Eugene Terreblanche murdered on his farm


Eugene Terreblanche was murdered on his farm today just outside Ventersdorp. He was attacked while sleeping by two workers that worked on the farm. According to the workers they got in a argument earlier upon which they responded with a panga and a “knopkierie”.

The time they attacked Eugene was around 5pm, when police got there he was lying on the bed with serious head wounds and wounds to his upper body. He was still alive but later died in hospital at around 7pm.

According to the workers that attacked him they got in a argument, police said the attack was not politically motivated but that will only be revealed if true during the investigation.
The police arrested the two suspects who confessed to the killing. Eugene did not permanantly live on the farm but slep there once in a while.

While the police say the murder was not politically motivated we as mentioned earlier will only learn the real motive for the attack later.

Social networks are buzzing with many saying that this is because of Julius Malema’s recent “kill the boer” campaign.

Last week Julius Malema was ordered by the court to stop singing the “kill the boer” or “shoot the boer” song.

Eugene Ney TerreBlance was born on January 31 1941 and was a Boer Afrikaner the founder of the Afrikaner weerstadsbeweging. His biggest dream was a boer state and he pushed and fighted for that most of his life.

He was also one of the biggest fighters for the Boers and desperately wanted independence for the boers

We can only say that Eugene Terreblanche loved his country and was a strong fighter in what he believed.


Our leader, Eugene Terre’Blanche murdered on his farm

It is with shock, dismay, frustration and the greatest of emotional pain that we were informed that our leader, Eugene Terre’Blanche was murdered on his farm Villanna (meaning “Home of Anna”) just outside Ventersdorp called around 17:00 this afternoon.


Details are sketchy, but from reports by people at the scene there was an argument with one of his black farm workers this afternoon. Later, while he was taking an afternoon nap, the farm worker, incited by others, entered his house and hacked him to death with a panga (chopping knife used for clearing bushes).


When police arrived they found our leader on his bed with mortal wounds to his upper body and head. He was declared dead at 7:00pm.


This news comes amidst reports of Julius Malema’s banned song which calls for freedom fighters of the ANC to “Kill the Boer”.


Our leader did not live permanently on the farm, but rather in Ventersdorp. He visits the farm regularly during the week and on weekends.


Eugene Ney Terre’Blance was born on January 31 1941 and was on of the founders of the Afrikaner Weerstadsbeweging. He dedicated the last decades to realising a dream of freedom for our Boer people and the concept of a Volkstaat, a free state where we could rule over ourselves.


We call on all our supporters, friends and members of the AWB to be calm for now as we mourn the passing of our leader.


We will post more information as it becomes available.




2010 04 03 – AfriForum calls on all South Africans to remain calm after murder of Terre’Blanche

In response to the murder of Mr Eugene Terre’Blanche, AfriForum appealed to all South Africans to remain calm.

These events are a call to all South Africans to come to their senses and to be aware of the extremely polarised and violent circumstances presently prevalent in the country.

AfriForum condemned the murder in the strongest possible terms, as all murders in South Arica are condemned. All communities – white, as well as black – should refrain from reckless statements and from romanticising violence.

It is urgent for all to remain calm under circumstances which are very tense and potentially may be destructive.



The murder of Eugene Terreblanche will inevitably polarize and inflame passions in South Africa at a time when tensions are already running high.  This could have tragic consequences and it is essential that all leaders stand together now, and call for calm.  Violence has never been a solution to South Africa’s enormous challenges.   Now, more than ever, we must resist racial polarization, and continue to build the non-racial middle ground of people who want a peaceful and prosperous future for all.

The singing of songs such as “kill the Boer” creates a climate in which violence is seen as an appropriate response to problems, whether personal or collective.  These words have been correctly described by the courts as hate speech.  We urge all South Africans to stand together and reject incitement and threats of violence, that could destroy our capacity to build a shared future.  We all have a responsibility towards one another.  Let us exercise this now more than ever before.


Eugene Terreblanche was murdered today in his sleep on his farm in Ventersdorp.

Eugene Terreblanche was the head and leader of the AWB. Eugene Terreblanche was also one of the biggest fighters for the Boers and desperately wanted independence for the boers.

What would happen next we can only wait and see.

Eugene Ney TerreBlance was born on January 31 1941 and was a Boer Afrikaner the founder of the Afrikaner weerstadsbeweging. His biggest dream was a boer state and he pushed and fighted for that most of his life.

He was murdered about two hours ago according to our sources.

This comes as the song “kill the boers” just got banned and Julius Malema also got gagged and may not sing the song.

Many people on various social networks already started blaming the recent “kill the boer ” campaign by the country’s ruling party the ANC.

We can only say that Eugene Terreblanche loved his country and was a strong fighter in what he believed.


UPDATE: According police Eugene Terreblanche was attacked at 5 to 6 pm on his farm in Ventersdorp. When police got there he was lying on the bed with fatal injuries to his head and upper body, he was still alive but died later.

Police found a panga and a “knopkierrie” at the farm and they arrested two farm workers that was currently working on Eugene’s farm.

According to them they got in a argument with Eugene Terreblance and then killed him.

He died because of his injuries and was declared dead at 7pm.

Eugene did not permanently live on the farm. According to police the murder is said to be not politically motivated (for now at least.)

UPDATE 2: Please note that the police said the murder was not politically motivated but we believe further investigation will reveal whether this is true or not.



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  5. Parasite,

    you are precisely the type of person that makes it impossible to simply declare war on black people, no matter what the circumstances. I grew up in an environment where my dad worked with mainly black people , and I was used to black people – as people – from a young age. I knew about their difficulties, sorrows and joys, and we always helped where we could. We knew that they had to be treated with respect. I never agreed with apartheid, and I blame it for the state of education etc. The more educated a person is, the less likely he/she is to have more children than they can care for. That means that if for the past 100 years we had no apartheid, good education for everybody, we would have far less people in the country, very likely no squattercamps and very little crime, and most people would have been employed. Imagine the difference! But can I change it? No! Should I be punished for something I have no control over? No!

    I work with many lovely black people, many for whom I have a lot more respect than for some of my white colleagues. I cannot imagine any circumstances under which I could kill any one of them. We share the happiness of a new marriage, a new baby and cry together when a loved one is lost. I actually spend most of my day in the presence of black people, and I bet on it that you won’t easily find someone who can truly say they have a reason to hate me, quite the contrary. I treat people fairly and with respect, no matter what the colour of their skin is. I have also learnt that the colour of your skin does not determine who you are inside, because as you say, just as there are many wonderful black people there are evil white people.

    We are in the very unfortunate situation that we have around 3 million black youths between 15 and 24 who are unemployed and uneducated. If you are (in many cases) too lazy to study or too poor to go to school, and you have the urge to rebell against ANY authority, your chances of ending up in a life of crime is almost 100%. Anyone who deals with crime can also tell you that these youngsters more often than not either commit crimes under the influence of drugs, or to get money to get drugs. Those are the most dangerous criminals, because they have no relationship with anyone that is more important to them than drugs , and they kill easily, because they just simply have no conscience, and can even rape or kill their own mothers. (and I promise you, they do) Those people in my opinion, who is also the minority, are really the black man that is hated by many whites, and also in my opinion, the black community.

    Like you, all of us sometimes feel hate for a person that wronged us, and wish that person dead, and may even be mad enough to want to kill him, but that simply is not who we are, and that is why we do not do it. We have to accept that we have many criminals, but that the older criminals will very unlikely be influenced by the song of Julius, but those young ones sitting in their gangs, smoking their tik and heroin mixture, will blame anyone that comes to mind for their lifestyle. If a person like Julius comes along and say kill the farmer, it plants a seed in their minds. Malema makes it sound like you will be a hero if you do, and the government does not stop him, so how long is it going to take that group of criminals to come up with their next victim? Off course they will decide on the farmer more easily!

    WE, the ones who don’t just hate everybody because they have a different skin colour than us, will eventually have to try and save what is left of OUR country. All our futures depend on it. Let us be specific about things we say. Let us take hands and continue to be a rainbow nation with a future. To take revenge for things we can’t change won’t help any of us!

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  9. Not every Afrikaner is AWB and not everyone is saying what he did was good or even that he was really a good man….”DONT BE SO FUCKEN IGNORANT!!!!
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  10. The world cup is in turmoil. I used to live there and even I wouldn’t go there now. This is going to be like apartheid days when you used to see bombs going off set by the extremists.

  11. This is a good old classic South African joke

    Eugene Terblanche has been murdered and gets sent to hell, after a couple of days he says to the devil “Can I please make one phone call to my buddies up on earth” The devil responds with “fuck off”. Old Eugene doesn’t give up and keeps pestering the devil until one day the devil says “ok one phone call”
    Eugene rings his best mate Pik, “Hey Pik when you get sent to hell I need you to bring me a shit load of blankets”. Old Pik is bewildered thinking of what he has heard of hell being hot, he says to Eugene “I can do that for you my old friend but please tell me why do you need blankets in hell” to which Eugene replies “Pik there are so many blacks down here you cannot get near the fire”

    RIP Eugene

  12. Dit is nou tyd om op te staan teen die regeering. Neem aksie en doen nou vir eens iets! Die boere moet vir nou eers saam staan. Laat die vier kleur weer wapper.

  13. I agree with the last person who wrote about the poor English . If you are putting statements out to the public please ensure that you use words that are actual English . The tragedy here is how the English language has been murdered .

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  16. Could one of BLACK contributors to this site please make a short list for us detailing the achievements of the Black African. Help us to repect you for your contributions to human society. I will start it for you:
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  17. Hi all, obviously a lot different races and cultures read this. Seems like a lot of people have their own opinions which is fair. A society can not function if all the people are the same. i do understand it that’s why everybody is unique. I read most of the comments on this issue about ET’s life and death and what people think.

    As for I’m an individual and residing in South Africa and I’m white I will also have my opinion.

    My condolences to the family and friends of the dearly departed. He have lived his life to the fullest, and achieved most of his goals. Some have been completed and some hasn’t. As in life some goals can not be completed.

    To my fellow Afrikaners. I know he was white and a true Afrikaner. But most of all he was a Christian. I really do not think he would want us to go on a Jihad because of the manner in which he has died.

    To the my fellow South Africans, all races and cultures. forgiveness is one of the hardest things in life. It will set you free. Do not dwell in the past cause then you cant see the future. The future looks so dark as it is. We all should light our own candle and step into a lighter South Africa to make it shine for the world to see.

    On a spiritual level. Jesus shed his blood for all. On these last few days it should be so clear. He didn’t decide to only shed His blood for whites, blacks, Asians etc. but for all of us. Why is it so hard to spread the blood of Jesus to all. If but anything else, the common colour we all have is Red. We are all placed on this Planet Earth. It doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to God. What if He decides to get rid of us and evict us? Oh that’s if u believe in God, and if you are an Evolutionist, Ermm we should rename this Planet to Planet of the Apes, then we are also trespassing :-)

    Why don’t we spend our time with what we can do to make things better? Instead of criticising each other and attack each other with words and weapons. I am an African as is all who was born in Africa, just as i am South African for where i was born. A black American is a Black American, not an African American, cause he wasn’t born here. I’m not an European South African cause i wasn’t born in Europe. This is my country and my children’s country till the day we die. Every person that was born in South Africa has that in common. This is our country and no one will take that away from me and us. Lets try and focus on that and try to make things right.

    That’s my opinion and i bet ill have whites and blacks and coloureds on my case, which will prove that my comment are fair and just and that maybe i have a point.

    Have an awesome day!!


  18. Terblanche got what he dererved,just as he brutally abused blacks.I hope he suffered severe,slow,pain like the racist bastard he was.

  19. Hi Lestroops
    Was the decision to award SA the World Cup any worse than that to give the Olympic games to England? England is bankrupt, has handled the world recession worse than anywhere else in the world, has a huge unemployement problem with a subsequent drain on social security and is behind schedule with the building of stadiums (have they even been started??) Furthermore there is a huge shortfall on the budget and they are now talking about taking money from the lotto to make up the shortfall in the budget !!!! Is this not another form of corruption where they are taking money from the handicapped / poor people to save the government’s face! There are articles of corruption with regard to a government official in the transport department, a South African was recently murdered in Chippenham and violent muggings take place all over Britain every single day. My son lived in London from 2001 to 2003 and at a concert in Liverpool was mugged, beaten, kicked and relieved of his cell phone by a bunch of kids around 19 years old. He had to be taken to hospital for medical treatment. In another incident he and a few (South African) friends went to the assistance of Burger King staff who had had to lock the doors while hooligans were trying to break down the doors with dustbins. They waited 45 minutes for the police to come by which time the holligans had fled after seriously injuring one of the people trying to help. (The english passers-by crossed the street to avoid the situation)! People in glass houses………………………

  20. Hierdie is n oproep vir alle SUID-AFRIKANERS,wat belang stel om …………op te tree.Oud en jonk wat in die weermag was,vrouens wat verpleeg het dokters,aptekers,onderwysers,sakemanne wat ons land voor geld stel,wat nie omkoopbaar is nie.JAMMER GEEN LEDE VAN DIE SAP NIE.
    hierdie is n dringende saak,wat ons blankes se toekoms kan bepaal.

  21. And the point of your comment is ????? What on earth are you talking about and what has this got to do with the topic being discussed?

  22. Eugene Terrablanche a Christian? I hardly think so. There is no Christian church on earth that would condone the attitide the extremist, racist AWB members actions and policies. You will argue that the NG and the Dutch Reformed Church may do so but they made the rules to suit themselves.

  23. Om bende bende te speel is nie die antwoord nie. Het die verlede en die geskiedenis jou nie lesse geleer nie? In elke oorlog is daar sterftes. Is jy bereid om jou ouers, kinders, vriende en familie op te offer vir wat jy beoog? Hoeveel van jou eie mense sal val en sterf voor jy besef dat geweld nie die antwoord is nie. Gebruik jou brein vir n slag. Dis Afrikaners soos jy wat ons naam gat maak. N oog vir n oog, en n tand vir n tand. Skrik wakker, Die tweede gebot se jy moet jou naaste lief he soos jou self. Haat jy jouself so baie? Ek sal veg vir vrede en geregtilikheid, sonder om Moord te pleeg. ( nog n gebot btw )

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  25. En nog ‘n oproep vir alle Suid-Afrikaaners: Ignore the left and the right wing and let’s all walk down one path to racial harmony and peace. By responding to these idiots only gives them a voice and publicity that they don’t deserve, The majority of South Africans, black and white have accepted the new South Africa with hope and confidence and yet there still seems to be a generalisation to “white” and “black” South Africans. Hatred between individual black and white people is not the norm. Ignore the people who post racist comments. If the general public and the media ignored the voices of the likes of the Eugene Terreblanches and Julius Malema’s of this world they would fade away into insignificance. By reacting to their comments it gives the impression that all whites agree with the AWB and all blacks agree with Julius Malema and this is far from the truth.

  26. I want to add my voice to the calls for action by whites, particularly by the Afrikaner. Although I am fluent in English, I believe Afrikaners should read this call for action in their own language. My references to the British should be seen within the context of the Anglo Boer War and the British politicians and warlords of that time. I bare no hatred against the British.

    Ons as blankes en veral Afrikaners is nou genoeg verguis. Nêrens in die beskaafde wêreld sal enige minderheidsgroep in enige land soveel verguising verduur soos wat die Afrikaner tans verduur nie. Ons moet ophou met ons “ekskuus dat ons leef”-houding omdat ons met behulp van afsonderlike ontwikkeling, of soos die media dit wil hê, apartheid, ons reg op lewe en ‘n eiesoortige voortbestaan gewaarborg het. Sedert blankes en swartes mekaar vir die eerste keer in 1789 by die Visrivier in hierdie land teëgekom het, het Afrikaners as blanke minderheidsgroep verkies om volgens ‘n westerse waardestelsel voort te bestaan. Dit was 160 jaar vóór apartheid. Soms moes ons hierdie waardestelsel met geweld handhaaf en soms met politieke oplossings soos wat die geval was met afsonderlike ontwikkeling. Die owerheid van die dag stel geensins daarin belang dat ons as eiesoortige minderheidsgroep voortbestaan nie en hulle doen alles in hul vermoeë om ons te laat verswelg in ‘n Afrikakultuur waarvan ons geensins deel wil word nie. Die probleem is egter dat ons nie, soos elders in Afrika die geval was, koloniste is met ‘n alternatiewe heenkome waarvan ons die paspoorthouers is nie. Die besef moet nou baie vinnig tot ons deurdring dat ons nie in ‘n posisie is om ‘n politieke bestel te handhaaf of te onderhandel waarin ons waardestelsel kans het op oorlewing nie, dus bly daar slegs een uitweg oor naamlik gewapende weerstand.

    Die aanslag wat ons as blanke minderheidsgroep verduur kom vanuit alle oorde. Die liberaal-sosialistiese media het die Afrikaner nog altyd beskou as minderwaardig en enige aanspraak op ‘n eiesoortige voortbestaan afgemaak as ver-regs en/of rassisties. Dieselfde media poog ook om die realiteit van aanslae op die westerse kultuur in hul eie lande weg te redeneer, maar slaag al hoe minder daarin. As voorbeeld hoef ons net te kyk na die Nederlanders wat só bedreig voel deur die allogtone-minderheidsgroepe in hul eie land, dat steun aan sogenaamde ver-regse politieke partye soos die een waarvan Geert Wilders die leier is, geweldig toegeneem het in resente tye. Hoe hard ons as blankes in Suid-Afrika ookal probeer om die media en buitewêreld nie te affronteer nie, ons sal nooit daarin slaag nie. Ons kan onsself maar gerus met die Jode in Israel vergelyk wat dit betref. Die verskil tussen ons en die Jode is dat die Jode daadwerklik optree teen die aanslae van die Arabiese wêreld, ongeag wat die wêreldmedia daarvan dink of sê. Ons moet dus ophou om ons te steur aan wat die media en die buitewêreld van ons dink as dit gaan om ons eie voortbestaan in hierdie land.

    Ons blankes, veral die Afrikaner, word natuurlik ook binnelands tot in die afgrond in verguis. Ons owerheid van die dag het lankal geen respek vir ons kultuurgoedere nie, meer nog, ook nie vir ons fisiese voortbestaan nie. Die tempo waarteen blankes, veral die Afrikaner, aangeval, beroof, verkrag en vermoor word skrei ten hemele. Die regering se ontkenning hiervan raak nou lagwekkend om die minste daarvan te sê. Intussen is en word ons in eie geledere deur die anti-apartheidsteologie gekondisioneer tot so ‘n mate dat ons waaragtig begin glo dat ons geen reg meer het op ‘n eiesoortige voortbestaan nie. Sodra ons onsself beroep op ons voorvaders se geloofswaardes, word dit gou vergelyk met teologie van die Ou Testament. Ons vergeet dat die Voortrekkers 1838 jaar ná Christus geleef, gewerk, gebid en oorlog gemaak het met ‘n geloof in dieselfde Drie-enige God as waarin ons vandag behoort te glo. Bowendien durf ons nie glo dat die God van Dawid, wat die reus Goliat met sy slingervel gedood het, ‘n ander God is as die een waarin Andries Pretorius en sy minder as 500 manskappe geglo het toe hulle nagenoeg 15 000 Afrika-barbare by Bloedrivier verslaan het nie. God gaan nie ‘n weerligstraal uit die hemel gebruik om die barbaarsheid waarmee ons voortbestaan bedreig word uit te skakel nie. God gebruik mense soos Dawid, Andries Pretorius, Piet Joubert en Koos de la Rey om dit te doen. Mag God in sy almagtigheid ons arme Afrikaners se nood in hierdie tye raaksien en vir ons ‘n leier stuur wat ons weer na ‘n soewereine voortbestaan aan die suidpunt van Afrika sal lei, na waar ons volgens ons eie waardestelsel kan leef.

    God verwag intussen nie van ons om te sit en kyk hoedat barbare ons mense verguis, aanval, beroof, verkrag en doodmaak nie – hy verwag van ons om in Sy naam iets daaromtrent te doen. God verwag van ons om in opstand te kom teen ‘n owerheid wat papbroek-politici oor ons laat kom het en waarvan die kultuurwaardes geen respek toon vir die grondbeginsels waarop ons geloof spesifiek en die westerse sameweling in die algemeen gerond is nie. Hierdie waardes waarop ons as blankes ons beroep sluit onder andere in: respek vir privaat eiendom, reg op lewe, die reg om ‘n eie taal en kultuur uit te leef, ens. Dit sluit nie die “kultuurwaardes” in wat deur ons huidige owerheid sienderoë toegelaat en selfs aangemoedig word nie, naamlik: veelwywery, roof, verkragting, moord, aanbidding van voorvadergeeste, towery, ens. Hoe kan jy as Afrikaner-Christen nié daarteen in opstand wil kom nie? Diegene onder ons wat hulle nie kan vereenselwig met gewapende geweld nie, behoort ten minste drastiese weerstand te bied deur middel van lydelike verset soos om belastings te weerhou, te weier om in enige ander taal as Afrikaans bedien te word, die Sondag weer te heilig soos dit deur God van ons verwag word, algemene burgerlike verset, ens. Terwyl ons al hierdie dinge doen durf ons nie mense van ons eie vlees en bloed, wat wel bereid is om met geweld ons voortbestaan te verseker, af te maak as ver-regs of rassisties nie, want dan help ons die barbare om ons eie ondergang te bewerkstellig.

  27. You boere are all uneducated and fucked up. You moan and gron over kak Euegen desirved what came his way he killed blacks and and he died from the hands of a black man,so what goes around comes around. You are all still very racist no matter how you hide it grow up and fuck back to your country here is nothing for you in SA.

    its strange how all white people are crying over a sad ass of a person – you gusy obviously condoned everything he done makes you just like him.

  28. I don’t recall that he was ever convicted of murder. Not every White Afrikaner condoned what he has done. Don’t generalise. As for this this not our country, how sure are you that it is even yours. You migrated from the North, didn’t you? Once again its people like you that fuels the fire of Racism. Why don’t you stop the race game, its getting old now.

  29. JP, wees versigtig wat jy se. Jy is ‘n gevaar vir mense wat jou dalk sou nader. Jy het duidelik geen idee hoe maklik inligting oor jouself bekombaar is nie. Moet tog net nie ander in jou onoselheid ook skaad nie.

  30. OH MY GOD!
    In my 56 years on this earth I have never read such racial hate speech drivell! Well done to the people who have posted intelligent, unbiased and honest opinions. To the rest of you – black, white, americans, indians, brits, europeans, ex pats or and any other brain dead portion of any population – not one of you are any better than ET or JM or Adolph Hitler or Jeffrey Darmer or Saddum Hassein or Ted Bundy or all of the most evil people in this history of the world put together. A white extremist politician was murdered by his labourers (not a political party) and now we are having a debate about who invented the wheel!!! Ex-South Africans stop trying to justify why you left this country – just admit that you choose to live in another place. The blacks are retaliating by making ridiculous threats, all of which will never be allowed to happen. And the best is that the Ausies and Americans are also having their say, the majority of which haven’t even left the city or state they live in. 20 years ago everyone and their brother were marching in London, Sidney, New York and other major cities crying for sanctions on South Africa and now the same people are insulting the black government they helped put into power! Very clever people these. Do you REALLY think your comments are constructive? Calling people Baboons is not an insult – it is a compliment. There is not an animal in the world that would treat their fellow species in the way that humans do!
    If you haven’t got a suggestion or cannot make a positive contribution to the future of South Africa then just SHUT UP!

  31. Dear Family and friends,
    We as South Africans now how Eugene Terblance changed his life. Trying to give back to the people.Why say all bad things about him when God has forgiven him.He was a changed man. Noone should die in that manner. We need to take hands and pray that we can live together without hate.Let God bring us together and not politics or hate.

    We are thinking about the family in this time be strong and know that Eugene Terblance was a changed man i do not think that he would have liked it if we go out and start a war. Honour him in what he did for South Africa he was a good man.

    Kind Regards

  32. I have a very positive suggestion that until the south african so called government are prepared to defend and respect all their citizens in a way that international law demands that they be ostracised and every time they beg for aid they be turned down.The boers have brought civilisation to this country and created a structured soceity.It seems a shame that all the efforts of intelligent and far seeing boers should be ruined by unintelligant illegitemate aids riddled blacks who at the highest level are corrupt thieves who only care about filling there mud huts with as much wealth as they can steal.
    I must confess that any government that allows such an overtly rascist and violent song (kill the boer) to be sang by one of its upstart running dogs a day after its sentiments allowed two cowardly murderous blacks with nothing better to do than hack and bludgeon a sleeping old man to death,doesnt deserve to be allowed to participate in civilised and intellectual world affairs.The world cup should never have been entrusted to these theiving murderous despots and make no bones about it the murder of Eugene Terre Blanche had nothing to with unpaid wages just black political savagery.

  33. So all u do is talk,talk and get nowhere.I cant see anything happening about this>as usual u all just talk,make threats,blow ur own trumpetsand poof ! accept the inevitable,we are scared !! bout what ? that we are to slapgatig to act?.Lets face the facts.WE ARE DOOMED HERE UNLESS U THE WHITE SOUTH-AFRICAN WITH BALLS DO SOMETHING NOW !! SO??? DO U HAVE THE GUTS TO DEFIE AND STAND UP AND SAY “TOT HIER TOE !! EN NIE VERDER NIE !!
    Is julle besighede,huise,karre[waarop julle nog skuld lol]julle geld,MEER belangrik as julle voort bestaan en julle kinders se veiligheid?Beteken julle vroue niks vir julle nie ?Die banke wat bee is suig julle uit !! en julle het die slawe van DIE SWART SUID AFRIKA GEWORD.Waar is julle BOERE trots.????
    Julle is n vernedering vir ons trotse voorvaders!! DINK HIEROOR EN BESLUIT DAN of jy regtig n trotse Suid Afrikaner is of n slaaf van ZUMA &MALEMA !!

  34. It is sad that all South African leaders are now asking for calm after Eugene’s death. Where were you when Malema was singing the kill the boer song. What did you think would happen. Let me tell you what happens. When someone in position of power says something irresponsible the illiterate masses take it as gospel. You give them a passport to murder. I am a black Zimbabwean leaving in Botswana. I fled Zimbabwe when I saw that even my father was turning against me after all the propaganda which was being fed to the nation. Every time I said let us not judge a people but a person I was accused of being a lover of whites. It scares me that Malema is now in Zimbabwe continuing his hate speech. I am angry. My first reaction was what happened to the boer extremists. Why can they not eliminate this excuse of a human being. But it will not solve anything. Another will rise. All I ask is that you leaders with common sense dont just sit back and allow Africa to burn. Remember it takes good people saying nothing for evil to prevail. You can say that this killing was not politically motivated but let me tell you those boys were given the power to do what they did by Mr Malema’s words.

  35. name me one country or government in history that has been created and thrived by blacks. there is not one and never will be. no morality at the top leads to all the corruption and this cannot be denied.

  36. Please note that even though we are not English by birth we do try to keep the conversation on for you to understand since your afrikaans skills would be very limited and we are trying to accommodate you even with this being an Afrikaans issue.


  38. HEY F**K YOU TO!. …..guess what he will be waiting for you to chop would for his fire "BOY" because you going to the same place…ha ha ha

  39. Hey cockroach dont you know any other words except bad ones
    can’t help it hey MUST always be sex.ual..what a brain donate it to science .

  40. Lets get off this site and leave the fools to talk crap and bullshit each other …the one is just trying to be more vile than the next.
    Boers/ farmers stop sending food by the truck loads full to feed these agressive blacks they have full bellies thats why they are so agressive that is why they have the energy to call for white blood!
    ….do not give anything away to them burn it or give it to poor whites.

  41. Dit is so pas bekend gemaak dat die een verdagte in Terre’Blanche se moord volgens die nuwe vervolgingswet vir kinders verhoor sal word. Selfs in Amerika sou dit nie so verloop het nie. Daar word op E-News die heeltyd verwys na ‘n kind, synde die 16-jarige verdagte wat by die moord betrokke is.

    Wit boere weet hoedat minderjariges gebruik word om plase af te brand en ander misdaad te pleeg. Is dit waarom die ANC die wet op kindervervolging so onlangs soos twee weke gelede finaal deurgevoer het? Malema is nie verniet die jeugleier van die ANC nie. Word wakker Afrikanerboere! Hulle wil julle plase vat, julle dogters verkrag en julle uitmoor sonder dat ‘n haan daarna sal kraai.

    Moenie toelaat dat die reg sy verloop neem nie, want dit is onreg op sy ergste. Gebruik die voorbeeld wat die swartes self stel teenoor hulle eie owerheid – neem die reg in eie hande, anders is dit dalk te laat.




