! And not even over something huge… Probably R60 or something even more bizarre! So yes, great! Kill your employer because that will solve your financial crisis. Obviously. And really, stop with this affirmative bullshit now! It’s not about black or white! If you can do Baas Piet’s job, THEN DO IT! Stop blaming apartheid or what the hell ever for your stupidity!

  44. I am surprised by your cowardly comments under no name. You are one of those that dont have the facts yet you have the same size mouth as Julius are you not his broter from another mother. Everyone says treat the africans nice then you will be cool. Why dont you tell that to the other dead farmers and old people that gets killed on a daily basis you are a uninformend, stupid, uneducated prick that has no sence of respect, because if you had some you would find out the truth before you act like a baboon from the bush.

  45. dink julle regtig dat die regering die waarheid sal laat uitkom, da is nie n manier nie die blankes van die land word belieg links en regs en ons vat dit net want meeste weet nie van beter nie of is te bang om iets te se.

    Hoekom ET dood is sal nie die lug haal nie dit sal by die unpaid wages bly julle sal sien eks net bly da dam n paar wat die waarheid sien hoop net da is meer wat bereid is om iets te doen !!!

  46. I totally agree with you, everything that was build up in SA will be destroyed by the puppets. what can one do to prevent this? that is the main question on hand

  47. Amen!

    How blind we have become to violence and murder around us, the systematic unarming of the white population.

    But, let a person go hungry for a day, he is upset, two days and he will steal for survival, three days and he will murder for money or food, and revenge. Never pay a person late, it is self evident to never employ a person if you can not pay them.

  48. I hope that the two caught in connection with this act gets raped and leave the prison with HIV.
    So they can suffer.

  49. For you to be here today is because of this black men’s land, why not go back to europe and not complain? At least blacks don’t claim what’s not theirs to be theirs – such is this nation of blacks and not afrikaners. The majority of eropeans are tolerant bar a few poisonous afrikaners like you.

  50. To Roy: remember that thing called Apartheid, remember? Oh we”ve been to hell and bak, thanks to ppl who think and act like terreblanche. Whoever is still tokin afrikaner nationalism is elderly and scenile history shall necer repeat itself.

  51. Let’s play Devil’s Advocate here. Would it not serve our right wing community very favourably if the epitome of the ‘S A Boer’ (being ET) was murdered after a week of High Court wrangling over Malema’s singing of ‘his’ song? Wouldn’t enormous support and sympathy be generated for their cause? Could they perhaps have organised the sacrifice of one of their own to achieve this?

  52. Umlilo – go and read your first book with Malema the moron. Then take a shower and start reading about SA history. You are so brainwashed, you think like a moron. Voertsek idiot!

  53. Having read all of the comments posted so far, I must just say, that although I don’t think it’s politically motivated, it will be taken as politically motivated due to Malema and his “kill / shoot the boer” song. Malema clearly is going to have his hands full and if he carries on singing his famous song (like his did in Zim to a hero’s welcome – and he’s a hero’s ass just like Mugabe) then he will definately be adding fuel to the fire and we will have utter mayhem.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be a police officer in Ventersdorp now, I’d beat the living crap out of those 2 assholes and let them die a slow death. Are there any black policemen in Ventersdorp or is just Afrikaner territory. The latter I hope.

    Just because Eugene was famous does not mean his murder is justified for the things his might or might not have done in the past. Murder is murder, whichever way you look at it.

    Condolences to the family and friends of the legend Eugene Terre’blance.

    To the murderer’s, here’s hoping you get life in jail with no parol. Sleep with one eye open and if you really shit scared just kill yourself cause you know it’s coming your way.

  54. People like you are why a once beautiful country is being ravaged with crime & heartache….you are an ignorant uneducated savage…as ET’s callous murderer’s are. may MY G.d forgive you…perhaps you should ask your fellow murderers to pray for you in advance…

  55. Try and show an example of maturity for the young people in your nation. Let us make sure we do not have another Zimbabwe – what a damn mess that is

  56. Who on earth do you think you are?! Talking the biggest bunch of nonsense!!!! Imagine the United states or Europe saying to the people, this is a white mans land. All non whites GET OUT! A war would start. Racism will never end in this country unfortunately. We have incompetant, stupid leaders running this country who are the cause of the never ending problems. The apartheid is OVER! Why cant we just go on and live our lives. TB did bad things in the past, but if paid for his crime. May he finally rest in peace… and hopefully haunt Malema for many years to come!
    RIP Eugene.

  57. Do you really think that killing a man was the answer? His death is not going to give them the money they need. If you dont pay me my salary, I get upset and sure enough I’ll argue with you. But I will never kill you for that! Murder is heartless and cold. Sure, the man did some wrong stuff in his life… I never agreed with anything he said, but that doesn’t make his death an event to be happy about. This will only devide our country more. Oh, and, Kagiso, saying yipee when someone died is heartless.

  58. You are an atheist & a retard….JUST remember you live by the sword you die by the sword. Perhaps YOU should sleep with 1 eye open .racist!!!

  59. Excuse me Virquam and please note. If you recognise different races, tribes and yes even colour then you are a racist. In fact I do not know anyone who is not racist, we all recognise differences in people. Just one more thing. This country was built up by the whites, we had beautiful roads, the best hospitals, great schools clean streets and cities no squatter camps, no unwanted immigrants please that note that that was untill 1994. Now since 1994 who is running this country and who is breaking it down, think…… potholes, riots, bad hospitals, bad schools dirty cities, unwanted squatters and more violence and murders than ever… makes you think doesn’t it.

  60. He deserved to be murdered, no matter in which circumstances.
    This murder is an HAPPY event for the people of South Africa and for the rest of the civilized world.
    It’s a fact.

    nothing like this can be happen to me or someone of my family: none of us are ever been Nazist.

  61. Where do you come from? If there is a Indian man born in England and his father was born in England does it not make him English? What about America, the white settlers where here long before the Europeans settled in America, so are they not Americans because of their skin? The same goes for Afrikaners we have been here for 300 years, we have no where else to go. This is also our country, our home I am as much a African as the black people. All we want is to have the right to exist but people expect us to disappear or change into Europeans suddenly, we cannot. We are not just white people we are African white’s, that is the definition of Afrikaner. Someone who lives in Africa and speaks Afrikaans.

    We have not had the master servant attitude in years, they have made sure of that. Embrace diversity? What do you mean by that? Should we stop speaking our mother tongue, should we bow our heads in submission each time a black person speaks? What of the other cultures? Should they not also embrace us, which by your comment you do not.

    Ons is n trotse nasie en sal tot die bitter einde ons kop hoog hou. Ons bloed en sweet le diep in Afrika se grond.

    We are a small nation, a very small minority where other countries protects the minorities we are being persecuted. We have stood back silently and let the rest screw up this country and we get blamed for everything that goes wrong. You cannot blame the Boere for everything. Look at Africa? How does conflict get solved, hacking each other with machetes. The whites did not maime people, they where not right sometimes but more blacks died of black on black violence during the apartheid era than that of white men. I can remember the horror my grandmother experienced of a man who was inside a tire doused in petrol running past my grandmothers house at the train station. She did not dare help there was a mob chasing him, what could a little old woman do? They would have attacked her. I learned a long time ago there is no such thing as mercy in black South Africans.

  62. M. De La Rey – oh a baboon from the bush is better than an afrikaner. a baboon wouldn’t travel from europe to claim land that does not belong to it. Afrikaner claiming ‘this is my country’ is uneducated, dump and absolute nonsense. Go hang. Afrikaner free state my ass

  63. Virquam, you are dreaming if you think this cannot happen to your family. Look up Nazist before you use it okay…….

  64. You are an idiot, a racist, and have no respect for the dead. ET may not have been the best example to follow (I, for one, am not an AWB supporter), but he didn’t deserve to die like that. Your insipid description of how life is (in YOUR view, as observed from your previous posts) serves only to incite the masses, and in light of that, you should be locked up and have the key thrown away. Mandela spoke of reconciliation; shame on you for not following that example. You are a disappointment to everyone reading this site, a disappointment to your movement (which is very evidently ANC), and most importantly, you are a massive disappointment to yourself. Your hatred runs way too deep for you to be allowed to roam the streets – go hand yourself in at your nearest hospital’s psychiatric ward – and please don’t come out until you are cleared of being a danger to society as well as yourself. I feel I have wasted my time responding to you, but perhaps you might have the intelligence to understand what I am trying to say. In fact, let me put it in a more simple way for you to understand: “You have been naughty. Stop being naughty. White people are not the enemy – crime is. Now go get help before you get hurt”. There – WAY easier to understand. P.S. How did you get by the “captcha” part of the comment submission below? It involves maths (can you do this?) as well as verifying that you are a human. Your attitude does not allude to you being classed as a human – perhaps a savage animal, but certainly not a human.

  65. sho, to all the ignorant blacks making comments like “good, he got what he deserved” or “disgusting racist”, just remember your kind are just as vile if not worse. WHY DO YOU THINK WE, THE WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN’S OWE YOU SOMETHING? Build a bridge and get over it man, we owe you guys fuck all.

    With your pathetic snide comments don’t be surprised when we too turn around and say the same about your kind. Cause they too will get what they deserve, hopefully AIDS and a bullet in the fucken head.

  66. 600 black people per year died under apartheid, under the ANC and black rule, 30,000 per year is a conservative estimate. A woman is more likely to be raped than learn to read in the new ‘black’ South Africa. Just who is actually ‘evil’ ?

    “Treat the africans nice and they will not bother you”

    Are you kidding with this? Us Americans treat black people like they shit gold and piss beer and they do not leave anyone alone. Give them an inch and they take a mile. They remind me of parasitic rabbits, sucking blood and reproducing until the land can no longer support them.

    Mr. Terre’Blance was correct, “The white man in South Africa is realising that his salvation lies in self-government in territories paid for by his ancestors.”

    Black rule means dead people, lots and lots of dead people and misery, black, white, yellow and brown alike.

    One would have to be deaf, dumb and blind or in complete denial of the facts regarding 53 other once prosperous African nations to even entertain the crap you are posting. Newsflash: Ian Smith has been proven right for ten years now. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

  67. If you believe that “black on black” violence was not instigated by the Afrikaaner government, you have not listened to the TRC confessions of that government. Go do that now.

  68. Is it true former members of boeremag will be bombing worldcup events in responce to ET murder and hate speach by Malema?

  69. Do you really think that killing a man was the answer? His death is not going to give them the money they need. If you dont pay me my salary, I get upset and sure enough I’ll argue with you. But I will never kill you for that! Murder is heartless and cold. Sure, the man did some wrong stuff in his life… I never agreed with anything he said, but that doesn’t make his death an event to be happy about. This will only devide our country more. Oh, and, Kagiso, saying yipee when someone died is heartless.

  70. Exscuse me you say blacks don’t claim whats not theirs to be theirs, the whites built up this country and who claimed it and ruined it. Blacks so don’t come with that rubbish.

  71. Dis baie jammer om te hoor van nog n blanke man vermoor is en dit op n dag soos vandag, maar ja wat maak dit dan nou naders as enige ander dag, daar is nog n blanke man vermoor. So sal dit ook maar aangaan todat ons blankes Suid Afrika totaal verlaat het soos in Zim. Dan kan die ou swart volkie tog weer terug keer na hul swart bestaan van armoede en leefwyse. Of begin alle balnkes uitsien na die moontelikheid van n burger oorlog? Dink net Julius het mos dan nou reeds oorlog verklaar met die balnkes en hy sing dit tog so luidkeels. Ek kan regitg nie langer wag vir die oorlog en dis nogals lekker om met my venote en vriende te gelsels oor die moontelikheid van n oorlog en dan te verneem dat hulle ook al lankal begin reg maak het vir die moontelikheid. Die boervolk is al lankal reg vir so n GELEENTHEID ons wag net vir iets om dit te “Trigger”. Kom ons sing weer almal saam; UIT DIE BLOU VAN ONSE HEMEL – UIT DIE DIEPTE VAN ONS SEE …WAAR DIE KRANSE ANTWOORD GEE….ONS SAL LEWE ONS SAL STERWE ONS VIR JOU SUID AFRIKA…..

