Famous South African blogger "Doodler" dies in police station toilets from apparent suicide

Johannesburg, South Africa – A well known and famous South African blogger by the name of Doodler died alone in a police toilet in Randburg earlier yesterday. Doodler was one of the bloggers on ZAsucks.com, a blog that wanted to expose the racism against white people in South Africa along with his brother “Uhuru Guru”. Uhuru Guru was the blogger that we wrote about earlier this year (or last year) that got his door kicked down and got arrested for other related reasons.

No doubt  Zasucks was a controversial blog, not many people liked the blog and for some it was just plain racist but for others it was a refuge from a country that seems to hate them, a place where they could meet and rant about the way of Africa.

Zasucks closed down but the friends and supporters as well as some of the original posters of Zasucks started Mysasucks.com to expose and to basically have the same mission as Zasucks. Here is what they said on their page about the death of the famous blogger and friend “Doodler”.



At about 1200 GMT on March 16th I received a message from someone to let me know that our friend whom many on this blog simply knew as ‘doodler’ had passed away. I was shocked and saddened when I read the accompanying newsreport. I do not know any more concerning the details of C. J. ‘Neels’ Oosthuizen’s death, or the reason therefore other than what is written by Beeld.

Neels was one of the founding members of the forerunner of this blog, “WHY SOUTH AFRICA SUCKS” together with his brother Bert, known to us all as the “Uhuru Guru.”

Neels was a stylish writer, fiercely critical of the mess the ANC has made of South Africa. You know what and how he wrote – you read it. Neels (doodler) and I never met because in the dark and dangerous blogosphere of criticising the South African government, it was expedient to keep our relationship as anonymous, vague and distant as the situation called for.  Regrettably Neels along with his brother were ‘outted’ by fellow bloggers for reasons I have not fully understood. I am sure that this revelation of his name and address placed a great strain on him and his family and may have contributed to why he took his life.

I last heard from Neels via email a couple of days ago and there was no sign that anything was amiss. I am sure that in the coming weeks there will be speculation about his motives, but I can tell you that I absolutely had no inkling that he was in this depressed frame of mind.

I am very saddened to have lost an online friend who accomplished a lot in exposing the sad state of our country. I know that his family are totally devastated by this loss and I ask you to keep them in your thoughts.

-from a very sad MSAS team.

Doodler leaves a wife and three children behind.
R.I.P to a fellow blogger C.J.”Neels Oosthuizen


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