  45. Daar is nie meer wetsaamheid of geregtigheid nie. Die moordenaars weet dat hulle nie met hulle eie lewens daarvoor sal boet nie, dus sal dit ook nie die laaste keer wees nie. Veg vuur met vuur.


  47. Yeah, life is good in the UK ain’t it? Good education, good economy and a great social life, hey? Please do open a branch in SA, and come and support your would-be defendants. You could even share a room with them!

  48. Yeah, life is good in the UK ain’t it? Good education, good economy and a great social life, hey? Please do open a branch in SA, and come and support your would-be defendants. You could even share a room with them!

  49. Yeah, life is good in the UK ain’t it? Good education, good economy and a great social life, hey? Please do open a branch in SA, and come and support your would-be defendants. You could even share a room with them!

  50. I gotta reply to the big shot or shit lawyer with his imaginary range rover the fact of the matter is no clean or respectable English girl would go with a smelly black pennyless fool like you.i know this cause i am a true Englishman that pays taxes to keep your theiving black family in food i wish you and your kind would have the spine to go back to where you came from but you wont cos you destroyed your own cesspit of a country and now as ever the white man is looking after you like the unintelligant monkeys that you are.Stand on your own two feet you theiving lying scumbag.

  51. A pity that they get a tad tough at 56. Otherwise I’d love to eat your sanctimonious liver with some fava beans and a light chianti.

  52. A pity that they get a bit tough at 56. Otherwise I’d like to eat your sanctimonious liver with some fava beans and a light Chianti.

  53. Malema lauds Bob, says SA will copy Zim’s land seizures
    Apr 4, 2010 7:41 AM | By Sunday Times
    ANC Youth League President Julius Malema yesterday endorsed Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s economic policies –
    and threatened to import them to South Africa and to nationalise white-owned farms and mines.

    This is Great so lets get the White man becouse we black people arn’t racist and then we can starve everyone and be like Zim.
    So short sited and racist. Such a bright future in Africa.

  54. @Anonymous who started off with writing: “Oh my God”….. (Note to website designer 95%+ is called “anonymous” here, how do we differentiate?).
    Please accept that your own comment is not all that great.
    You complement all who comment straight up your own alley and ask all others (and you issue a boorish long list here) to SHUT UP.
    May I suggest that you do so yourself and go away, not being able to contribute anything meaningful?

    I myself find this all very informative as it helps me in making certain decisions. I realise that some of the comments are extreme and not representative of the majority on either side of the divide, but after reading this I have a far better idea where SA is heading.
    Thanks all.

    By the way Ms, chimpanzees exhibit decidedly cruel, sometimes even sadistic trait towards other chimps.

  55. Why are blacks so self destructive?
    is it because they have no will to educate themselves or is it that they dont have the intelligence to learn as caucasians around the world have for hundreds of thousands of years.The caucasians have dragged themselves out of the primordial mire and created and later developed to make life work.Why o why does the black love living in shite and breeding beyond their limited means.Dont they understand that having children you cant hope to feed is a no brainer perhaps AIDS is Gods way of contracepting these poor feeble animals.The Boers are too good for South Africa they should leave and allow the black vermin to starve and infect themselves to death.Who knows in 3 to 500 hundred years they may be able to get back to a clean safe enviroment just like the one their forebears created.

  56. As Malema en sy “youth league” bloed soek dan is dit presies wat hulle gaan kry.(Die bloed van hulle eie mense)
    Ons wittes mag dalk nie so baie wees soos die houtkoppe nie maar kom ek se vir julle een ding : As ons wittes saam staan
    het die houtkoppe nie ‘n kat se kans nie.Hulle is “cowards” en dit sal bewys word waneer ons die oorlog gaan wen!!
    Siener van Rensburg is ‘n ware profeet en alles wat hy al voorgele het het waar geword – Hy het voorgele dat die “WITMAN MET KAKI KLERE WEER MAG SAL HE”
    na die oorlog tussen die nie-blankes (houtkoppe) and blankes.Die kak gaan spat en die tyd is nou!!!!!

    Kom mense (en by mense meen ek al onse wittes) – kom ons staan saam en vok die swart nasie eens en vir altyd op!!!

    Let Wel:Die kak SAL spat my liewe mnr Malema and as ek jy was sal ek al baie ver weg wees en nie in die openbaar verskyn nie want die R2miljoen rand offer wat per sms gestuur was om jou “uit te haal” kom dalk baie gouer as wat jy dink. -Dan is jy eers in die kak ,want as E.T jou aan die ander kant beet kry is jy in HEL!!!

    Groete aan al my mede mense!!!

  57. To the anonymous liar who has his caps lock button stuck. You say that are “very well educated”, but your interpunction is woefully lacking. You also say that you practice law in the UK and that you would be wiling to defend the two murdering baboons here free of charge.
    Here of course you are shown to be a pathetic, backward little boasting liar. Only very, very few lawyers are allowed to practice here in SA and also in the UK and you are definitely not one of them.
    But you, little fool that you are, did not realise this when writing up your little wet dream here.
    Next lying tosser writing from his cramped bed-sitter please.

  58. To the anonymous liar who has his caps lock button stuck. You say that are “very well educated”, but your interpunction is woefully lacking. You also say that you practice law in the UK and that you would be wiling to defend the two murdering baboons here free of charge.
    Here of course you are shown to be a pathetic, backward little boasting liar. Only very, very few lawyers are allowed to practice here in SA and also in the UK and you are definitely not one of them.
    But you, little fool that you are, did not realise this when writing your little wet dream here.
    Next lying tosser writing from his cramped bed-sitter please.

  59. You are retarded: a lawyer??? and you don’t even know your history???

    If I recall South Africa; had fought the english because they refused to live like the english did, and refused to accept their moral values, etc…

    So when you refer to “your bitches” they sure aint mine (nor do they have any relation to South Africa)!

    Those “the bitches” you are screwing whoop-die-doo who gives a fuck about a pommy with no moral values?

    It is with envy that you look back at South Africa, having to left the country, since you could not get that with our decent afrikaans woman; everything you said refers to all the above I just said, soon your dick is going to rot off…

  60. Ek dink Malema is reg. Gee vir die donner al die plase en myne. En dan, soos die Boervolk al by verskeie geleenthede deur ons geskiedenis gedoen het, pak op en trek. Suid Afrika het heeltemal te veel stokgoggas om die probleem maklik op te los.

    KOM SUIDWES AFRIKA TOE. Hier is net 2 miljoen van die donners, en die helfte van hulle sit gerieflik binne wegholafstand van Angola af. Skiet vrek, en jaag weg die lot, en stig die Suidwes Afrika Boererepubliek.

    Dan kan ons in die aand rustig agteroor sit in ons huise sonder diefwering, en op ons TV kyk hoe die gemors rondom ons uitvrek. Malema kan dan sing “Tata my whitey, Tata my Food.

    Kyk net wat bied hierdie land aan ‘n Volk wat slim kan werk:

    a) Miljoene hektaar plaasgrond. ‘n Stuk of 40 miljoen hektaar le huidiglik leweloos onder gebarsde hakskene. Goie grond, met goeie reenval (500mm +)

    b) Uraan, Goud, Diamante, Vis, Gas, en sekerlik sal die groot Oliefonds ook nog sy kop wys.

    c) Infrastruktuur wat destyds deur ons blankes gebou is, bestaan nog steeds. Goeie paaie, trynspoor na al die hoofdorpe, kraglyne, ens.

    d) Suiwes is nie vreemd vir die Suid Afrikaanse boere nie. Ons was amper soos nog ‘n provinsie van SA toe hier nog ‘n beskaafde regering was.


  61. I would like to comment on the Afrikaaner as I am a white english speaking South African. As long as I have ever known the dutchman and the rooinecks have not been friends and this is mainly because the dutchmen did not want to be friends with the engelsmen. Look at when the AWB started out, only afrikaaners were members, no english speaking whites were allowed to be members. What is my point? We should of all stood together back then and fought but the afrikaaner was to arrogant to accept an englishman along side him in war. I was in the army with dutchmen and they are all arseholes, there life consistently consists of fighting (something in common with the kaffir), they are extremely arrogant (another thing in common with kaffirs), I personally hate dutchmen as much as kaffirs, let the duthmen and kaffirs kill each other and then the english south africans can take over like it should have always been.


  63. Guys… to get a few things straight…………”Louis Trichardt and Hans van Rensburg, they opened up the north of today’s Mpumalanga. Other groups, under the command of Andries Pretorius, Gert Maritz and Piet Retief followed. In the area around ThabaNchu in what would become the Orange Free State, a huge Boer camp of 5,000 Voortrekkers eventually gathered. ” (notice all are white boer surnames by the way)

    “They headed for Natal to gain land for settling and grazing. To that end they had to negotiate with Dingane, the king of the Zulus. The negotiations ended with the agreement that large areas in central and south Natal would be ceased to the Boers. However, when the delegates under Piet Retief prepared to leave, they were lured by the Zulus into an ambush and killed. Then the Zulu warriors fell upon the Voortrekkers who had made camp at the foot of the Drakensberg to wait for the return of their leaders. The Zulus killed 500 of them and stole almost all their cattle”…… (it just shows that you cannot trust the blacks, no matter what agreement is made)

    Unfortunately history has a way of repeating it self…. This will be happening in sunny South Africa …. !

  64. What Dutchman “ very delighted to know and confirmed by the block there is n black K4 that is fucking English bitches our biological weapon complements from SA is working and hope a few of the stupidity genes are planted in your nation as well.

  65. I’m English too, and you do not represent me. You are a racist and a shit-stirrer, or an imposter. Obviously you got bliksemmed because you had the same arrogant attitude as today but couldn’t back-up your big mouth. The rest of us Englishmen and Afrikaners get along just dandy, but you find yourself in no-mans land.

  66. Wat ek nie kan verstaan nie, is hoe kan die regering toelaat dat n leier n “kill the boer” veldtog stig?!?!?!?! en Kill the boer liedjies sing.?!?!? WTF?? !!!Is dit dan nie die tipe goed wat ons teen staan nie.. dit is nou n baie mooi voorbeeld van ons regering se denke .!! Malema is the “black version” of ET. Maar hoe se hulle? What goes around comes around!!!

  67. You wish you were Ian Smith…LOL
    Ha ha ha ….the English can only war against women and children “oh and old people…the BOERE” a handful of BOERE! gave you english a good hiding one that you and the world will never forget …even though you brought the Aussies and Scots with to help you….ha..ha…ha..ha..ha..ha … you had to fight women and children to win a war..LOL cowards!…fought with the boer what a laugh you were most properly one of the traitors, a handsopper …”LOL
    In any case the english are finished as a white nation you have more blacks there than in Africa. and mixed as well ….
    The life of english has and will always be to war against women and children…you pommies buy property here to live because OF the pound and rand exchange you get to come here to live a good life but back home you would have to live in the gutters and eating out slop buckets ….were your priests sexually abuse little boys and have through out history…..your badge and anthem should read “i am a coward i fought against a hand full of “Boere” SAW I WAS LOOSING so decided instead to win the war by fighting against helpless women and children , and old people by putting them in concentration camps to die ..and did the same with black women and children……… wonder the world hates you lot. you lot should end up in the HAG …for all the murdering you’s did

  68. I agree you must be stirring shit!!! ….and a black one at that ..only a black will go by the name of Ian Smith because he has this secret fantasy of being a GREAT WHITE MAN” like Ian Smith was now this shit head is trying to stir the english up against the boere and the boere against the english…clever move but on to you ….we think for ourselves and dont follow blindly….LOL FOOL!!

  69. this world needs Jesus Christ to save it from all this. i just dont want my kids to grow up in a world of hatred and one is best.Lets pray for peace in our land.

  70. Hey Frosty, you’re forgetting one thing. At some point very soon things are going to turn ugly. It’s inevitable. The blacks hate everything white too much for it to go any other way, and when the pangas come out, they won’t ask if you love them or not, or what your political views are, or what language you speak, they’ll hack you and your family apart because you’re white.

    What we’re seeing now is a systematic thinning out of the white population most likely to be a problem at that stage – our farmers, and it’s a concerted and planned genocide. They’re not too worried about the whites in the cities because we’re easy to heard and slaughter en-masse, and very badly armed, but the Boer farmers are a different story. They need to get rid of them one at a time, and relatively quietly before the trouble starts. It’s simple military strategy. Taking your stance is just going to get more of us killed.

  71. I feel sorry for the family that lost a beloved brother / father and a group that has lost it’s leader.

    My thoughts are that there is a hol walking around destroying all the good that has been done, and causing even more hatred between the different tribes that make up South Africa. If something could be done to shut him up…

  72. What is happening in this article’s Comments section is exactly why we will never win an election or have any sort of political control. Us South Africans seemed to have developed an lack of ability to stand together. If only we could stand together as one, we might be able to make a difference, but alas – it’s every man for himself there days.

    Anyways, bact to the topic at hand:

    I am disgusted at our goverments indifference towards the cowardly murder of Eugene and other farmers, as well as their apparent unwillingness to discipline their own – for example – Julius Molema. for example, If I were to sing “Kill the Black”, I would be arrested – yet there is apparently nothing wrong with singing rasist songs – as long as it’s about killing white people, or as long as it is racist towards white people.

    Do we really want to want to live in a country which has double standards, where the law applies to some people and not others, where our politicians cannot be held accountable for their words or actions, because the ANC government seems to condone their actions.

    The current ANC leadership talks about building the nation, building equal opportunity for all…… and so on and so forth, but why do their actions reflect otherwise?

    Our country is falling to pieces people, wake up! It is our responsibility as South Africans to stand up to the government if they are not doing their jobs, and the ANC clearly isn’t. We as responsible law-abiding citizens need to stand up and scream that we will no longer tolerate the government’s apparent unwillingness to do anything right.

    The only thing they do seem to be interested in is robbing the Tax coffers. Buying new cars and renting more bodyguards, while the country is falling to pieces around them.

    Are we just going to sit around and allow this BLATANT ABUSE OF POWER?

    We as South Africans, no matter what our skin color or nationality – need to send this government a message. A message that we will NOT TOLORATE their incompetency.

  73. No not stirring shit!!!! The afrikaaner is a dying breed. What is the population of afrikaaners in the world??? 0.0000000000001% …..MAYBE…… I cannot wait for the afrikaaners and the kaffirs go to war so the kaffirs can wipe out the afrikaaners and then the kaffirs will die of aids!!!!!

  74. To the anonymous prick who lives in the UK!! Thank you for sharing your uneventful life with us SA’s. I am sure the two minutes it took me to read your comment – I will never ever get back – what a waste!! As I am reading your comment, I am thinking I am sure this asshole won’t live for one day in our country, you are one uneducated waste of what we call a human being. People who are not scared for who they are in life do not need to boast about their carreers and their money, was this perhaps your one chance in trying to tell the world how much money you make and what a disgusting person you are. We are defnitely not interrested thank you very much. I am quite happy at being just a normal person with a normal salary, a family to go home every night and I can feel happy about that. Can you say the same? The only problem is, you kept yourself as anonymous so nobody is going to know who you are – idiot!! So no need to boast about yourself is nobody knows who you are, and I don’t think that you are all the things that you say you are in the first place, just another nobody trying to get ahead but getting nowhere. And the people you call “white bitches” I presume your mother was not white, and maybe she did not raise you well enough to understand to have respect for women that is such a shame. My mother is white, and she raised me with grace and love, and she taught me manners, did yours? You are the kind of people that we are really ashamed of. Eugene Terblance was a great leader, and at least he fought for what he believed in. Malema is the sole reason for this happening….he is teaching our children of today how to hate and murder. Is this the correct way? I think not, and what is worse is, after the courts banned the song, he just keeps on going at it. Is there not going to be an end to this? Do you hear us white people singing hate songs about black people? No, we don’t. And as I kept reading through all the comments I kept thinking about what people are accusing each other of. Our land is not the same any more, does not matter who was here first, I think nobody will really know that unless by some miracle one of them still lives???? I remember when I was young my parents taking us, walking – not driving (as it was still save to walk in those days) to the shops on a Sunday evening to get ice creams, and I remember when that stopped. It was not save to walk the streets any more. I remember my brother being mugged (he was doing a evening shift at the local pizza place) and walked home – and it was not late – by three black men, holding him to the ground, with a gun against his head, they took everything (even his shoes), and his watch, his wallet and there was not a lot of money in it, only his tips for the evening. They slapped him around for a bit, and kicked him. I still remember his face when I opened the door for him, they took his keys. The sadness in his eyes, the blood all over his face and clothes and bear feet. And I remember him having night mares on end, still today……at least they did not take his id. They actually gave it back. Now I am sure to them we can now say that that was humane???? When small litle children get raped. Our houses gets broken into, our lives gets intruded on, our lives gets threatened by people like Malema, and then with his followers saying we will get raped until our last breath is out, our children burned and our husbands getting tortured??? Who does things like that? Barbarics. People like you anonymous. I am proud to say that I am a white women. And that I am Afrikaans, and I am very saddended at ETs death. This is something that was not at all necesary, something that would not have happened, but our children of today gets to learn the song “shoot the boer”. Should one of my fellow white people say something like that to the black people of SA we will be thrown in jail for racism. How is it that Malema can get away with it?? So next time anonymous you think about opening your mounth, rather keep it shut. There are people in this world that is not in the least interrested in what type of degenerate low life scum you are. My condolences to ET’s family, may the Lord be with you in this time of sadness this was a great loss for every one. What is our world coming to, we live in a hushed world of murder and they are getting away with it.

  75. I am sitting in my office abroad and am amazed at the amount of hate between people on this blog.
    It is days like this that I am not proud to be a South African. What we need to realise is that inciting violence no matter from what corner is wrong.
    Yet the irony is that in reading the comments above – we too incite the same level of hatred.
    Does that not make us equally guilty?

  76. Three cheers” you found one misspelt word “WOOPY-DO ..”BOY” you most proberly have a white going over everything you write.hahaha you a lawyer “yeah right and pigs can fly…LOL
    Just by reading you letter i can tell you dont have brains …why did you run away “boy” with your big mouth, come back home and see how long you will last here amongst your brothers and sisters..pikkie”
    Come over and represent them ..Ooooops sorry they need a lawyer not a janitor to clean the toilets…..LOL…hahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Why wish to be a fly you are flies where ever you live it always turns into dump heaps and shit pits “boy”
    The only horny one is you that seems to hungers after soft white skin and if these women want to sleep below themselves so be it. …LOL..”boy”
    I think you getting fed and clothed by the salvation army ….thank goodness they so kind hearted towards you refugees….
    Just reading your letter tells me you uneducated and a refugee in a strange land …maybe you can’t aford a white woman you proberly found a porn mag and toss pretending its real…LOL….aagh shame hey!
    ‘i park my range rover” hehehehe…more likely a supermarket trolly you stole to collect scrap mind you it must be tiring pushing that thing around the whole day so your day must seem long….LOL
    By the way”BOY!!!! you can’t even spell how can you be a lawyer the word is “what…not wat” a lawyer my arse ….LOL…had such a good laugh thanks!!!!

  77. You just a waste of a white skin and an oxygen thief, they should have shot long time ago…..the Afrikaner will never die out i think they are a great natition they just have to walk more proudly with their heads held high and help each other and believe in themselves….and stop fighting each other ..i am also English and i tell you now are stirring and are black because of the way you carry on….or…you pissed off because the boere are such a wonderful nation thats why i married one …they getting a raw deal and if you are English then you must be one of those low class ones ..”you will know what i am talking about!!!
    Remember the Boere have a lot of sympathisers overseas…be careful tread gently,what goes around comes around.

  78. Big words for someone sitting with his arse in a strange country …get back and help change things….coward




  81. You`re not a South African anymore just another chickenshit that ran away.I suppose once we`ve sorted all the shit out you`ll come running back with your tail between your legs. One of our biggest problems was always the fucking hans khakies. Lank lewe die ware Boere nasie !!!

  82. Boers are people that are proud of where they came from and proud of who they are and not frightened to
    say. Boers are not just farmers but a nation that have built a country from dust to a country that we could all
    be proud of. I would like to know why people feel sorry for blacks. What about the other races in South Afrcia.
    A statement like that already hints that you are a racist and that you think that only blacks are victims. Remember
    that the ANC has been in power for fifteen years, and a government that does not do anything to safeguard
    its population or any part of population, sanctions and is complicit to the atrocities that are committed.
    That goes for any government past and future.

    More than 20000 murders a year is genocide. More than 3000 farmers – only one portion of a population group
    is genocide. Julius Malema says exactly what he means kill Boers – kill whites. Make no mistake when they
    kill whites they don’t first ask “are you a Boer?” They will kill you for you skin colour.

  83. And all you want to do is create trouble hundreds of farmers,
    have been murder and now you want to fight? …were the other farmers not worth a fight ….
    BOERE Trotes …is when you change things for the better not create a situatin where millions will die including women and children on all sides that means (your own also)… does your family mean so little to you?…so here is an idiea just for you ….go stick you head up your ares and fight for air….stop stiring!
    and acting like Malema!!

  84. Yep!! another Malema SKAAPIE”..LOL….you know that special breed of sheep that can not think for themselves Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..that are to stupid to see while Malema and the rest of the BEE privilaged live in the lap of luxury ..wearing the best designer clothes, drive the best import cars, eat the best food money can buy “LEKKER THICK STEAKS”…Bbbbbbbbbbbburp… aaaaaa Lekker! and drink French champagne and beer, ….they have to eat beans and chianti. ….wear PEP STORES, and ACKERMANS clothing pay off their Foshini, Jet Stores and lubners accounts …and eat and feed themselves and THEIR children on scraps! and handouts while they dream of eating human flesh………LOL…WAKE UP YOUR OWN LEADERS HAVE LEFT YOU BEHIND …JUST WATCH WHEN MALEMA SMILES …HE KNOWS MOST OF YOU ARE HALF OR NOT EDUCATED AT ALL!!!!……Maaaaaaaaa…BaaaaaaaaaNow i can see why Malema uses them as his own special breed of sheep to further his hate campaigns against the whites …..All he has to do is fill their tiny little brain (if any ) with white hate to keep their minds of his MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!…take note when he smiles at them with that smug look on his faace …he knows tomorrow or the day all he has to do is give out small packets of free food (and it does not even have to be decent food) and they will cheer him on …because they are like sheep following a JUDAS GOAT” ….i AM SURE THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE IN THE ancyl THAT CAN LEAD THE YOUTH TO GOOD CONSTRUCTIVE THINGS!!!!”….Maybe not !!!!!….they all seem to scared to take him on or out!!! LOL….HAHAHAHAHAHA….
    “”Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaalema our boss our leader…keep your millions just keep telling us how bad whites are and how good you are” “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaalema

  85. I AM NOT AN AWB BUT: It is clear, once again that these people do not know what the AWB stood for or why it was formed – it had nothing to do with colour! Do yourself a favour and go to their website (in English) and browse around. I am an Afrikaans speaking South African, and I must confess that I am sitting with a red face because I knew so little and used to judge the AWB and their late leader. Do not do the same and send ET to hell, because you may just end up there yourself!!.

  86. I have to admit here, that I really admire your courage to speak out in such a way (especially being English and most likely from abroad), I know there has been long standing differences between English and Afrikaans communities. But is it with great regret to acknowledge that this is the type of ignorance, and idiocy we have to deal with on a daily basis…

    We also had been at war years ago, but your insight has given me new hope that the world out there is not turning a blind eye to what we have to deal with everyday (this is assuming you are abroad)…

    It is also with no real “shock” that I have to whiteness here how idiotic most of the blacks are, I am saying most, as there are those who really have some brains, but like they say the majority of the blacks give the rest a ‘bad name’…

    With this I hope that we can form a mutual bond that if the day does come that we will have to defend our great nation, that we shall do this not only with the support of other Afrikaans communities, but the support of everyone, who it ‘gatvol’ (tired) of the rapes, the murders, the kidnapping, the theft, the violence, the list goes on… And that upon such a time in dire need that we can count on each other to say no more!

    Enough is enough, even the black folk want to get rid of Malema, as I have witnessed on the news earlier tonight, that he was not at all welcome in Limpopo, and this by people of the same race, who wants to get him out of the picture…

    This country has gone to waste, but there are a lot of good people here, unfortunately those good people are being murdered, which means that the % of intellectually capable people in the country decreases upon each generation. This is exactly why Zimbabwe is where it is today, and you will not see any growth in that country until the white folk returns…

    The irony of it is that they are getting dumber each year, standards have to be dropped each year because tens of thousands of them are too stupid to even make high school? It is so bad that our degrees and things we have worked so hard for is like toilet paper to the world out there, as “we who are educated” suffer the burden that these stupid morons create not just for themselves but force onto us…

    And yes blacks will rebel and say it’s the white folks fault, because they are stupid and uneducated, but those are yet again comments from uneducated buffoons, who think they have a right to free and fair elections, but yet they also want to contradict the world for turning a blind eye because they are part of the so called ‘apartheid era’.

    If you just look back at a few months at how stupid they were to try and claim money from the EU for them having enslaved blacks hundreds of years ago… I may as well also claim money from them, for being alive today, stating that ‘They robbed me of clean air, the right to live humanly, and just for being black…’ (but then again this is all part of their plan to plunder, steal and empower themselves with more money to wipe their ‘arses’ with – as this is what they do with money).

    However the joke was on them and this is what we have to deal with, everyday pieces of glass in my head…

  87. Sorry but this is badly written. I appreciate trying to get news out fast, but a bit more effort and style in writting is needed.

  88. Chris, how about expressing your discontent with what happened to this man, instead of writing how poor the article is.

    Disgusting. Where is your humanity?

  89. Are you serious?! A man was murdered in cold blood with a machete and ‘knopkierie’ and you complain about writing style? Wow that is really bad taste, it’s a article about a man who has been murdered and this is all you have to say?

  90. Chris, was that WRITING you meant? Or did you really mean it would be better with more style in WRITTING? Just curious.

  91. It’s writing, not with two “t”s. Good job on getting the news out, it was even quoted by News24. Excellent journalism.

  92. Dear Chris, as you wish…’s slapping you silly with a dictionary….Oxford A-Z, in your ear and in your head, just don’t breath or you may dread, another ABC, or XYZ, going through your illiterate little head.

  93. Chris:
    Check your grammar. I believe a comma should come after the word “Sorry”.
    I also believe the word: “Writing”, has ONE “t”…not TWO!

    In future, I would advise you to refrain from criticizing others, if you are too not so intelligent or much of a writer.


    Regarding your little comment…and i quote : “What about the discontent for acts this man himself commited and what he stood for.”

    It is indeed the very thing that killed him, that he was fighting to prevent us from going through.
    I suppose you’ve never been a victim of crime?
    Been robbed, shot, raped (and then infected with HIV due to the rape), hi-jacked, stabbed….?
    Well, believe me, it’s just a matter of time.
    Then, perhaps your little mind would be able to get a grip on reality and realize that this man fought for our safety and freedom.

    That is all.

  94. Chris, I presume you are an English, first language, speaker. Can you please write an article in Afrikaans and post it here? The writer of this article was Afrikaans (as indicated at the bottom of the article) but decided to do it in English (and a very good attempt at it I may say old chap!) to accommodate you. I’d like to tear your Afrikaans article that to pieces. You bloody asshole..

  95. I would like to see what is going to happen to the two who killed Mr. Terreblanche. If justice prevails it should be at least the same as what happened to Janus Waluz and Clive Derby Lewis with thw Chris Hani murder. And this Malema guy…. I would like to get in a boxing ring with him. Wonder if his mouth will still be so big. But then again, this country is experiencing racism in reverse. The new government has been in power for 16 years, and what is happening here? Things are worse off than ever. In 50 year from now, most probably, they will still blame apartheid. The only thing I can give my child is an education (which this government can’t give him), to prepare him for a future outside South Africa. His skin colour is against him in the NEW South Africa.

    Viva the Old stable South Africa.

  96. If you get Mal-enema in a boxing ring, you will never truly “WIN”. If you beat him, it is a racist attack because he is black, and if you loose it also will be because he is black!! The blacks have a “Black Lawyers association” go look it up, but you try and establish a White Lawyers association it will be called racist. The get away with murder litteraly but you be involved in an accident involving a black it’s racism! The whole atmosphere in this country is making me sick, and I really do think that there will only be one way and one way only to resolve it. The history books has shown us the way! The real HISTORY, not the shit they brainwash the kids in school with!

  97. I think this is VERY BAD news. It is about 2 months from the world cup and now things like this happens! I’m blaming the idiotic racist Julius Malema.

  98. Hi but who ever you are u seem to be mis informed how can u call Julius a racist TB was one aswell,it is bad news,but get ur facts straight ok!