  72. “anyone that does not pay wages on time, should be hacked, becouse they are denying u dignity and self respect they are turning u into a begger.”

    Do you truly believe a human being should be murdered over unpaid wages?

  73. What the hack is American Boer? It’s people like you who don’t want to live in their native lands who are creating all these problems – until you know where you’re from you will not know where you are going. You clearly have an identity problem and your time is better spent on rediscovering yourself. Who makes you think you are holier than others?

  74. Virquaum – do you think SA is part of a ‘civilized’ wold? And which people in SA do you represent since you can talk on their behalf? the black racists? I hope something like this does not happen to your family. But you are one naive puppy. You are actually really stupid to make statements like ‘deserved to be murderded’ and then talk about civlization etc. You must be very DOF and ignorant, besides sounding like a idiot. Gaan kak.

  75. There aren’t different races. It’s a fact.
    To have different colour of skin or eyes is just like to have long hair or short hair: have no importance at all. It’s not a difference.

    Apartheid. You know this word?
    The former South Africa you are telling is a fake.
    It was totally build for few lucky people, while the working 90% had no human rights. No roads, no hospitals, no schools, nothing, NOTHING.
    You have to write the whole truth, not only the small garden around your home. The dirty place you’re seeing today was built up by those nazist “whites” that supported apartheid. But people like you cannot saw it until 1994. Open your eyes, man.

  76. To answer your last question, yes. I am white and have never killed anyone,and wouldn’t even if I was given the opportunity. Not Malema, not ET, Not Hitler (he took his own life), not Charles Manson, and not even the killers of ET. So yes, I AM INNOCENT. You go on as if you would like to kill. Have you ever killed, oh one with the big mouth who chooses to remain anonymous??? You appear to be a coward with some serious issues.

  77. if history has a way of repeating itself, then please explain what happened back in the day when you blacks weren’t allowed in our schools, in our work places, on the streets after 6pm. Can’t we go back to that. You people tend to forget that just because he was ET, doens’t mean that his murder is a victorious one. A murder is a murder regardless. Can you not see that???? or are you just so blinded by your racism and hatred for the whites. We aren’t all the same, but when one of ours gets killed senselessly we stand together. The only reason your kind gets killed is because they are the motherfuckers who rape, steal and murder and not just from the whites but the blacks too. Is that not sickening that your own kind has to rape your kids and murder your families. Do you too stand together or do you just laugh it off?

    I’m all Afrikaner on this one. Senseless murder of a icon and a legend, even if he wasn’t, it would still be a senseless murder just like all the others.

    Bring back the death penalty or perhaps we should adopt the Western approach, stone you to death. far better to get rid of the anger and frustration and get a good upper body work out! Can you imagine, day in and day out, we’d be stoning, now that’s something i would look forward too. Give all those bastards what they deserve, a slow fucking death.

  78. Justifying murdering a man because of “late” payments, once again how shallow some people’s mentality is. That is NOT a reason to murder a person cold bloodedly. No one deserves to be murdered, no matter what the reason is. Murdering people is a primal behaviour and indication that no human development takes place. Unless war forces one towards this direction… I suppose then it’s the only way to defend yourself!? As a single mother I will do whatever it takes to protect my daughter…
    Besides, many on this site needs to review their history – this land did NOT belong to the blacks, it belonged to the Khoi San who got wiped out by the blacks. They took the land from the Khoi San. How? By killing them.
    The media will of course cover the motive by saying it happened because of the wages ET did not pay. Come on, we’re bigger than that and know they will never reveal the truth, we know the truth but is too damn scared to acknowledge it.
    Time to stop taking this nonsense – I am sick and tired of the previous disadvantaged excuse – it’s pure manipulation.

  79. Not even being black can not protect you from this fate.

    May the Lord help you find peace someday.

    BTW, I am from the civilized world and no one is ever happy to hear of someone being murdered.

  80. I think the history books will show that of all the Afrikaner/Boer leaders, Eugene Terreblanche will be one of the FEW who really did care and didn’t try sale his people down the drain. Traitors like de Klerk will not be remembered.

  81. kasigo, he was a man, and he paid society for his alleged attack on the poor petrol attendant AND he did not attack him while he was sleeping. I am sure that one of his attackers, if not both would also have died if they were brave enough to attack him while he was awake and could see them coming. They are nothing more than scum and that has nothing to do with the colour of their skins.

  82. Is it true former members of boeremag will be bombing worldcup events in responce to ET murder and hate speach by Malema?

    I really hope so !!!!

  83. Hey bud. It’s RABID, not RABIED. You clearly are not educated, which is why you write such drivel, and believe the nonsense spewed out by your ANCYL leaders. Nice one, a$$. You’ve just shown your true colours, and I both see right through you, and read you like a book.

  84. SA entered in the civilized world when apartheid broke down. Nelson Mandela is from South Africa: this proves it.

    I confirm that ET deserved to die. People like him are the source of violence since 1948 (or even better 1917, if you know history of SA). And surely your childish attempts to insult me are not a disproof of that.

  85. It’s not called an “alleged attack” if it was proved in a court of law. Then it’s an actual attack.

    How do you know he was sleeping?

  86. An old man butchered in his bed by cowardly blacks.Eugene was certainly right to spend his life fighting these animals.

  87. Uh, I could not help but notice some errors in this single sentence:
    “So I for one – who pride myself on my articulate ability was really not “offended” by this article as many of you seem to be – petty don’t you think.”.
    1) Semantic; it does not quite work. (“Articulate ability” to do what? Articulate yourself in English or darn socks?)
    2) Semantic again; the last part of the sentence “petty don’t you think” is a non sequitur in that the reader is being asked to form an opinion about something that is not stated, merely implied.
    3) And may I point out that you omitted a question mark here?

    If there are those who say: “please leave out the standard of English under the severe circumstances” (ET being killed as per instructions from Malema, and with tacit approval from the ANC -many more to follow), then I will fully agree of course.

    So can we drop the English thing now?

    I will definitely drop my ideas to start a business again now. Instead I’ll get my passport in order.
    I advise anybody who can, to make at least contingency plans (If it doesn’t happen, good –but if it does, don’t get caught napping). Try to get the timing right before the shit proper starts to hit the fan and LEAVE.
    Let them rot –as they will- it’s not worth it.
    And if I were one who could not leave SA, I’d make sure I could repel crazy panga wielding baboons with some sort of fire arm. Learn from e.g. Rwanda –those who could not defend themselves were killed en masse.
    Oh, and avoid wage disputes or other unpleasantness that could result in your early demise by avoiding hiring SAn blacks on the same premises where you live. Get Malawians, Zimbo’s or anything else.

  88. David,
    You are right, but now those two will NEVER get paid by Terre’blanch. They will only get what they deserve, a very long jail sentence, if they live until the day of their hearing – strange things can happen – remember Ventersdorp is a relative small town and other members of the AVB will seek revenge and let them pay. I am glad you admit that you suffer, may you suffer more, perhaps you could not have even survived in the time prior to 1994 when the NP covered for you, now that you must face reality and stand on your own ability you are not capable – SUFFER BLIKSEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. I’m not black. And I’m sure that you didn’t understood the event.
    Not “someone” has been killed, but the South African Nazist E. Terreblanche. And news like this are good.

  90. Virquam man you really should get your facts straight. Lets see, there are no different races, so saying you are a Xhosa, means you are the same race as say a Chinese (just a thought). To say there were no good hospitals, what was Baragwanath (please note it was considered one of the best hospitals in the world before 1994 and please note it was in Soweto. Human rights, please we did not have people starving or even dying like people are dying now. Hillbrow was a clean place not full of illegals and not the scummy place it is now. Kids could read and write then but now they cant even pass matric. In fact they cant even read properly. Also look up Nazist and find out what it really means then lastly you should open your eyes and look at the state of the country today. Messy dirty and guess what, we are even more divided than before. You should wake up and smell the mess…..

  91. David,
    You are right, but now those two will NEVER get paid by Terre’blanch. They will only get what they deserve, a very long jail sentence, if they live until the day of their hearing – strange things can happen – remember Ventersdorp is a relative small town and other members of the AVB will seek revenge and let them pay. I am glad you admit that you suffer, may you suffer more, perhaps you could not have even survived in the time prior to 1994 when the NP covered for you, now that you must face reality and stand on your own ability you are not capable – SUFFER BLIKSEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Yes, naive. This was an assassination of an old man who stood up for what he believed. Or if you believe media, I guess its commonplace to hack your employer with a panga if you have a wage dispute.

  93. I am white you fool. He was an affront to decency. I don’t agree with blacks killing white farmers, but ET was a retarded dick. Glad he’s gone.

  94. Are you from exatcly where VirQuam? No respect for nothing. It looks to me like you are just one of those people that hate other people. You probably have a shitload of guns and pangas yourself and have been killing also why the looks of it?

  95. Avenged by who fool? God the racist? Think on… God knows where to send ET and it isn’t to sit on His right hand side. ET was a sexist, racist meglomaniac only interested in self glorification.
    I’m an educated person, not an idiot-i’m sure you can’t say the same ‘Roy’.

  96. I hope you feel the same about people raping other people for no-reason as well. Have I Mentioned that you cannot buy intelligence nor Balls?

  97. Haai Virquam,
    You are an ignoramus, well indoctrinated by the PC brigade -that’s a fact too.
    There are races amongst dogs and horses for instance. They have much diverging abilities and temperaments –and look quite different on the outside of course.
    But in the case of homo sapiens we would suddenly be all the same –despite drastically varying looks abilities and behaviour?
    Oops, I just put down a contradiction. Just goes further to prove my point.
    But go on to believe all the politically correct crap, if that’s your wont.

    I will grant you that it’s NOT about skin pigmentation at all. I will also grant you that racial distinguishing characteristics are in many instances hard to define as our intellect tends to override latent characteristics. But as also intelligence is a function of race, in then end there are very real statistical differences. The anecdotal evidence may be subjective, but anyone who lives in SA must be an absolute blinkered PC idiot denialist to say that hackneyed phrase: “race is a man-made construct”. Or some such bleeding nonsense.

  98. Yours is one of the very few balanced veiwpoints I can see on this site. Basically, I say “judge not least thee be judged”, nevertheless, Terreblanche was himself a convicted practioner of violence and, in my opinion, a violent & powermad bully. ( Strangely, from the perspective of my home in U.K. I see very similar personality traits in Mugabe & Terreblanche). If he was killed because of a dispute about working conditions or pay then accept it as a local / personal matter & not something of national importance. When oh when will White & Black extremists stop trying to politicise every aspect of African life. Nobody deserves to be murdered but, we all run the risk of reaping what we sow. Perhaps he did.

  99. Plenty of people starved under apartheid. And how many were massacred? Call that human rights!

    Would you like me quote Verwoed for you? In his first speech as minister of education he stated that blacks should not be educated for anything other than menial labour. He said it was a waste to educate black people because they could not learn. The black people in this country were systematically undereducated so that they could be exploited by the whites and not challenge them for jobs. THAT was apartheid.

  100. Yes….one is EVICTED or one’s belongings are REPOSSESSED!!!
    That is the CIVILIZED thing to do….people don’t go MURDER people if they are not paid.

    Just goes to show that you’re not too educated, yourself.

    God forbid you don’t pay something on time and this happens to YOU….

    OH WAIT! I forgot, government probably covers all your costs for you (which of course is money that WE pay taxes for….for YOU to survive).

    What a SUPER country we live in.

  101. You love SA so much go live there you American piece of crap. You c***s think you can solve the whole world’s problems. Why don’t you go back to where you came from and see how much you like it. Goodbye to Nazi scum, from a white person-still living in Scotland where they came from…

  102. White Chick, the last time you studied history it was clearly the lies of the Nationalist government. I suggest you go back to school or university and look at the evidence we have now that they Nationalists covered up.

  103. Ant, you may not have killed a black person, but have you ever profitted from Apartheid? Were you given a better education/housing/job/healthcare because you were white? Did your family/ancestors get the same? Did your ancestors have to fight and kill for what you have now (land etc)?

    I have not killed, but I did profit from Apartheid (even though I was too young to vote!). My parents had good jobs and good pay because they were white. I was allowed to live in a nice area with nice houses because I was white. My ancestors fought the black ancestors to get the land they farmed. That means I am not innocent.

