H1N1, D225G, H274Y still going strong

While the WHO still remains as if everything is fine the H1N1 that was in the Ukraine and still is now spreads throughout Europe and is also now in the US. The World Health Organization wants to sell vaccines at all costs. The "pneumonic plague" or whatever is spreading is doing it real fast and there is much proof that this was in fact a bioweapon. The WHO also did not release all the gene sequences and they might be hiding something. Sure this might sound like some conspiracy theory but with Climategate revealed we cant really believe everything the UN, WTO or the WHO says.

Fact is that what is happening in the Ukraine is NOT normal H1N1 and we’ve been collecting data for a few days now watching where this is going. So far what we can gather is that D225g is a mutation of the normal H1N1 while H274Y is also a mutation but the one that resists tamiflu.

In the Ukraine this is not stopping either, the number of deaths continue to rise while the number of infections rise between 20000-80000 daily.

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