  99. Amen. Victims have no righs. hope that the goverment does something to the bad Julius Malema. Toe engels man probeer nou om ook my engels af te takel. jou sot

  100. All I can say is if you live by the sword, you will surely die by the sword. All I can say is “HIS DEATH AS LEAVES ME COLD”

  101. It is now time for all Afrikaaners to rise and do somerhing instead of sitting quietly accepting the killings. Rise mighty Afrikaaner nations, riise ! Eugene died by the hand of his black farm workers whom he trusted. This shows what influence Malema’s song has on the black nation. It is time to say and show we had enough.

  102. I may not be a boer, but I stand with them in unity to fight off this crap of people wanting to kill them! The pas tis the past, yet Malema can’t leave it alone!!!

  103. How stupid to want to revolt. A revolution will only kill us whites off quicker. Open season yes!!!

    All my condolences to the Terreblanche family. This is so unnecessary and a catalyst for big trouble.

    Thanks to the author of this article for not being biased or degrading to the AWB Leader.

    This may spark some reaction in a negative way.

    Why should there be a call to take up arms only when a prominent person id slaughtered?? Are other lives worth less?

    This is the reason why we should NOT hand in fire arms.

  104. I fully agree with you, I was attacked on my farm a year ago, but lived to tell the tale, It’s our turn now to take matters into our own hands and reverse that song.

  105. I agree with this comment: It is now time for all Afrikaaners to rise and do somerhing instead of sitting quietly accepting the killings. Rise mighty Afrikaaner nations, riise ! Eugene died by the hand of his black farm workers whom he trusted. This shows what influence Malema’s song has on the black nation. It is time to say and show we had enough.
    I think for too long whites have been maligned in SA and blamed while many Africans have run amuck murdering etc. 50 murders a day is genocide in any country. Fewer people are killed in Iraq and Afghanistan put together, both countries at war!!!

  106. If u live by the gun u die by the, i dont support murder but ET was jst as bad, assaulting his employees until they became disabled or are we gonna forget that, calling black people monkey and k@!&ir, a self proclaimed racist he is a hero to a minority of those who support apartheit, he was a hypocrite who hated us bt relied on us 4 his livelihood, now the same people he killed and hated killed him and even admited to it, how ironic

  107. I also agree to this article being badly written, but other than that, I put all the blame on Julius Malema for inciting violence to the boers. He has mentally installed violence and hatred against the boers, and now they are really dam killing the boers. Does he not realise that he is driving the rampage of these farmers deaths. Without them, who feeds us???

  108. Kurt, of course he realises that he’s driving the rampage. In fact, looking at his actions, I believe that’s exactly his mission! But then again, he’s only a pawn and are being manipulated by others with bigger agendas. It is not to be forgotten that this whole “Kill the Boer” song started at the top, in the beginning. Very sad day for the South African people.

  109. who will feed us? why, all his brothers who will receive all the free farms that will be stolen from the white farmers, ha, ha. zimbobwe here we come

  110. Is he able to to realise something? I would ,say his IQ isn`t so great at all.

    Julius Sello Malema (born 3 March 1981

    His school career was undistinguished and he failed two high school grades [5] as well as several subjects in his final secondary school examination. His highest mark attained at school was reported as a “C” for second language English and his lowest marks were published as an “H” (sub 25%) in maths and a “G” (sub 20%) in woodwork, all in the standard grade. [8] [9] He said he won R1000 in a high school debating competition. [10] He eventually finished high school at age 21. [8]
    just go to this link

  111. Badly written but maybe there was more emotion at play. Why kill and old man like Eugene Terblanche. This makes me so angry. When are we going to start saying enough is enough. No more hate speach will be accepted by Malema and the Anc. What will happen if we start singing our old army songs if Maleme and Zuma can sing their songs then surely we can sing our own songs. What will happen if we now start taking action. An eye for an eye….This is just not acceptable anymore. How many more white people must die in this country. This is also our country and we will not be hounded out of our own country. I for one will not. Remember this AN EYE FOR AN EYE AND I WILL NOT TURN THE OTHER CHEEK. A LOT OF WHITE PEOPLE WILL NOT………

  112. Well, welcome to SA. Thats how things are get used to it. We have been accomodating you people for over centuries now we just thought we should remind you who this lands belongs to. Wake up – this is SA for all blacks and whites……I personally dont have a problem with white people in our land but if you cross the line and disrespect me I ‘ll show you wher Holland is. How about joining the guy who left for Canada and said there’s racism in South Africa? He couldnt face reality….I suppose its people like TB who’ve always protected him his entire life and when he couldnt do it anymore then decided to run away instead of building the country.

  113. Teach us your old army songs and teach us the ways to start fending for ourselves. We as the youth will unite and take back the soil our fathers and their father bled for! I am not a racist but I refuse to let our elderly get murdered and our women get raped. Enough is Enough. Cj van Vuuren

  114. how many more whites must die in these country? lmao! did you raise that question during the aparteid era when black were killed like flies?

  115. It’s always sad when people die, yes. But I must protest and voice my outrage at this poorly written article. It’s almost as offensive as Mr. Malema, and he REALLY offends me. My deepest sympathies to the journalist’s family.

  116. Let me just ad this to all of those who read this article and are criticizing the author, he has been following the struggle of the Afrikaner people for a long time now and was emotional when he heard about Terreblanche’s murder. He did not have time to do the normal checks, he is a Afrikaner.

    I understand it has hard to read at some points but be logical for a minute he just wanted to get the facts out as fast as he possibly could. This could mean big trouble for our country, people are already worked up about Julius and the ANC thinking it is okay to sing kill someone.

  117. We at ‘FUCK THE WORLD’ appreciate your insightful comment. Now fuck off, cause you’re holding up the line of other ignorant arseholes wanting to spew their irrelevant bull shit.

  118. What about the discontent for acts this man himself commited and what he stood for.
    Chris is absolutely correct about the poor quality of this article. Whether or not this is true is another thing altogether, if so then the context of this article only fuels the fires and plays right into the hands of those looking to push their own agendas.

  119. Kom an boere, kak gan spat maar ek twyfel ni. Al is daar meer swartkoppe as witkoppe in di land, wa le di breinkrag? Staan net saam en glo! Geloof Sal di oorwinning verseker.

  120. n645s d5e tyd v5r d5e w5t s45d afr52aner 60 6* te staan en te se 6ns 5s 06eg, en as a3e0a 2an s5ng 2533 the b6er 2an 6ns 662 s5ng 2533 the b3ac2

  121. jammer oor die vorige boodskap ma wat ek wou se is.
    Nou is die tyd vir die wit Suid Afrikaaners om saam te staan ek se nie met geweld nie, ma as Malema kan sing “KILL THE BOER” kan ons mos ook nou begin sing “KILL THE BLACK” maar ons doen dit nie. Nie eers die hof kan Malema stil maak nie, wat moet gedoen word om dit te stop?

    Is die parlament ook bang vir Malema?
    Of is die parlament kop in een mis met Malemma? HAHAHA ja hy is deel van die parlament en Zuma dans na sy pype.

    Sterkte aan alle wit Suid Afrikaners.

  122. I agree – maybe you should have empathy and not stand in such judgement! We are a country in shock! And many a person in mourning!

  123. Dean you retard. It’s real. And the assholes who did this atrocity gave themselves up to become martyrs for Malema’s campaign.

  124. My naam is Willie.
    Alle mede Afrikaners. dit is nou tyd dat elkeen van ons iets doen . Dit is ‘n gegewe dat die meeste swartes HIV positief is. My bydrae gaan wees om te stop as bloedskenker. Ek sal elke blanke wat bloed skenk beskou as ‘n verraaier. Al hoe hulle oorleef is met gereelde bloed omruilings. Dit word vertel dat selfs Mogabe gereeld na SA kom en ‘n volledige omruiling kry (gratis ?) . Dit moet ons so onmoontlik as moontlik maak. Versprei die boodskap so vinnig moontlik. LW. DIT IS BLANKE BLOED WAT HULLE AAN DIE GANG HOU!!!

  125. Do what, do what exactly.,…?
    Oh you people are living in a dream world….wake up. Im sure you’re thinkin TB’s death is a dream as well. He’s dead…..get over it.

  126. This is what Willie said in English

    All fellow Africans. It is time that each of us to do something. It is a given that most blacks are HIV positive. My contribution will be to stop a blood donor. I will make every white person who donates blood as a traitor. Al how they survive with regular blood switching. It is said that even Mogabe regularly come to SA and a full exchange get (free?). It must be so impossible as possible. Spread the message as quickly as possible. NB. THIS IS WHAT THEY WHITE BLOOD TO KEEP THE GANG!

  127. Hey everyone, I am so sorry about what that guy just said in Afrikaans about the blood donations. It is scary how utterly daft some people are…

  128. Hierdie is n oproep aan alle blanke SUID-AFRIKANERS !! As jy wil voortbestaan in hierdie land,die land van ons voorvaders,wat met bloed betaal is,NOU IS DIE TYD !!! as jy jou familie,vriende wil vryheid gee ,NOU IS DIE TYD !! 1.GEEN WERK MEER AAN ENIGE SWARTES NIE.

  129. The time has come for us as peaceful South Africans to stand together.
    We need a form of peaceful rebellion through which we can show the world that we can not go on like this any longer.
    During this world cup and the period running up to it – I suggest we (in stead of the countries flag) place a black flag on our cars to show we are mourning the degradation of our country and rebel against the crime and violence.

  130. Dit is presies hoekom ek op gehou het bloed skenk, ek het ook al so 7 mense oortuig om op te hou!!!
    Mooi so, meer mense moet so maak.

  131. My Condolences to all that knew and respected this Great Man.
    The time for unity is NOW. Enough is Enough.

  132. nee my ou jy’s verkeerd. Nie one boer one taxi nie. Jy dink klein! One boer one soccerstadium! Dit was nou die laaste kak. Ons moet nou ophou met ons ‘Sannie jammergat’ houdingkie. Ons voorvaders het geveg vir hierdie land. Ons is die nasate. Ruggraatlose puppets. Hier kom n oorlog. Verseker en ek sal saam veg. Ons sal lewe ons sal sterwe, fok die nuwe SA.

  133. Ons sal lewe ons sal sterwe? vir die land sal ek my eie bloed gee sodat my vrou familie en my vriende kan lewe want genug is genug van die kak,die kak gan spat en ons as WIT mens sal saam moet staan,en dit wat ons voorvaders begin het sal ons hier moet eindig en hou wat an ons nagelaat is deur hul bloed sweet en waarin hul geglo het en daarby geval het…DIE HART VAN N BOER LE DIEPER EN WYER EN HUL GAN DIT NOG NOG SIEN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: HUL HET AN DIE VERKEERDE LEEU VAN DIE WES TRANSVAAL SE BAL GEKRAP. MY TROTS EN EER SAL NIE DEUR DIE HANDE VAN N …………. VAN MY AF WEGGEVAT WORD NIE!!!!!!!!!!!! ONS VIR JOU SUID AFRIKA

  134. Ek het ook met skok verneem van mnr Terblanche se moord, geen mens verdien om so wreed te sterf nie, maar in plaas daarvan om kwaad met kwaad te vergeld en in die proses net meer geweld aan te spoor, moet ons egter ons voorvaders se beginsels onthou – Christelike beginsels waarop die land eens op ‘n tyd gebou is. Het ons vergeet dan ons die Almagtige God dien? Het ons vergeet van die krag van gebed? Het Jesus Christus nie die einste soldaat wat Hom ge-arristeer het se oor weer vir hom terug gesit nadat Petrus dit afgekap het nie? God vereis tog in Sy Woord dat ons vir ons vyande bid – dat ons ons naaste moet lief he en mekaar vergewe – as ons nie ander kan vergewe nie – hoe kan ons verwag word dat ons vergewe moet word? In plaas daarvan om mekaar aan te huts om geweld met geweld te antwoord,moet Suid-Afrika terugkeer na God en bid- bid vir mekaar, bid dat die haat in die mense se harte gevul kan word met die Lig en Liefde van Jesus, en dat ons almal eerder aan ‘n werkbare oplossing werk. Geweld is nie die antwoord nie – in die proses gaan net onskuldige mense ly en seerkry.

  135. Boers got rich by raping and pillaging and enslaving black natives.. once rich.. they didn’t SHARE the wealth.. blacks remain a massive majority and amongst the poorest people on Earth compared with Boers whites who are the RICHEST on Earth.. clearly this wasn’t going to last forever. I’m sadened by Terre blanche’s untimely and violent death.. but as leader of white supremist groups i am sure he himself has lived by the sword himself.. and as the saying goes.. he has now died by that same sword.. Boers gained control of South Africa and believe it is God’s land for them.. They are wrong !! it is a black Afrcian country which they have no right to.

    also blacks have the same ability as white people to build the nation.. whites could have helped and become welcomed.. but the Boers fought off other colonialists then set about taking over the land for themselves.. they made a big historical mistake and proved themselves hypocrites no different to Hitler’s germany or Mussolini’s italy.. the Boers Sought Africa is another sad chapter of colonial histroy.. doomed to failure


  137. There was NO native blacks in South Africa you FOOL, Africans never migrated to South Africa. NOBODY inhabited South Africa before the European colony was established, the blacks living there now are the ones who IMMIGRATED to South Africa from the other parts of Africa AFTER the Europeans established a thriving colony. So the original people, the ones who CREATED the wealthy nation were European. Since it was their wealth that they made themselves they should be able to choose to keep it to themselves or not, rather than babysitting the blacks.
    Blacks do not have the same ability as white people to build the nation. When the White Apartheid state was in power in South Africa it was a thriving rich nation, when blacks took power it has been reverting to 3rd world qualities and there are murders and rapes every single day.
    People like you are the ones with low IQ. There has been a study showing that people who are tolerant of “other peoples” have lower IQs than people who are intolerant of others.
    Europeans have all the right to be there, they were the FIRST ones there. The blacks are the alien intruders in the country.
    Do some FCKING history research before you bash the European race.
    May the truth live in whoever reads this.

  138. The brain power certainly does not lie with “boers” that is what you should truely believe in. as much as I sympathise with your loss to your movement and the circumstances in which it occured, it does not come as a surprise. Terr Blanche was an extremely violent who went so far as killing the dog of his farm worker for having mated with his do simply because the dog belonged to a black worker. When I read this article many years ago in the Sunday Times newspaper, and as a black south African , living in the apartheid error, it traumatised me.

    The b…, he deserved what came to him

    Now the world is a little better……one less sick person on this earth.

    this is a great day

  139. Jou “Blanke Bloed” is sekerlik nie welkom in ons land Suid Afrika. Jy kan did bere en terug neem na di pleck van jou afkom.

  140. Please be careful, blackies and whities. All this fucking can lead ti AIDS and you wont have any boer or other blood to be donated to you. With the result both blackies and wities will die out and the country will be taken over by some other nation……..

    Come to think of it….it might not be such a bad idea. This way both evils will be null and void

    Would that not be great?

  141. Daft is not the word

    These retards ought to have been sent back to where they came from. that way we could have had a great south african nation

  142. maybe you should do some research yourself before talking all this rubish.

    Prior to you guys leaving your primitive abode in search of other countries, it was the indians who discovered south africa, mined the gold and took it back home. later the Chinese, with the biggest fleet of ships known to human history, also reached south africa, did some trading and then went back home. You guys should have done the same.

    The reason you think in this ignorant way, is because of the paltry history that you have been taught since birth, and the wonderous, yet misconstrued stories that your forefathers have been telling you.

    Please, try not to learn everything about one thing. take your head out of your ass and look around. Ask the right questions to the right people. Please dont go by the fucked up history that your forefathers lied to you about. The boer history is the most incorrect history in the world.

    Do more resuarch and then get back to me.

  143. maybe you should do some research yourself before talking all this rubish.

    Prior to you guys leaving your primitive abode in search of other countries, it was the indians who discovered south africa, mined the gold and took it back home. later the Chinese, with the biggest fleet of ships known to human history, also reached south africa, did some trading and then went back home. You guys should have done the same.

    The reason you think in this ignorant way, is because of the paltry history that you have been taught since birth, and the wonderous, yet misconstrued stories that your forefathers have been telling you.

    Please, try not to learn everything about one thing. take your head out of your ass and look around. Ask the right questions to the right people. Please dont go by the fucked up history that your forefathers lied to you about. The boer history is the most incorrect history in the world.

    Do more resuarch and then get back to me.

  144. that really would be great for all us south africans working outside our country. These kinds of acts really devalue the south african rand, hence we can earn more rands for our dollars.

    your heart is good, please do not go further with this discussion

  145. Who cares if the Indians or the Chinese were there first?, they didn’t settle there, The Boers settled there first, The Boers and Europeans built South Africa up, there’s no lying about it, the truths on paper, there’s no false story handed down, ok. South Africa was a thriving country till the blacks took over, now its gone down the drain, If it wasn’t for the gold in South Africa, the whole country would be dead.

    The AWB wanted a Boer state, Eugene had black workers that he treated well, even equal, but no you don’t read about that, It wasnt white supremist, it was leave us alone.

  146. Die swartkoppe hoe nie van ons nie, ons can nie staan met hella van hell sal ons donder, mei afrikaans is nie te goot vander ek skreif nie yammer.

  147. My impression of many black south africans is that they have no moral compass.
    They beg or take what they want and kill anyone who stands in there way. Even each other.

  148. I agree with Ditto ,to go over to acts of violence would be to fallen on to the the level that Malema has set. We forget that in a few short months the eyes of the world will be appon us. What I would suggest is that all South Africans irrespective of race and creed that is tired of the fear and hoplesness that we all collectivly feel ,we should all fly black flags from our cars, go to the nearest sokker stadium that is playing and drive around the stadium just under the speed limit in all the lanes. We would effectivly bring traffic to a stand still without breaking the law and we would have the attention of the world. We must trust in God and start moving back to Him.

  149. And now apartheid is over have things changed. Look at the rest of Africa, I have been to over 35 African countries and ALL of them are crumbling from the ineptitude of the Black rule. In the words of Robert Mugabe, “we will not live up to the white man’s standards but we will bring him down to ours”.

    Black people are worse than whites, colonials etc because they believe in their culture that it is their right to steal, to plunder from the weak and enrich themselves and that the rule of law does not apply to them. Dont argue your case as you will loose as I have the WHOLE of black Africa as an example of this. DOnt bring in ancient history like Hitler to slander whites. We at least had the decency to remove those corrupted people from power, grow and move on learning from the example. Africa, and I love this continent, is doomed to failure because of the failure to see yourselves as part of humanity and care for your own people.

  150. Hey Zuluboy

    News to you, white blood saves your people every day. As a person who has donated for over 16 years, I do not see a black person receiving my blood or a white person or an Indian or Coloured. I see a person in need. Time you thought about what you are doing.

  151. Dude!! I have to laugh at you. That whole statement reeks of racism. So u say that u deserve some killer to sodomise you when they kill you? Think before you open your mouth!! lololol ID 10 T

  152. You are a sick person. ET was a father, an employer, a Grandfather, a religious man, a member of the community who like all of us did things wrong and did his time. Dont forget that the media can paint even a saint as a son of satan and I am not saying he was a saint but stop, for your own sake, believing the lies of the press and get to meet the man.

  153. I like the Idea Black Flags mourning the fall of a once great country pulled into race hate by ANCYL theirfore our own goverment as they the ANC are the rulling party. This way we can all use this opperunity to focus attention of the world on our own genocide.

  154. Just shows u how fucking daft u are!!! Look wat appened in zimbabwe they took all the farms from whites nd ended up not having food bcoz the blacks hav no brain power @ all 2 even run a cafe never mind a farm!! No1 ever deserves their life been taken away like that!! But if its war u black fuckers want then it shud b bcoz now u hav used the last straw. So use that tiny brain of ur’s a bit no farmers, no food!!! The biggest racists in this country are the blacks they want revenge, now they wanna take revenge on people that had nothing 2 do wit apartheid, how does that work. Then the black people doin all this killing r young kaffers that did not even live in the apartheid era. They hav no business in this all….. But whites we need 2 do something about this or we will be next!!! Keep safe my white friends….

  155. The only “FUCKED UP” thing is you Chinese might have gone back home ….BUT “theyyyyyyyyyyyy back
    nothing wrong with the history we were taught …according to your own people it is true so suck on that……..and please try and learn something and take your head out your arse and spell correctly… you know any other words except swear words?? stop being so ignorant?….LOL

  156. It is not just about E.T it is about the violence and crime in this country and the death of one to many farmers…..But that does not mean we must meet violence with violence we have to make it clear that we are part of this beautiful country and that the ANC must allow everyone no-matter what race they are to be part of it
    They must stop with their affirmitive action , rascist behaviour towards whites, ministers such as the minister of land reform must stop threatening the white farmers who make it possible for all South Africans to put food on their table….AND…who donate tons of meat and vegetables and pay money anonymously into to accounts of black feeding organizations and feeding projects…..many of those with big mouths on this sit eat and fill their stomaches with the food these farmers provide…..All boer/ farmers must stop donating these truck loads of food to black settlements seeing as they calling for your blood …let malema feed the masses?…let him give some of his millions to feed them …not just a small packet of food just to get the people to shout hate speach about our farmers the real heroes …..let the masses ask him and the minister of land reform to feed them… just making sure of their survival at the cost of your own.
    Uplift your own there are thousands needing help…feed your own….teach your own…look after your own.

  157. Fucking idiot “Boers got rich by raping and pillaging and enslaving black natives” the poorest blacks are worse of now than ever before, at least the white inslavers made sure the workforce was fed. I am not advocating appartheid but wake up the ANC government does not give a flying fuck about the poor they just wanna milk this cow as far as they can, that is a fact. Poor are now worse off than ever, but ANC crony’s are all richand smiling over the graves of the voters.

  158. and like the truth…..its HURTS. IF YOUR GRAND PARENTS DIDNT LIVE TO TELL IT LIKE IT IS …..WE ARE HERE TO GIVE YOU THE LEFT OUT VERSION…THE TRUE STORY THIS TIME. LOL……HE HE HE HE ……you whites thought all was going to waste when we took over and now you are angry becaues we are doing just fine without you. Black companies are being listed on the JSE, our transprot system in being upgraded to one of the best in the world, Chris Hani (the once abandoned) hospital is now the best in the southern hemisphere having the best specialist in various health fields (majority being black people). Soweto No.1 tourist attraction for overseas tourists, blacks are climbing up the corporate ladder on Merit and not nepotism, blacks are slowly being given land to farm and are doing well in it. The infrastructure of or stadiums rates amongst the best in the world. We (blacks) brought the WC for the first time in Africa all alone. You want to know whats interesting about this? We are doing it without you. I think you guys are feeling left out because you dont see us begging for our lousy so-called knowledge. We are a nation blessed with wisdom at birth and therefore dont need to confirm anything with you. More and more BEEs are coming up with fresh businesses and employing our people (not that you’re not aware of) so keep your intelligence to yourselves and let those who are capable of putting SA on the map do what they have to do. Instead of being so bitter, why dont you become like your puppet Martinus van Schalkwyk, pretend to like us, join us and be HAPPY….and chow the cash with us.

  159. Hmmmmmmmm got a chip on the shoulder have you …you sound just as racsist …what is it with you people always coming out with a swear word or rape, anything that is violent or sexual????????????….grow up and get educated …and that does not mean half educated….twit!

  160. PLEASE!!!!! learn to spell before attempting to send stupid messages you will beg for “BLANKE BLOOD” when your life is at stake….and go hang a tiolet roll around your neck so you can wipe your mouth everytime you talk crap!

  161. oh” by the way i know about the spelling mistakes ..just thought it would be easier for you to read..good luck

  162. Mate you’ve got some weird facts on history.There were no blacks in the Cape colony,which was under British rule.The Cape Colony stretched to below where the Xhosa’s lived at the time,that is south of the Ciskei river.The Afrikaner,wanting to getaway from English rule,then went north and colonised further inland,these lands were afterwards taken again by the British.Facts are north of the Ciskei blacks had established lands of themselves.In the Cape Colony the indigeous people were the Khoisan,or Hottentot’s as the Afrikaaner called.Hottentot was later shorten to to the racist term of “Hotnot” meaning any person with a brown complexsion and of mixed race.
    On Eugene Terreblance,with all respect for the bloke’s passing,but his name itself speaks volumes of his background. First “Eugene” is from ugenics,meaning the study of human Genes and “Terreblance” means from pure white blood and this where the Afrikaans word “blanke”,meaning white people comes from. Now to use the words as the first name of a person,well surely a sad indictment on racism in SA.I do sincerely apologise for my langauge on a deceased person.
    Getting to your point of “a thriving rich nation”,well it was’nt a nation at all,more of one group dominating and exploiting the others.The counrty was in an unnatural state of affairs,whereby the richs of the land was held by one group and sure the country prospered,but it was on the back of the exploited,or enslaved rather.Today the riches ar for everyone,so naturally prosperity loses out and the country will slide “backwards” as some people will say,but this is the natural course of events.Under “Aparthied” SA acheived one of the best road systms in the world,but of then roads cost millions to build,today it would tens of millions to build,coz everyone now earns a livable and equal wage.
    Under “Apartheid” SA had the most modern and advanced defense forces in the world,even the nuclear bomb.Thanks heavens to Mr Mandela who did away with the A-bomb,realising of coz the country needed these funds on other essentail services. Talking about genocide today,against the whites,then shows how how the Apartheid regime did’nt consider the wellbeing of the blacks by pumping vast amounts of money into defense and the end result is that SA’n blacks has the highest number of Aids deaths and HIV infection in the world.So do consider before using the word genocide.
    I would like to know where your view of tolerance springs from.Tolerance,in my book,demonstrates intelligence,coz it shows it’s a person that has the mental capacity to think things over and then express humanity.
    I could carry on,but that’s all for now.Thank you.

  163. I am totally amazed by the absolute garbage spewed by so many people who obviously have inferiority issues. But the above comment takes the cake, really. As a patriotic white South African, I am pleased to see many black South Africans being successful. But the fact is, that this country has NOT improved at all in the last 15 years. A few facts… Up until ’94 the Chris Hani (Baragwanath Hospital) was internationally recognised as the top hospital in the world for treatment of head injuries and burns, the Joburg General was considered the best place in the world to have a heart operation. I don’t know about Chris Hani, but the last time I was at Joburg General, I found patients sleeping in the corridors, there was no linen having all been stolen by the staff, and my friend pushed his sick wife (who passed away that night) from door to door and the only staff member he found was a big fat nurse who told him that she could not give him directions, because it was tea time. At government hospitals, SA now rates among the highest in the world for patient mortality resulting from preventable secondary infections – a direct result of incompetent aftercare. And you are right, the stadiums are looking beautiful. Did you know that the structural work at Soccer City was done by consultants from the Netherlands? You talk of BEEs expanding. I have to ask, if you think that white people have no role to play in SA, why do we have these racist laws effectively preventing white people from competing in the business sector? At the risk of really labouring the point, maybe we should ask the millions of Zimbabweans in our country why they left their homes, if ridding their country of all the whites was such an improvement. We could also ask the several million South African HIV/Aids sufferers who are only alive because of the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ARVs invented and DONATED by European countries to stop taking their medication to prove that they can do without the whites! Until this element of racist blacks are able to get over their issues and realise that the way to build this country is to include everybody and to work together, then there is no hope.

  164. Willie van Tonder se skrywe het betrekking.

    Veels geluk met jou insig. Behalwe dat dit vir my verkeerd is om bloed te skenk in die algemeen, glo ek dat jou skrywe en oproep om nie bloed te skenk nie absoluut prioriteit moet geniet. Ons moet ophou om emosionele uitlatings te maak en praktiese oplossings binne die raamwerk van die wet bedink en ten uitvoer bring. Met mense soos Willie is daar baie hoop vir ons toekoms. Daar is nog mense wat met oplossings vir ons probleme vorendag kom, mense soos Willie van Tonder.

  165. Newsflash arsehole!! South Africa is not doing well and that is a fact. Who cares about stadiums and your fly by night businesses that get listed. It is a known fact that some time or another those stadiums will get destroyed by your kin and some bigshot non-white arsehole will do the usual corrupt thing and steal money from that same business that made the JSE. I am an international trader and rub shoulders with prominent business people all over the world and the only image they have of you arseholes are that you are a bunch of savages. You are branded the idiots that will sell their own mother for a good deal. So yes, the joke is on you and your so-called accusations of NEPOTISM. Show me those stadiums and show me those businesses on the JSE in 5 years time. Its all about the cash hey? The question is… what extend will you go for that cash? You are a bunch of self-centered cash greedy killers!!!!!!!!