    P.S. There are two or three people posting under “Anonymous”. I used it because it was the default setting.

  104. it breaks my heart to hear someone say that there are no innocent white ppl in south Africa. What did I do? I work a shit job because my degree is deemed worthless due to the colour of my skin. i come from a non political family who have taught me to treat all ppl with dignity and respect. How FKING dare you tel me in guilty.The AUDASITY!!!

  105. Hahhahaha..You surely dont believe this will work do you?? We ALL know the PAC is planning on bombing the WC stadiums. You just have to go to their FB page and read it..They cannot WAIT and are counting the DAYS..

    To the friends, family and workers of Eugene Terblanche. All our condolences. My he rest in peace and may the truth come out. We ALL know how he treated his workers. That is WHY we know that this is all fabrication and lies about wages etc.

  106. That’s all fair and well….. but tell me what have you black people done with the past 16 years education you have had access too??? Nothing. Verwoerd obviously knew something you dont…… think about it….

  107. PLEASE!!!!!!, don’t show your complete stupidity – if you really want to illustrate your lack of intelligence and demonstrate where you are on the scale of development continue with this argument. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the entire continent of Africa would still have been on the standard of the bronze age if the European haven’t settled here. I pity the children that had to grow up under the guardianship of people like you. As long as they are subjected to such a lot of rubbish, they will remain the labourers and servants of this country, but on the other hand, there must be people that remain on that level. Go on, preach your wisdom, it can only benefit the rest of Africa.

  108. You can celebrate a mans death because you hold different ideologies than him? It truly amazes me how so many Africans just do not value life as we do here in the first world.

    BTW: I didn’t believe you were black in the first place. I figure you are one of those guys who thinks if he treats the blacks as he wishes to be treated everything will be fine. I’ve known a few guys like that through the years. They are all dead now.

  109. Regarding “black-on-black” violence: If blacks wre capable of being enticed into violence by Afrikaners, they are no different from dogs that obey their masters’ commands. It is common knowledge that the evidence of blacks at the TRC were mostly fabricated to please the commissioners.
    The TRC was one huge farce: from the crying Tutu up to the arrogant Alex Borain. I reported on the entire hearing and know what was testified. The “confessions” that you referred to must be that of killers like De Kock, who was found guilty in a proper court of law of committing crimes that he initiated, far from his official duty as a servant of the government. The South African government never testified!
    If you can’t keep a substantiated argument, crawl back into your shack and smoke some more dagga, then you may hallucinate some more.

  110. i wish i could meet you face to face you motherfucker,will take you appart.if you got the guts reply me back on this one po//////////////es

  111. No wonder you wish to remain anonymous!! You are a clown and have obviously not had much of an education! History tends to repeat itself.

  112. As jy n ruggraat het, plaas jou naam en adres, dat n Trotse Afrikaner jou kan wys wat ons met mense soos jy doen.

  113. you realise that madiba killed lots of people too, right? do you ev en kniw why he was in jail? i wish my race was retarded enough to follow a song blindly, so i could sing ‘kill the houtkop” and some oke that works for zuma, mandela or that po*s malema, kills them.

    to all the white english speakers that are still stuck ith the mentality the afrikaaners are stupid and racist, i hope your wives and children bear the brunt of your stupidity. by this i mean the people pointing out errors in the article above, you will suffer when the time comes.who cares how the article is written?

    btw – im white, and english speaking, maar ek kan ook afrikaans praat. be proud of who you are and stand with your volk. im ready for war, and ill stand shoulder to shoulder with those willing to fight back. i hope im not alone.

  114. My comments to Trotse Afrikaner. I agree with what you say. Over the years it became important to ensure that the Afrikaner became splintered as a group. It was part of the ‘New SA’ stratagy. If the Afrikaner held on as a group and held onto his faith in God, he would be a real force to reckon with. So, they started off by asking for a definition of an Afrikaner. Even the academics battled with this one and somewhere it was decided it had to be persons who spoke Afrikaans – Did this include Coloured folks? So all tried to avoid that question because we were no longer supposed to be ‘racists’, you see that was a bad thing. And so the Afrikaner rode off into the sunset and today no longer knows who he really is. In these discussions I always used to joke with Afrikaans speaking Whites when I said that “‘n Afrikaner is ‘n bees”
    Today we morn the death of a real Afrikaner. He dared to stand up for his countrymen when they themselves were to lax to stand. He was not always right, but he was one of the most prolific leaders in South African history.
    After today, we will see who the real Afrikaners are. We will see South African history change forever. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe what I say. I have heard the heart of the Afrikaner. I have seen the crosses planted on a hill towards Pietersburg. Every cross a memory of some Afrikaner that died at the hands of murderers.
    May God protect our woman and children in this troubled time. I salute you Eugene

  115. Baboon is the correct word, how long have u guys been in africa before the whites came along, and still running around with spears, no clothes and living in grass huts! Whites gave you everything, but man are you proud that it is your country! open your eyes!!! without the whites you and africa would have been nothing!!!! And it’s heading there again! just have a look at other “Africa” countries where whites has been kicked out! Yes SA is going to have a REALLY bright (or lets say black) future. One day when nothing is left, you will beg the whites to come and help again.

  116. Youre obviously illeterate … if it wasn’t for the Afrikaners South Afrika would be called Banana Republic, and just as bad as Zimbabwe. All the African countries without white are always begging for money … from whites … which they don’t like … emmm something wrong with this picture?

  117. Julius doesnt have brains…..right? Therefore I think he should be the next leader of the AWB as it stands for Afrikaners Without Brains….What do you think….It fits in well right….LOL.

  118. The baboons is f******* up the country … so let them keep there “country” – that is typically how a retard would debate! Half the blacks I know feels the Old was better cause only the few baboons at the top is collecting, they are doing nothing for their own, poor overpopulated people!

  119. Anonymous wrote:

    “The black people in this country were systematically undereducated…”
    Oh, absolutely – by today’s morals and standards. But given the period and conditions pertaining at the time they were perfectly adequately educated & prepared for their alloted and required functions.

    “…so that they could be exploited by the whites…”

    according to present day morals and standards of some observers, perhaps. But given the circumstances of the time, ‘efficiently utilized by the whites’ would reflect better the white sentiment (which considering this is all about the wicked whites and their dastardly deeds is the pertinent aspect).

    “… and not challenge them for jobs.”

    Nonsense, I’m afraid. A delusional notion if ever there was one. The very essence of Apartheid was the statutory division of the labour force and the absolute reservation of certain sectors of enterprise for the exclusive use of the white community. The qualification of otherwise of non-whites was not an issue because they were barred and, for all practical purposes vis a vis such occupations, simply did not exist.
    Now, that WAS apartheid.

    Just as with so much of the angst of the Afrikander, the native indigene really would spare himself so much pain if he bothered to actually read and learn more about his histories than merely the partisan rhetoric of his respective ethnic, tribal, religious and national groupings.

  120. Is that what they did to him in prison? Is that how he lost his weight, from being raped and suffering from being an embarassment to his nation after they learn that he was raped and now has Aids. Its good that he died now, dont you agree? I wonder what his name was while in prisopn, I think something like AnneMarie would be perfect…Magoloza’s wife….skhokho sase Thembisa.

  121. Viva comrade Anonymous Viva…
    Long live comrade Julius, Long live…
    Thatha Anonymous, Thatha……
    Die pope sal dans…….this is our time.

  122. We are fucking up our country. How can you say over populated when you and your people are guests in our country…..Oh shame you cant go back, cause you are going to be Makwerekwere in your own fatherland…Time has come for you to start packing…..I wonder where you are gonna? go far south…..this time? Cause I know for a fact Ausies dont like you people…hence you keep on coming back…..
    which makes me think of the song “you keep on knocking but you cant come in”

  123. Whoa, Virquam!

    You’ve even lost the accord and sympathy of this pinko-liberal.

    Nazism is about hate.
    What you wrote is about hate.
    Your hatred makes you worse than even the most vile depiction of TerreBlanch!
    He was not a particularly good man in my book.But I do not think that he had real hatred in his heart. He loved his own people too much and to the exclusion of all others in accordance with the dogmas of his faith and his extreme tribal loyalties. His priorities and prejudices were flawed and skewed mainly on account of his belonging to a particular tribal / nationalist group and being throughly and utterly brainwashed by them.
    You enjoy no such extenuating circumstance.
    Your malevolence & hatred will bring disaster down upon you and yours.
    Shame be upon you.
    I grieve for you and yours on account of your vile folly.

  124. Ons is nie dom nie ons sal nie die mense wat ons nodig het wil opblaas nie en dan deur die hele wereld verdoem word “nog n keer”dit sal miskien die PAC se agenda wees. Hulle sal eerder konsentreer op sleutel figure soos mal emmer julle weet die die ou wat na idols toe will gaan en sing ek dink die keer sal hy dalk sy bewegings nie so bekend maak want daar is dalk n kaal voet Thysie op sy spoor. natuurlik kwalifiseer hy nou vir lywagte nog n las vir ons begroting.
    wat die twee jong seuns wat die moord gepleeg het hulle toekoms is nou gesement te minste n parlimentslid of burgermeester of generaal in die polisie soos big mac.
    Net n vraag is dit nie die gruwel dood van n leier wat Siener van rensburg dalk gesien het julle weet die skaap kop diamant het uit gekom en 85% van wat geskryf is in die boek van 10jr gelede het waar geword?

  125. The white and black americans wont say that…you moron…because it not a whites man land….it the Red Indian’s land..But again just like Africa and Australia, the white man stole it from them and proclaimed it theirs……Where did you learn your history? From one of TB’s self written books. LOL…..Ag shame you brain washed, abondened by their uncle Jan van Riebeck Nation….Dont you just wish he was never born so you wouldnt find yourself in this dilema?

  126. Who cares whether is RABID or RABIED? It made sense to right…and thats just the point. It doesnt change the meaning. Question is can you say it in Zulu? Its worse in meaning so appreciate that its not being said in our africa languages….which you people seem to be excluding yourselves in learning, and yet you call yourselves african…

  127. An aquaintance of mine claims that certain people are like hyaenas, preying on the old and weak, and generally scavenging.
    Rational people know that the only way we can progress out of the jungle is by WORKING together and not expecting the people you despise to keep handing out.
    If a train is late, burning it will not make it come sooner the next time.
    Driving out the whites will not make the world respect you.
    Respect is not a right – it must be earned!
    Putting unqualified people in positions of responsibility will not help a firm progress.


    1. Thank you for your idiotic diatribe… Don’t let the door hit you on your way out of Africa. Good luck in Australia or whatever other silly country you end up in.



  129. And what do you want to do to us if we start singing??? do you think it is only you that can do as you please? How well do you know your history, have you ever heard of bloedrivier? Don’t make threats that can blow up in your face. You will never have anyones respect. except maybe the hyena next to you?

  130. And by “no uSnwanted immigrants” you mean black africans right.? You fool, unlike you they are @ home and they wont be going anywhere. If there is an immigrant, unwanted esp it is you people. You had all these luxuries while the black were in the homelands….with nothing. And now that we are having the share of the cake you and invaded your comfort zone you think it all gone WRONG….wake up. You havent seen anythng yet. POTHOLES will be the least of your problems when you see people evicting your from your own house. It happened in Zim, its gonna happen here. We want our land back…white people get that throught to you thick, fuckin skulls…we want all that was stolen from us….all of it. We had squatter camps way before 1994…..were those wanted? We had murder before 1994, was that also wanted? I suppose you blame it on F W De Klerk who gave it all away…..guess what? He had no choice. Had he persisted he would have ended up just like TB…..You better warn Helen Zille…or whatever her name is. Tony Leon was a smart guy….he backed off.

  131. Yes you are right…….in Holland or Netherlandsl, or wherever the hell you people mushroom from will his dream be realised.

