G20 in Toronto on June 26th – 27th. Expect chaos.

Toronto, Canada – It is almost certain that we will see a repeat of last year’s police brutality like it happened in Pittsburgh, this time we will see it in the streets of Toronto.

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Toronto, Canada – It is almost certain that we will see a repeat of last year’s police brutality like it happened in Pittsburgh, this time we will see it in the streets of Toronto. Toronto will host the G20 later in June, the event will be held on June the 26th and 27th. The G20 is labeled by many as the "meeting of the New World order" because last year in Pittsburgh’s G20 meeting Obama openly proclaimed that there is now a "new world order".

The G20 summit

The 2010 G20 Toronto Summit is the fourth conference of twenty major countries discussing the status of the world economy. Stephen Harper the 22nd prime minister of Canada annonced the theme of the summit to be "Recovery and New Beginnings" and will be about the "impact of the recession".

The location

The G20 will take place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The massive centre in downtown Toronto has 56000 square meters of space, it was also the location for the G7 meeting back in 1988.


The security

Police already preparing since April located places to detain protestors, last year in Pittsburgh they had metal cages to "host" those they did not agree with.

The centre will be surrounded with police, sound cannons and dictatorial style army of riot police that will turn the city of Toronto in a massive "police state" for the two or three days of the summit.

Canada is spending almost a whopping $1billion just for security, a big sum of money that could of done wonders in Canada and the public is not to happy about being the ones to pay the bill. The exact amount is $933million for the security alone.

Sound cannons

The sound cannons was probably the most controversial weapons used during the G20 in Pittsburgh, every year police and whoever is in charge of the event’s security learns from the previous G20 events and they adapt the same style that worked for them. Last year in Pittsburgh was one of the most brutal use of force on innocent by standers.

The sound cannons could be heard late into the night, police rounding up innocent students from a nearby university and they had to sit in the road in the near area of the sound cannons. They used the sound weapons through most of the summit to disperse protesters but most of those that got injured by police were people that wanted to pass by or that was bystanders.


From what we learned from previous G20s is that most of the protesters are peaceful however in Pittsburgh last year there were these black clothed protesters that destroyed just about anything they could but were later found out to be agent provocateurs, inciting others as well so the police could arrest them.

The police also used the agent provocateurs as a way of arresting anyone they wanted to because they claimed that the protesters got violent.

The Pittsburgh police even went into the one university and bashed up a few people in the University, they also went through the rooms as one eye witness claimed.

Afterwards they could not prove their innocence as all or most of them had to go to court and pay a fine, even those that were innocent. This fact is well documented and can be found basically anywhere on the internet.


The riot police

Again what we can look and learn from Pittsburgh is that they are ruthless and they dont listen to reasoning, they are like robots and are most probably trained to behave that way. At Pittsburgh they even hit woman with battons and made walls of police so those that just wanted to pass by got arrested.

There was also this one video where the "police" stopped with a car and hijacked the one protester. We could not confirm if that was maybe faked but it freaked out a lot of people, especially online.

There were also reports of riot police spraying tear gas directly into the eyes of protesters while they were sitting still on the ground and handcuffed.




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