  166. Willievan Tonder se skrywe het betrekking.

    Veels geluk met jou insig. Behalwe dat dit vir my verkeerd is om bloed te skenk in die algemeen, glo ek dat jou skrywe en oproep om nie bloed te skenk nie absoluut prioriteit moet geniet. Ons moet ophou om emosionele uitlatings te maak en praktiese oplossings binne die raamwerk van die wet bedink en ten uitvoer bring. Met mense soos Willie is daar baie hoop vir ons toekoms. Daar is nog mense wat met oplossings vir ons probleme vorendag kom, mense soos Willie van Tonder.

  167. Mate I’m the last one to stand up for Mugabe,but what he means by “we will not live up to the white man’s standards but we will bring him down to ours”,could well mean that the whites will be brought down to live in poverty,as the rest of the the nation.Let’s face it everywhere in Africa,whites were living in luxury and blacks were enslaved,living in squalor,maybe it’s time that everyone lives an equal life.
    Lots and lots are being being said ’bout Mugabe encouraging his people to take back farms.I say thank God it’s only encouragement and I would like to go back into time.
    Rhodesia,named after Cecil John Rhodes,was settled by the British in a horrendous fashion.Rhodes,knowing that there’s vast amounts of diamonds and gold in Zimbabwe,asked for British goverment assistance.Problem was these riches were buried under settled black villages.So with th help of the British army,these villages were burned into the ground.I ask of you to please try and conjure up a mental picture of soldiers on horseback,firing at defenseless women and children,huts being set alight.To Rhode’s bad credit he did not kill all the men,they were needed as cheap labour to mine these riches.After mining these lands were handed out to white settlers,coz these lands were also the most fertile.One can then deduct that the blacks has a historical right to these lands,after all they were living on it back then.Now as bad as Mugabe intentions are,at least his not engaging his army to reclaim land.Remember the Lancasthire,stood for 10 years and Mugabe threatened to walk out and resume the freedom fight,if the land were’nt going to be handed back to it’s original owners.So one can deduct that under the Lancasthire agreement,whites could’ve set up dummy corporations,with blacks owning 49% of the farms,but no arrogance prevailed again.One can also deduct that Mugabe gave the white farmers another 10 years,cos it’s after 20 years that he began to encourage people to take the land by force.
    So the crust of the matter is that really if the majority of whites had the intelligence to realise that what you will reap.things would’ve been different today.I say majority of whites,coz I believe there would’ve been some,but of coz these good ones would’ve been droned out by greed.
    Your point of blacks being worst colonists than whites,well maybe you’re right.However if people were kept stupid and uneducated,they would appear exactly so.Whites kept blacks uneducated to fatten their own pockets,had they realised that things can’t go on like they wanted and instead started to share,well we would b looking at different picture today.

  168. Reading all these messages of violence, anger and hatred saddens me. As A South African I voted for equality for all in the hope that we would put the hateful past behind us and move on to greater aspirations. We can blame each other for all the different reasons in the world, I can assure you all this won’t solve any problems. If anything, it will only make all South Africans the laughing stock of the world. Currently the only people to gain from all this bitterness, anger and violence are those Sitting in the shadows waiting for our demise. When will you realize we need one another to build our beautiful country. As far as I can see there has been wrong doing on both sides. It’s time we decided how to work together and appreciate our strengths and weaknesses and focus all our energy into proving to the rest of the world that we can and will be successful as a nation. The saying UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL is so true.Food for thought.

  169. YOU ARE ALL blady stupid!!!! I BET you ET did his maid!!!! AFRIKAANS is a LAVATORY language….ET WAS A RACIST….HE & HIS fellow boers are racists…BLACKS are racists…WE ARE ALL FALLIBLE…and dam evil…..WHY DO any of you care….we are all going to die however it happens…JUST LIVE in dam as best harmony as possible OR are you all so bored you talk shit on this site…like me now…entertaining myself. MOVE ON …LIFE IS SHORT!!!!

  170. let me guess you have blue eyes blonde hair etc (for are, for want of a better term, Hitler’s wet dream… literally) do some research (basic research at your level) the dutch / afrikaans or whatever you call yourselves were never the first in south africa.

    …so following your logic (remember it is very basic) “When the White Apartheid state was in power in South Africa it was a thriving rich nation”.. does this:
    justify blacks being treated as crap while the supposedly “higher class” citizens led a lavish life….? if anyone built up south africa it was the indians, but let me guess they are not at the same level of superiority as the mighty afrikaans ???

    and as for the comment “alien intruders” … and the corresponding logic… PLEASE , PLEASE do not procreate – with your IQ the offspring will not be able to exist to rationalise basic concepts.

  171. Sorry but this one you cannot blame on apartheid, South Africa has the highest rate of Aids in the world because even educated blacks sleep around, without protection.

    Our president for example, he might have been found not guilty of rape but he did make the famous claim that he was ‘safe’ from HIV, after having unprotected sex with a known carrier, because he took a shower. It is common knowledge sangomas has taught the blacks that if they sleep with a virgin child they will be cured. It is more likely that a women will be raped than learn to speak in South Africa, meaning that these woman can’t say ‘please use protection’ do you think a rapist cares if he would infect someone? Another reason HIV and Aids is in such a state is because of our previous health ministers outlandish idea’s on what can cure Aids.

    It is nice to have someone to blame for everything isn’t it? Should they blame the economic crash on American’s segregation and the fact that they had slaves? No that would be idiotic, the fact remains the country is poorly run because BEE was more important than educating/training people of colour to cope with something the whites has been doing for years. But no, they wanted the whites out and retrenched thousands of people putting people in their place without the skills to do the job properly.

    That is what went wrong, apartheid was wrong and unsustainable but it cannot be blamed for everything. People should start to take responsibility for their own lives and stop blaming everyone else for their mess.

  172. HEHEHEH …here is your left out version ….firstly which planet have you been living on? …this country “HAS” gone to waste since it was taken over …and yes you doing just fine with all the shit flowing into our rivers and oceans actually you’s are doing just great and
    As far as i know AND WHAT IS ON THE NEWS! people and babies are dying by the hundreds in hospitals and people white and black are sueing the hospitals for millions of rands what a good “up grade”…get your arse out you head!
    “Best hospital in the southern.hemisphere ……LOL …O’Lord forgive me please” i really can not stop laughing …are you comparing our hospitals to those of neighbouring countries..hehehe.there are no whites living there and the doctors that are there fightIing desease and lord knows what else are mostly white doctors from western countries..LOL
    So they got the Gautrain where do you think the money comes from and the bus rapid system.. and then the trains and buses are burnt to the ground…and the taxis wheels go flying in all directions no brakes driving like fools? one of the best in the world ….heheheh….. the one is right at the bottom of the list…..twit
    Yes tourist visit Soweto what of it? they visit the rest of South Africa as well ……whats your point?
    Yep blacks are been given land to farm, thats great the nation has to be fed……but this is land that has already been farmed by white farmers and still most black farmers can not keep it going ……….never yet heard of a piece of land that has been given to a black farmer and has not been farmed on by a white farmer before…..have you? please let us know. …LOL
    South Africa got the world cup because the country is still a bit stable because of the whites and still has most things still in place if we were not here there is no way in hell the world cup would have come here….
    Why would we feel left out beecause you say you not begging for our knowlege even when do we give it , it does not sink in take you for instance talking about things you dont have a clue about
    As for being a nation blessed with wisdom at birth ..please you couln’t even event a simple roll of toilet paper
    As for BEE what a laugh white bussiness are forced into …same as affirmative action! nothing to be proud of it …… much for doing it alone …hehehehe!!!!!!!
    S.A has always been on the map………by the way who drew up the plans for the stadiums. as for kortbrook van schalkwyk he stays a idiot.

  173. (for are. want of a better term? are you smoking your moms panties …geez pal you dont sound “lekker” which school did you go to “Mal Piet High?
    were you perhaps dropped on your head when you were small?

  174. The devil” if you see him you will kak in your pants wanker! go and jerk of in a corner some where….you toss

  175. Yes with all the black success we have witnessed in Africa and South Africa in the last ten years in general crime, crises and violence in society we can say with no doubt that it’s the “white man’s doing” our downfall is our success. Its sad that the South Africans are naive to fight amongst each other instead of looking at where this comes from and who profits from the change in government even who profits from us loosing the world cup.

    Farmers are not the rapist of the Africa we merely made farms but you should look into what British mining is doing to our land.

    But I can assure you white farmers always made a living the way life was supposed to be lived. As in Congo it’s British and American even German companies who profit from countries who are in turmoil and fuel this with widespread propaganda.

    I still stand for freedom. But there is a pyramid system that was overturned in this country by the real rapist countries in the world, counties who liberate with wrong intend empower people (Such as American – Muslim female empowerment fighting to get woman in mini skirts distracting us from the real enemy). I have no problem with a black leader as long as its deserved and the ANC government was funded by external groups it was uncalled for except from Europe who had a problem with it.

    White farmers made it possible for Africa to survive and with resent Xenophobic attacks it was again proven that we kept South African Blacks safe from the outsiders that already pushed them down to the South from North Africa as you would surely know with your black migration studies.

    I ask for Malema to shut his mouth take the mines but leave farmers alone. Since we are your only hope into the future.
    Even if he becomes president how long will he be president before the next step up to liberate the next group!

  176. Boere are all rich and among the richest in the world? You are ill informed. Our governments didn’t dish out money like its been done in the past 15 years. Your attitude shows that a rainbow nation is just that an imaginative rainbow! Build? You must be joking! In the past 15 years you have bankrupt the country. Roads are beyond bad. Oh, yeah bridges that are built gets washed away. You steal money from the goverment and get a handshake. Your ill mannered children rapes the own mothers, grandmothers and aunts. They kill their fathers for ten rand. They kill their friends for a 50 cent vetkoek. I suppose you blame apartheid. I blame you. When you are incapable of getting or building something- apartheid. A once high standard country has gone below a minus. I read black newspapers you know and with disgust have to read how one of you rape a dog, donkey and have no respect for your own kind. It is clear that your motives is to gain money.

  177. Wtf is your problem @sshole? Maybe one day you will eat those words and have the priviledge to suck on a white dick before you die! Its people like you that make people like us want to fight to get OUR country back. Remember what you sew YOU will reap. I would start praying if I were you.

  178. Wtf is your problem @sshole? Maybe one day you will eat those words and have the priviledge to suck on a white dick before you die! Its people like you that make people like us want to fight to get OUR country back. Remember what you sew YOU will reap. I would start praying if I were you.

  179. Racism in reverse, your opinions are sick….. Have you ever paused to consider that many persons of white skin colour campaigned for a Democratic South Africa.

    Yes, by all means give the Black Man the land of Africa, indeed why not go further and ‘Kill the Boer’, ‘Kill the Whitey’. Indeed, give the land that the White man has industriously and efficiently farmed in the interests of all, to the lazy & corrupt tribal Blacks.

    Then wait a moment, sit back, for a moment of history is all that will be required, & watch as South Africa then follows (Southern Rhodesia) Zimbabwe and elsewhere into the chaotic, tribal ridden cess pit that is Black Africa.

    Then wait again as the White Europeans seek to bail these useless miscreants out of there self created misery using the misguided and misdirected energies of the European Non Governmental Agencies – Trocaire, Concern, Save the Children etc

    Yes indeed – truth hurts


  181. Listen boet, the only reason why you have such a thriving business structure is of a little thing called Affirmative action, which screws over all the whites and gives jobs to the blacks. NGO’s and IGO’s and standing behind you guys, holding your little hands all the time, by the way in case you dont understand IGO’s are international governmental organizations (so much for me being the uneducated one). It is because of your wonderful government that I am now stuck in an American University, because you guys are the reason why Universities arnt accredited internationally anymore, but what am I saying, you are such smart people, maybe the universities are so good that the world feels ashamed that they arn’t living up to your expectations. If it wasnt for the Afrikaner, then that wonderful country would be in the same endless cycle as all other Southern states (once again for your information… that is developing countries like Congo), with paying endless debts to the global North. The country would have been faced with the exact same predicament as that of so many African countries, but what am I saying, you guys are brilliant, how could I ever question. Dude get your head straight and feel the sunshine, your not as wonderful as you seem. Please dont take this as me saying your all idiots, but if it wasnt for the help of the Afrikaner, you would be just as screwed as all the other African countries, because I know of countries in Africa with much more natural resources that are at least 80 years behind countries like South Africa.

  182. Anyone who thinks anyone is rich in Africa is a complete idiot! It is the first world who cause most of the problems in the third world. Try living in the first world for a while and you will be sickened by the rich of this world- it is disgusting! I was a white growing up in apartheid, my parents certainly never benefitted from it. We were called ‘kafferboetties’ and were followed by the police and had our phone tapped because we choose not to support oppression- because my father faught in the Rhodisian bush war for ten years before the British handed it to Mugabe. Fat load of good that got anyone! I choose to never have my son be told to his face that he cannot do something because he is white. Apartheid never ended in South Africa, it is now just a reverse of what was before. But I guess that is what happens when you put a rapist and theif in as president… it is all down hill from there…

  183. Lets Slaughter the whites …
    Lets kill all tourism ….
    Lets kill the 2010 soccer world cup….
    Lets kill jobs for the black unemployed … L
    Lets kill the future for of the black child crying in his mothers arms…
    Lets kill the future for all colors…
    Lets live in the past….
    Lets regress to the past ….
    Lets die like animals at each others hands…
    Let the bodies lye in the runes of what could have been..

    Mandela’s with die a crying man watching his life’s work being killed by his own people.
    South Africa I die because it’s living in the past and is to impotent to move on.
    With news like this I would never visit South Africa. Nor would I advise anyone to.

  184. How right you are, but do not forget that us Brits were equally greedy when it came to the Transvaal and the women and children in concentration camps. Also Cecil Rhodes is sometimes blamed for this but if one reads extensively it is plain that he would have made a very congenial agreement with the Boers; his dilly little Dr Jameson seems to have precipitated the whole Boer war.

  185. d45 tyd v4r b325d 4s n7by. hu335 s73 b5g4n 977r 2ns s73 d4t 54nd4g. hu335 4s t5 d29 5n t5 st7d4g 5n h5t g55n r5d5 b2k7nt hu3 545 g45r4gh54d 29 t5 22r355f. hu335 977k d4t sw7rt t55n w4t, 5n n5t 55n k7n h45r 22r355f.

  186. Ok, why don’t you racist people take your heads out of the sand and see that the ones with the lower IQ’s are the ones who still believe in this crap. We all deserve an equal opportunity, and we should all have views, but you cannot tell me that those who actually want to stand up for the people who are being wrongly stereotyped are trying to bring down the European race. I don’t agree with the fact that the Europeans built this nation. The blacks did. They were the ones who actually did all the work. The Europeans sat on their behinds and directed. Without the black race, we would be nowhere. Now, I am not saying that there are no black people who do rape and kill, but there is an equal amount of white people who do exactly the same thing. According to statistics, there may be more black people in jail, than white, but I think that it is wrong to say that all black men do these things.
    Going back to the story of ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’, those men thought that the black man was guilty because according to them ‘black men do that kind of thing’. And when someone took a stand, and told them they were wrong, they couldn’t handle it.
    I am not saying that you are wrong, because you are all entitled to a personal view, but if you have some kind of religion, you will know that God does not discriminate, he loves each of us equally, no matter whether we believe in him or not.
    Please think about how you are judging someone.

  187. Wat humanity ya’ll talking bout? E.T did lots of inhumane things and we have to b human to him: the article only fuels the fire that’s there.
    A boer throw blacks in the lion’s den, was it humane, AWB still carries the Hitler flag, wat it say to fellow boers? Definitely to keep on using Hitler as an Martyr.
    Don’t throw stones if u live in a glass house.

  188. Go and watch “Miss Ann” on you-tube then you will understand what its all about. Name one first world developed country that’s ran by a black government ????

  189. I also think that more efford could have been made in writing this article.

    As for your comment on expressing discontent – if you play with fire…..

    I strongly believe that what goes around, comes around and his end came easy in comparison to his victims’….

    If you are wondering, I am a white Afrikaner as well.

  190. Anonymous, I would bet my salary that you are not from South Africa! It’s alwats easier to talk and do one-sided judging from a distance, is it not? Secondly – why not stop living in the past and see a human life as a human life that is not to be taken irrespective any argument that can be fabricated? And yes – lastly to all the language critics: Try to refrain yourself from the wrapping of the package and focus on the inhumane death a hguman being as yourself were subjected to. That way you can maybe come up with a real worthwhile remark; not only a waste of cheap cyber space.


  192. The Khoi San people were the first to inhabit the Southern tip of Africa. The white settlers traded land from the Khoi and started their own colony. The various black tribes now resident to South Africa did indeed travel down from the North.

  193. Second thoughts: If you are fborn in South Africa, Anonymous, then sure you are so very unfortunately unhappily wrapped in your hate karos that balance is so sadly eluding you … I wish and pray for the Light of Easter to reach you.

  194. I agree with you, if we are to prosper we should all work together, if not we will eventualy murder eachother.

  195. Why Punish him now, after more than 20 years in a changed South Africa. Do you smack your child a month later for some thing he did today. No, you punish him on the day of the offence.
    Everyone is looking for a reason to justify the behaviour of these teenagers, if t was up to me I’d say they should get the same punishment they gave ET.

  196. Who the hel do you think you are, calling boers rapists, its the blacks that are the rapist, so dont come talk shit here. And asfar as what you say that its a black country, fuck you. Its a democratic country, its belongs to all of us. You people are the biggest racists out there, just be warned, the wheel is turning.

  197. We just have to take a look at the majority of which nation actually is HIV positive or living with AIDS. I agree with you Jack, that it appears there is definitely an inferiority issue here. Killing & raping is not going to solve anything. Iam appalled at the mentality of black south africans and the way they think. Yes, it was our forefathers that did whatever they did but NOW all WE want is peace & harmony and all the blacks want is revenge NOW ????? Come one…… How is that going to help anything ? Why must we take responsiblity for what transpired many years ago.

    Everyone get over yourselves and try find something decent to say and maybe while you’re at it, try find a solution to the problem instead of adding more & more reasons for us all to hate eachother.

    This is ridiculous !!!!!

  198. Yes I do agree, ET did alot of things in his lifetime that is cannot be condone, but he did the crime and he surly did the time. He did not deserve to die in the inhumane way that he did. I am no AWB lover as my father (whom I love dearly) was part of that “beweging” when I was still in primary school. It was the cause of alot of heartache in my household but I must admit that they stood for one thing- and that was standing up for the white Boers of South-Africa. I stay in a small town surrounded by farms. I also have family living on a farm and I fear for their life every day. At this stage the white South-African Boer is becoming an endangered species as they are being killed off one by one.

  199. May God’s grace and mercy be with you. Where do you get off saying things like that? Look you have your own opinion and I respect that… But you are wrong. Secondly whether the blacks or white were here 1st who cares… why cant we just live in peace, together… Why should your race or mine act superior to another… who gave you that right? Is God not for all. Has He loved any of us less? What evil has entered your minds, are you thinking about what you are saying?

    So what now, our white husband should leave? Our white wives should leave? Black should fight whites and whites blacks? FOR WHAT!!!!!???

    Look we are all accountable for ourselves and our words will deem us guilty before God… Search your hearts, and make right your ways, for yourself… You sadden the very heart of God.

    ET shouldnt have died like that. The murderers have been arrested. Let us not be like them… ET or the murderers.

    Your choice

  200. I have never in my life heard so much rubbish . The Portuguese were the first Europeans in South Africa and according to them the African people were alreaf#dy there …. and BTW South Africans Boers are not Europeans , you white Africans …Europeans come from Europe amd if that os what you want to be them leave Africa , study proved that most Afrikaners are of mixed blood

    Viva Free and Democratic South Africa

  201. actually, there were blacks in the cape when the dutch originally arrived. Hottentots and San (Khoisan) if my old history serves me correctly.

    however, he is right in that before 94, south africa was on the verge of becoming a first world nation, but in the 16 years since democracy came in, the country has plummeted to the bottom of the third world barrel.

    i dont agree with what the whites did to the blacks during the apartheid years one bit, but did you ever notice how the indians, who were subject to the same restrictions and laws as the blacks, managed to become doctors, lawyers, scientists and pillars of their communities, constantly striving to improve themselves, while the black population stayed the same as always. stagnant with no growth or development, other than their numbers. lenasia (is that how its spelled? cant remember) was never a ghetto in all the years i drove passed and through it.

    if SA is to have any chance what so ever, it will only be when the black population accepts what happened and moves on. im not saying forget, but forgive at the very least. as a jew i dont hate every german i meet. and as an X-south african who has had a gun pointed at his head more times than he can count i can tell you something else. in every attack i was in, the guy holding the gun at my head was my age at the most, which meant he was brought up in the post apartheid south africa where blacks and whites were given the same education and same opportunities. with affirmative action they actually had one up on us. so whats the excuse? they have to stop blaming us for what our grandparents did. either that or hurry up and rename the country new zimbabwe and let all the whites, indians and asians leave.

  202. Yep Jack,I agree the country did’nt improve,but it depends what you mean by improvement.You say patients are now sleeping in the corridors,I would agree.However remember under the Apartheid regime,blacks were turned away from these hospitals,where they went are anyone’s guess,there certainly was’nt enough medical care,or hospitals for blacks.So if your deductions are based on hospitals now being overcrowded,please try and think where those people had to be hospitalised before,most had to just lie at home,where no proper treatment could be administered,or even afforded,thus spreading disease.
    I applaud you in saying you a patriotic SA’n,but please mate,that “big fat nurse” are probably overtired and a might also be fed up with whites coming in and demanding service.I’m not saying your friend demanded service,but probably that’s how this nurse took it,also she could well be product of Post-Apartheid,in which some blacks might feel “shut up you oppressor”.This attitude can’t be condoned,but it’s human nature.
    “SA now rates among the highest in the world for patient mortality ” well this point is self-explanatory.SA now being a democracy numbers are taken on the whole population,not just the previous Apartheid SA,wher numbers were only taken in whit SA,excluding the the previous homelands.
    “You talk of BEEs ” well the same thing happened under Aparthied,only it was called job reservations.Mr Mandela refers to this in his biography,where he was given a lift by a coloured petty thief,who said he turned to crime,coz he did’nt want work under a stupid Afrikaaner,that did’nt even know how to think.Job reservation was instituted by the Apartheid regime to uplift the Afrikaaner.I agree with BEE,coz it will only be until things are sorted evenly and let’s face it,it was the blacks that suffered most and did most to liberate the country.

  203. “Why must we take responsiblity for what transpired many years ago” Well I;m not a hardliner,but lets get down to buzniz here. You glorify your heros,that come from that period.You observe Public holidays in their honour.Holiday actually means “a holy day” so by glorifing them you are still part of what they stood for and are enjoying the fruits of what they achieved.You’re right though it is ludirious.

  204. I am astound! I only want to say please read Proverbs…

    Proverbs 13:3 He who keeps a watch on his mouth keeps his life; but he whose lips are open wide will have destruction.

  205. Ellow! Fucken BOERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Africa for Africans
    This is our country
    Blacks And Coloureds belongs here!!
    Dnt ever made that mistake young Boy. Ask your grand u seemed 2 be confused right now asshole

  206. I have never personally viewed a white South African on a tractor, I am sure it happens, I have not personally seen it. But the following story is quiet interesting. The white farmer was cursing the black worker for not being able to change a tire, when a tool got stuck. A day later, the tire went flat again, we had no black workers with us. Neither of the two white South African farmers had any idea how to change the tire. Second, the one white farmer, stuck the tool in the truck exactly in the same way as the black worker. How is it a white farmer doesn’t know how to change a truck tire? In the United States our farmers do their own work. Even a 5 year old kid on a farm can change a truck tire. When you say white farmers are such great farmers, what exactly is it you do? I have not really seen any of you doing anything except running around yelling at people pointing fingers. That isn’t really farming.

  207. I have read all your comments with interest. Now an objective observation from an OUTSIDE party that has no interest in this one way or another.
    I have been to South Africa many times. I have yet to be cheated by a black South African. In the vast majority of instances I have been cheated by Boers. Typically it is petty, such as cheating on exchange rates, overcharging me for days I didn’t stay, unless I check the bill carefully. Virtually every time I depend on a Boer to subcontract work out, they do so in a manner where they receive a kickback. Additionally, even though they do business in the United States, they typically are always trying to get with their buddies to set prices. In the United States, price fixing is a felony, yet it seems the South Africans consider a normal acceptable business practice. Most of the world consider white South Africans as one of the more dishonest groups around, I don’t really know anyone that trust them. From that perspective I really don’t know white South Africans that trust white South Africans, you always seem to be suing each other and conning each other (or sleeping with someone not your wife).
    In terms of the White South Africans hard work. I, after many years of traveling to South Africa, have never actually seen a white South African sweating while working. I have been in restaurants for instance where white South African managers are busily bossing the black staff around, but I have never seen them actually “do anything”. I can say without reservation, that the operation would run much more efficiently without the white manager who truly seems to be clueless.

    I am not for sure the average Boer view of their accomplishments fits with either reality or how the rest of the world views them.

  208. Think before you speak domkop – Of course your white ancestors slept with and raped non-white women. Where else did the mixed race people of S.A. come from. Open your eyes, look around you. How many shades of black & brown people can you see, not to mention the so called “sun tanned” whites?!! Haven’t you read about the 9 Percenters study. Look it up.

  209. I do agree with you , I am not a white South African but I do believe that no one deserves to die like a dog (exactly the way this man died) . To many people he was a enemy but he was some one’s daddy , a husband , a son , an uncle , a veteran , a leader and we have to respect that. Life are not respected in this country anymore and that is a shame. My sympathy goes out to his family and friends because no one understands their pain and anger.

  210. White South Africans brag about their educational system – especially under the good old days of apartheid. One cannot sit down and have a serious discussion with a White South African on any advanced topic. I repeatedly have to dummy down my conversations and be careful who I invite to dinner parties because their knowledge is so much lower than the average person. The “Boer” knows almost nothing about advanced world geography, mathematics, politics, international law, international finance, history, anthropology, art or culture. Let’s be honest all you can talk about is how bad the country is today, hunting, tractors, how lazy blacks are, hunting, sex, how bad the British treated you in the Boer war, hunting, the Boer war, and hunting. Honestly for the rest of the world, that really isn’t fascinating dinner conversation.
    Finally, you need to get along with the blacks, they have been exceptionally tolerant. I am absolutely sure that Robert Magube woke up on morning and was called a k****r one too many times. Virtually every white South African male I personally know has bragged about black prostitutes they slept with – racial purity is a myth, just like your embarrassing lack of knowledge related to 15th century social geography. You need to get over the racial purity issue, and realize that your country GNP – today – is hugely higher than it was. The problem is most of you Boer farmers have no idea what that is or how it is calculated. Apartheid government agriculture economic policies were some of the most communistic in the world, you were guaranteed income, jobs and competition protections.
    Yes, without a doubt Zuma lack of knowledge about AIDS is frightening. To his credit he has never pretended he had a good education, as a young adult he read on a 4th grade level thanks to the Bantu education system – world class educational system you Boers can be very proud of, indeed. He learned to read and write in prison as an adult. Explain to me, however, a white farmers daughter being sent to private school – whites only – that is being taught today, in the year 2010 – that she can get AIDS from using a public toilet after a black person.
    Finally, you are a stronger country with each other than without. Think, in the year 1910 there were only two African countries ruled by native Africans. Today only 100 years later, without jets, tanks are nuclear bombs there are NONE ruled by Europeans – they took it all back. You played your role, God has put thing back like he originally intended – you are a historical footnote, and it is time to embrace the future, and yes it is a rainbow future – you have no other.
    Finally, I know and really enjoy many white South Africans. Don’t get me wrong they’re truly bonny drinking companions, and can tell some great jokes. I do have one gripe against white South Africans. Under apartheid, my Christ, Jesus Christ, could not have eaten at any of your restaurants, or slept at any of your hotels. You would have made him not look you in the eye and doff his hat to you, because of his skin color. Your laws to their credit were very specific, and he would have not been considered white, based on his education, skin color, culture or language. Why would the world want to protect any ethnic group that hated Christ so much in their words and deeds?

  211. Communist? You cant even spell communist! You stand for robert mugabe? Do you think what he did was clever or just political suicide? You are insultng “White Afrikaners” by saying “The “Boer” knows almost nothing…” If you cant talk sense and think you want to use words that you dont even know the meaning of, then dont engage in conversation with a “boer” – as you like to call it. Stand for julius M with his racial acts. The day all the “White Afrikaners” leaves this country, there will be nothing. So chase them away, and spite us all!