  132. I dont believe that for a minute! You may not know it, but it is the oldest excuse in the book for theft, robbery, housebreaking and murder etc. The offender may alledge that he was owed R50, but then can’t explain why it was necessary to rape, murder and to rob R10 000, a car etc. It is simple greed and thirst for blood, now just with the “permission” of the government, who clearly condone “shoot the farmer, kill the boer”. There are very simple and cheap court-procedures they could have followed if money that was owed to them was really the issue. You don’t kill someone who owes you R50, you get it back through a legal procedure. If you don’t follow that route, sorry, then you are just another criminal and you have NO right to have done what you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. De Klerk is a true descendant from God. A true exaple of a leader…he instilled peace and forgiveness in our hearts. He lived for peace and will surely die PEACEFULLY……May God bless him and his family. WOE unto TB’s generation……I feel sorry for it. They’ll wish he was never born. A true destructor…..a man from hell….thanks God he’s gone back home….to burn some more….He will never find PEACE even in his death….shame.

  134. You forget something important – we did not live over a hundred years ago and have ABSOLUTELY no control over what happened then. We are here NOW, in the PRESENT, 16 years into democracy, and there is no place for this hatred between whites and blacks – all should take hands and plan the future of all our children.

  135. Think carefully – if it were not for “you whites” the local men would still be sleeping under a tree outside their mud huts while the women worked the soil.
    How much progres have “you blacks” made on your own?

  136. I’m a white English speaker,and @kagiso, you are not alone.
    In just about every comment above there is some orthagaphical error. Why so much fuss? I don’t think the problem lies by mocking people who try to make an effort of writing in a language that is not thier own.The problem is that what ever the truth behind this SAVAGE murder,we will all be manipulated by what our polititians decide is politically correct.

  137. Factually you are incorrect. Every human on this earth has his/her origin in Africa. And may therefore claim to be an African.

  138. Amen. As dit nie vir die wit mense was nie sou die swartes nog half kaal in die veld rond gehardloop het en bokke met spies gejaag het. Wys my enige iets wat die klomp houties ontwerp het, alles wat hulle het is deur witmense gemaak, gee vir hom n plaas en hy breek die huis af en bou n shack langs die huis en plant 2 rye mielies. Ek is n jong 23 jarige man, ongelukkig het ek nooit die geleentheid gekry om weermag toe te kon gaan nie, maar een ding is verseker, ek sal skouer tot skouer staan saam my mede wit boere en baklei vir die land wat my voorvaders gebloei het voor. Dankie

  139. Stupid “anonymous” uneducated cunt, so you obviously think that all black people in Europe and America should leave and return to Africa,that they should be nice to the whites there or return to the bush,and maybe the Zulus should return to where they came from originally before they wiped out the bushman.You should try politics in Zimbabwe,you would go far

  140. You obviously never learnt anything in school – too busy burning everything? I have one word for you: Bloedrivier!!!!!!!!!!

  141. You wanna know what the whites were doing in Europe while we were living in huts? Let me share a bit of history with you…

    You guys were busy eating each other up (Literally). Where did you think the word Barbaric originateds from. We had the land of milk and honey all to ourselfves. Why dont you just leave us alone…go to you mother land Europe, Satan’s paradise. Oh wait, you cant leave now. You are waiting to suck up all our minerals and all our ideas first. Hope to see you at the WC games along with your cousins (from Europe) who dont listen to jacked up stories about africa that you guys create. Remember when a true European, by birth comes hear and find this country in a mess, they wont exclude you guys from the destructors….since you are south africans right? Isnt that what you guys call yourselves when we have rugby games and cricket tests?

  142. What David – white man didn’t give you enough yet? Do you even understand what affirmative action means???? it means that if your skin is black….. you get preference over a person with another skin colour when applying for a job…. so why are you suffering under affirmative action?

  143. He was convicted for ATTEMPTED murder, and was a reborn Christian when he was released from prison. He obviously had remorse for what he did.

  144. i agree this has Malema written all over it the government must share the blame as they are the ones that are fighting the ban of “KILL THE BOERE” song WHICH IS NOW SAID TO MEAN KILL APPARTHEID?.. HOW INTELLEGENT IS THAT!…i want to ask how can any Government want to keep a song that calls for the death of some of its citizens? not long ago the Minister stated on TV that the farmers would face somthing worse than what happened in Zim????…Our farmers that feed this country and donate tons of free food to black feeding organizations/ projects…
    Britain, America, France, Canada, Austrailia, and the rest also have blame they stand by and ask NO questions and demand NO answers about Malema’s call for white blood NOR the murdering of white farmers ……they stay silent while whites farmers are slaughtered and hacked to death in their beds…their women raped and tortured! ..and it is never racial or political if its a white that is killed only if it is a black ?….Zuma was there and they were more worried about his sex life than the murders of innocent people..but THEN AGAIN WE TALKING ABOUT SOME OF THE SAME COUNTRIES THAT WERE RESPONSSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF MILLIONS OF innocent BOERE WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN THEIR CONSENTRATION CAMPS!!!!!!!!!
    As a mother and Grandmother i want to know what is the ANC Government going to do about Malema as he continues to call for
    ‘WHITE BLOOD”!…now he is in Zim excitig more violence against innocent whites ..there is no inbetween Government is either against it or supports it ………the world better take note they always crying about genocide and taking countries to the HAG ..yet stand by and do nothing… same as they doing with Zimbawe

  145. Justifying a murder- no matter who it is is not right. To define ALL afrikaners as sick only shows your narrow minded, ignorant. uneducated mentality.
    And never say never, the way the blacks are driving it into the ground will only leave those who were and are capable of running it.
    Take your sick little opinion shove it up your arse and see whether you like it or not- I am sure you will.
    Otherwise may your family die the same way as his.

  146. Hi Marthinus, I agree with you 100%, but what will the attitude of the two witnesses of Rev. 11 be, and from where would that originate?

  147. Whow but you ARE good with history! If we eaten each other in such a barbaric society why do you suppose there is castles older then SA? Europe Satan’s Paradise you say, but what about brutally hacking someone to death on easter sunday? that is really christian like don’t you think? And we are not European, we are African – born in this country and the same rights as any of you who so desperately want to kill us because we made a success of Africa with sweat from our forefathers while you could not, Do you suppose any minerals would have meant anything if some “European” did not come along and educated the rest on it’s value? And Ideas? Please…has that got something to do with taking farming land away from farmers that can actually farm and giving it to mostly people that showed that they can’t do anything on it? We wont have anything to do with the destruction of this stunning country, we can’t even get jobs (if we did we could maybe have saved you from yourself), you are doing a great job in messing up everything, without any help from us – or is it because you don’t have our help??.

  148. The illegal immigrants are in no way affecting the white South Africans, but definitely the blacks. I have immigrants working for me for years – and I paid them well because they are worth it, and very intelligent. An absolute delight!

    Remember the Xenophobia? That was because the immigrants had the jobs and the shops, and the lazy locals were sitting at home, doing nothing but plotting murder, rape and robbery – their victims? The ones who “took their jobs and women”…

    Now it is the turn of the whites. Guess what? MOST whites only have the worldly possessions they have because they have access to credit (because they are not too lazy to work) – most of our homes and cars etc. that you want so badly are the property of the banks, and the farms of the landbank. We live on overdrafts and creditcards, because we pay supertax, to fund all the lazy black people who sit at home and plot the downfall of the whites. Well, good luck!

    We are not lazy, nor are we uneducated. We can leave behind all the debt and our houses and cars and survive elsewhere, but I BET on it that within 6 months, there will be no electricity in our houses we left behind, no fuctioning sewerage systems, no houses without shacks built around it, all the furniture gone, fire being made inside the houses, a total collapse of the economy – (we keep the country afloat with our taxes) – and the shelves empty.

    In another year there will probably be no trees left either, and there will more likely than not be ethnic cleansing – this time of the remaining minority groups, and the Xhosa and Zulu will be at war – again. The country will resemble Ruanda, Somalia, Ethiophia and other African countries. And South Africa will be begging for maize and money from the western world. More (black) woman and children will be raped and killed (than now) and nobody will be employed, but busy fighting civil war. No education either. And all the few decent and hardworking blacks would have left the country by then.

    Do you really hate the whites so much that you want to do that to yourselves? Or don’t you have the vision to see what you are doing to your own future?

  149. The problem with Europe is that there are too many Africans there. For some reason they are willing to risk death and injury to illigally move to Europe to do low-paid labour. Why have they failed to see that Africa is a paradise and why do they want to live as a minority within Europe? Living in Europe at the moment, I can tell you with 100% confidence that every European state will love to hand back the Africans in Europe in exchange for the white South Africans. Yes, we would lose the odd sportsman, but our crime problem will largely disappear.

  150. You obviously don’t know your fellow black man: ) They rape and kill MANY black people every day all over the country – just check out the inquests at ever court in the country, and I promise you, they don’t show any mercy! I must say bye-bye to you so long: ) hehehehe

  151. Please go read People’s War: New light on the fight for South Africa. It will teach you a little about the true history of SA. The unrest in the townships was basically the ANC’s prime strategy for destabilising the country. Pity that millions of black people who just wanted to get on with their daily lives suffered back then and continue to suffer today. I think that TRC found that some 300 deaths could be directly attributable to the apartheid government…times that by 100 and you can work out the ANC’s tally.

  152. shortly after that disrespected the Batswana nation and called one of their former Chiefs a Monkey…where is the remorse there. What did he ever to to him? Is that what you will teach your children..pray to God and yet mock his creation and call it by names…..?

  153. You won’t get a chance to evict us from our homes, all you’ll get is a burnt out shell. Have you seen how quickly a house goes up in flames? As I leave the last thing I will do is set it alight. So you’ll still be staying in a shack. Do you really think I am going to sit back and let you take what is mine? NEVER!! I will fight for it to the last breath along with my “boer” brothers. I worked hard and earned what I have. I stole it from no-one!

  154. Agree fully, I’m also white, english speaking and fully support the AWB. I’m so sick of these parasites that cannot do anything for themselves except rape, pillage and murder, done anything constructive for humanity – ever, – no, invented anything – no, but always first to demand what the white man invented/developed…. fuck them all……..PARASITES.

  155. Guess what, when all this is happening I will be in the comfort of knowing that I am at home… mother land….the land of milk and honey….you will be back in you own fatherland where there is no “Mavis to be raped by her baas” or a “Jabu to do you garden” they wlll all be left behind her with us and doing those chores for us educated black people who can afford them. Do you think Im stupid not to know that you whites (Englist and Boers) hate each other’s gut and always cover it up when w are around…shame…you live a false life acting all rich knowing very well that if you were to live the country, no where in this world will you receive the treatment you are being give in SA. SA is the only country where you will ever be recognised as superiors….at least by the last remaining brainwahsed blacks. Dont get me started by naming the things which a blackmen started ” without your so-called education” because you are just going to make a fool of your nation. Blacks are intelligent beyond measure and you whites know it and are scared by that. You guys brought along prostitution, drugs, slavery, horendous deseases (incl Aids) have you perhaps visited that side of history? We dont want your houses, we can afford them, and it doesnt kill me. Maybe you should speak to those white people living in Soweto about us wanting your houses. I bet you didnt know that did you? Cant you see that by increasing interest rates you are killing your own people? We are used to the basics….and therefore wont see that as the end of the world. You see the difference between me and you is that when I working my way out of my sweat up the ladder, you are probably seing your self going backward everyday……Those immigrants working for you will take your shit, we the locals wont. They will appreciate the R5ph you give them, we wont……you see, they have no choice but to accept it. We do!!! It is for people like you that everytime they say something a rand goes down…..As for fire being made inside the house , ever heard of “fireplace” dont make me laugh. On that note did you know that we didnt need match to make fire….we just knew how to create fire….I dont think that needed education. You came here and didnt know that we milk cow and now that you have learnt the skill you think you are better than us. You guys used to kiil each other in Europe and eat each other up. You thought potatoes were fighting weapons until you came to Africa…thats strange isnt…..ATE EACH OTHER UP ….AND FOUGHT WITH POTATOES……WOW very smart I must say. Lets see how far you guys get when we Africans are left alone in our continent to trade amongst ourselves with our GOD given resources and intelligence to invent. We will see who will be the first to beg. Just like America ones did it…we are going to do it too…Hands off Africa. Maybe you should have a look at the latest crime stats, you’ll notice that most reported domestic violence cases are amongst white people, most divorces, most addictions, most stress related deaths obviously from overdrafts and bank repossessions. You wonder who in their right minds would do that to themselves? We are proud of our shacks as we are by nature a close population. We love each other that we wont allow our brothers or sister to wonder the streets of Johannesburg when we have shelter we can provide them with. Yes you are right, blacks sit at home and think of ways of making your lives a living hell, just like you sit in your offices and come up with ways of making your black employees lives a living hell in the working environment. Go visit the TRC tapes and see how white influence played a role in most Black-to-Black violence in this country.
    I went to a so-called- multiracial school myself, a boarding school, and I’d notice how white just never got along with water…the smell…OMG…and Im called what? Wow…So while you live on credit, I live on payed off possessions…Never brag about what not yours…..its the bank’s. Same as Africa its not yours its ours.
    Let me know when you leave the country so I can call one of my poor neighbours in Diepsloot, just opposite my house take it.

