Gulf of Mexico: Marines evacuated, sea highly toxic

The Oil spill has reached a point of no return, the damage is done.

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The Oil spill has reached a point of no return, the damage is done. But not a lot of people are aware of the extent of the damage mainly because the use of oil dispersants that made the oil ‘invisible’ but left bigger problems.

The dispersants ,Corexit, used made the problem so much worse that it has caused the oil to be able to evaporate into the air making the air toxic as well as the dispersants are being sprayed into the air and being picked up in the air currents carrying it unto land. Here is a video of  where Dr Chris Pincetich who is a Marine Biologist and Toxicologist explaining about Corexit being used in the Gulf.

BP OIL SPILL HEALTH EMERGENCY! DIRE! MUST BE WATCHED! Corexit Being Sprayed From Coast Guard Planes!

There are also reports that the military has become involved. Their presence is clearly seen on the beaches where they drive up and down. Once again it can be seen that the people do not realise the seriousness of the situation. They can be seen sunbathing and swimming, even small children.

Just because the oil cannot be seen doesn’t mean it is not there in fact the dispersants has made it easier for the oil to be absorbed into the skin. The woman in the video can be heard asking why the military driving around and what the BP officials are doing but why is she on the beach? That the beaches are open to the public is criminal in itself as the public do not realise the risk they are taking.

BP and Military on Panama City Beach July 4 2010

Now there is proof that the U.S Navy has evacuated the Gulf. The official story is that they are being sent to the coast of Costa Rico in a 6 month effort against drug smuggling starting the 1 July 2010 until 31 December 2010. Why the official story is not very likely, is because they have sent 7,000 US Marines, 200 helicopters, 46 war-planes and submarine killers.  The marines will be allowed to circulate in the country in uniform without any restrictions.

There where some groups and politicians ( Acción Ciudadana; PAC, Unidad Social Cristiana; PUSC, Frente Amplio; FA) who opposed the measure stating that the amount of U.S Marines, the ships and helicopters is disproportionate for the fight against drug trafficking. If this was truly the reason for moving all the marines and equipment of the Navy being sent to Costa Rica there would be significant results in drug trafficking  immediately.

A more likely reason is the highly toxic gasses generated by the oil spill and the possibility of a major Methane explosion. That the United States could loose control of the waters if their Navy was to be harmed. They see also the danger of losing marines due to inhaling Corexit. This is a much more plausible reason than drug trafficking in Costa Rica, there are more drugs coming across the Mexican border and there is no massive increase on military to secure those borders.

Here is a video that sums up the situation from the water and air currents to the evacuation of the Gulf.

BP Gulf oil, Evacuation, Web bots and July Stock market crash causing a long Deflationary Depression

Ocean currents and oil spill – Google Earth version – 0.0005+ concentrations




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