  212. If you think the boers raped and pillaged then do some research on how the blacks raped and pillaged their way into S.A killing all indigenous people such as the bushmen

  213. Yet another grammatically mangled response which just entrenches the belief that your skewed left wing view of the incident is only outdone by your obvious lack of education, the articles posted above are surprisingly non-inflammatory in comparison to the racist verbiage being spouted by a certain ANC youth League leader in the recent past.
    For your information the swastika has been used in one form or another by many cultures since the Neolithic period and has different meanings for each culture I can assure you it is very unlikely that the AWB worships Hitler in any shape or form, To start with I would be very surprised if the AWB marched on Europe intent on world domination, but hell what would I know?.again just appears as a rambling illogical uneducated assumption on your part.
    As far as glass houses go I cant remember the last report of an AWB member breaking into a black farmers house with the sole intent of torturing and killing the family within because they are black, conversely, well I will leave it to you to answer that question if you have the capability to do so

  214. Whats with the anonymous, seeing that you are so clever. Shy about letting people know who u are?? Shame man, come out and give your name. They might need intelligent people like you, you know!

    Eerstens is Martinus van Schalkwyk, na Malema, die grootste grap ooit in die samelewing van die mensdom, en hy is nie ons puppet nie. Feit is, hoe fucked up hy ookal is, was hy steeds slim genoeg om ‘n job in die parlement te kry…… wie is nou eintlik stupid, Kortbroek of die ANC??? Ek verwag nie jy moet die kan uitwerk met jou “wisdom” nie, want ek die afwesigheid daaraan spreek vanself.

    Verder is dit net mense met “wisdom” gelyk aan joune, wat dink die land is besig om beter te word. Alle instansies is besig om vir ‘n bol kak te gaan, en moet aan die lewe gehou word met wittes se belasting, en lenings van ander lande af, want shame, julle is mos agtergeblewe, die wêreld skuld julle alles, shame, dis apartheid se skuld. Gautrein is nie ons vervoer sisteem nie, maar is maar net nog ‘n manier hoe die regering “kickbacks” kon kry om hulle “lavish” lewens te finansier. Die spoorstelsel wat in die land bestaan het, is deur Ramos opgefok tot niks, en dit was eintlik die “transport system”. Ek is seker jy het dit nie geweet nie, maar die gebruik van treine het die paaie gespaar, sodat onderhoud op die paaie minder nodig was, en so kon die regering meer geld spandeer aan skole wat afgebrand was, en om die swart volk op die wittes se onkoste te dra, onder andere. Ons polisiemag is “non existent”, die weermag bestaan nie meer nie, die plase wat die regering teen miljoene uitgekoop het, staan droog en produseer nie.

    Die stadions vir die WC is met geleende geld betaal, maar dit sal jou nie pla nie, want die wittes sal dit maar weer moet terugbetaal. O ja, en ons wou nooit die sokker “hooligans” hier hê nie, so dis nie ‘n prestasie nie. En julle het dit ook net gekry omdat “die arme swartes, shame man, gee dit vir hulle.” En o ja, julle sit SA op die map, for sure, hoogste rape syfers, moord, bedrog, noem dit maar!

    Pretending to like you, never in a million fucking years, so your fucking wish goners, china!!!!

    Look at the rest of Africa, under black dictator leadership, and if u are truthful to yourself, what can you say about it………fucked up roads, no infrastructure, (u know what infrastructure is, don’t u?), no control over waste, just dump it wherever u want, because the blacks are not really known for being sort of civilised, more like in the bush type of people, although you really enjoy the joys of white technology, as can be seen how u use the internet for instance.

    Oh, and that cash that you are chowing, it has a way of drying up, especially if its being managed by people not understanding the concept of “economy”. Unfortunately, I have to go now, and I realize that I have wasted my time trying to debate with you, because you are clearly very uninformed of what your government is doing to this country, for their personal wellbeing.

    Good night, and God bless!

  215. It is very clear you are not a South African, you ASS!!! If I had to guess you would probably be a Yank!!! Get your head out of your ASS and get your facts straight, its because of people like you that have no idea of what the reality is about the situation in South Africa, that people that mingle with you are ill informed!!

  216. Spoken to any Americans lately? This is exactly true of Americans. So maybe you got a bit confused. Americans. Africans. African Americans. Easy to get confused. Especially with the limits your obviously low IQ places on you. Sorry. Must suck to be you.

  217. You got what you deserve the taste of your own medicine.dont you feel pity bout wat he used to do ,all blacks are justified on this one.You boers are so racist,you are bad!!!

  218. Thank you! This is exactly why we ALL should not allow these murders, rapes and robberies in our country, not because the victims are white, brown or black but because of the CRIME and not the person!

  219. they say those wholive by the sword die by the sword. this AWB leader who cozed untold suffering to blck people in particular past and present and suddenly he is a dear old man who happened to be fall prey to criminals. Well he was the founding father of the criminal proffession. he did not hesitate to kill and is responsible for many attrcities that were not reported and he served in proson less than 1% of the crimes he committed. this man dont forget was a sworn enermy of black people and wanted to curve his own home land on property that was stolen from blacks. he persued an ideology of hate and had a huge following amoung a certain perverted section of the white community. some even claim to be educated enough to ignore these glaring facts. The fact that he died in his home under the hands of criminals can not be ignored just as much as suffering he caused to those families who were bombed , raped,murdered. Even today as we speak there are murders on farms reported and not reported are continuing and these are symptotic of the struggle within a society that is racially prejudiced and divided- thanks to this man. I write from zimbabwe and will say Bob was right. At least before he dies he has corrected a wrong and returned land to the majority of people. This exacly why ther are no murders on farms in zimbabwe. Wake up south africa. do not be naive. what happened in zimbabwe is only a picnic if you do not redress underlying facts. Forget Malema. Killings on farms have been hapening before he learned to talk. Address the real issues and stop looking for scape goats because even if you murder him now -there still wont be much change on the ground.

  220. What utter crap!!!! Did you go to high school buddy? I wonder… Afrikaners are known all over the world to be loyal, hard working individuals. Not murderers and rapists… where do you get your facts from idiot?
    Show me one Afrikaner patriotic song which speaks of killing other race groups or raping and piliging? You can’t because it does not exist! Can’t say the same about other ethnic groups freedom songs, etc…

  221. fuck you flat nose black man maybe we should also sing our songs to you black people in the whole of africa you have done nothing for yourselves except sponge on the white man the more racial you become there are no winners in a war but us white people will not stand back we will fight for our freedom just as you supposidly did. how would you like to live in irak? We also have no future and nothing to live for so WE will become the FREEDOM FIGHTERS! So UP YOURS, you ratial PIG!

  222. You’re statement is interesting in what it discloses. You believe in Social Darwinism, and the feeling of entitlement that the European man has used as his colonial bludgeon throughout time. “We could do so much more good with your resources, that we should take them by force, and reap their rewards, while using you as cheap (or slave) labor, to forever be treated with disdain by us.”
    You paint us as the savage, but your history indicates the truth. Fuck this dead Afrikkaner.

  223. Ref: Anonymous posting on April 5th Can anyone understand this writer’s point? What is he trying to say? Spelling, grammar, syntax message, – non of it makes sense to me nor to any others I’ve spoken to.

  224. Did SA really changed?
    No, only some of the things. What about racism? We never looked upon it till recently. All this is enforced by our South African background of 20 years ago.
    We just woke up the other day “Apartheid is gone”. We never dealt with it accordingly. We must also look at that and be real. If you don’t deal with you past it will come back and deal with you

  225. You see lets talk facts: Its all thanks to the white people if something is done properly in this country. For the past 16 years our whites couldn’t get the good jobs and you coloured people were handed the job…. only because you coloured not because you can do the job! Then the white people have to do all your work all the time in lower positions and you get the position and the money!!!!!!!!! After 16 years I think this is nonsence!!!! Why not give the job to the person who are the best candidate!!!!! not because of colour!!! You couldn’t have done it without the whites…..EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you know thats the truth!!!! and what some of you know now you have learned from the whites! Nobody can deny that EVER!

  226. South Africa would have been like the other parts of Africa…………….if it weren’t for the Whites!!!!!!!!! Its most defnitely not the blacks who builded up this country! THAT IS A PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They did some of the work but they could never have done it. They haven’t got the knowledge or IQ! There are a few who can think for themselves! But most of them cant….

  227. Hahahaha!!!This is the most ignorant,B.S. i’ve heard in a while.If that is sincerely what you believe,i feel sorry for you.You are such a danger to yourself!Hahahaha!!!!

  228. “Ellow! Fucken “COLOURED” you are coloured because you included them in your message!…..I bet you a “TIK Kop!!….LOL i am from Capetown and i see things like you everyday….glazed eyes scruffy, dirty abuse your elders and steal their pensions and molest little kids…..i am sure you have had many helpless victims already women, children and old people that cannot defend themselves…you one of those that walk with others like yourself ….useless articles oxygen thieves…”YOUR LEADER IS DEAD NOW? Ha.Ha.Ha who said he was our leader???….dont included yourself blacks dont want you coloureds here either!…LOL the only arsehole is you and a confused one at that….ha ha ha ha

  229. “Never viewed a white farmer on a tractor?…..another arsehole with time to spare pity he did not stick the same tool up your arse…anyone reading the crap you wrote can tell its your own made up story just to have something to say….why are you not in the United States?….and your farmers do not do their own work!!! LOL!!!!…..Indian Scalpers!!!!

  230. being called a dog is ok because it is not the lowest form of life on the planet….you and your type are!…LOL

  231. The only reason you “dumb” your so called conversation down is yo understand what you just said…..can tell by the message you an idiot…why invite anyone in the first place to dinner?….they most proberly come to dinner because they feel sorry for you and dumb their converation down so you can fit in…LOL ….FOOL!
    And the part about Jesus only you would know what you on about to dumb for me to understand….Ha ha ha ha ha ….A R E Y O U O N D R U G S?

  232. ” Most of the world consider white South Africans as one of the more dishonest groups around, I don’t really know anyone that trust them. From that perspective I really don’t know white South Africans that trust white South Africans, you always seem to be suing each other and conning each other (or sleeping with someone not your wife).”

    Err……. listen dude. I have got news for you. Most of the world considers Americans the most dishonest group in the Universe. Remember Weapons of Mass Distraction ??????. I work in the UK and France and can tell you that White South Africans are sought after because we are honest and hard working. In the US every tin pot manager is a ‘ Vice President’ !!!!!. Give me a break !!!!. Oh and that bit about suing each other ….. is a tad rich coming from a citizen of the country that coined the phrase ‘litigation industry’. Hey let me tell you are trye story Mr Ignoramus. Check it out in the latest edition of the Orange Rag The UK’s legal IT newspaper. A typically verbose Yankee Doodle Doo lady was gushing about how great it was to be in England at a conference and then went on to remark how strange she found it that there were so many ‘African Americans’ in London !!!!. And that they all spoke with English accents !!!!!. Duh. Hey tell you what Yankee Doodle Doo , when you know how to even spell labour we can talk about ‘labour’. Until then and until you have a president who could find Uzbekistan on a map you really should be learning your Mandarin Chinese. THEY will show YOU how to do a days work.

  233. The Portuguese are not Europeans either you dimwit, where do you people dream up all this cr@p? There were already abandoned societies all over Africa when the Portuguese landed here. They may have been white, they may have been black but they sure as hell were not Portuguese. Bartolomeu Dias and the other explorers merely followed routes that were traded centuries before. Read up on ancient Egyptian traders and you will learn that they traded with Africans in the south(descriptive of their home not color) thousands of years ago. Europeans are not native to Europe either, they actually come from Africa originally. The Inhabitants of the Mediterranean have a “colorful” history, they left Africa and settled in the Mediterranean where they interbred with the natives to create a all together new race of people. Both races obviously do not exist individually anymore as cross breeding basically destroyed the originals. I thought I might share that bit of info with you, use it, lose it, whatever…

  234. Aw come on dude! I really enjoyed your post until I got to the God and Jesus Christ thing. Everything we do to each other is done at our own will, I seriously doubt God or Jesus takes sides in this whole debacle.

  235. go learn more befor talking crap blacks had good moden hospitals built with experienced nursing staff…..dont talk shit!

  236. roep die boere op soos met bloed revier.
    kom ons vat ons land terug wat ons voorvaders maet bloed betaal het en f w toe verniet vir die breinlose gegee het

  237. Many people do sick and inhumane things to eachother every day. I’ve often heard of people taking their frustrations out on eachother over the simplest of arguments which in my oppinion shows a lack of education AND common sense. Maybe this has nothing to do with the fact that it was Terblanche and more to do with the fact that there are uneducated, frustrated, desperate and poverty stricken people out there. Like i said previously, sick and inhumane things happen to people every single day and sometimes over the simplest of disputes, maybe this was just one of those unbelieveably unnecessary murders that has just been splashed onto the news because the dead guy happend to be some famous (or infamous) boer. How he died was terrible indeed but i wouldnt say that the murderers deserve the same treatment in return. I wouldnt wish that death on anyone…

  238. Ek kort meer patrone – tyd vir mooi praat en terugsit is verby. Dis nou burgur oorlog – of te wel die slag van bloedrivier 2.

  239. This sad day is a definitive day in the history of South Africa this day will decide whether the whites in this country will survive or perish. Do not fool yourself about not being a boer if you are english speaking Malema went to Zimbabwe and asked Mugabe if he is with him or not. Mugabe probably replied in the affirmative. Malema then probably made a phone call and said slaughter the Doyen of the right wing (for lack of a better word). We have already slaughtered their persidents wife and they did nothing, we killed thousands of whites and still they did nothing now we kill this old man and lets see what they do. I surmise that at this moment bridges have been burned irrevocably between black and white, even amongst the moderates. These murderers can only attack helpless old white people and maim and torture them, take a cell phone and then the government can call it crime. Those of us who know, know that this is the way forward for them there is no turning back, their killing and slaughter has not even started yet. However this is not a one way street and may the chips fall where they land……………

  240. Kom, julle outjies is almal te slapgat. Drink jou brandy en coke klaar, gaan slaap bietjie, en môre skyn die son weer en jy het alles vergeet…

  241. Ek dink almal hier praat, te veel k@k en doen te min,

    Gee my die benodighede, en ek sal dit vir julle doen, en begin!!! :)

    Ek gatvol en genoeg gepraat en gelees, elke donderse dag is daar artikels oor wraak, mense wat vermoor word, verkrag word, ek het in die laaste jare van my lewe nog nie 1 artikel of koerant gesien wat GEEN geweld in het nie, en hulle wonder hoekom maak hulle nie genoeg geld met verkope nie???

    Waar kan ek die benodighede kry? :)

  242. And just have it all blow over, and tomorrow another farmer gets killed. Don’t you understand that we’re being exterminated? Systematically and intentionally exterminated.

  243. The fact that a man was murdered is not in dispute; the fact that it is a tragedy is also not in dispute.
    Given the fact that ET has come a long way from his “bad old days” to the person he was just before he was murdered actually makes this occurrence a tragedy.
    (I had the fortune to attend his address at the Stellenbosch University some time ago.)

    However; NONE of these facts should detract from the fact that the article is poorly written. To the uninformed public the media is the front-end through which we receive our news, the way an article is written can shape our perceptions on the events at hand. Simply look at the Zuma rape case, he was found not guilty, the Judge lambasted the accuser and yet the public perception through the media was that Zuma was a rapist.

    So while the murder of Eugene Terblanche is a tragedy, so too is the degradation of the capabilities of the media to properly, factually and impartially inform the public about the truth of the things happening around us.

    Not to mention the tragedy of the public being so narrow minded as to jump to ill-informed conclusions; let alone to not make rational statements on a serious matter.

  244. You should read what news is and the history thereof. This is not Hollywood and all news does not have to be sugar coated.

  245. In which case it should be properly written; clear, factual and not misleading due to intentional or unintentional errors.
    No one asked for a sugar coating, they do however want an understandable article to read.

  246. Yeah , the occasional fuck whenever he visited the farm. Quite possible the killing occured as a result of a dispute ET and the lover of the women on the farm. Maybe this was not a scheduled fuck for ET. Could also be that he has some coloured kids as well. Really cant trust this boer nation. They created a coloured race and denied them all white rights.

    What kind of God fearing human beings would dissown their own children.

    These fuckers were really sick

  247. aagh shame sounds like a bit of jealousy to me….. are you a racist what have you got against coloureds? do you blacks think you’s are better…go take a look in the mirror?

  248. Are you literate, or are you just being obstructionist ?

    Spelling and grammar are important for some, but others who speak / write in a foreign language need your help not your insane stupidity.

    A great man is dead, he was well known for what he stood for, and was never afraid to speak his mind. What have you ever stood up for ?

    A man that history has treated badly was murdered in a brutal fashion, and most speak of reconciliation, yet you only speak of grammar and spelling ?

    Say some thing constructive that will lead to a better working relationship between all persons in South Africa.

    Agree or disagree with the article, but please this is not junior school where spelling and grammar are more important than the message. Life is full of strange surprises, so think and be careful of who you will criticize, and how you can do this in a constructive way.

  249. zuma is a rapist.
    if you sit idly by and watch how the white man is wronged then you condone it.
    if you condone it you promote it
    if you promote it you do it
    every day the black kaffer rapes and murder the white girls and grannys and he promotes it

  250. your a dumb ass.
    you are clearly uneducated.
    it was the britts who fucked the caffers and stole our white’s land, gold and other minerals

  251. Roy how true your words are.
    May i express my sympathy to all family members and closely involved, i believe this to be a truely major turning point in SA, i dont know if anyone can put into words how this actually feels.
    My first thought as soon as i saw this is oh shit, i just have a feeling this is now when the shit really hits the fan.
    Once again sympathys to those involved.

  252. And so Madiba’s work toward peace in South Africa gets suppressed, oppressed and slowly forgotten. His words “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others” blowing like dust in the wind. South Africa, I cry for the country you could have been

  253. Don’t forget that Madiba himself also sings this song and ordered the killing of innocent people. Madiba just had a better proganda machine which made him look like a hero in the media.

  254. Yes fool! But can you count? For every white person there are about 8-9 blacks – so check again … white ratio bigger!!!

  255. Firstly I want to send my sincere condolences to ET’s family and to all the Boere. It is sad to read how we (Boere) react on this news. If this happened in Israel to a Jew there would be an uprising that will wipe out the Gaza area out of the history books. But it seems that we can only fight each other rather than focusing our energy on the real threat. Thousands of Boer’s their wife’s and children get slaughter yearly by the so called criminals, yet these atrocities never get publicly announced. Nobody know of the genocide currently been executed by the blacks in SA against the Boer Nation. The motive for murder is hate not theft, pay disputes or hunger.

    I am sad that we do not have a leader that can stand up and sing “Hoor jy die magtige dreuning”

  256. Hansie, I totally agree with your oppinion and hope your message will spread like wild fire. Just clarify what you mean by “hoor jy die magtige dreuning”

  257. Rise up might Boers. Fight!
    Remember the Boer War.
    Remember the Namibian Incursion.
    Remember the Botswana Incursion.
    Remember the Angola Incursion.
    Remember the Bophuthatswana coup.
    I guess you haven’t won a war in the 20th century.
    Maybe fighting isn’t such a great idea.
    Maybe you ought to think about getting along.

  258. I don’t have a problem with the facts he reported, I have a problem with the spin he put on it – implying that Terreblanche was some kind of hero and that the attack was political.

  259. Yes, I’m shocked by yet another murder! I have read through most of the comments and racist slaps being thrown around and people playing God by making comments like “he deserved it”, etc.
    People, people… One of God’s commandments is: Thou shall not kill.
    I don’t care whether a person is black, white, yellow, pink or green – NO ONE has the right to take another life… and NO ONE deserves his/her life taken away. That is the bottom line.
    One day we will ALL have to stand before God on the day of reckoning.

    Personally I think that this is the beginning of a huge MESS although I really hope that I’m wrong.


  261. Hey my name is Julius….oh hell my frieds call me Juju….Oh what the hell…..Im Koen…..will that make you sleep tonight?

  262. Badly written or not. Truth stays truth stays truth. Eugene is vemoor, doodgeslaan soos ‘n sleg hond. Ek gee vir swarmense skool, ek voer swart mense uit my tuin me kos wat ek geplant het. Ek gee die swartmense se straathonde kos. Ek en die DBV was na ‘n swart man se huis die ander dag, toe die DBV hulleself identifiseer soos die man toe gevra het is sy reply: “Who is the DBV? Is it above the Constitution?” “Ek is nie ‘n swart kaffer nie”. Dit nou alles omdat hy nie na sy diere kan kyk nie en ek gewoonlik iets aan ‘n saak probeer doen veral wanneer dit die ‘underdog’ aangaan. Om ‘n lang storie kort te maak …. ek is fokken wit …. miskien bietjie kleurling bloed in my as jy my taalgebruik sou moes analiseer ….. als wat ek doen, doen ek omtrent vir die swartes. Ek wonder nou net hoe lank moet ek nou nog fokken bang wees, want wanneer is dit my beurt om doodgemaak te word.

  263. If this murder was not politically motivated then why did they just give up if so many murderers roam the streets freely , this is a trigger event carefully planed to evoke the white people of south Africa. kill the farmer kill the boer its time to turn that around. ET’s death should not go down in vain.

  264. At the moment everyone feels hatred towards Blacks, and perhaps even so, towards Julius Malema, the ANC Youth League and many political leaders of our country. But this intense feeling of harted will blow over, will eventually manifest itself in the feeling which the Whites of this country know so well, the attitude of . . . it is terrible what happened, but it won’t happen to me, and that is most important! We whites will NOT stand up against an overpowering force – we’ll complain, use this type of forum to throw our own hate speech around, talk amongst ourselves about how we’ll like to kill the Black man, but we’ll never go over to any action. Without a strong leader we are just like sheep – milling about, with no sense of direction. Eugene was too conservative for this country, and although he did have many sympathisers, no one really went over to any action. Yes, I’m very sorry that he died in such a horrible way, and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family and friends. But let us look amongst ourselves for a new true leader, someone with an attainable vision that can lead this country forward om a path that is good for everyone, not just Blacks or just Whites. The Whites are here to stay but, believe me, so are the Blacks. And civil war will do neither population group any good at the end!

  265. Dit lyk my dis tyd om te stop om goed te wees vir die swartes. Ek gee en doen ook ontsettend baie, soveel so dat ek myself soms te kort doen, maar ons moet stop. Hulle waardeer dit buitendien nie en sal jou een of ander tyd vermoor vir niks. Kyk maar na die priesters in Diepsloot, en honderde ander voor hom. Die probleem is dat ons te goed is vir hulle. Ek weet dis maklik om nou te praat, daar is altyd iemand wat jy nie oor dieselfde kam wil skeer nie, maar iewers moet mens seker die streep trek?

  266. For your information. The black people on His farm had much more than the standard worker. Be very sure that those left behind now without possible jobs will seek revenge on those who killed him in their own way. It is called Jungle Justice. I stay about 24km from his farm and most blacks knew working for him was good. So i don’t know where you got your made up nonsense.

  267. do you really beleive that those poor workers on his farm had it good,, well i dont beleive that,, he was known as such a cruel and racist man, who mistreated his workers,, so you cant convince me at all.

  268. Just months after he was said to be a a born-again he called a rally and name our former chief a monkey….wow I wonder which God he was serving that accepts descrimination and mockery. In my opinion he got what he deserved……Its sad that there only time white people notice the high rate of crime which we live under is when another white man (minority) is affected. People die everyday….and crime affects us all. TB is yet another addition to the stats

  269. We dont care about the few brainwashed people thinks. Try to think of what his death means to the rest of the South Africans …i.e Blacks. I wish he rots in hell forever…..

  270. Speaking in 2005 he said: “I have always been made out as a racist, someone who hates black people. I don’t hate them. I grew up with them. I just know there are many differences between whites and blacks and I will always believe it.”

    There you go out of the horses mouth, he fought for a belief, he believed that the country should be divided and that one part should be governed by the whites. Not that I have the same beliefs it’s just he has been twisted into this monster who went around hating and abusing blacks, which is not true. The previous commenter lives close to him and new how his workers was treated, have you ever been there? Talked to people who he employed?

    This is prejudiced like 90% of the comments I have read so far, on both sides.

  271. As with many bigots and extremists, the views and policies of Terreblanche are understandable only if one accepts their basic premise.
    As with many bigots and extremists, Terreblanche’s basic premise, (white racial supremacy), was, and is, wrong.

  272. OK then. Why don’t the blacks do something about the crime. Every year it gets worse and it takes the death of a Struggle leader to wake up a nation. I say STRUGGLE because we as white south African’s are now in a fight to save ourselves. Stand up and protect your family’s and your lives.

  273. Nobody deserves what he got, not even the famous Julius Molema…….oh and by the way , it is ET not TB you chop.

  274.  "He got what he deserved"

    Are you his judge? Crime is one thing but genocide is something totally different. 

  275. Crime? Where do you suggest we start….Colombia with the drugs….Italy with mafiasm…..(where popes the biggest rapists claim to be men of God) ……Or Ventersdorp, where farmers kill innocent lives (3yr olds ) and mistaken them for moneys in their farms?

  276. Seeing that you acknowledge the mayhem – usually perpertrated by Blacks – that is happening in South Africa is it not logical that Whites do not want to share your black way of life and want their own homeland ? Not more than the bad , bad apartheid government gave to the Blacks as well as financed it.

  277. YOU ARE A NAIVE IDIOT LIKE MOST OF THE WORLD, THAT BLACKS DO NO WRONG. Look at africa how the murder and plunder you idiot! It’s in their DNA to Kill and steal.

    You are so pathetic and idiotic, and your white daughters are being raped by them across america nightly because you are so stupid, to just roll over to them and let them do whatever the fuck they want.

    They can do no wrong. Just like that brainless moron Obama.

  278. you say see why we killed him”….why ask Malema who;s next on his list ….he might be next….
    why do you even bother going to school its obvious ……the lights are on but nobody’s home…aagh shame man!!!

  279. so, why the hell did they work for him? now all his staff will be free from his cruelty, but also jobless!

  280. so, why the hell did they work for him? oh well, now all his staff are free from his cruelty, but also JOBLESS.

  281. you are next on the list, fucking brainless gorilla! We will take you out one by one
    No need to ask ‘oros mannetjie’ malema. He,ll be dead!!

  282. Ek dink jy moet minder tv kyk en om jou begin rond kyk en so gou moontlik waker word. Dit gaan nie net oor wie deur die geweld geraak word nie (minderheid blankes ja, as jy die verhouding in ag neem) Gaan kyk wie pleeg die meeste geweld. dit is nie ons ( die blankes) wat in die lokasies in storm en julle kom dood maak nie. dis julle wat ons plase betree en ons ( die BOER wat julle pap op julle tefels voorsien) op die wreedste maniere vermoor. meskien moet jy gaan sit en dink waarom hy julle “monkeys” noem …… Omdat julle soos diere aangaan. Word waker KEES

  283. hey if you’re gonna attack “crime” in general.. such as mafiaism in italy and drugs in columbia.. then dont forget to include to the list the bent rabbis involved with finance crimes, pristiturtion, snuff films and drug exportation.. Jewish criminals are among the most savage on earth and also dominate the global economic climate to suit themselves.. the mafia and drug cartels are small players only made big by the jewish owned media.. and incidently.. half the boers whites in south africa are also jewish !!

    lets not forget that slavery and prostitution in israel is legal as long as it is another nationality being used !! that’s where crime begins because jews are such a position of power unlike mafia or drug cartels who are petty criminals trying to make a buck to live life on earth.. jewish criminals work to a tightly orchestrated agenda.. and this is what the REAL problem is not a few peadophile priests or a few drug lords who sell drugs through the miltiary anyway and could be wiped out any time the military so chooses.. they are allowed to continue because it suits the big fish who remain undiscovered and unknown..

  284. And where did you get your information? Did you know him, his farm, his workers???? No you read it in a paper, watched it on TV, WAKE UP AND STOP BEING A PUPPET AND NAIVE. The media cannot be trusted.

  285. This is sad news please let us forgive and forget he might have been a cruel man but God forgives all sin. May his Soul rest in Peace.

  286. This guy is very evenly unbalanced. He seams to hate everybody equally. His twisted distorted views are only exceeded by the distance between his mind and reality. Shame for him. Shame on him.

  287. They worked for him because he treated them well. Two of his workers confirmed on television that they were treated well by him!!

  288. People, we need to remain calm. I’m terrified now, actually, because I’m a white guy, but we seriously need to remain calm. Let’s see what happens over the next couple of days, okay? There’s no use in jumping to conclusions and letting this comment-section degenerate into a hate-hurling orgy – fear is a knee-jerk reaction, we need to remember that. Let’s just keep calm and stay aware – that’s all we can do at the moment.