  156. Jugg?
    The moment you pommies get your 150 year old Cathlic and protestant fight sorted the black and white leaders will get their problems sorted?? I think you should concentrate on things cloesr to home idiot.

  157. you are really a sorry fucker, no murder is justified regardless of the personality. people get a life, live in this country that we love with respect and dignity. africa is for all

  158. im a black south african n i dnt think u have the right to decide u gets to live or die, its easir to get angry than to remain calm in times of difficulty. let us hv constructive mentalism rather than destructive, all we can do now is support the family of the deseaced.

  159. Who in your family did they support during the apartheid days…..Are you telling me that you have never experienced a racial incident in your life (family) that took away a life of a loved one. Do you really buy this story about “fighting over wages” crap. Bullshit, he probably got killed by his own children being a monster that he is……he deserved it.

  160. It really hurts for me as a black person to hear white people talking like this. "Fuck them all ……PARASITES". I know "Parasites here refers to black people". As a white person, perhaps you think what you are saying is wise. I tell you, it is not. However, a stupid Parasitic Kaffir that I am, who never invented anything, cannot say anything that can change the thinking of a white man, who has the illusion that he has more intellectual capacity than me. Every white person feels that he/she is superior to any black, coloured or indian person and all the other races are aware of this. This makes us somewhat envy white people. All they need to do is be humble, respect us and say constructive things not phrases like these ("Fuck them all parasites"). Tupac Shakur said,"Learn to see me as a brother than two distant strangers". However, no matter how well-behaved a black person is, he will normally be treated as a distant stranger by whites. Here is a fact: Black people like and highly respect white people but most white people would do anything to stay away from blacks. A drunk white man once shouted at us in Pine Street in Durban, "You fuckin Kaffirs". That was in 2005. We had gone out to enjoy ourselves on the beach. My day was spoiled. I was so disappointed. I felt tears in my eyes. I have great respect for white people. When that white person said that, my body felt hot. My heat pumped faster and I sweated, with tears in my eyes. I was ready to shoot and kill that man. My friends suggested that we beat him to death because they felt the same way. Fortunately, I stopped them. I told them: No one heard what this man said. If we kill him, we will go to jail and look bad in the eyes of the public ("Black people killed a white man in Pine Street, Durban"). Angry as we were, we went away. God is the only one who can judge that man. If He is on his side, then I shall see that he had a right to call me a fuckin Kaffir for absolutely no reason. During apartheid, I we would dream about going to the beach (North/South Beach) but most fancy places had the sign "Whites only". At that time I didn’t see anything wrong because I feared and respected white people. I was young (around 6 years) but I still remember everything. My parents also feared whites and did everything they said with great respect. To hear white people calling us Kaffirs or Parasites really hurts. If you could become a black man and live in conditions under which black people used to live, you would see where we come from. During the fight against apartheid me and my little brothers and my mother had to run in the middle of the night and return to our houses in the morning when we thought it was safe. To some white people, the life of a black person is worthless. "He doesn’t know anything and doesn’t deserve to be treated with respect". This has come to our awareness and the more it happens the more furious we feel. This makes us very angry. If I had nothing to lose, there are many white people I would have killed for mistreating me. As much as it may be hard for you to believe, we kill whites only if the have pushed us too far. Trust me, a white person who has a rare ability to respect black people is always praised by them for that and will never be hurt by a black man. If you have been living in urban areas you may not be aware of what some white people put black people through. Nonetheless, I do not encourage the killing of boers. I am strongly against any kind of crime. Boers have families who love them and killing someone affects many people. No one deserves to be killed. I wish we could just respect and love each other, but with many white people still arrogant, this may be hard to achieve. I really pray that we see each other as children of God who all have a right to live in this wonderful world. Let us love and respect one another. I hear some white people saying they are ready for war. I am warning you. Do not say things like these. Many black are always excited to hear someone talking like this and fighting to the death is one of the things they do best. So, do not say you are ready for war while hiding behind your computer. It’s black people you want to fight against and I can guarantee you that with the advanced weapons they now have, it would be very hard for anyone to defeat them. Saying you are ready for war in this forum is a sign of cowardice. You should say that face to face with blacks. Now you are encouraging others to go and fight while you fold your hands. I repeat, let us not say things like these. War is not what we need. All we need is mutual love and respect. Whether you fail to do that I don’t care. However, I will continue loving and respecting you. If you push me too far, that is when you will see what a black man is capable of. For your information, there are many inventions that were made by black people, mostly people from overseas. There are very wise black people in South Africa. When it comes to white South Africans, we are equally useless when it comes to inventing things. Visit this website to see who invented the automatic gearshift, cellular phone, electric lampbulb, elevator, fire extinguisher, refrigerator, etc. : In conclusion, I am really saddened by the killing of Eugene Terreblanche. Now all innocent black people are being blamed for his murder. It would not be nice if I could blame all whites for all the atrocities that their forefathers subjected us to. I shall refrain from blaming everyone for someone else’s mistakes. There are good and bad white people and also there are good and bad black people. Let us not see each other as enemies. Let us live together in harmony. Peace

  161. It is exactly because of this ideology that we will not be able to move forward and forget the past…..How long must we be appolojetic for before this all ends and we can start to rebuild the nation. You are so guilt ridden that you want to drag down all white South Africans no matter what. You are a real dipstick if you think that you will be overlooked in a time of crisis because you admit to having proffited by apartheid. Just because you have a chip on your shoulder, doesn’t give you the right to judge me and accuse me of proffiting, rather stroke your ego by helping victims of crime in the townships.

  162. @David:

    Jy suffer … wat die f0k suffer jy so voor as jy kan internet BEKOSTIG of jou stront te skryf, of het jy dit gesteel?

    Nes die res van die land wat als steel?

  163. The dog died yesterday at 7 you moron…..get your facts straight. And your forefathers raped our great grand mothers hence we ended up with the “coloured nation”. was that civil, clearly EVIL. Why would we trade or boast about our minerals when we have more that enough for the next hundred years to come. Did you kinow that your Europeans knew fuck all about trade until they came to Africa.? Clearly not. Got lost in this country and decided to make it home… are a product of a lost generation. Good luck with finding your way back home.

  164. Wat jy net nie verstaan nie, en as oproep op die res van die afrikaners, DRAAI terug na God!!!

    Dit is met SY hulp, want die magte van bloedrevier oorwin was en ons deur getrek het, 8-9 teen 1 beteken niks…

    Dit is ‘n situasie wat ons almal moet saam staan en die Here vra vir hulp en leiding deur die dinge wat voorlê…

  165. Shame that we rape your grandmother, was just another good fuck to screw your grandmother!!! We are here to stay and to fuck them more!!!

  166. South Africa is just as much a homeland to the whites as it is too the blacks. Remember you blacks are not indiginous to South Africa, you also invaded the country and settled here from further north in Africa. You blacks conquered and killed the natural inhabitants such as the Bushmen.

    Also Apartheid did not directly kill as many blacks as you claim, the largest percentage of black deaths during Aparheid was actually caused by black on black killing.

    You clearly enjoy using the internet, Once again something the whites gave to you. Before whites settled in SA there was noting here, just barren bush, if you like it that way why don’t you go back to nature wearing a loin cloth and using no technology. You clearly enjoy using the white mans tolls and comforts.

  167. ” It made sense to right…”

    Shows your lack of education or shall I say intellect?

    WRITE < you dumb ar$e...

  168. That is the African way. Don’t come here with your American / Eurocentric ideas, you will pay for what you did to our brothers.

  169. Really? Is this really what this is about? The fact that this is YOUR land and NOT MINE? I was born in South Africa, I am NOT European. I went to school here, studied here, I work here, I climb mountains, I go for walks, I explore our land… What exactly have YOU done that was so profound and different that you have the right to claim land and what strips me of that right? Is it because of what my dad’s dad’s dad said or did? I am a young South African, this is my land too, I fear for my life every day but I cannot even get a visa to leave this country and work in Europe, thats how European I am!. War and murder is just no solution and the people here wanting to fight back and kill – I suggest you reconsider, it will be a fruitless exercise.

    I think the most tragic thing that comes from this man’s death is the realisation that racism still rules our country, and it is not a one sided affair.

    I dont see why boere or white people present any threat to anyone… Boere do not kill people, they grow crops, they farm animals, they create jobs, they boost the land’s value and our country’s economy…soooo…after careful consideration, do you still think its a good idea to kill these people? If so, what is the true reason? I am not trying to be patronising, I am really trying to understand.

  170. Of course…we all know that your white ass bitches wont give you that much of good sex. We dont call it rape any more, its now a sport we specialise in and you guys just dont know about it yet. I hope you rape us until your dicks fall……..cause our brother brothers ( your garden boys) are doing the same with your wives. White bitches cant stay off black dicks…ask them?

  171. I think you are missing the plot here…
    The problem is that you baboons (which you are descendants from), envy the white folks, and for years you have wished to be white, look at the true example, as Michael Jackson even wanted to be white…
    It just shows that everything in your being wants to be white, but you can’t … the irony is that if you chase the whites from the country I am sorry to say that this country would fall to ruins as you keep on burning down trains, busses and everything you can if they are late or not on time…
    And the white folks are the ones having to fix your messed up s|-|it the whole time… what will happen if the whites are gone, and you burnt down everything? Did you ever think that far, who (as else other than the farmers) will feed your hungry mouths? Have you not learnt yet that 95% + of the farms given to blacks, have all failed?
    I guess the intellectual stream of building societies, building, and engineering goes one way, so you are digging your own grave with such statements…

  172. Now I like the way you think. They always want hand outs and if you don’t give they murder you. Rape your wife and kill your kids. Such wonderful people they are.

  173. Michael Jackson might have wanted to be white, but lets not forget who sun-tans every what…..3 months? Why cant you accept your skin for what it is? It it needs to be tanned then guess what?….its in the wrong part of the world. so start packing and voetsek. Dont you just wish you had our skin and spent less money on artificial sun-tanning?

  174. @AmericanBoer

    Get the F*ck out of my country you embarrasing piece of white trash. How dare you spit this racism on a public forum. You call yourself an american and you forget that the Decleration of Independece declares that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. I am willing to bet you are the first person to scream Constitutional Rights (especially around freedom of speach, 4th Amendment), but you forget that the Declaration of Independece states that all men are created Equal.

    You spit your racist crap here cause you are to scared to walk the cities of the US to say the same thing. i double dog dare you to gou out and start calling every black person on the street the n word and we will see how tough you really are…LOL, you are the reason why abortion should be kept legal.

    Oh and you forget, Our President is black…..that just must make you really mad! 🙂

  175. How sick can you be, my word I would never in my life want to be a black, just shows that you have no logical reasoning skills… just shows that you are a “baboon” or at least as intelligent as one…

    Scientific studies PROVED that you are ancient decedents from baboons, which explains all the uneducated ar$h0les out there…

    PS.: Why would I want to tan away my pretty white skin? I love my skin color; you envy it (which is sad because you will never be white)? – I NEVER SAID I don’t accept my skin color (nor not like it) you bafoon, I actually love it!

    I don’t waste money, trying to become black (something I am not), as I never will and never want to be!

