Farm attack in Villiersdorp, Girl raped and murdered

Villiersdorp, South Africa – A father had to hear yesterday how his daughter got murdered on their farm in Villiersdorp.

The 17 year old Alicia Muller from the farm Morning Glory outside of Villiersdorp on the farm grounds yesterday morning when she was attacked. Her father that was in the house heard her screams and ran to help her.

When the father got to her there was a man sitting on top of her that overpowered her father but he managed to escape. According to police when the father came back with assistance from people working on the farm, she was already dead with multiple stab wounds in her chest and side and the attacker was long gone.

She was on her way to school when the attack happened, it was around 7am according to police.


11 thoughts on “Farm attack in Villiersdorp, Girl raped and murdered”

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    In this he tells of when he was younger and had a rally in Africa. Prior to the rally he organised it that two of his white friends dress up as military/police in uniform and drag him from the stage (obviously the two boys were to young to understand the implications of what they were agreeing to). So, for the young crowds looking on it seemed that, once again, the white man was forcefully preventing the black man from speaking his mind. – This is not a story and you all are welcome to go and read the book.

    The black leaders know how easy it is to mislead the average black person on the street. The above is a simple yet powerful example of how the masses are mislead to make them believe that the whites are still the problem. Just look at the sudden skyrocket in farm attacks and rapes (Saturday, Monday, this morning a 17 year old girl. What could she possibly have done to any person to make them murder and rape her?

    Open your eyes people. The black people have already started the war against the whites – no matter that they are misled (even though blacks protesting against poor service delivery by blacks, under a black municipality and black government sing “kill the whites”). Another perfect example of the brainwashing by black politicians.

    In war the murder and rape of children and women is considered “war crimes”. In south africa it is not even considered war.

    Wake up my white people and the middle class black people (and all peoples which are not black). Form a resistance against the brainwashed masses for once the whites are devoured they will go for the other colours then turn on their own colour which are not as poor as they are. There will always be someone to blame for their own misfortune and it will never end. The rest of africa speaks for itself.


    Let your black farm workers go as they only complain of being mistreated and also the ANC blames the boers for their own murders. Employ poor whites from the white squater camps. If they are useless at least they wont rape and murder you wife and daughters and are also more hands to fight should trouble come to your farm.

    Stop giving money to the black people who only resent you as you are handing them the cash. Let their corupt elected government provide them with jobs and money if we white folk aer not doing a good enough job. You will be much safer in anycase

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