  289. Now this aint politycal Death Eugène Terre’Blanche was murdered in his sleep on his farm just outside of Ventersdorp on April 3, 2010. He reportedly was beaten to death with pipes and pangas by two men, allegedly over a wage dispute. Terre’blanche’s body was found on the bed with facial and head injuries.[25][26] Ventersdorp police said two men were in custody over his killing, with the motive stated as being revenge for his racist ideology

  290. DBDB there is no need for you to be terrified. Unless you intend to fuel this fire with racist paranoia there is no one out there to get you. I am a white woman and I live peacefully in our Rainbow Nation. Do not take isolated incidents and blow them up by generalizing and scaring yourself. The truth is that the vast majority of South Africans, in all communities, want peace and prosperity. Don’t go looking for an excuse to commit violence …

  291. Kalm bly, Ironies Oupa Eugene was ook kalm, in sy bed geslaap. Ek persoonlik dink die dae van kalm bly en hoop is verby. Jy kan alleenlik hoop kry as daar n idee is, en op die oomblik kan ek nie sien dat daar enige idee is om die huidige toestand in suid afrika te verbeter, so daar is ook nie hoop nie. Dit verskil tussen ons partye en die res is die res lewe onder die wyse van “Actions speak lowder than words”. Hierdie kom as n groot skok in Suid Afrika, en ek is amper doodseker hierdie nuus sal definitief die sokker beinvloed.

    Mense Suid-Afrikaners sal moet saam staan en hierdie moorde stop, snaaks hoe Eugene Terreblanche weer begin het met die AWB en dan is hy dood, seker maar “assumptions” , maar een ding is die waarheid ons sal vuur met vuur baklei. Ek sit vanoogend 1:51 AM 4 April 2009 en wonder wat hou hierdie land Suid Afrika in vir my en my vrou, My vrou lewe in vrees ek sit wakker want sy kan nie slaap nie, sy is bang na die nuus, maar vanoggend sit ek en tik aan julle met n verskeie gedagtes in my kop.

    My mooie land wat het gebeur met jou, waar is die groen gras en die blou lug.
    My mooi land waar is die liefde en hoop
    My mooie land waar is die boere vanaand.
    My mooie land wanneer sal jou mense weer opstaan uit die dood.
    My mooie land my hart behoort aan jou.
    My mooie land my oe rol bloed trane uit vir jou.

    My mense waar is julle vanaand

  292. This is indeed a sad dau. But then, everybody who has lost a loved one will have a sad day.

    Cain killed Abel in a rage of jealousyN and that was in the midst of a God given task when their sacrifices were required.

    South Africa, until you turn to God, and until we meet Jesus, the prince of peace, will we ever experience peace.

    Read Matthew Chapter 25, and note that Jesus himself taught of the days when men will be evil. Our only hope is in the Lord, and whether we black, or white, we will never be saved until we are red, and that is washed in the blodd of Jesus.

    If we are washed in the blood of Eugene Terreblanche, or blood of Chris Hannie, we cannot experience redemption. The hate will continue, and the roots of bitterness will spring up into all acts of murder and evil deeds. We must meet Him, and each other at the cross.

    Jesus has already died in a more gruesome way than we can imagine, so let us pray for our nation, again, not the whites, and not the blacks, but our nation, South Africa. She must be saved.

    If my people, which are called by my name.. 2 Chron 7:14. – May God deal with our hearts to allow His spirit to work in our lives.

    I’m not white, and neuther am I black. I’m red, covered in the Blood of my saviour Jesus Christ.

  293. No death no matter so grim should be celebrated, May ET ‘s soul rest in peace and may the grace of the Almighty comfort his family. I have always derived great sense of introspect in funerals when the life of the dead is put in perspective, and I have found it a great source of learning for the living and the wise at heart.

    I just read ET’s life from Wikepedia, including partly his horendous acts in Boputatshwana -“Ons is op ‘n kafferskiet piekniek”, – “we are on kaffir shooting picnic”. What do we learn here …. Surely those who live by the sword shall die by the sword …. and also the bible warns that the memory of an evil man is soon forgoten. I ask myself ???? What made God to allow ET to die such a dishonourable death when he was now ‘born again’. The bible warns, do not be fooled, God cannot be mocked.

    Goodbye ET, its left to the living (your friends and associates or any willing wise man like me) to learn of your life and from its end. May your soul rest in peace. RIP.

  294. White`s south Africans in UK, ASTRALIA BRITISH (WHITE), will stand together to concur equal rights, Because KILLING the wrong person and informing other people that EUGENE TERREBLANCHE was killed over wages, they know thit’s a F—–ING lie, He spoke the truth, We know that it was Julia’s Malema, rascal speech that he said motivated the killing “(KILL THE BOETS AND KILL THE FARMERS)” .That he was a great man and a patriot to his country ! SO what are we going to do about this?………. This was a great man, and he will sadly be missed by his followers and friends. My heart and feeling go out to his family,

    What happened to the (REALLY BOERES) ?? ????????????????????


  295. Dis nog nie winter nie. Slaap rustig , as jy gaan gaan jy dan is dit jou tyd. As jy bly geniet die tyd wat voorle. Adrenalien gaan verslawend raak!

  296. Ik lees in deze reacties steeds dat mensen kalm moeten blijven.
    Het probleem is juist dat de blanke zuid-afrikaan zo kalm is, duizenden blanke inwoners van zuid-afrika zijn al vermoord en vele duizenden zijn hun geboorteland al ontvlucht.
    Ik denk dat de blanke bevolking van zuid-afrika een keus moet maken of vechten voor een eigen staat binnen zuid-afrika of vertrekken naar het buitenland.
    Ik wens de blanke zuid-afrikaan veel sterkte in deze moeilijke tijden.

  297. Makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan. Aan de ene kant: vechten voor een zaak die niet winbaar is (zolang er geen materieel- en een zware numerieke minderheid van weerbare strijdkrachten bestaat,) brengt ons nergens. Aan de andere kant: dit prachtige land verlaten terwijl er nog de hoop bestaat dat het niet met zo een vaart zal lopen is niet aantrekkelijk. De moord op E Terreblanche zal de bestaande werkelijkheden voor ons crystalizeren; we zullen rap meer inzicht verkrijgen waarheen we op de lange duur heengaan. Ophoepelen en de zwarten laten gaar koken in hun eigen sop, ZA tot gewoon nog een andere Afrkaanse Mislukking laten worden, is beslist een mogelijke noodzaak!

  298. Unfortunately the violent death of one evil racist will wake up other evil racists. I wish he had just been left in his obscurity to die alone and forgotten – that is what he truly deserved. The man was an affliction on South African society – he brought shame upon us! VIOLENCE BEGETS VIOLENCE!

  299. You are correct. The “Boers” with their disgraceful “God driven” selfish conduct and the Malema’s that they have created are a blight on civilised society.
    The hate speak on this site confirms: you all deserve each other.
    Time for the civilised world to turn their backs on this colonised backwater – boycott the World Cup – and leave them to it.
    Zimbabwe take II. South Africa is irrelevant.

  300. I am shocked by this murder of this white South African leader but it’s clear that no one is safe (black or white) from becoming a victim of criminals in South Africa and there is not much that can be done about it as long as there is no organized campaign to re-install law and order.
    It’s crystal clear that since the “Apartheid” was replaced by an democratic system the white population is in danger and not much has been done to stop the violent killings of remote farmers or white inhabitants.
    I can understand fully that those who have the money, leave the country and basically leave it to the small remaining white population surrounded by a vast black majority.
    I think the best thing would be that every white South African is offered the change to immigrate to Europe as a refugee since it’s obvious that the are ‘target by the black population of South Africa as a source of income out of robbery”.

  301. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. Terreblanche is a convicted murderer himself. I don’t however justify his murder – as is correct, his murderer was arrested. In South Africa we have the rule of law. Something Terreblanche himself did not respect though….

  302. The comment made above earlier is correct, there is NO such thing as race but a concept created by the few people that arrived in SA who themselves came from a ‘salad’ of different nationalities and had no single common ethnicity. You have a history of 300 years-what were you before? ‘White’ doesnt cover it.. so Afrikaaners..what ‘ethnicity’ are you and how far back does your dna go? Where does it reach back to? If you’re going to play the ‘white supremacy’ card don’t bother. All this bull about race is fabricated. I am ‘white’ european and in my language (which is much older than english) there is no word for race! Just ethnicity and that certainly doesnt refer to skin colour-how daft… Don’t tell me all ‘white’ people are the same and dont tell me all ‘black’ people are the same..and where exactly do the ‘in-betweens’ fit?…we have all been mixed with other ethnicities somewhere along the line – 300 yrs is just a split second in time.
    I have hope in the new SA and any extremists must go. Im happy that we all have equal opportunities now and that the previously disadvantaged (or shall i say the previously ‘robbed of their right to advance’) have a chance to get back on their feet, as long as its not the elite few. I love S.A. and every single human being regardless of their ETHNICITY love one another. We have no space for extremists and racists on both sides of the spectrum

  303. This matter is going to blow racial stereotypes. Here is a man who lived violently. Died violently. For what R600. He paid his workers R300 each. Shame on him.

  304. You have no idea how much he paid his workers. And it is not just that it stop their. Does your employer in the city give you food every morning and afternoon.

  305. I am amazed by the number of you who feel justified to incite violence over this murder. We live in a country which is politically volatile at best, and yet we all wish to have our soapbox moment, irrespective of the effect it will have. Stop hating each other so much!!

  306. White South African’s should adapt the old Nazi song ‘ RIDING THROUGH THE SNOW IN MY BLACK MERCEDES BENZ, KILLING LOTS OF JEWS ( BLACKS) MAKING LOTS OF FRIENDS…If we had to do this, we would be the racists and locked up for sure. They have to be stopped and the only mistake we made is by not killing enough when we had the chance. We should have done what the USA did to the Indians !!!!! and by the way, the indians are still in home lands, they are just called reservations !!!!!

  307. Do you really think he was murdered because of a wage disputer?!!!! REALLY, wake up man, they found ANCYL membership cards on them…

  308. OK

    before i start, pls forgive my spelling and context as i am sure it will be frowned upon,

    ET did what he was told to do, yes live by the sword etc. I myself would like to extend my sorrow to his family, it is not nice to loose someone.

    To get back, after some research i believe that if any one group is to be blamed for the efforts of the AWB it should be the NP government, seeing they through military intelligence actually funded the start of the AWB, was only about three years later that they put a face to the party. Then later on when he did not want to do as they wanted they the NP lead them into ambush in the Boputhutswana. The NP also started the KP, Inkhata as far as i know.

    Looking at the comments on here they did very well in dividing the people in South Africa, seeing this is the only reason the started these parties, because the old HNP was starting to get more votes and members.

    Today us South Africans are still divided, we can not seem to come up with a reasonable solution to our problems.

    Guys what will rebellion help us? If we are at war yes defend yourself, many will say we are at war rite now, and in certain regards we are. but no we are not at war as most, well no all us white SA guys were forced to go to. OOPs sorry my age guys and older.

    Come on people lets get solutions and stop creating more problems.

    yes yes i know i am sure even my mom will wanna spank my ass for the grammar.

  309. We express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr Terblanche. We pray that God will give them peace from the throne room of heaven. For us as a nation to continue forward and hand over a peaceful prosperous country to our children, we ALL need Jesus in our lives. I was brought up during the apartheid times and did the 2 yrs military stint. I know , looking back, that I was …and I say WAS a racist. It is only after I gave my life to Jesus Christ of Nazareth that my feelings changed. Since then, I have absolute love for my fellow man. Having whites and blacks start killing and slaughtering each other now is no solution. Only a true change of heart will save this nation. Lets be calm and not get caught in the emotion of what has happened here. God is watching us, the world is watching us….our children are watching us. Lets keep calm. We are all spirits living in our bodies…each one of us are accountable to God for our actions. see for proof regarding where each one of us go after leaving our ‘Earth tents’ MY 2 CENTS WORTH….Give your life to Jesus…and I pray the same for Julius…that he finds Christ and turns from his racist ways. See [PS to the pompous person who is assessing spelling and grammar….have fun with my writing above…probably full of mistakes…who cares..I don’t and I am English..ha ha] TURN TO JESUS SOUTH AFRICA…then we will see a mighty nation arise

  310. Wayne is right – work on solutions, stay logical and make tomorrow a better day.

    This murder was an unfortunate incident which coincided with Malema’s defiant behaviour. I believe the intention was not to kill but rather to teach an arrogant man a lesson. I hope Malema will see the inside of a jail cell when he comes back – he is in contempt of court and the law is clear on that.

    We must not allow the war mongers to divide us!

  311. Do you know how many hours they worked the last week? The shame is that people can take a life for R600.00, and you can say shame on Eugene.

    damn you.

  312. There was no political agenda in this tragic killing, there is only political mileage to be made from it, with ET alive the governmunt knew who they were dealing with, now we will have the likes of Barrend Strydom and his ilk come crawling out of the woodwork.
    This is a time for cool heads, for planing, for withholding our taxes and rates until the people in charge of the country get rid of their BEE dreamscape and realize that the White Herd has been milked dry.

  313. I’m a proud Afrikaner woman, and i am outraged by some of these comments. Wake up people!!! The murder of Eugene Terblanche was politically motivated! You choose not to see the business cards that was found on the murderers! They were ANC supporters and i personally blame it on the song of Julius Malema – “kill the boer”. And why, or who will kill their boss over a mere R600? They just murdered one of our white leaders. YES, Eugene Terblanche had his faults, but see the bigger picture! This is symbolic. What do you think will happen when or if one of us murdered Mandela, or Julius Malema? I am tired of people who wear eye-masks and choose not to see what is really happening in our country. And now our president, Jacob Zuma is calling for calm! WHAT!? Calling for calm my ass! Why is it so easy to just sweep this whole story under the rug?
    We are outraged! And some extremists will take action, I promise you today that some people will not let this murder go unpunished. I believe the time has come for retribution and justice. I for one will not just sit back and watch while our white nation gets culled off. The murder of Eugene Terblanche has awaken the “boere-volk’s” fighting spirit. Yes, a rainbow nation could have been nice! Living in peace could have been wonderful – but “they” have shown us that this is NOT possible. “they” dont want peace, “they” want revenge, “they” want the “boere-volk” gone…. WAKE UP people and smell the roses, or in this case reality!!!

  314. Julius Malema will never see the inside of a jail cell – I personally rather wish someone will assassinate him. Unfortunately this probably will not happen, and unfortunately our government protects their own. Dont let them fool you with their fake “investigations” and their fake “contempt of court” stories. Just look at jacob Zuma – a rapist. Now he is our president! Just look at all the other cases – no one was ever found guilty of anything, and if they were, the punishment was not that severe. “They” killed Eugene Terblanche – so why cant we kill Julius Malema!!!?

  315. And so Madiba’s work toward peace in South Africa gets suppressed, oppressed and slowly forgotten. His words “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others” blowing like dust in the wind. South Africa, I cry for the country you could have been.

  316. And those minor fauts were sometimes being innocent lives being lost. Oh but I guess thats okay because they were just blacks. As far am Im concerned he was the last left generation of Apartheid, the very last trail of it… that he’s gone I can finally close the book of Apartheid…..It was interesting I must say. Guess who laughed last. LOL tl…..You wont do anything to us…so you dont scare us….we are protected by our government….just like you were protected remeber? The wheels have turn and all of a sudden it a hu-ha.

  317. F**k Africa. THe stinking place does not deserve the Boere. We should pack up and leave and let the whole sodding place rot and become Liberia 2

  318. On FB this morning, a black person asked me if i am racist How the hell did that person get on my list of white friends only?.I am non racist, i love all white people

  319. In a hundred years time we will still call you KAFFIR, your mother will work in my kitchen with your sister sweeping the floors. Your fathers and brother will still work in my garden and your children will go hungry in pain with AIDS because you can not control yourself. If not for whites you would still be living in mud houses in your villages. You think you rule this country? Wait and see….. it takes two blacks to kill and elderly white man… it takes one white to kill a thousand blacks (Bloedrivier) Enough said.

  320. All you fools that post go and read the Bible and see what it says about southern africa. This country will be bigger than the USA and will one day be ruled by the white people.Black people beware of our God because he is greater than your ansisters and will very soon crush you for all the wrong that you are doing in HIS country. Yes His country not yours. So go back to your hole and pray that you will never see the wrath of my GOD because if you do you are finished.Long live White South African Christians

  321. I don’t know why an English Speaking Person such as “Chris” and whoever else agrees with him should even be reading articles like this.
    Why don’t you stick to your English “Sh*t” where you believe what you want.

    Vir die res van ons wat wel omgee vir die land en sy mense:
    Mandela het vele mense laat vermoor en so ook sy vriende wat saam met hom in sy groep was.
    Daagliks word blankes aangeval en dit word toegeskryf aan swak ekonomie, werkloosheid ens.

    Ek het geen kinders nie want dit is ‘n duur beplanning en ek wil nie kinders in hierdie land opbring nie.
    Maar hulle kry kleintjies asof dit ‘n nuwe sport is. Kinders van 14 wat kinders het.

    Hoekom kla jy as jy in ‘n shack moet bly en jy wil 10 kinders onderhou, terwyl die staat ons belasting geld daarvoor moet aanwend.
    Tog staan daar bmw’s ens voor hierdie hutte geparkeer.
    Jy kan die mens uit die bos haal maar nooit die bos uit die mens nie.

    Racism changed colour and will never go away. The whites have just stepped down. I see more racism today than ever.
    But they are even racists against each other. IE: Zulu to Xhosa etc.

    Chris wake up my man. You in the wrong section. Grammer won’t keep you and your family safe.
    Don’t read posts like this. Become an editor or something when your grammer issues cleared up as Heather and others pointed out to you.

    You remind me of one of those idi*ts that can stir sh*t and then win the fight with a 100 meters lead as you run away.
    F8ck the tenses and spell checks. He was murdered in cold blood. You don’t go and argue over your f^cking salary at 5 am in the morning while a person is in his bed sleeping.
    Do you go to your bosses house armed with a panga and a “knopkierrie” to ask for your money.

  322. Wow Anna and you know that because?…..How can you make such ridiculous statements about what their intent were? Are you on the investigating team? Fact is he was murdered. And who said he was arrogant? Given the current encouragement for violence on farmers that is currently being busied by certain parties it is no small wonder that things like this occured. This time it was Eugene Terblanche, it the past weeks days (if you cared to notice) murders on farmers and whites in suburbs has showed a marked increase, who will it be tommorow? A personal friend of mine (who had survived 6 previous attacks) repelled a attack on him and his family last Sunday in the event he fired a shot, the next day he was arrested for attempted murder. Justice the SA way!

    Wake up and smell the roses SA is vast turning into a racist haven that far exceeds anything that any past government could be blamed for. I live and grew up in SA and I can assure you that race relations has gone down the drain the past 10 years like no other time before.

  323. Calm? Why? The ANC supports Malema and the Afrikaners do not have a leader. Do drasticly something. The Supreme Court could not stop Malema!

  324. Another violent, barbaric act. Terreblanche may not have been mr nice guy but he was simply attempting to protect a way of life. He has been killed, as have countless other farmers in this dark pit of a country. When there are no farmers left to supply us with food to eat – will the song singers be happy as they starve or pay premium price for imported food? One merely has to look at the entire African countries to see that they probably would be happy – or not really care….
    So – isn’t it time we, the taxpayers (of which the majority are white) stopped paying this government? The fundamental purpose of government is the maintenance of basic security and public order. Do we get any security? Is there much public order? NO. To attempt to protect ourselves in our homes, farms, businesses, motorcars – we have to organise and pay for this ourselves. We certainly cannot rely on government to do it.
    When certain members of sectors of government institutions such as the ANC Youth League can say whatever they please and incite hatred and tension (whilst getting paid from the coffers of those same taxpayers money that they are busy telling followers to kill…!!) can this be termed as public order??? NO
    So – why do we the taxpayer, continue to support this outrageous behavioiur of our government? We all know about the crime, the corruption, the lack of services, the increasing collapse of basic necessities such as electricity , water and sewerage service. The mass exodus of our children to safe havens. The appalling state of roads. The decline of hospitals and schools, etc, etc, etc
    There are 7 million registered taxpayers in South Africa. Of this number, individuals comprise 5 million, companies 1,7 million and trusts 300 000. The majority of which are the minority white group. Supporting a population of 50 million and a government of incompetentence and corruption.
    But we continue to pay them our hard earned money – for what?? So that we can be killed in our beds??
    We pay, and pay and pay and get nothing but grief in return. Is it not time the taxpayers stood together and said enough, we are gatvol. You do not get another cent from us. Not to spend on stadiums, parties, jets, houses, overseas trips, shopping sprees, salaries, conferences, unnecessary armaments, bribes, personal wants, etc, etc, etc.
    ENOUGH! We can do it can’t we? Or has the last one of us who had any guts now gone?

  325. Wow, the comments really say a lot about the people who run and visit this site. I’ll be somewhere else… Good luck y’all. Cheers.

  326. If this was over wages not paid , why did they not just take his money? SARS takes our money and use it for whatever they like. Who can we kill for that? Should we now hack the governern of the Reserve bank for increasing the lending rate? OR the minister of finance for increasing sin tax?

    If it was only two people out of all the workers that did not get paid, maybe they did not do what they were hired for. I am a web designer, can I, next time someone don’t pay me, go buy a panga and hack them to death? If it was not politically motivated, why is ET’s political actions of the past pulled in so many of the postings here?

    He was an old man, who changed and served his time for whatever he had done. Let him rest in peace. Let Malema burn in hell for inciting violence and distroying all the positive things people like Mandela did for this country. This is not just about being white or black, it is about allowing rebels and murderers doing whatever they feel like and getting away with it.

  327. Dit is verskriklik wreed en onaanvaarbaar. Gaan ons weereens steeds net sit en toekyk en alles gelate aanvaar?

  328. Shame on you! Does your employer give you a place to live, food, clothes and shoes and transport??????????

  329. And in a billion year’s time your descendents will still be searching for their roots in Europe…Because they will always remain illegal MaKwerekweres in Africa……Hopefully someone thinks of adopting a programme like Khumbulekhaya..for you guys there. Sweety, white girls are seen around with black guys, so Aids could be right under your nose if you dont have it already. You seem to be forgetting that most health workers are black, so I’d shut up if I were you…if we wanted to get rid of you, we would have done it along time ago. We are not evil minded like your sorry ass, good riddens TB. If you think Zuma is bad news, wait until we vote Malema president of this country…The only reason why black do domestic work is because we make up the majority of the country. If you want to prove that, go to America and London, and see who sweeps the streets and cleans the toilets…..

  330. When the going gets tough…the rats get going…..
    Well said…typical LEBURU.

    But anyway its about time..

    Oh wait, where will you go? Who do you know out there?…..they dont want your racist asses there….things have changed. Ask the Ausies what they think of white South African in Australia….

  331. This was a hit, plain and simple, a BIG F…. Y…. to the Boere of this country. Those kids were paid by someone to do this, and told what to do once they had killed him! How many farm murderers have phoned the police diectly after committing the murders, and explained that it was “self-defence” ? This was a political assasination, who is behind it ???? But there seems to be a concerted effort, especially in the past 2 months or so, to destabilise the country, with all the service delivery strikes and violent protests etc…. just not sure who is behind it all ?

  332. Why should we pack up and leave our country? this is our country as well and i dont care what anyone else says
    Read up on history and see where the black man really came from …from further up North, they got here running and warring after each kicked out of tribes and fleeing from their own people this started other tribes and they ended up here.
    “SO” now we share this beautiful country and must all try and get along……..and turn it into the great country it can still become.
    There are good and bad people in every race so lets try and take the good and make it work…..what we need to do is send thousands of e-mails and letters to Governments all over the world such as America, Austrailia, Canada ect. so they become aware of how serious the situation is and do something to stop the genocide of whites in South Africa……friends and family members that have immigrated should start campagnes and make people aware of the murders of our farmers and the genocide of whites.
    Dont anwer the idiots on this site that are saying hurtful things this will only get make you mad …ignoring these fools will really piss them off and they will say even worse things ..that will tell you they are “pissed off and then you know you getting to them……..they trying to get us so angry that we do something stupid so they can blame APPARTHEID… CRY RACISTS….AND POINT THE FINGER AT THE AFRIKAANER ( sorrry if the spelling of the word is wrong i speak Afrikaans well just not sure of the Spelling …what a beautiful language)…be proud of it.

  333. My deepset sympathy and condolences to the Terreblache family. This is indeed a shock and a big tragedy!

  334. TRUE.. fools who want to be seen and recognized shout louder and louder.. the rubbish they talk has to be more and more profane for people to hear and be shocked. good luck to you mr malema, you are saddling a horse that will drive you off a cliff.. Eugene died proving the excact thing he stood for. its up to every moral person to do what he can that is right and not be distracted by the cheap talk of fools..

  335. You f*cking idiot, they may be reservations but Native Americans aren’t forced to live there. And you are speaking something that happend up to 100 years ago and which the american people are forever apologetic and embarrased of.

  336. ET died asking himself the same question….the answer to that is simple. NEVER. You have issues with each other, do you think you can overcome those????

  337. More White Farmers Have Been Killed In South Africa Than U.S./NATO Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan. What is happening in South Africa is a war. The only problem is that only one side is fighting it under the disguise of “crime”. Over 3,000 farmers have been killed since 1994, never mind the others who were raped beaten shot etc. The ANC is in power and govern the country and allow the hate against every white person to fester. It’s not only the farmers that suffer under the violence but the ordernary South Africans accross the land. Just in case someone thinks this all just jaba jaba.

  338. ET decided a long time ago to live by the sword for his beliefs and so it’s no surprise that he died by the sword. I am amazed that he was not killed a long time ago considering the things he proudly did – he made no secret of his hate for blacks, no secret that he believed them to be no more than dogs on two legs and then what about his kaffir picnics. Do you think those picnics were about sharing a braai on a blanket? No, this man did his share of hating and killing and inciting others to join him and karma is a bitch. Being born again does not wash the blood from his hands.
    Whites did a lot for South Africa, but they did it on the backs of the blacks and coloured people. Apartheid was a convenient way to create a very cheap labour force. The money made by whites and their taxes went to keeping the country clean and tidy and that’s all the tax money was really used for. I liked it tidy too, but at the cost of the suffering of so many, that wasn’t right. It wasn’t used to educate the entire population, or to provide medical care, a transportation system, jobs training. The whites had a good thing going under apartheid with a large cheap workforce who went without basic human needs daily, and with no hope that their childrens lives would be any better. Whites killed and raped and abused blacks daily from the day they stepped into SA and took the land.And you want to proudly say, well, we give them food in the morning and a bit in the afternoon?
    How can you be surprised by the anger that you see now from the blacks. Generation after generation under white minority rule crushed the humanity out of so many human beings and now you ask “where’s their humanity?”. The crimes that are so rampant in todays SA are crimes of anger and I’m amazed that it isn’t worse. Generations of dysfunction passed down one to the other. Open your eyes to what Apartheid has really done. The daily humiliations. Calling a grown man “boy” in front of his son for eg., you have been treating people like dogs with the tone of your voice as you instruct them on what to do. It is unreasonable to expect the blacks to show any more humanity than they do.
    Most blacks still live the same way now as before ’94. Nothing much has changed in their daily lives, they also live with more crime and violence now than ever before. They still take a lot of sh*t daily and a thing like not being paid isn’t about the R600 – it’s about getting taken for a kak again, it’s about being made to feel helpless again, about going hungry again, about being humiliated again, it’s bigger than the R600, come on! The sad reality is that there’s no way to avoid the following: “you reap what you sow” and much hatred has been sown by the whites in SA!

  339. I think if terre had given back the land he stole from african people he would still be alive today ,i think the sooner certain sectors realise that your cant steal and oppress people forever in thyere own backyard the better for all.

  340. I agree with you I think Robert Mugabe is right too the only way to prevent all this mess is to redistribute wealth to its rightful owners what good is a country if foreigners to Africa are the on;y ones benefiting,the true owners of wealth are poor so give them what is theres and if they remain poor they were poor anywhere,someone talks about rape ,how many coloreds do we have today this is the product of terre blanche and his group rape victims any colored walking around must know that trying to be white is just adding insult to injury as you are most probably a descendant of a raped mother or daughter .It is time for the truth e rising of africans lets us own what belongs to us those who need it have to negotiate if you want to farm on my land you have to pay rent or negotiate with me dont tell me i cant use my land if if i cant it is still mine and you have no right to to take it.