  176. What I never get is how the white man travel the world for years, enslaving people of colour for all there riches & wealth. Populated africa over many years then call it there own, Africa is a Black Mans Land, it was known as that from the start and will be to the end. Whites value there riches and many of times don’t matter who they step on to achieve it. Then they populate Africa enslave the Blacks or natives rape the country of oil, diamonds, land, and feel it is just right. Africans need to be given back there land of riches over run by the whites. Only time a place worth something to whites is if it have riches, called a paradise, or they can govern there laws over the land and it’s native people. Maybe this will be a wakeup call to the whites living in africa and many places to treat everyone as equal not based on riches, the colour of skin or the colour of one’s eyes, And where the value of any mans labor should be rewarded and valued no matter how big or small it might be. Nothing if free in this world but whites have had it very good for centuries making the riches off the sweat and blood of there own as well as people of colour.

  177. Would you even know what to do with the countries “riches”… ?

    Do you know how to mine? Do you know how to trade, and sell to off-shores? Did not think so, so keep your comments, to yourself this country would not have been what it is today without the white folks!

  178. In his forefather’s land Africa….Where you are about to get kicked out to you forefather’s land. he he he he….

  179. he wont rot!!! he will be waiting there fore you to chop wood and stoke his fire… see already you have a job from the white “baas”

  180. Die swart volkie is blykbaar, soos dit vandag om ons blyk te wees, opgevoed om “nie te betaal nie, nie respek te hê vir ander se goed of lewens nie, barbaars op te tree in die algemeen”, en so kan ons aangaan.

    Dit is ‘n feit dat die ANC regering die wittes probeer gelukkig hou, want hulle pluk die vrugte van duur karre, huise en luukse leefstyle te danke aan die betalende wittes. Daarenteen is die hele Afrika ‘n bewys ( ons land se munisipaliteite en ander instansies ingesluit hierby) van die swartes se onvermoë om te bestuur. Al die plase wat die regering tot op datum bekom het, is ‘n sprekende toonbeeld van ZIM, “sweet blou fokol”. Hulle ongeletterdheid in die algemeen, is waarop die top bra’s van die ANC hulle toespits, om hulle self te verryk met weelde en luukses. Malema se leefstyl op sy mense se onkoste, maak vir sy ondersteuners sin. Hy ry rond in die duurste karre, klere, bly in spoggerige huise, op hulle onkoste, terwyl meeste van hulle totaal niks het nie.

    Alhoewel hy niks konkreets beteken vir die samelewing nie, dink hulle hy is “great”. Die feit dat hy hulle opsweep om te kan moor, steel en verkrag, en dat hulle dit ondersteun, bevestig maar net die dierlike en barbaarsheid in hulle. Hulle sal eerder die vryheid van afbreek en ondergang kies, as andersom. Feit is die put is besig om op te droog, soos almal met ‘n greintjie verstand kan sien.

    Dit is die ongeluk waarmee die land saamleef, en die land se ten gronde gaan kan hulle min skeel, want hulle verstaan nie die konsep van vooruitgang nie. Die wittes dra huidiglik steeds die land deur te betaal vir (swak) dienste, belastings, ens. Hulle besef nie dat as hulle die wittes wegvat, dat verval en ellende aan die orde van die dag sal wees nie, en dit maak ook nie aan hulle saak nie. DIS MAAR HOE DIT IS. Weereens, verval en ellende is in hulle gene, ZIM weer fisiese bewys. Ek onthou nou weer: “Wat het ons gehad voor kerse?? Elektrisiteit !!”

    Baie simpatie en meegevoel, sterkte en gebede aan ET se familie.

  181. The racist rhetoric from all sides is alarming. How did the holocaust (murder of 6 million Jews) happen. It arose out of racism and resentment about the position of Jews in Central Europe who commanded much of the economies of those states for historical rather than any other reason, combined with the severe recession of the post 1914-1918 era. The Jews were seen as an irksome minority by some who politicized their removal until such time as they were eliminated by Hitler and his campaign of genocide. But let us not forget the lessons of history. We see right wing politicians in Holland, (Wilders) , the USA and Europe in general advocating hate and removal against Muslims, We see the Israelis squashing the Palestinians out of their country, we have sen ethnic cleansing taking place worldwide including the Rwanda and Srebenica massacres. In our own country we see xenophobia or racism by another name destrying communities Sooner or later unless we deliberately avoid confrontation and learn that ethnicity and racism can be overcome peacefully we will be headed towards another genocide. We must remember that Afrikaners are South African Citizens and according to our constitution have equal right to live and prosper in our land. Malema’s singing promotes racism and encourages genocide, the support he is given by his ANC leaders does the same. JZ can only silence the increasing noise promoting racial hatred by shutting up the little a$$hole.

  182. Errrr….point of correction…….Anonymous. Trade began in Egypt….(Africa).
    We created sculpture and Arifacts from copper and gold ( ever heard of Mapungubwe land)? We were trading just fine with China, at least they soon remembered to go back home, unlike you. You came to Africa and were fascinated by diamond stones…..which we didnt find amusing, after all our great, grand mothers probably played Diketo with the them…..Africa will always be africa even without you white folks….it was africa before you came,….it will remain africa even when you’ve left.

  183. You are nothing but a racist ASS! It is people like you that waited for all the luxury to fall out of the sky during our first election! you are too lazy to go out and work let alone use that thing in your head called a brain! you would rather build a new hospital than maintain one. Which tells me one thing. You have shit for brains and are so pathetic that you would rather find fault with everyone else than yourself.

  184. Shit head, I dont need to learn to speak Zulu to build a country. It takes a zulu like you to F**** up our country! Go dig a hole and get in it!
    PS: Would you like me to teach you some lovely afrikaans words that would make your head spin?

  185. Shame man….daar is nie pille vir onnoselheid nie. Huidiglik is 90% van julle werkloos. Julle was onder apartheid darem 90% wat gewerk het, geen bydrae gelewer het nie (geldelik), maar julle wil vinger wys. Apartheid is al lankal dood, maar steeds het julle of julle regering fokol bereik behalwe agteruitgang nie. Jou mentaliteit is nou ‘n sprekende voorbeeld van die kokkerot op die drol wat afgedonner het. Onder die Nazi whites het jy darem werk en kos gehad, maar o ja, julle like nie werk nie. Alles verniet kry of steel is mos makliker. Ek wonder hoekom bedel die swartes langs die paaie nie by hulle eie mense nie. Weet jy dalk hoekom, Virquam. Ek wonder of jy ooit in hierdie land hoort met hierdie uitheemse naam van jou???

  186. I feel sorry for you. Go read some meanings of words in a dictionary. Do you really think SA is civilized? Go and have a samoosa or travel to a another country. You may lean something. How stupid are you?

  187. Soweto, Sharpville, I was at Sharpville. I tried to calm it. I could not. The little you see on TV and read about is less than 1 % of what really happened. By the way, did you examine the so called “news reels”? Did you see the things that were staged? Just look at some of the weapons and decide if it was manufactured at that date.

    Yes, I agree that the little published was wrong. But then, what was not published, was it right? The murders of “informers”. The acting against moderate leaders asking for calm. Inciting children to act as they did then bragging about it.

  188. Who says coloureds come from white men sleeping with black women? It is the black men raping white women!!! Clearly evil – you are right!!!! And there won’t be anything left of your mines after the Zumas, Mandelas and the Malemas are finished with it – look at Pamodzi etc. LOL. And the Europeans came to Africa to trade, not the other way around, the Africans were just sitting at home, drinking beer and watching the naked soon not to be maidens dance for them…

  189. The suntan provides essential vitamines, and the colour of gold is what we like. Have you ever seen a white person doing anything to change their skin’s colour to black? I think not!! LOL

    1. but I’ve seen plenty of white afrikaner whores sucking black dick. african semen provides all the essential vitamins you need so stretch that pink mouth and suck it all in.

  190. Jou groot bek gaan jou duur te staan kom, FOK’zo!! Jy lewe in ‘n droom wêreld, of jy is dalk net plein fokken onnosel. Vat jou swart voël vanaand Ventersdorp toe, dan kyk ons of jy ‘n wit vroutjie kry wat jou genot verskaf. Jy weet ook nie dat as jy betaal vir seks, maak nie saak van die kleur nie, dan is dit nie omdat jy so goeie lover is nie, sy soek net jou geld, pellie!! Jy is so stupid om te dink die ou wit dametjie like jou voëltjie. Jammer man, sy soek net jou geld!! VRA HULLE VOLGENDE KEER !!!

  191. Retarded d… How I pity you – you must be one sad soul – just goes to show you have no clue as to the person he was. Crawl back into your hole!

  192. Ja… die Afrikane, of beter bekend as, toemaar….sit nog steeds net en suip. Hulle het sestien jaar later nog steeds fokol gedoen nie, want soos ons weet, hulle like nie werk nie.

    En ja, die Zumas, Mandelas en Malemas gaan julle nog los met fokol, soos dit in die ander Afrika lande bewys is. So Lerato, sit maar net op jou stoep en wag. Tik sommer gou daar op jou internet “hunger stricken kids”, en dan kyk jou gou hoe gaan jou Zuma, Mandela en Malema kinders lyk. Drink sommer nog ‘n paar biere, gaan dans vir julle lui dronk mans, dan gaan maak jy sommer gou nog ‘n paar van hulle.

    Julle is mos gemaak om te teël, dan nie !!! En o ja, as ‘n swart man ‘n wit vrou verkrag, kry sy gewoonlik ‘n aborsie, of pleeg selfmoord, want sy kan nooit die van die vuil gevoel ontslae raak nie. So dan is die kans vir coloureds eintlik niks nie.

    En o ja, as julle mans nie gedrink het nie, sou hulle julle nie kon spyker nie, want julle is nie exactly oil paintings nie!!!!!!!!

  193. He just called a spade a spade. And if you know anything about God, you will know that He forgives 50 x 50, that is what the Easter is about after all…

    1. And IF you know anything about your Abrahamic God, you will know that he’s busy taking it in the ass from Amun-Ra, the real GOD.

  194. You clearly dont know your history. Jan Van Riebeeck did not sleep with darkies because he was civilised. Pity he did not clean the point of africa when he had the change. You are so lost that you dont even know who your father is and that is because your culture demands it. So? where could you have learned how to trade. If we look at south africa today , we are not going forward but back to the bush. Everything that was working is broken down or being sold but nothing is put back to continue progress. The only person I can see is a product of a lost generation are the few who think like you. Good luck to you for a generation that is dieing of HIV because of your immoral life style and not taking the present moment to learn what is good and build a decent country

  195. Where will these nonsense you are writing here leads you to? The news is shocking to us Namibians.
    You don’t fight fire with fire.

  196. Ek kan nie aan iets dink wat my minder interesseer as ‘n swart man sonder sy klere nie…gee my ‘n groot boer – anytime!!! Daar het jy dit – jy wou mos weet!

  197. ITS ADREAM THAT YOU THINK BLACKS WILL RULE THIS COUNTRY FOR EVER…….and talking about inbracing your hosts better will be ruled by the Chines soon they already here in their thousands …chew on that let me print it in small pieces clearly you can not comprehend ..please…look ….up …your …history…this…land…does…not…belong…to you….YAWN! so tiresome

  198. Nobody will kick us out hehehe…..this is as much our land as it is yours heheheh…fool and while talking about what you call our forefathers land remember they the ones that feed africa and supply them with medicine heheheh….every year a new sickness hehehe…God is cleaning house with a big broom heheheh…rethink your evil ways.

  199. FUK’ZO first go back to school and learnt spell or is this SA GHETTO LANGUAGE …LOL and try thinking out of the box….stop repeating like a parrot.

  200. It took you 300 yrs to destroy our country and proclaim it yours…..why should it take us 16 yrs to fix your mess? Yes, I will sit not on my Stop but my balcony as I watch you people do my garden and your wives doing my laudry…..while Im sipping my Expresso and getting your daughters to do my nails….

  201. one day someone special will be taken away from you,then i really would love to see your face!go back to the tree you came from, you don’t like whites but you want to look like us, straight hair, blue eyes….think again!!!!

  202. You know about their HIV infected people because they are not afraid to come out with it….Question is do you trust your own wifegirlfriend or boyfriend?……(if you are one of the Adams and Steves). Do you know how many of us whites are infected.?….get your story straight first before discussing matters beyond your own intellectual capacity.

