Food and Modernization act to pass in 2 months

What is S 510? S510 is the most dangerous bill in the history of the US if not in the world, not even Hitler could come up with something as offensive as that. The new law if passed would grant the US government authority over everything citizens eat or consume.

The bill would regulate the transporting of all food and it would give the government the power to arrest anyone selling unauthorized vegetables or fruit or any food for that matter. The law would put all food and agricultural products under the supervision and authority of the Department of Homeland Security.

It would treat people making their own gardens as drug smugglers, it would criminalize seed selling, except for Monsanto off course they can do what they want. The Department of Homeland security will own your food and all food you could possibly think of. No more growing your own food.

On the 17th the bill was voted for cloture and passed 74 to 25. Now amendments can only be made within the next 60 days and then the law passes.

4 thoughts on “Food and Modernization act to pass in 2 months

  1. The government hates small businesses because the big corporations pay our politicians to do so. If those elected to office in this land were held accountable for their votes, we would be encouraging growth of local businesses, not the international corporations that ship jobs out of the country to lands where labor is cheaper. A bill like this, that would penalize my grandparents for selling their extra tomatoes shows how out of touch politicians are with mainstream America. Whoever wrote this bill should be removed from office. Make your vote count for Americans not any other entity. Write to your representatives and get this nonsense to stop. Change is in your hands now… Do something!

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