  341. There’s one very important, HUGE thing that EVERYONE is forgetting: the only people who can speak with any authority about Eugene Terre’Blanche ARE THE PEOPLE WHO PERSONALLY KNEW HIM. How can any of you judge the man?! He was a HUMAN BEING. Every single time a HUMAN BEING dies we should all be sad, it should affect ALL OF US! If everyone saw this as the death of a HUMAN BEING, even if that person acted in a way you don’t agree with, then THERE WONT BE ANY BLOODY RACIAL TENSION! All of you are acting like idiots! Stop feeding the fire and grab the bloody buckets of water before everything burns down!!!!

  342. It’s a sorrow that the damn overseas Liberal trash blackened this great man’s name so bad. Everything he warned the world about of the ANC- came true. The same lame newspaper dogs that branded- and still brand ET as a “fascist/Racist/Neo Nazi…are now lambasting the current ANC regime for their balls-up of the country, the high crime rate- and the 3200 farm murders. We even have the bloody Communist regime in place as Eugene warned.

    Is it not weird- that all the un-enlightened liberal scum internationally are quick to tag anybody in S.A that does not agree with the dubious ANC’s “Free Mandela” policies as “Racists, Neo- Nazis, Far Right, ” etc – but accept Julius Malema’s hate -songs, farm murders, threats by the black regime-side kicks,corruption, etc? Shall we as Boers- also start tagging the international visitors here as – for example: A group of English people together- A liberal Network. A group of blacks together- A bunch of bandits. A group of Chinese together- A Communist Conspiracy. A lot of Yankees together – A CIA Conspiracy. A group of Dutch together- A Brothel. A group of Jewish people together- The MOSSAD, etc,etc,etc?

    I really think the International community is sick…very sick indeed- and need to have a deep look inside themselves before judging people. They were quick to act with the Hutu/Tutsi affair, The Zimbabwe affair, the Xenophobia affair where 5 people were murdered- but when 3200 productive farmers are maimed ruthlessly….eerie silence- and then some of you liberals still have the sick mentality to sneer at a man you do not even know..but merely read about him in your smear-tabloids? How sick are you really?

    At least Eugene had no blood on his hands like Mandela/Mbeki/Hani and the rest. At least he was not a rapist- like your current SA President hero. At least he had only ONE wife. At least he was God- fearing…but alas… your very sick and deraved world…you do not have these qualities…so you do not recognize them.

    I do not belong to the AWB- nor support all their points-of-view,- but my God….how can you liberals- especially England, Swede, Norway and Denmark – EVER point a finger? England have the worst human rights violation history of any nation- their bloody trials lay all-over the globe. In SA the murdered over 40 000 Boer women and children because the Boers gave them what-for on the battle-field- they had to revert to sick tactics by killing innocent women and children to force the Boers to accept their terms to steal our gold to their stupid island.

    Yet today- THEY are the biggest screamers for “Human Rights!!!?” They started apartheid with pass-laws when they bullied the Dutch here in Cape Town- THEY started slavery…but they want to come and holler about the Boers about “Apaaaathaaid?” Bloody deranged sick bastards! Next time before you start to cackle negative trash about then Boers…make sure of your facts. ET had more patriotism in his little finger that most yellow liberals had in their whole damn bodies. Pse respect the man for what he really WAS…and not what your trash media PORTRAY him to be.

  343. Just for the uninformed-The awb flag has nothing to do with nazi`s.It is three sewens put together is because there where seven founding members. –
    Condolences to all family and friends.

  344. Pay no mind to critical review (post number one) of your comprehensible report of this reprehensible crime.
    Especially, as pointed out earlier, when it is grammatical criticism of style while misspelling the word writing with the critic’s pen.
    My deepest sympathies to the surviving family and friends of the deceased.
    Thank you for all of your work you have done on this blog in the past. It has been an invaluable tool, driving information to millions in the yet free world.

  345. Preacher are you for real?? Which bible did you read exactly and which retard translated it for you? There is NO such reference to what u say in either the old or new testament. Dont use our God to defend your racist beliefs, its blasphemy you bigot..!

  346. Well said capetown girlie….I couldnt have said it better myself. ET dies and its a big boo hu. Farmers die every day, taxi drivers die every day, farm workers die every day so why make a fuss over ET?

  347. DEMOCRACY KILLS SOUTH AFRICA. Let’s look at this logically. The majority of South Africa, as a whole, is uneducated – refer to stats SA. Now the fundamental function of democracy is “Majority Rule”. Does any white educated person see the FLAW in this way of government?? Honestly, we are letting uneducated buffoons decide the fate of this “rainbow nation”. What the hell do these uneducated monkeys; know about a ‘quality leader’ and methods of ensuring security in this crime riddled country. We can’t drink out taps and electricity is just as much of a problem, never mind our roads. What are these uneducated, incompetent baboons doing with the MASSIVE TAX LEVY ON FUEL??????????????????Why the hell have they put up so many tolls when they take billions of rands per day from suppliers of fuel in the form of tax and RAF fees? This country is everyday becoming more and more like a location. Just the other day a black person pissed behind his x5 BMW on the tar of a parking lot, when a 4 star toilet, free to be used, was not even 150 metres away. I believe that Civil War is inevitable in this country, and Blacks like Julius are adding fuel to the white mans resolve to awake from their lethargy and fight back. He is awaking a sleeping GIANT.I am a white South African and have personally been attacked, robbed, shot at quite a few times, AND I KNOW THAT ALMOST EVERY WHITE HAS A STORY TO TELL. I speak to many whites every day, and all have had personal encounters and it just so happens that not one of the people I have spoken to have been robbed, shot at, or attacked by a white. I am sad at the news of ET being murdered, and send the family and the ‘boer’ people my condolences. I agree with the many comments encouraging the unification of the whites of SA. Zimbabwe is what happens when monkeys rule!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long before we end up like that? Thank goodness that our corrupt, greedy government are being handed so many bribes that they are not prepared to cut-off the WHITE money (bribes) from international investors totally. Unlike the dumb Robert Mugabe who now really needs the Whites help to restore that f*^(&)ed-up country that he so decently led to destruction. Oh, and by the way. Obama is not BLACK – His mother is a white women. Just shows how dumb these monkeys are who walk around with T-SHIRTS saying “The first Black American President”.

  348. cant believe we are still hearing this give us back our land bullshit..ever heard of zimbabwe?? white people control this country’s economy.. the whites leave and malema will be reading ‘running a country for dummies’ along with the rest of this ‘prosperous’ continent’s leaders.

  349. Dear “give us back our land asshole”
    “Our land…our land” This is no one’s land. This is God’s land. So what you are saying asshole….is that you will take this land when you die, put it in a Venter trailer and hook it to your coffin to take it with you. GET REAL!!!

  350. it is you blacks the Aussies dont want ..dont kid yourself where the hell are you from the Aussies dont like you lot one bit… to lazy just burn and break everything…and if they dont like us whites then who the hell cares

  351. Ek stem saam met jou TROTSE BOERE MEISIE. Wat het Jacob Zuma al ooit vir SA gedoen vandat hy as president gekies is, behalwe om ons belasting geld te gebruik vir sy kuiertjies oorsee. Nie eers sy so called “JZ hotline” werk nie.

  352. I feel Malema should have the mines, but he needs to realize gold does not feed a country, we do! So maybe he should start singing kill the British we are fighting about farmers here. You need us and you know it. Take the gold its nothing to us!

  353. It is not your land as for Mugabe he is a moron just like you …..
    You talk to much because you have a full stomach but when you hungry you will cry and beg white farmers for food …..that is why they stream across the border from all directions looking for work because they did not want whites around they now suffer…..they even try and cross to whitemans land on pieces of drift wood…..they come here because there still are whites holding this country together.
    Shows just how stupid you are to think coloureds come from rape are you racist towards them what have they done to you …..sis just look at you
    what do you think belongs to you so ignorant all you know is ……mine… mine… mine..… me… me….give..give..give.. dream on ….fool
    Well goodluck we not going anywhere and draw the battle lines if you want…by the way the Chinese are also here for a piece of the pie…and so are your neighbours from across the border you will all starve together.
    You still fed buy whites, here at home and abroad! FOOL..

    Well i am off this site the low intelligent levels are to much for me ….there is a saying
    never fear the uneducated as they know nothing
    never fear the highly educated because they know everything
    fear the half educated as they know nothing but think they know everything….with this i rest my case

  354. And you think that government gives a damn about you???

    When the time comes they will run like the rats they are. Check out what the overseas holdings of the ANC leadership stand at – They’re all ready to leave as soon as it gets too hot.

  355. Believe me Malema will not be running this country ..he will just take his millions and head for whitemans land and so will many other politicions ….if they make it out the country and dont get eaten up first.

  356. How do you plan to defend your family when the long knives come out and they become targets because they’re white?

  357. I live on this side of the world now, left SA over 5 years ago. I’ve also lived in the UK, Singapore and New Zealand. I’ve been warmly welcomed all over and everyone was very interested in what was really happening in SA. Curious though that wherever I went people had negative things to say about black South Africans, and how the crime rates went up when they moved in etc. etc. We’re hard workers, quite social, and generally well accepted wherever we go. I’d advise anyone who can to make the move. Life is so much better in Oz.

  358. Good grief another one of Malema skaapies… we can see why Malema uses his uneducted and half educated followers against the whites ….they have no mind of their own …that is why Malema smiles like that when he is giving a speach he looks at them and knows they to dumb to realize by shouting hate speach about the whites he can keep his skappies attention away from his MILLIONS…WHILE THEY HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THEIR NEXT MEAL HE IS CHOMPPING HIMSELF DIK ON “LEKKER STEAKS AND BEER…..Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  359. *Sigh* let me help you right,

    The Three Sevens emblem symbolizes the Biblical number of finality and final victory in and through Jesus Christ our savior. The number 777 stands directly appose to and in conflict with the number 666 – the number of the anti-Christ, and the beast in Revelations. The circle around the Sevens symbolizes movement forward and therefore eternal life in and through Christ. The red color symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ that was crucified on the cross for the sins of mankind. It also symbolizes the blood of Christians that were spilled by persecution for our believes and the blood of the Boer nation that was spilled in the struggle for freedom from domination.

    Got it now?

  360. It’s funny how you question the fact that Malema is seen a racist and then continue saying, ET was one AS WELL…Please explain to me (in your own words), if not racist, then what is the meaning of Malema’s “kill the boer” statement? To be honest, I was too young to really understand politics in the apartheid era. Thus, what I live for is the here and the now. At this point in time I see a nation, corrupt by want and greed, blind to justice,open to hate and missing the whole fucking point!!!

  361. Hi Tommy, can I tell you that if you were too young to understand the apartheid era, then you have missed out much as its here again but this time the tables have turned. The whites are getting the harsh side of the stick……

  362. Are you for real? Julius is a racist but lives in denial – at least Eugene Terreblanche was honest about his beliefs. Furthermore, Eugene stopped inciting people a long time ago…unlike Julius who’s incapable of stopping himself….
    If the shit hits the fan over this tragedy, Juilius and his ANC handlers will be squarely to blame. When Chris Hani was murdered, the great Nelson Mandela held the people of this country, black and white, together – Jacob Zuma can’t hold his fly together, never mind the people og his country.

  363. I dont get your logic. Are you telling me because you call ET a racist that we are not able to call Malema a racist as well? Read your statements before you push save.

  364. Agreed Nomhle. It still is disturbing in every way. No one deserves that type of ending. My thoughts go out to everyone and lets just try and make this country a better place, learning from our past and moving forward without revenge and hatred. The only way things will get better is if we all stand together without agendas and power fuelling peoples actions in such cruel ways.

  365. I will again say it….” HIS DEATH LEAVES ME COLD”…….does it make you feel better? He’s still dead…..Ziyawa eKasi tonight, come join us…there’ll be fireworks and braai in every house in my neighbourhood….Guys do you remember the song? Nantsi ndoda e’ manyam TerreBlanche…..Nantsi ndoda e’mnyama Terreblanche. Pasopa nantsi ndoda e’myama Terreblanche.

  366. braais?? You mean sitting around your ‘black’ pappot with your ‘karos’ around your shoulders. Yes man one boer, one lokasie!

  367. And I hope your fireworks explode and burn your sorry asses. No person with a shred of decency or humanity will celebrate the death of a person. You are the scum of the earth.

  368. WOW…i am appalled at what i have read on this blog so far coming from my black brothers and white neighbours. Have you ppl learnt nothing from the ideology that our great leader Nelson Mandela has tried to share. No race, gender or social class is better than the other. We need to learn how to co-inhabit with one another. As long as this country is filled with BITTER WHITES & GLOATING BLACKS who are clearly still plagued by the apartheid regime like most of you, this country will never move forward. GROW UP PEOPLE AND LEARN TO SEE BEYOND RACE…GOSH…ITS ABOUT FUCKEN TIME! (16YRS)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what are we teaching our kids? Are we just passing on the RACIAL mentality that has been enforced upon us by the oppressors? AFRICA was discovered by AFRICANS – PERIOD. Everybody knows the Koi-San ppl were the first to occupy SA.

    BARE IN MIND…history books were written by whites and OBVIOUSLY they will never paint themslvs in a negative light or admit to wrong doing, its only logical!

    REGARDLESS…it all happened for a reason. I just hope that all of your kids, assuming that you have, will not adopt some of the primitive train of thought and slave mentality that has been exposed here. THE ONLY ONES THAT HAVE NOT IMPROVED OVER THE PAST 16YRS ARE YOU – THE ONES WHO FAIL TO LOOK BEYOND RACE…SIS, U SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF URSLVS!!! please get over the slave mentality and get with the fucken times! we are tired of hearing the same old racial garbage!

  369. I’m shocked at what I read on this forum.

    All that I see is hate and racism. This is an embarrasment to South Africa and to the democracy that Mandela wanted for us.

    Just remember what you reap you shall sow and that counts for every South-Africa, regardless of your colour or religion. What is the use in pointing fingers and blaming each other? It is surely not going to solve anything.

    And I agree with you Nomhle, if you live by the sword, you’ll die by the sword. Nothing good can come from the way that we are currently treating each other.

  370. And by the way NO ONE deserves to be murdered..and no one human being should have right to murder anyone else…

  371. I agree – murder is murder. Doesn’t matter who gets murder. It doesn’t make it right if you don’t like the person.

  372. Anon ‘white’, I agree that “race” is not an ideal word to describe the complex concept that we are talking about -but to go the route of denying its existence altogether with the bland quoting of “lack of DNA evidence” is foolhardy. We ARE not the same and if we are not quite aware of all the biological causes that make “races”, that does not detract from the reality of their existences. If it walks like a duck etc. If there would be no (undiscovered) DNA or any other biological difference, how do you explain the fact that the Australian Aborigines have a (measurable) far bigger visual cortex -even if they grew up in an urban environment? They have a highly superior memory for landscape features and this had of course Darwinian survival value. In the desert, if the next source of water is 30km away, you’d better know how to get there. They also have a (measurable) smaller brain and a very low modal IQ.
    And the last white Olympian to win the 100m was a Soviet Block athlete, 25 years ago, likely shot full of all sorts of undetected chemicals. Blacks do not need such advantages, they naturally totally dominate the 100m dash. How do you explain this in the absence of a real biological advantage?
    Lastly, even one prominent discoverer of DNA and Nobel Prize winner, has decided opinions about “race”. Go to
    But if you want to argue, first read Herrnstein and Murray’s “The Bell Curve” and then we talk some more. Oh and “ethnicity” does not cut it at all. By a generally accepted definition of ethnicity we can have Jews who are blacks. How would that work? In being idealistic and noble in one’s thoughts, it would be useful not to lose sight of realities –however unpopular they may be.

  373. I guess in your really old language there is no distinction between a Doberman and an Alsatian, and no difference between a Hanoverian and a Brandenburger?

    They can interbreed, but are distinctly different races, each with their own physical characteristics, temperament and mental abilities. Some are, in general, smarter than others, and even though there are rare exceptions a German Shepard will generally be brighter than Pit Bull, and certain species of rat will have a a stronger smell than others. This is the way of the world – live with it – we’re different.

    The SA Boer is a new breed, with it’s own peculiarities (and some of us speak English – Wow, what a mindfuck?). We’re from very hardy stock – generally the outcasts from Europe, many of whom were either banished here or ran from something. We’re hard working and think faster than most on our feet. We tend to have faster reflexes than most other Europeans, and very good aim. We tend to be physically stronger than most other people of similar weight. We function extremely well under pressure, and stabilise from adrenal fluctuations very quickly. In short, as a species, we’re built for conflict, one of the main reasons the SADF and the Israeli Army were for long considered the two best armies in the world.

    It’s not a matter of supremacy. If we’re being systematically killed off, then at which point does enough become enough, and does our instincts kick in and we start fighting back?

  374. CJ I am with you!! If their youth can stand together, why not us! I will not be treated as if I don’t belong here!!!! It is my country as much as anyone and we will not be murdered because of it. Lets stand together and fight for what is ours.

  375. Shame and who will you be fighting exactly us ” blacks”? Shame. Are people forgetting who is head of SA Defense, Security, oh damn and the State as well? Its not Vervoed nor Malan nor Botha (both of them) anymore…..start anything and you will perish. Your only reason for survival in SA is Mandela…..otherwise you would have long disappeared,God knows where.

  376. There is one major flaw in your comment…

    “The element of surprise…”

    I don’t wish for a civil war to occur, however stating this because of what happend south africa has been placed on the highest list of unstable countries for foreign tourists, in the fear that such a civil war is going to start…

    You may as well say good by 2010 World Cup Soccer, if this is the way people are reacting and most likely start something even before the world cup, did you not think twice that this is exactly a reason why they have more than one country chosen to host …

    I can bet you with all this going on, that the second host is already preparing… and soon if not yet it will be annouced that the world cup will no longer be hosted here, if people don’t get their act together….

  377. Im not sure where you collect your facts from but you might just need to double check with the latest finding from the British Tourism board….they’ve revealed stats just a month ago regarding SA being the No. 6 tourist destination in the world. Do a clarity check before writing out stuff like that. You people are misleading your your ones. We are, according to them, said to be the safest destination for all tourists. Are you going to challenge them on that? Im in London at the moment and can send you the link to the site and the findings if you still need further clarification. I and alot of my buddies cant wait to get to SA for the WC. ET’s death doesnt shake the world nor move it. I am white and proud.

  378. What army , what police every thing is depleted nothing left no fuel to move and everybody is on pass or to fat to fit in uniform no combat experience the equipment poorly maintained or no operators so be careful. One mil hospital full of army HIV positiv freedom fighters. YEBO see you soon.

  379. You’d be surprise when I give you the latest figures\stats on HIV+ patients amongst whites. You guys wont come out with it but you dont realise that you’re killing your own nation. Blacks make up a majority in this country and whites are always thriving on their downfalls hence you know about our stats. We are not afraid to come out once inffected. But how many whites will stand up and say I have it too?…..OH No….what a disgrace you’d be to your own society? A lot of you will die before us looking at the ratio. All I can say is becareful which hospital you go to, there are a lot of intentional “mistakes” that can happen to people like you. Not that some of my colleagues havent done it before. . . LOL.

  380. No we can see who is the head of the defence force, security and the state as well…..they shoot their own people just in a simple excise and blame it on faulty equipment.LOL
    Security can not even protect themselves.
    As for the state speaks for its self
    We all hopeful that things will change for the better ….about the chief of police he seems to be an ok guy and dedicated to stamping out crime ..hope he succeeds.

  381. All i can say is what has happened to good, honest, kind, gentle and carring nurses
    Nurses that are proud of what they do
    as for your comment about intentional mistakes i will have it checked and let them know where we got the tip off…thanks

  382. Then why do you speak of “their youth” and you will not be treated as if you don’t belong here!!!!! All of us belong here. Perhaps we should all stand together as ‘one nation’ and campaign for the safety and freedom of all ‘OUR’ country’s citizens. It is exactly what our people need “PEACE”


  384. I agree, who do the beggars ask for money or food? They ask the white people, not their own black “brothers”. When there is suffering, floods, earthquakes who goes and help, WHITE PEOPLE. The blacks can hardly survive on their own and if we just close the tap they will soon come running “asseblief baas”.

  385. LOL you are a funny guy Tsietsi, please make more posts, I thoroughly enjoyed this particular one.

    Seriously though, SA defense? 70% HIV 30% undisciplined, no fuel for the broken down vehicles, by Security, I assume you meant the SAPS? lets not even go there. Air force, uhm, no pilots no fuel. Militia? I’m really laughing now. No one is forgetting who is the “head” of SA defense is, it’s Lindiwe Sisulu. Godfrey Ngwenya is the Chief and we all know who Nontobeko Mpaxa is and what her opinions are. Did you know the answer to that one? Do I win a prize for getting it right?

    Oh man! you made my day.

  386. It seems as if you acknowledge the fact that crime is high and obviously enjoy the reaping s of it. I cannot believe that you as a person can say that “is the way it is and just accept it”. You are no better than the old ways. The saying rainbow nation is a fast to pull the wool over the eyes of the world. You are in two minds in having a rainbow nation. In one line you say I will show you where Holland is and in the next breath you say its a country for both white and black. You are confused and should think before you right a comment. It seems to be a common thing in any SA debate. I just wish that South Africans can stand together and live for a common goal. Is that really so hard!!! But once again it is the so called speakers of the people that voice stupid remarks and they know that it will steer the different factions into disarray. They have there own agenda as to which direction the country should move. At the moment it is in the direction to destabilize the law and order of the country to make there own move into the arena. The government is very good at causing distractions in one area to have another cause pushed through. They have had good teachers namely the USA.

    In conclusion I would like to say this. Think before you do anything. Properganda is an ugly thing. At least try to know the facts of something before you do or say anything. Always remember there are people that will use this horrendous killing of TB for there own purpose. And innocent people that just want to get on and make SA work will become the victims of there chanting. The perpetrator’s will be brought to book.

  387. Why should we rebuilt what u idiots have destroyed in 10 years ?? U will go back to ur bush years 0f 100 years ago,so enjoy !!
    We will take it back when uve destroyed everything,then rebuild it,so WAKE UP ASREHLOE !

  388. yeah” thats it show the world the truth just how violent blacks really are and always have been…….you say whites must join the guy that left for Canada?….who will feed you and give you jobs and keep the wheels of this country turning ..not you thats for sure……and once again it is not your land you people came from further up North and because you’s were always bickering and fighting each other you’s fled to the South…..instead of burning your books try reading them for a change…it helps.

  389. You guys are just bitter that the first world cup in SA was brought by black management….afterall everything should come about whites right? You are just bitter…get over it. We did this all on our own and you are just jealous that the world will experience 1st class experience of our SA through us. You have probably tried during your autocracy to host such a prestige event but obviously failed becaue of SECURITY reasons and the ruling system in SA. Yes cricket and Rugby are big, but we all know they will never be as big as the FB World cup.

    This is just the start and more is yet to come…..we will do it with our without you. I dont burn books, I just feed them to dogs. Thats where all rubish belongs. So I support those who burn books written KAK in them, brainwashing the youth of this country and making whites look all supreme when they are nothing but thieves….the worst of them all. It there is anything worse that a thieve, is a lier……you lie to your children about their histroy, Damn you’ve lied to yourselves so much that you ended up believing your own made up stories. Did you think our ancestors would never live to tell us the untold stories? The real stories, of how this land was stolen from them. Not just the land but the cows, sheep, the minerals ……shame on you.

    We might have fled from the North, but we are still at home….we were once one before you people colonised our beautiful continent and created these boundaries which separated us blacks from one another and thereafter instilled hate in blacks. But guess what, we are now uniting as one. We are now embracing each other as the children of the soil, the generation of a blessed nation, the pioneers of civilazation.

    FYI: Im probably feeding your relatives as we speak….I will never allow myself to work for you. And nor will i allow my children to work for any white man…..Its not every black man that begs from you…just like its not every white man that beg in the streets of JHB, or DBN or CPT. I worked my way up and so do many black people, I get to choose if Iwant you people in my company or not…..And I doing just fine. ….I guess you have to report for duty on Tuesday….

  390. “GREAT” ANOTHER PINKY AND THE BRAIN!..the “world cup” WHOOPY-DO” who cares ? it is just another handout from whites what the hell do you think it is?get a flippin life! world cup but no food and housing?…you were born with hate no one had to instil anything “hell” you have been fighting and killing each other for decades.
    So you can choose who you want to employ…. who would want to be employed or do bussiness with someone who has a chip on their shoulder ….SHAME… I can see you obivouisly not use anything or you would not be going “I have my own business” LOL…yippy! Well as for the books we can see you feed them to the dogs “intelligent” try reading them …LOL and as for thieves lets not go there
    Well you might be doing just fine for now …. good luck… dont think it will last though …… there does not seem to be much between your ears..get yourself a white secetary to check your writting and spelling ….i have great respect for black and white who work for what they have “BUT! you it seem as if you got proberly got one of those handouts things from government one of those previously disadvanted things that get handed out…..LOL…YAWN …….must go and report for duty …i too have my own bussiness..ha ha ha …what a chop!

  391. by the way i know i spelt one word wrong you most proberly will not recognise it …..and the word is ….YES!!!!! ..come on you can do it ..yes? ..yes?
    oh hell forget it …what a waste of time!

  392. You don’t realise who the enemy is, do you?

    The whites you hate are just trying to etch out a living for themselves, as is everyone else in the country.

    South Africa has always been pillaged and stolen from by it’s colonial masters, and much more so since the black man took over. The Appartheid government for all it’s sins and misgivings fought this and managed to keep most of our wealth in South African hands.

    It was the Dutch East India Company, then the British that have been raping this country (and America, although most of that money goes back to the UK and Holland). So yes it is correct to direct your anger to white people, but not those battling to survive in the same sinking ship as you. It has always been about taking resources out of Africa and back to Europe.

    After sanctions were lifted and the ANC took over most of our major companies were allowed to relocate to London, so now even the resources still in the ground are owned and managed from the UK. This is the reason the ANC was supported and allowed to take control, and the reason why they are still allowed to do as they please right now – what they are taking is paltry in comparison with what’s allowed to leave our shores and never return. The leaders of the ANC and anyone else who profits from the impoverishment and genocide of an entire continent are your immediate enemy, and their puppet masters in Europe your ultimate foe.

    All this racial discussion is just a distraction. The white man you refuse to work for is not your enemy – he soon will be when you guys get your way and civil war erupts. People fight back when their freedom and security are at risk, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

  393. Have you ever been to South Africa Sarah L? I wonder where you are from so you can speak so vehemently about being civilised. South Africa is still a young democracy – where democracy was reached without civil war I might add. No person with any kind of intelligence and interest in world news can or should compare South Africa with Zimbabwe – especially those who have not had the privilege to visit either place. Please let me know where you are from – maybe I will then be able to point out your own country’s backwater beginnings to bring your egotistical self down to where informed humans dwell.

  394. Sarah L please donate that brain to science that should keep them busy for the next few years trying to figure it out ..or is it that your brain is brand new and never been used…maybe you just smoking that whacky wheat again?

  395. I wouldn’t call my self a writer and certainly wouldn’t attempt to write in my second language without it being reviewed by a peer. The article has fortunately been updated and my original comment is no longer valid. I think the publication made more effort to get the news out fast over accurate responsible and good journalism.

  396. please translate this crap I cant understand a word. If you are going to write something don’t hide behind a language nobody understands

  397. Is this not typical of us,the wihte so called Afrikaner ?Still fighting amongst ourselves about,the little things like styles of writing.Wow people wake up!!!!!
    The time has come to rise !! bedamned with Uhuru !! Lets beat them to it !! YOU KNOW WHAT HAS TO BE DONE !!!

  398. Ek stem volkome saam. Die geveg is nie tussen ons wat nie kan spel nie. Dis hoekom die land in sy dinges in is, want die wit mense staan nie saam nie. Elkeen is te besig om in sy klein hoekie na sy eie belange om te sien. Skrik wakker mense en staan saam!

  399. Who fought for the American indians? They were wiped out. I don’t want the same thing to happen to the boers.
    No one ever thinks of this massive slaughter.
    But we remember the holocaust and we celebrate black history month.
    White south africans need the rest of the world to wake the fuck up.
    30 years ago some terrible things happened but the world has moved on since then.
    Right now there is a quiet war going on and when a man stands up to defend himself he is called a racist.

  400. If these people are so unhappy in South Africa or Africa for that Matter why not PACK AND RETURN WHEREVER YOUR ANCESTORS CAME FROM?Leave Africa to Africans.