  203. Vitamins which we have naturally and you half-cooked nation are lacking in……shame. The stuff you undergo just to look like us and have what we are born with…..Colour of Gold my foot, you are dying to be black. Keep on doing that to yourselves and the rate of cancer amongst whites will only keep incresing….Cancer this, Cancer that, while we all know if Aids….;

  204. How can ever forget ” the blood river” where the Great Zulus defeated the boers with spears and knobkirries in their hands. When the boers came with their canons and guns……We have more than spears this time my friend….we have ….well, wait and see.

  205. I am, and will stay in my country, where my forefathers have been for centuries before me – South Africa IS my country. And sorry to dissapoint you, but nobody is interested in Mavis and her hiv you gave her. I prefer Lovemore in the garden, because Jabu steals the tools. And yes, there are a few educated black people, but many of them prefer to live in Europe and America, because they are sick and tired of the crime here. Yes, you obviously don’t know how many blacks are affected by crime. I don’t know the intelligent blacks you mentioned, or are you talking of the ones who are building the roads with the potholes, the collapsing bridges, the ones who are managing the bancrupt municipalities without properly maintained infrastructure, the ones who are responsible for managing the hospitals where people are dying on the floors, the ones who are NEVER going to curb crime and corruption – etc. etc.? Prostitution, drugs, human trafficking is the speciality of the black man, mainly the Nigerians – also hiv is the “speciality” of the black man – just look at the statistics : ) Interst rates are controlled by the black people, not the big white tannie who is there for the show! And go and sit at any family court in the country – blacks apply for 95% of the domestic violence orders. And how can blacks divorce as often as whites if so few of them ever get married? (I dont refer to the lobola marriage). Every single black female I know has to raise her children on her own because the men just deserted them for other women.

    The immigrants work hard and they want work. If you read what I wrote earlier, you would see that I said that I pay them VERY VERY well. They are worth it. And by the way, they are so in demand that they can pick and choose who to work for – they don’t have to work for R5 a day. The locals are just too lazy to work. They rather sit at home and wait for a grant to come their way. Have another baby?

    A fireplace is that thing whites use for fire inside the house, the blacks sommer use the floor in the lounge! Fire, by the way, has been around a little longer than you, and it is not brain surgery – hallo! And for milking cows – ag really! Do you honestly think there aren’t any cows in the rest of the world? And by the way – every single human on this earth originated from Africa…

    You wouldn’t know how to get gold or diamonds out of a mine if it wasn’t for the white man, and look at the Pamodzi mines etc. before you say that you know how to manage mines. Sadly you have left thousands of black families without an income with your excellent managing skills – once again!

    You forget how hard you complain about the property and farms in white hands, so speak for yourself only when you say you don’t want it – LOL. All your black brothers do. And I’d like to see what your brother from Diepsloot does with a house in Sandton… He will make Julius run…

    You obviously also don’t know how many black people are hoplessly addicted to drugs and responsible for 80% of the crime in the country – against more blacks than whites by the way, so you don’t know nothing about the TRC if you think whites killed blacks or were responsible for it. Yes for some, but most blacks managed to do a good job of finishing off their fellow black men and women, and they still do. The black man has no time or love for his brother or sister, so don’t come with that nonsense. He will rather rape his sister, mother, daughter or grandmother, and I can show you the cases if you don’t know about it.

    And it is precisely because I’m not satisfied to live in a shack that I do have a bit of debt. Did I mention that I am 24 now? Imagine where I will be in a few years, and where you will be…

  206. @ Anonymous.
    Not quite my dear friend. But I suppose you would like to believe that this land originally belonged to blacks.
    If you want us out of here so gladly, sure, but can we then take all the stuff with that we developed and used to build this country?

    Or are you also a Closet European like Malema?
    Your fancy Merc – German?
    Your fancy suites and clothes – Italian?
    Your Sandton suburb – Brittish?
    Your champagne – French?

  207. And the broom got the biggest rubish in our country first…ET, the rest of the rubbish is yet to follow….look around you, you could be next.


  209. your views will change when your family are raped and murdered right in front of your eyes…. i look forward to the day.

  210. @ Anonymous
    Like Malema, rather keep your uneducated mouth shut, you are just keep making a bigger fool of yourself.
    Yes. Sandton is originally a British suburb – go Google it if you don’t believe me.


  211. You are truly an absolute idiot!!! LOL! You cant “have” the vitamins – it comes from the sun, not your skin dufuss. And I have never met anybody that wants to be black or tried to be black by tanning in the sun. It is a very pleasant experience to relax in the sun, and it gives a feeling of being healthy. I know, you won’t understand. But so what?

  212. Hahaha this would be hilarious if it were not so ridiculous, the facts speak for themselves and this ignorant twit must be deaf.Lets face it, the crowd in control at the moment couldnt organise a piss up at a brewery never mind lead a country. The people who currently believe that southern africa is rightfully theirs , would not be there if it wasn’t for the fact that their ancestors stole the land from its original custodians through rape ,torture,murder and plunder. Hence being described as savages of the dark continent. Yes that’s right Southern Africa was stolen , or perhaps you would prefer the word conquered from its original inhabitants, by marauding tribes from the north, and in turn was conquered by the British and Dutch that was the order of the day. The fact is you were a bunch of merciless, heartless savage killers 200 years ago and nothing has changed, the only thing that was able to keep your murderous carnage at bay was the introduction of the strict regime of intolerance by the police and military. Now unchecked the facts scream the truth, murder on the rise like never before, theft, corruption and bribery at levels never before imagined, so much so that the world sees JZ and JM as ridiculous cartoons in a joke that is South Africa.To kill a man over a wage dispute can only be justified in the mind of a ruthless , brainwashed thug and condoned by those likeminded bottom feeders who dont have the intelligence to stand out and lead , only the pathetic narrow mindedness of a misguided loser otherwise known as a follower.PS I never did and still do not condone Apartheid.

  213. Nou jy is n regte boer. As ons volk net meer soos jy kan wees sal ons ons vaderland weer neem. As ons voorvader sien wat in ons land aan gaan, draai hulle sommer nou om in hulle graafte. Ek is bly om te hoor dat daar nog regte boere is. Dankie Shaun.

  214. lol…..ROTFLMFAO………..did you say it gives feeling of being healthy…..? When on ecstacy…maybe…

  215. Get your facts straight, 69 people were killed in Sharpville give or take. These were people who attacked and rioted. Black on black violence during apartheid AND since has been the biggest killer by far. Just for your information. virtually all whites only want to live in harmony and peace. We dont go looking for kak or out to murder and burn fellow people because they are from another country. You dont see us hacking people to death with pangas in front of cameras, setting other humans on fire as happened recently? We value life, something you need to learn.

  216. I agree, let us go back to Europe and the USA etc and kick all the millions of blacks out and send them back to Africa. Then we shall just what happens to this awesome continent. Wake up black people ——— WE ARE ALSO AFRICANS AND THIS IS OUR HOME AS WELL. As soon as you can get that through your thick skulls then MAYBE we can start to live in harmony and build this nation into one that the rest of the world will admire instead of the view they have that we are just another tin pot nation that will go the way that all other African nations have gone. Let us prove them wrong.

  217. If you dare, us tell us where you are. Dont be so stupid and try use something other than anonymous. Just to clarify things. In South Africa, where do you think the technology came from to bring you from the iron age to the modern age? When the whites you hate found your forefathers they were wearing animal skins, slaughtering each other, enslaving weaker tribes, living in huts and had just found iron. Whites on the other hand and the chinese, had societies with technology, schools, science, industry, were exploring the world, building cities. Name one invention of significance invented by a black person and the assegai, though perfect for its design, cannot be counted.

  218. Destroy it from bush to a wealthy country………now that’s what I call destroy in the eyes of the lesser clever !!!! Funny how you like the garden, the balcony and doing your nails. Luckily with the blacks in charge your kids might not know the meaning of this, as can be seen in the bigger part of black leaders in action on the northern borders of SA. Like in Zim, u will have the freedom of the masses…doing mostly fuckall, sitting around under bare trees, stripped down for fire wood against cold nights, very very hungry, since the black farmers are only producing for themselves, since work and growing wealth is not in their genes.

    Maybe you should get some insight from the really hungry people in the rest of Africa, and see if they sort of agree with you. You tend to forget, or maybe you are not informed, that blacks are not being brought up to contribute towards the welfare of their environment, since they do not want to pay for services, taxes, etc. Rather they wanna be seen as the always being discriminated against people. You uplift the dictators within your people, so that they can live lavish lifestyles (western lifestyles, or “white” lifestyles) to the fullest extend.

    Unfortunately no one have succeeded in getting you blacks to understand the concept of how economy works, that u have to deliver something in order to generate something from that, so that u can build on that for the future. This obviously includes blacks actually studying economics, and still not understanding it, since it does not always happen as they learned it from the books. U see, the reality is where u need brains, and not just books. Your government has spent in the region of R380 000,00 to obtain wealthy, growing farms in SA. I think u know the aftermath.

    So I suggest u like really enjoy your beeskak stoep, since the balcony is something that does really exist in African countries. Looking at Zim’s state of their shops, with absolutely fuckall available, let alone unaffordable, u will soon not have nails or anything to do. Explain that part to your kids…..oh, u do not have, otherwise u might have been thinking more retionally, and not still lived the apartheid.

    You must be carefull, since the excuse “BLAME IT ON APARTHEID”, can only work for so long. Well, I’ve got work to do, so you give it some thought, since I am sure you have a lot of time on your hands, since the only thing you do quickly, is get tired.

  219. Jy verstaan nie lekker nie, soos dit verwag kan word. Ek het gepraat van jou “brothers” wat wit prostitute optel, en dan dink hulle het ‘n wit vrou gelukkig gemaak. Ja, hulle het, want hulle het haar betaal om haar “addiction” vir drugs te onderhou, waarmee jou Nigerian brothers haar gevang het. So dit my vriend, is die naaste wat jy aan ‘n wit ordentlike skoon vrou sal kom…..anyway, fuck u very much vir die kak geselskap, ek moet nou gaan werk.

  220. The sad thing is that those two tits might get a long prison sentence, but they will still be out within 10 years. Death sentence?

  221. Com’om… do you honestly think in this fucked up country where it takes 5 years to even start investigating cases, dockets lost of R 100, I can continue the list of corruption, that they caught his two killers within less 3 hours from the murder???

    They are so useless that cases by the thousands go unsolved, and no one turns an eye to think how the hell is this possible for the police force being corrupt themselves to have caught the criminals so easily, OTHER THAN THIS BEING A CONSPIRACY AND COVER UP for other politically driven agenda’s????

    How blind are you South Africa, wake up, this happened as a direct retaliation against white people, this also having happened to Chris in ’93 also mysteriously the Saturday before Easter Sunday?

    It is also coincidence that this “has nothing to do with” JM singing kill the white man? Seriously how blind can you be, wake up and smell the roses (or shall I say rotten ones) as this is what this country has turned into…

    It is time to make our voices heard, with a large roar that we will not take this bullshit from uneducated bureaucratic idiots ruling this country…

    The time has come to make our voices heard, not just in South Africa, but all over there world, to ensure that FOREIGN VISITORS BE WARNED (when you come to South Africa during the 2010 World Cup Soccer), if your skin color is white, I guess you better watch the football from home, rather than come here and be, mugged, raped, tortured, hacked up, shot dead, gang raped and left for dead, have your ligaments torn off by these packs of barbaric people we have in our USED to be beautiful country!

  222. JR you dont understand, the blacks in other parts of the world have legal citizenship . They followed the right procedures to qualify as citizens of those states. Pity we cant say the same for your whites in SA.

  223. Geewiz” fUK’ZO dont get so excited you might wet your pants you must jerk off a lot by the sounds of it……alway worrying about what is in his pants……who cares if some drugged up white woman wants to sleep below themselves?

