World’s cruelest mom on Dr Phil

This boy was bad, so bad his mother throws hot chilli sauce in his mouth and makes him take a cold shower. Surprisingly she did not try to waterboard him or tortured him with electricity.

This video is part of a Dr Phil show where the woman confessed that she is in fact the world’s worst mother.

12 thoughts on “World’s cruelest mom on Dr Phil

    1. if you think its ok to do that to children, then i truly hope you are not a parent. no person has the right to treat a child in such a manner. what the hell is wrong with you?

  1. that !@#$%^ bitch should be taken to the coldest palce on earth, left naked to hit rocks with a pick naked. no food only ot chilli sauce. “you clearly dont know what it means to be a mother and i want to say to you that it says in the bible that God has created a special plac ein hell for those who hurt children” you have it comming and you do not deserve the title “Mother”. How can you live with yourself.

  2. What a nightmare to be the son of a malicious ‘mother’ like this. It is heartbreaking to watch. She doesn’t even seem to realize she is torturing her child. She should feel thankful to be allowed to the ‘mother’ of a child, but she’s hell itself. That’s how ‘women-haters’ are created, by disgusting mothers like this. I hope she’ll get help, but I also hope the boy will get another mother. A loving one.

    DB, Netherlands.

  3. This was traumatic to watch, how could anyone think that was normal, it was abuse, that poor little boy, I hope he is taken from that tyrant of a mother & given to a caring family who will love him, hopefully with time & counselling he will be able to live a normal life. I would like to see the whole show & see her reaction when confronted by Dr Phil & the audience, hopefully the police would be involved aswell.
    FM Australia

  4. Woman like this is the reason that congress should pass a bill for mandatory sterilization of cold hearted bitches like this!

  5. I like a Cold shower sometimes. Its better she did what she did rather than neglect him. She might’ve gone a little too far, but i’d want her as a mother than one who ignores me. I like to learn from parents, not from making stupid choices in life


    See what womens right and Feminism Get you she deserves a BULLET IN THE HEAD!

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