  401. goed en wel.
    maar dink terug aan jou geskiedenis.
    alvoorens elke groot gebeurtenis in ons volk se bestaan was ons verdeelt.
    die grootste verdeeltenis was net voor bloed revier. en kyk duisende kaffers het gevrek aan die hand van n paar boere.

    maak dit jou nie opgewonde ten opsigte van deesdae se gebeure nie.
    druk die boer….
    julle gaan almal kak…

  402. think of it in persentigase
    the nazis kiled +-25%of all the worlds jews
    lord jameson, kritsinger, rodes and the oter brittish fuckers killed 85% of our nation and still to date that was the most expencive war that the brits ever lost
    now the kaffer want to pick up where they left off
    fuck the kaffers we wil take them on when they come.
    we won at bloedriver and we will win them again

  403. ja dus tyd , maar die wit afrikaners is almal groot bek ,maar as dit by doen kom hardloop almal huis toe , braai ,suip brandewyn en moer hulle vrouens.raak fokken wakker en staan n slag saam anders kak ons almal .

  404. Yes,its time for action.
    The Terreblanche family and all the other victims of this hatespeech in SA under ANC rule should start a mass civil class action suite against Malema and the ANC youth league.
    If done properly the money from the law suite should be enough to buy a Volkstaat.

  405. oh god i’m so glad i don’t spend time in south african websites and live in cape town. why is everyone always so angry? how does it help them?

  406. Well, we may suck at spelling but since we’re all passing comments successfuly on this site, at least we can all add…lol! 3+1=4

  407. I know that what I am about to say will probably incite most of you to climb down my throat, but it should nevertheless not be left unspoken. I have read most of these comments and it breaks my heart. I fully understand why God has spoken out in anger against the human race, being sorry that He made us. I read the comments of the white readers and feel the heartache bursting out of me when some of you speak out in your own anger, although fully understandable, calling people horrible names and cursing them because they have spoken out in their anger and hurt. You call them pricks and arseholes amongst other worse things, and claim that they are illiterate because they are not as fluent in the language, forgetting that English is their third language in many instances, although it is our second, and in the same paragraphs you make gross grammar or spelling errors. I read the comments of the black readers and feel pain in my heart because you hate most of us so much, even though you have no knowledge of many of us who also cried out at some of the horrors committed for political reasons. Everytime a person dies, it is a tragedy, and someone suffers for different reasons. How many times does a person die and nobody cares or notices? Sometimes there is foul play which cannot always be proven, and sometimes there is coincidence. But when did all of us get so clever that we become outspoken as if we all were witnesses to the crime? I bet that more than 60% of all comments on all these pages are based on perception rather than fact. Whether a crime was politically or otherwise directed, is not the point that I am trying to make, but that we tend to abuse the opportunity to have our say to cause even more strife. I love this country more than anything, and the thing I love the most is the diversity, the unique character made up of so many different things. It is my firm belief that this country was built by both black and white. If you try to say otherwise and start calling me names too, feel free, but I truly don’t think that there exists a person, black or white, who has the abilities to know every fact of every single happening as if he or she was there. What is of great concern to me, is that these sites are being manipulated and used by people to have a platform on which he or she can have the freedom to bluntly and carelessly take down the dignity of another person by name-calling and then proclaim him- or herself a better educated person. I am not going to use terms like audacity or the like, as I feel unable to experience the same anger as yourselves, although I will never claim to not understand the emotions. I have also been motivated by and let down by people of all colours and races, I had to work on understanding and forgiveness and maybe many people will have to forgive me. So I am not asking you all to stop and look at yourselves – it would be senseless. I am praying to the almighty God who is the Creator of all of us, who did create us equal, to keep us all strong during all times of heartache and hate, and help us to forgive everyone, including ourselves, and look up to Him for the answers. I believe that God has counted each hair on each of our heads, and nothing happens to any of us without Him knowing and crying with us. And before any of you start cursing God, please do not, because whether you believe in Him or not, does not make a difference to the fact that He exists. And the only reason why He does not always step in, is because of our human nature to turn our backs on Him and what He planned for us, and when our world comes apart at the seams, then we are angry at His non-interference. Dear God, I ask you to forgive me if I have said anything to anybody in such a way, even though not meant, that may make them feel hurt or angry. Please come, Lord, and calm us, and ease the pain that each of us feel. Help us stop our selfish ways and our hatred of everyone who is different from us, and make us see how much the same we are, how we look the same when we love and laugh and how we look the same when we cry. I pray that you all will understand and believe how deeply I feel your pain, each one of you, that this letter is done out of love, a love that is born out of pain for the black and white people in this beautiful country.

  408. Beautiful words. And will they save your family when things turn violent, and they will, and they start hacking apart everything white?

  409. I have the utmost respect for the true ‘Boer’, the one’ s who kicked my forefathers arses in the Boer war(at least until the Poms played dirty). So I ask you all, where has the Boer gone. I think a civil war will be a complete cockup, but when is someone going to stand up and say STOP? If you have a problem with what Malema is saying, don’t go crying to the courts, stop the DOOS. Gee hom ‘n bietjie lood. Thats what these bliksems understand, not court orders!
    It’s time that ‘Commando’ (Denys Reitz) was read by all white south africans so we can remember where we came from. Now help us, before I have to bugger off to Australia like all the other Rooineks.

  410. Amen, freakin amen. I am currently applying for my dual passport to bugger off to Aussie or NZ if that Malema chop comes into power.


  412. What a shame South Africa. I’m a white South African (Afrikaans speaking) and has never, never been a racist, but what is happening with our beautiful country. Our Nation is falling into hatred and deeply divided racial rhetoric.
    Why is the hate and racial non-tolerance destroying our future, why do the government let this happen? Pers. Jacob Zuma said that South Africans should not allow provocateurs to take advantage of this situation by inciting or fuelling racial hatred, but why is he not doing something with Julius Malema calling for whites to be murdered???????? .
    To be very honest about South Africa and its future, it is failing the world. With this kind of killings and hatred we will be a war-torn country very soon.
    To sadden me most, I have responded in a similar way on another blog and within 10 min I have seen a comment from a Black person saying and commenting on my comments: Quoted:
    “F……… white bastard, we will kill you all. Run from AZANIA, we will kill all of you. We are glad that your BOER is dead, we will rape you and chop you up. The war starts now and we are glad we have leaders like Malema……VIVA, VIVA, the ANC, MALEMA. we will die and fight the boers”
    This is shocking after more than 16 years of freedom in my country. You know what, I have no choice to ensure that my small children are safe in another country. Shame on you that made that remarks and fuelling hatred in our country.
    I’m ashamed to be called a South African when our fellow Black South Africans (like the one quoted) fuel hatred and are under the influence of so-called leaders such as Mr Julius Malema.
    Shame on you.

  413. With regards to the Carte Blanche program aired on 4 April 2010:
    The publicist commented that violent crimes are not solely committed against “white” people, but that atrocities of equal or greater magnitude are committed in any given social sphere in the Republic. This fact is undisputable. However, two factors require closer consideration.
    Firstly, when taking the demographic composition of South Africa into account, the number of violent crimes are mainly committed, per capita, by African males. To the argument that these people resort to crime due to a lack of education and economic disadvantage because of the Apartheid regime, I state the following question: Is it necessary to rape, maim or brutally murder one’s victim for the purpose of monetary gain?
    Secondly, it is a moral matter of whether Julius Malema is willing to risk instilling hatred in the hearts of impressionable followers. It is undeniable that, although not empirically possible to prove (such as the case with criminal statistics), the possibility none the less exists that the comments made by him to the public will provide strong incentive to “kill the boer”.
    If Julius Malema is willing to live with this moral burden (and even welcome the consequences of it as I suspect), what can be said of the moral values underpinning our country’s political leaders? After all, he is kept in his current position of power due to the neglect of ANC leaders to take appropriate procedural action against him for his blatantly irresponsible behaviour.

  414. Just as the taxi gangsters and other blackmailing buggers have realised, this soccer world cup has put the eyes of the world on us, and we should milk it while we can. When those tourists are getting off their planes they should be greeted by a 1000 protestors with rape and murder sign boards held high. Every soccer match needs to be well supported on the streets by silent protestors, let them see we can dance in the streets too. Where is my leader?

  415. Good ridance. The world is better without trash like Eugene. May he be in hell as we speak burning forever for all his past misgivings.

  416. There was a moment on carte blanche tonight that summed up the mentality of non whites in south africa.. forgive me for not knowing the exact details of who the two interviewees were but in this case its besides the point. The one guy was a white afrikaaner and the other a coloured guy and i was under the the assumption that they were independant of the political parties involved in this debate. tHe white guy was insisting that Julius Malema was encouraging violence against white afrikaaners through hate speech, to which the coloured guy responded that the black community is equally affrcted by violence in this country (very true, but wondering off the topic of hate speech against afrikaaners). The white guy re-itterated his point that this is not about violence in general but rather the very public threats made towards the boers at malema’s rallies and the tolerance of hate speech! And this is where i wanted to die of frustration: The black presenters goes onto ask the white guy, but is that not what terreblance was famous for??… it was as if he was challenging the white guy to defend terreblance.. like kids arguing the fact that your guy did it first white, so why cant oursy! JUST BECAUSE HE WAS WHITE DID NOT MEAN HE SUPPORTED THE FUCKING AWB OR THEIR SCREWED UP IDEALOGY!!!!!! the guys of colour were completely disregarding the very fair point the white guy was making and made it a race issue.. it was so very childish and primitive, masked by good vocab. I realised then that they were the one with the race issues not the white and that largely applies the majority of non whites in sa.. they are the ones with issues and the chip on their shoulders.. white ppl are too shit scared to utter a word in fear of being accused of racism but a senior black politician gets away with ludicrous hate speech.. can anyone say INFERIORITY COMPLEX!

  417. I am also not an AWB supporter, but to my dismay I went ont their website ( ) and learned some very interresting things there about the AWB Logo; and a lot of other things that realy made me feel like a fool. Please check it out for yourselves before you throw one more stone

  418. stupid bitch

    did you not read the previous comment by your brother…

    REVOLT is FUTILE. Just wait your turn. OK?

  419. Dont be insulting. It is time to stand up for our rights, our companies, our farms, our jobs, our schools, our religion, our families. As we sit back we will have everything we have worked for taken from us by the corrupt sons of Satan who care nothing for their own people but only for their own enrichment. Time is drawing near for the return. In the words of my mother’s language Ons Konig Kom and this time it is not to save it is to judge and all those who who fail him will fall and be burnt in hell. (for you who believe in the spirits, that means he will eat your soul and spit out the kak of your humanity)

  420. Dont take matter into your own hands this is what they want violence is not aways the way to solveing things….the best way is to get farmers to stop giving truck loads of free food to black feeding organizations….why feed the masses when they calling for your blood…feed educate, and help your own people let the government, malema and the minister of land reform clothe and feed the masses when ever they speak they talk about …our people “NOT” all South Africans …we excluded any old clothing, furniture anything that can be used… tear up burn or donate to poor whites.
    One minute they for you so as to get something ….the next they against you calling for your blood!

  421. open your eyes ringpiece . When last did a white or BOER as you so aptly put it kill a black ? And when last did a white kill a white ? Nearly all the killing is done by blacks . Fucking wake up shit for brains

  422. The black 3 year old child, he then claimed “he thought it was a monkey” – the Boer who threw his farm worker in a pen of lions, to name several.

  423. Keith, mate, We dont want you here, stay in SA and sort your mess out first before showing your faces here. We’ve taken enough deservering immigrants already. Australia is not a charity organisation…..stay @home and sort your mess out, which you solely cooked. Why does everyone think Australia is home for the “nowhere to go”? Esp. South Africans?

  424. Maybe we (South Africa) should have followed your example and issued licences for hunting indigineous people of this country! Or maybe put them into reserves as the Americans did. Instead we gave them medicine, education (admittedly very limited) and employed them. Your forefathers were mostly “undeserving” people any way – weren’t the most of them convicted criminals!!!

  425. listen u stupid fucking kangaroo !! ure the offspring off criminals evryone knows it,u play shit rugby,cricket and u hunted aborigines so fuck u.dnt come to s.a. EVER CAUSE U MAY BECOME A STATISTIC.
    OR please visit so we can kick ur ass !!!

  426. First of all Bryn, who made u president if Aus? Secondly, we don’t ask you for anything if we want to move to Aus. We don’t take your food from your mouth if we move to Aus. Lastly…….why don’t you come and spend a couple of months here in SA on a farm. I can assure you, by the first signs of an attack you will shit your lovely Ausie boxers. You don’t have an idea what South Africa is all about. This is a beautifull country, but wouldn’t you want to keep your wife and children safe?

  427. this is not aparteid any more!!!!!! aparteid is over more that 15 years ago at least for the whites!!! but the way black people in this country is carrying on, it seems that aparteid has turned the other way!!!!!!

  428. I’m don’t live in South Africa, but watch what’s happening closely.

    Don’t you understand that they’re thinning you out slowly, taking your leaders – by violence, financially through BEE etc. and politically. If you don’t stand up soon and actively (yes violently) fight for your rights to live a free, safe and independent life, the opportunity will soon pass.

    These creatures are savage and only concerned with their own survival at a basic level, the country has no hope as long as they’re in charge. In America we dealt with the Indians since day 1 and they’re no threat, likewise in Australia. In South Africa you made the mistake of thinking you could live with them, that they’d be useful as labour – that experiment failed. Feeding, clothing and educating them was a time-bomb ticking away and it blew in your face, now the problem is almost too big to deal with.

    Luckily they have no real vision or direction beyond their own greed and survival, and this short-sightedness is your greatest asset. If the Afrikaaner nation can once more stand up as a united force with a common goal and vision of creating a new and great nation of liberty and opportunity, then you will be able to do what your forefathers failed to do in the first place.

    This racism will not stop. It is the most natural thing in the world. It is an engrained part of our psyche as human beings to emotively compete – weather it’s one team against another, family feuds, or rivalry between colleges – we need to feel superior to our rivals. It won’t stop. Racial competition is just pronounced because we look and smell different, so you can’t just change teams at will and defence of your race becomes engrained in every person from a young age.

    This means that as long as there are 2 blacks left they will at some point collude and consider ways to undermine and kill the white people around them, because they think in terms of basic physical needs and urges.
    Put 2 white people together and soon enough they’ll be figuring out ways to get the blacks around them to do work for them.

    This can not be a half-arced effort again. As long as a few remain they will rise to become a problem. Take back your country totally and get rid of the colonial masters pulling their strings and raping your country of every natural resource you have. Do you have any idea how much they’ve (the ANC have) willingly allowed to be removed from your country while you were arguing about who did what and when?

  429. do not judge or you will be judged. no race is perfect or better than the other.please stop calling people names.we are made in the image of order for this world to become a better place,Love, Forgiveness & Peace must take place.stop swearing, calling other races names and insulting each are not benefiting anything.Let God judge.



  431. The comments and messages on these pages are in some instances, appalling and disgraceful, and the program owner should not allow such disgusting language and comments to be made as they are “hate speech” and do nothing but cause racial tension and hatred. Is that what you are all about? Swearing and the use of profanities is done by the uneducated and dim witted, as they know of no other way to express themselves. No wonder most of them wish to stay anonymous.

  432. Yes, the rest of the world is watching over us for quite some time. And know we are at a turning point. They had their chance and messed up. The world is no longer on your side. We have wrongs on both sides, the difference is that we can control and handle those people and situations and correct, you can’t. Your norm is corruption, murder, stealing, develish behaviour and you can’t control it, it is in your nature. But this is where your democratic power lies, with all these useful idiots. But eventually you will destroy yourselves with your wicket behaviour.


  434. Mr. Black-Lawyer-Wannabee living in England,

    Why should we envy you? As a self professed “educated, wealthy” black man, you are still a sad little black runt. What does that say about your uneducated bretheren? Even YOU are disgusted by your unwashed tribesmen. Why do you not practice law in Zimbabwe, or Burundi?? Do you hate the blacks??

    You are NOT the cream of the crop as you think. More like the fly on the turd…..

    The Boers and English had a war of note, in which many unspeakable atrocities were committed against the Volk. Yet WE managed to move on, but you blacks are incapable. Decades after you turned your own independent countries into shitholes, you still blame the colonials?

    But then, I am wasting my time. I will propably get a more intelligent reply from my 3 year old than from you.

  435. A MUSKET?….YOU NO LAWYER AND NO ONE IS GREEN WITH ENVY …….and youare not educared
    Mmm …maybe half educated A lawyer my arse”BOY! you a refugee in a forign land living on hand=outs from the salvation army and begging from whites in the street..LOL and polishing their shoes….
    and if you want to see vile look in the mirror…….and its not just about E.T YOU EMPTY HEADED SHIT BARREL

  436. Retaliate

    Thats all i have to say to every boer , forget diplomacy this an attack on every white person living in south africa men of south africa i say to you now go to arms let this go no further.

  437. Black-Lawyer-Wannabee,

    Why did you not go study in the Congo, or Burundi, or C.A.R…..?

    Why did you not become a WITCH DOCTOR – the “highest” form of “learning” your race has ever achieved? ( Dokta DooLove, herping yous wif Bad lack, Tokoloshe, Man Trables, and Lost lavvas. – Sound familiar, King Mussabe?)

    Why did you have to strive towards A WHITE EDUCATION to satisfy your own ideals??

    I live in MY country of origin – Suidwes Afrika (Namibia in Baboon Language) – I dont visit MY country like a wanker with a “difunctional member” does a prostitute 3 times a year…

    Enjoying yourself in the White Civilization?? You could have the same, and better, in Africa, IF you left the evolutionary superior race in charge.

    BTW – I would like to see you proove your self imagined superior education / intellect. I’m not un-educated myself, you know

  438. Dear suidwes boerseun




    ‘BOY!!!you must be speaking from experience seeing your nation like to fuck their goats and rape their own mothers and grannies…..????????

  440. It does`nt matter what country you`re in You may be out of the bush But dude you will remain a bosaap !! And unfortunately for you no education or money can change that .LOL !!!

  441. Black-Lawyer-Wannabee,

    Why did you not go study in the Congo, or Burundi, or C.A.R…..?

    Why did you not become a WITCH DOCTOR – the “highest” form of “learning” your race has ever achieved? ( Dokta DooLove, herping yous wif Bad lack, Tokoloshe, Man Trables, and Lost lavvas. – Sound familiar, King Mussabe?)

    Why did you have to strive towards A WHITE EDUCATION to satisfy your own ideals??

    I live in MY country of origin – Suidwes Afrika (Namibia in Baboon Language) – I dont visit MY country like a wanker with a “difunctional member” does a prostitute 3 times a year…

    Enjoying yourself in the White Civilization?? You could have the same, and better, in Africa, IF you left the evolutionary superior race in charge.

    BTW – I would like to see you proove your self imagined superior education / intellect. I’m not un-educated myself, you know….

  442. Stop feeding these agressive blacks …what ever you dont want burn it or give it to white families That are in need and those that still send in truck loads of food after this …sorry but you then deserve what you get….
    my daughter’s domestic worker got tons of good clothing, bedding, curtaining, baby clothing,even furniture every year…and xmas bought presents for her kids and a large food hamper…..but i put a stop to that now….now i will collect from all the family and donate it to poor whites only. and we have agreed money spent on the gifts and food that was that was bought for them will go for paint and other hardware to help fix some old or poor family’s home….let the government and Malema feed and cloth the masses
    If other whites do the same we can uplift our own poor people!!
    The food i put out for the bin scratches will be chopped up for stray dogs or liquidised and poured down the toilet or drain
    Whites must teach their own people crafts and skills and those that have and can should sponsor schooling and sport.
    So they want black farmers thats good …it should be mixed but they must learn as the white farmers did…on their own and through their own mistakes…there was no one to hold the white farner’s hand….they battled on alone.
    One day when their is no affirmative action and BEE and whites are made to feel part of this country of ours then decide if you want to help
    UNTIL THEN GIVE NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  444. Wannabee-Lawyer,

    Its past your bedtime. You argue like a child, hence I have to surmise that you are ideed a child.

    Go play on the Ben Ten website or something. We grownups are not impressed by your semian ( that means like a monkey, ….monkey) antics.

    Nighty Night, dont let the Bed bugs bite…..

    Kap sy kop af, gooi hom in die sloot…..
    tel tot tien dan is hy dood.!!

  445. Hi Wanna-be lawyer,

    Please stop writing on this web site, you are wasting our time and we are frankly not interrested in you…..or what you do…..or how much money you make. We are talking about life, murder, rape, racism all that important stuff, and all you want to talk about is yourself. We do not want to hear it, thank you. So go away, you do not even live in this country any more, so why do feel your contribution is nesecary? If you were half the person that ET was, you would have kept your stupid comments to yourself. I am sure that should he walk in to your bedrood at night while you are sleeping, you would have shit yourself!!!!! Why not have said anything while he was alive? To scared maybe?? Now that he is gone, and our white people are still in shock and trying to get to terms with what happened, how two little barbarics (your tribe) hacked him to death, pulled down his pants to expose his genitals…… that says a lot about people like you. You will know one day that God watches you, and I am sure that the devil will welcome you with open arms, and then you can be f…… in die ass.

    So go back to your studies, it does sound like you still have a lot more to learn…………

  446. LOL..aagh shame are we hitting the right spot….it is in your culture to screw ones sister, rape your mother your granny,
    and your goats dont go on guilt trip just stop doing it it is wrong…LOL
    And as for the beard do your nation not have beards? or do you think you above your own people just because you managed to make it to white shores on a piece of drift wood?….
    No matter what you say or how you try and hide it you are being fed by the salvation army and begging in the streets….you go on, and on about being so highly educated.LOL just wait a moment i can’t stop laughing……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..the only reason you speak to anyone in ………..wait for it….”COLLOQUIL TERMS” LOL…OR DUMB IT DOWN IS SO THAT YOU CAN TRYYYYYYYYYYYY AND UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU YOURSELF ARE TALKING ABOUT.
    You go on about the same thing ….”BOY!!!!!tou have no brains and NO! education… go take your stollen supermarket trolly and go what you do best pick up scrap off the streets ….hehehehehehehe…..sorry there are no goats for you to screw there but try one of thoses big yellow halloween pumpkins make a hole in it …hey you can sit whole night………and pretend you a well educated lawyer and “a partner in your own firm” hahahahahahaha
    I am not grieving and i am not even a boer???????????????/ LOL…so go pump some air up your arse and float away “MR WANNA BE HIGHLY EDUCATED LAWYER”!!!! hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  447. To WANNABE Black ass lawyer

    Firstly take that bloody big log off your shoulder. You seem to have a very big problem with education. Why don`t you use some of that big bucks you apparently earn and help your own kind so that they can stop expecting it from the educated whites.Secondly if us whites did fuck our sisters at least it would`nt be classed as beastiality (boggom ) LOL !! If it was`nt for the educated white man you would still be running around in the bush wearing a loin cloth and dying of hunger and disease. (WHICH COULD ACTUALLY BE A GOOD THING , EEN PAPVREETER MINDER )

  448. ” Enigneers from the Netherlands designed Soccer City “.Well again this shows how SA is losing out.SA’n engineers left SA coz they had the skills needed overseas and money to immigrate.However their knowledge were acquired in SA.Each taxpayer contributes to every level education of acheived anyone,so by leaving the country,the mother counntry misses out on years of investment in education.Please this is a useless,senseless point,that only shows how the whites are again letting SA bleed.There are heavy restrictions on whites leaving,only becoz every taxpayer contributed to their education and the country needs this expertise.A lot of people think it’s becoz whites have a superior intellect,not at all.

  449. Guys, after all this is said and done, kiss and makeup for fuck’s sake! Geez, you acting like a bunch of high school kids! Bottom line is, whether you like it or not, you are ALL South African’s, a sad but true reality…

  450. YEAH ..MAYBE BUT THIS IS ONE WAY OF RELEASING FRUSTRATION ..ITS BETTER THAN GOING TO BEAT SOMEONE TO DEATH ….and anyhow we dont always get to talk to a “WANNABEE” lawyer.this is such fun because he is showing how intelligent he really is every time he opens his mouth!!……all that comes out his mouth is “F…ING ONES SISTER “……….SO I GUESS HE IS MISSING HIS?
    Have a nice day…

  451. If Eugene Terreblanche was a White supremacist, then Julius Malema is a black supremacist. Then by default that makes Julius Malema a racist.
    Another question, who did Eugene Terreblanche kill? We know who winnie killed. we know who robert mc bride killed.

  452. HA.HA.HA.HA.HA.HA.HA………HEY BOY!!!!!!!! Geewizz! dont feel bad maybe one day you might be a “highly educatcted lawyer! ….so keep smoking that whacky wheat” and carry on dreaming now take your stolen supermarket trolly and go and do some begging and stop wasting our time with your stupid day dreams. LOL
    refugees need to also earn their keep ….it is a good thing those kind white folk allow you to breathe the same air as them.
    I think you not even in the UK you sitting some where wishing you were….hehehehehehehe now go suck on “MAMA’S TIT” little “boy”
    What are you talking about? you the one that can’t seem to get over his death. its as if you still scared of him ……foooooi tog!….be at peace”BOY” he is. LOL

  453. What this teenager Wannabee Lawyer does not understand is this:

    He CLAIMS we are useless, unshaven, beggars etc. Yet his tribe still needs Affirmative Action, BEE, BBBEE, and whatever combination of “B’s” and “E’s” to compete…….

    Pretty pathetic, heh?

    Also, it took only 1 of us to opress 10 of you, to the point where international sanctions was needed to help your sorry race. How’s THAT for pathetic??

  454. I’ve just been reading all this absolute childish, brainless rubbish, which must surely be by children or teenagers who really need to get out and socialize more often. Surely, if you’ve got nothing sensible or worth saying, it’s best to say nothing. I’m quite sure that if you were face to face with each other rather than hiding anonymously in the internet, it would be very different. Reading some of the absolute poisoned tripe above I can only assume that you are all a bit sick in the head and actually deserve each other and the fates you wish on each other. Good luck – you all need it. I’m outta here – it’s too degrading.

  455. You the one that can’t seem to let it go …i think you still scared of him … never mind dont be scared little pikkie…..better hang a piece of pork by your bed or around your neck or a horse shoe above it …he might just be standing by your bed tonight….better leave the lights on! Mr WANNABEE LAYWER!…………..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…listen for those creaks and things that go bump in the night “BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  457. And so we can all see that this poor excuse for a ‘civilized man can only curse us Boers, the sad reality is that you have yet to break free from your slave mentality, your bigotry and your arrogant and ignorant assumption that the Boers of this country owe you anything and lastly that we a Boer nation do not fear the illiterate hordes that bay at our heels. If you can read or perhaps you have an F in woodwork, perhaps you should go re-read your history and learn how the Boers against an outnumbered force triumphed over adversity. That dear boy is what is known as white pride, it is something that your culture lacks, you are an excellent example of the moral decay in our land. You are the product of your own demise and will rejoice when the day comes when you realize that all is lost.

  458. Eugene Terreblanche murder is not the problem neither was he the problem. Its just a point where everyone realises how bad things are in South Africa. The question of maybe being just like Zim has come and gone. We there. Like I said before the ANC and affiliates never stopped the war, they just never told anyone.
    Statement issued by the ANC Youth League, April 8 2010

    Ban the song – they still think the same and act the same and why – “White hate”

  459. Gee? what happened to everyone …just when we were having fun with that “BRAINLESS WANNABEE LAYWER”…..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Never laught like that for a long time ,,,,guess he is also one of those “Maaaaalemaaaaaaaaaa skaapies”…LOL

  460. The Black Lier, uh, sorry, Lawyer is not completely stupid.

    He is clever enough to realise that he was defeated in a battle of wits by the Superior Ones.

    Thats not the only battle we know how to win…………

    Or maybe he got fresh with a Boere Meisie working in the UK, and she bitch slapped the little runt ot of his tree.

    Get well soon??

  461. Did anyone see how Malema treated that reporter?? With our “white tendies” he said? And not to mention the “bastard” part, I was shocked!!!

    How is it that he can do all that he is doing without getting in any trouble?

    And what happend to our “wannabe lawyer”, maybe lost in translation??????

    Just imagine he was our president!!!!!!

  462. There can only be one God, the living God of Israel. One day evrybody will be judged before His Great White Throne. We cannot judge on the things that are going on in our land or on that which others have done. The spirit of crime, murder, etc. is moving through our land. Many black people is also being murdered on a daily basis by their own people. Those responsible for crime, murders, etc. will eventually pay the price if they do not repent. Yes, many people are not sharing and do not help their neighbours to thrive. Your wealth might be a draw back when you depart from this earth as you cannot take it with. What will remain, is waht you have done for or maybe against people. I have helped many poor black people in life and still do. I do not intend doing harm to anybody. I am placed in South Africa by God an would like to stand in front of his throne, clean when I die. On which road do you intend going, what is your view of your final destiny? Time is short and many have already died. You still have time to pull your self together now. Don’t get involved with Satan’s plans as you will be very disappointed. Let’s stay calm and don’t get involved in revenge. What goes around, comes around.