  224. Really FUK’ZO your spelling is terrible man and where have you been all the years “like 300 hundred years” LOL
    IF EDUCATION, HOSPITALS, and everything is destroying OUR country then you should not use these WHAT ARE YOU WEARING ?…another thing that destoyed OUR country?…do you have hair extentions? wear sanitary towels? perfume? use lovely smelling bath soap? wear make-up? i think you a bit confussed but its ok we can not all be clever are you so “dof”…but dont feel bad …and as for the expresso that really did destroyed OUR beautiful country what a shame?…are they really your own nails?…LOL LOL LOL

  225. Yep. And I’d bet that the crocs will thrive for millions of years more because they’ll never make the mistakes made by humans! So where to for us? Well unfortunately the crocs can claim the whole planet, because 200MYA al the landmasses were one, Pangaea. Maybe we should colonize Mars, but let’s make damn sure that the crocs weren’t there first!!!

  226. True your great grandmothers might have played Diketo with them …simply because they never had a clue what they were…as for China theyyyyyy backkkkkk in their thousands for their piece of the pie. you pretend to know so much about history and diamonds and yet you sound so …let me soften the word “SILLY”

    Oh guess what we not going anywhere!…..Yawn!

  227. A swart pennis is die spies van die nasie drip van die Aids Umconto e sesweeee
    Nuuste uitvinding vir tampax vir swart vroue is n kurkprop.

  228. The concept of apartheid is not indigenous to South Africa – we did however give this ancient concept a name.

  229. Why in hells name would we want to look like you..hahahahahaha have you looked in the mirror lately….
    NEWS FLASH more and more blacks are dying from cancer now days…..
    no vitamins in burnt over cooked meat ….but plenty in half cooked meat LOL
    Iw onder who is coping who i dont have to plait plastic into my roots!

  230. Since when is it your country? and all men are not equal some are just plain stupid and stay stupid…take you for starters. LOL
    Have you been to school? what education did you get? the reason i ask is “i double dog dare you? ….what kind of language is that?
    Geewiz where have you been that you only find out now the your president is black………dont laught to soon because i think they had you in mind when they made abortion legal didn’t want another one of you walking around with so few brain cells… “fucked up” pal…..stop siffing mamma’s panties

  231. No… you could be next who knows hey….maybe the good lord will send something special for you ….wait for it, its coming son!

  232. Well…

    With you fuckers raping the white women I am not surprised to have the person respond NO to you on that one!

  233. Please for decades you even ran after each other to kill and impail each other on poles……peace loving indeed….so dont come with your half educated brain and talk shit!!
    “go to our motherland Europe” you cockroach remember motherland sends plenty of money for now” thats why you suvive and fill your black belly and once again the south of Africa did not belong to you …so you go back home up north

  234. Mede Afrikaners, en vriende kom ons weerhou ons van hierdie draadsitter wit boeties en die wat soos hulle glo. Laat die vyand maar maai onder hulle. Laat hulle maar hulle bloed verder skenk. As ons Vader in die hemel ons voorouers gered het met Bloedrivier waarom sal Hy dit nie ook vir ons doen nie?
    Ons hoef ons nie te skaar by enige politieke party om as gelowiges saam te staan nie. Ons kan soos Dawid teen Goliat staan as ons geloof in God reg is.
    Niemand wil graag ‘n oorlog beleef nie maar wat daarvan, as dit nie anders kan nie?
    In alle tye was daar tog oorloe. Dit gaan nie werklik oor dinge van hierdie wereld nie maar oor Hom wat ons op hierdie aarde geplaas het. Is ons te bang om in Sy naam op te staan vir geregtigheid?

  235. An intelligent and intellectual black man. I salute you, Sir.

    Now pack up your family and get out, because it will be a waste when you are killed together with the rest. The days of talk are quickly depleting, and in a racial conflict every black skin will be a target. You must see what is inevitably coming, don’t you?

  236. Our forefathers followed the correct procedures of the day (which wasn’t much) when they arrived here. As far as I’m concerned, though, I was born in SA, and when I work and pay rent – because I can’t afford to buy a home yet – I have every bit as much right to do so as anyone else. What happened before is irrelevant, I should have the right to work and carve out an existence just like anyone else. I should not be denied a job because of the colour of my skin, and I definitely shouldn’t be kicked out of my country of birth for it.

  237. You’re right, but to get to the puppet masters we need to get rid of the puppets first, and as soon as we do this they’ll incite their mindless hordes, who will hunt us down just because we’re white. The only way to survive will be to kill anything black before they get us, then go after the puppets, then close our borders again and stop the flow of this country’s wealth to Europe.

  238. Well well,,,Happy Easter to all of You

    What I can say is if all the negative , hateful utterances posted herein were transformed into positive energy , we would have no energy issues in the world.
    Facts are…

    1 ET , was an Afrikaaner Boer from the far right , he lived by the sword and he died by the sword. No excuses for the manner in which he died , that repulses me.
    2 Malema is the Lefts answer to ET. Radical , hateful and basically an uneducated imbicile. However , he does have a huge following amoungst the young radical black South Africans , who have been promised verything by our corrupt politicians , yet they have received “squat” and thus Malema is their answer.
    3 The fact that the current Regime lets Malema proceed unhindered is of concern to ALL normal South African people. The concern is that the ” Boer Uprising” will start something which will create huge problems within the country creating worse economic issues and racial hatred. Will their be a World Cup 2010….. seems FIFA have sent a large security delegation into JHB this morning…

    Jeez folks , calm your idle tongues

    Have a great week…hopefully at work…ha ha.

  239. I am a white African and I wish all my fellow citizens will take hands regardless of race or colour. All of us are suffering under crime and most of us just want to make a living in this beautifull country. Let us not stand by and let radicals from either side ruin this land for the majority that want peace and stability. There where wrongs in the past and I for one went to the polls and voted for change in this country. The first vote I ever cast was for change. I can not imagine a South Africa without blacks or whites. I can imagine how degrading it must be to be called names and I can not stand people like that. I just want you to know that everybody are not thinking like that. I dont want war, I dont think you are thinking clearly when you ask for war. I ask of all my fellow Africans to stop the hate speach and to stop anyone persuing this route. Lets take hands across colour lines and do what is best for SA. By the way I am an Afrikaner and proud of it and you should be proud to be a black man.

  240. See!! …thats what happens when you burn your books instead of reading them” cannot saw it!!!!!!..shit that is bad spelling….LOL are you smoking something?

  241. yeez !!! you have a chip on your shoulder AFRICA…IS..NOT…YOURS!!!! retard
    Now i am lost trying to read this mumbo jumbo “ever heard of a fire place? look at the latest crime stats? just like america ones did? you wiped your arses with grass and leave you couldn’t even invent toilet paper!!!
    ….what are you smoking? trade what among yourselves trade what? there will be nothing with in a few years if we let you would turn and eat each other ..”just like america ones did” what school did you go to good grief …hahahahahahaha……. whites never got along with water…LOL that smell you were smelling was yourself ,you were just so used to it
    “While we live on credit?…LOL i was always having to lie for you people at work..sorry she is on break…sorry she is not at work ..sorry she is in a meeting…sorry sorry sorry……foshini, truworths, jet store all looking for their money please man you not fooling anyone except yourself.
    “you came here and did not know we milk cow and now you think you better than us?????? just because we learnt to milk a cow …good grief..hahahahahahaha
    get off the computer shit head!!!! if this is the “intelligence you talking about i hate to be the one to tell you this ….you all”FUCKED!!!!!!!!
    ARE YOUSMOKING YOUR PANTIES? or maybe on drug!!!
    We ate each other up? and fought with potatoes?
    Good Grief do we still have so many stupid ones around???????????????

  242. lets see if malema is gone be excucuted boere style how big your mouth is gone be then zuma must also tell every body to be calm show us one country that were ruled by a black coverment that is a sucsess look at africa wake up. the black people needs the white people for their brains because you don’t have any

  243. never knew what riches were they only became “riches” because the white man placed a value on it!!!! ha.ha.ha thanks for the good laugh
    Talking about riches what about the blackman that now owns most of the mines ….they dont care a fuck!!! about you they in-riching themselves and leaving you behind ….you’s follow malema like alot of sheep swallow his lies while he feeds himself “dik” every night and day wears only the best clothing, drives the best cars and you all cheer for him must be because no-one believes they better than him?…..LOL….guess he also believes you not worth the effort…..and has decided to just use you lot to stir up violence so he can become the next President….well good luck you all deserve him because you are his own special breed of sheep!!!…..LOL
    Then you will see the real Malema!!!!!…there must be many in the ANCYL that are capable of leading the youth to better things than murder, violence and disrespect for your parents!!!…but no you will still follow like sheep even if he is standing in front of you and talking a load of nonsense he smiles because he believes or knows that you to stupid to tell the difference ..why do you think he is in Zim with the othe empty headed barrel of shit Magabe they both idiots look what that country looks like , starvation, desease ..WHY!! because of someone like Malema…i hope the MDC wins they seem to have brains and are intelligent

  244. Parasite,

    you are precisely the type of person that makes it impossible to simply declare war on black people, no matter what the circumstances. I grew up in an environment where my dad worked with mainly black people , and I was used to black people – as people – from a young age. I knew about their difficulties, sorrows and joys, and we always helped where we could. We knew that they had to be treated with respect. I never agreed with apartheid, and I blame it for the state of education etc. The more educated a person is, the less likely he/she is to have more children than they can care for. That means that if for the past 100 years we had no apartheid, good education for everybody, we would have far less people in the country, very likely no squattercamps and very little crime, and most people would have been employed. Imagine the difference! But can I change it? No! Should I be punished for something I have no control over? No!

    I work with many lovely black people, many for whom I have a lot more respect than for some of my white colleagues. I cannot imagine any circumstances under which I could kill any one of them. We share the happiness of a new marriage, a new baby and cry together when a loved one is lost. I actually spend most of my day in the presence of black people, and I bet on it that you won’t easily find someone who can truly say they have a reason to hate me, quite the contrary. I treat people fairly and with respect, no matter what the colour of their skin is. I have also learnt that the colour of your skin does not determine who you are inside, because as you say, just as there are many wonderful black people there are evil white people.

    We are in the very unfortunate situation that we have around 3 million black youths between 15 and 24 who are unemployed and uneducated. If you are (in many cases) too lazy to study or too poor to go to school, and you have the urge to rebell against ANY authority, your chances of ending up in a life of crime is almost 100%. Anyone who deals with crime can also tell you that these youngsters more often than not either commit crimes under the influence of drugs, or to get money to get drugs. Those are the most dangerous criminals, because they have no relationship with anyone that is more important to them than drugs , and they kill easily, because they just simply have no conscience, and can even rape or kill their own mothers. (and I promise you, they do) Those people in my opinion, who is also the minority, are really the black man that is hated by many whites, and also in my opinion, the black community.

    Like you, all of us sometimes feel hate for a person that wronged us, and wish that person dead, and may even be mad enough to want to kill him, but that simply is not who we are, and that is why we do not do it. We have to accept that we have many criminals, but that the older criminals will very unlikely be influenced by the song of Julius, but those young ones sitting in their gangs, smoking their tik and heroin mixture, will blame anyone that comes to mind for their lifestyle. If a person like Julius comes along and say kill the farmer, it plants a seed in their minds. Malema makes it sound like you will be a hero if you do, and the government does not stop him, so how long is it going to take that group of criminals to come up with their next victim? Off course they will decide on the farmer more easily!

    WE, the ones who don’t just hate everybody because they have a different skin colour than us, will eventually have to try and save what is left of OUR country. All our futures depend on it. Let us be specific about things we say. Let us take hands and continue to be a rainbow nation with a future. To take revenge for things we can’t change won’t help any of us!

  245. let me answer “miskien moet ons your arms kom afkap”……
    Rather “kapaf” whats between your legs…then we will have less fools, rape, and an overpopulation of useless idiots”… Toss!!!!

  246. At Bloedrivier (Which the black said never happened) the Boere used old shitty weapons and killed the blacks by the millions. how is it going to be different in the present with al the technology we have? It is a known fact in the Angolese war that the black terorists we tracked, ditched their weapons and shoes first when they started running!!!

  247. Die dag as ek in n dieretuin moet gaan kyk hoe lyk die barbare, dan sal ek kan gelukkig wees. Twee mannetjies sodat die goed nie weer aanteel nie! Werklik weer sonder omkyk in n straat stap en gerus gaan slaap met die wete my kinders is veilig! tot dan slaap ek met my 9mm onder my kussing. skouer aan skouer is hoe die dinge in die land gaan regkom, oor die loop van n geweer!

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