Pretoria, South Africa – The Gauteng department of Health and social development is urging people to go once again for their swine flu vaccinations in South Africa.

They say that "pregnant woman, patients with chronic lung and heart disease as well as the diabetic and school going learners under 20" should get the swine flu jab.

The swine flu virus or h1n1 is still a pandemic worldwide as far as we know and certain countries are still affected.

Last year the swine flu outbreak caused big controversy because the vaccines contained thermosal around the world.

The department spokesperson Mandla Sidu said the aim of the swine flu jab campaing was to decrease morbidity rates as well as to reduce transmission of the virus.
"More than 120 000 doses have been administered since the vaccination campaign started in April 2010 and no cases of the pandemic have been reported," Sidu said on Wednesday.

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