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World’s cruelest mom on Dr Phil

This boy was bad, so bad his mother throws hot chilli sauce in his mouth and makes him take a cold shower. Surprisingly she did not try to waterboard him or tortured him with electricity.

This video is part of a Dr Phil show where the woman confessed that she is in fact the world’s worst mother.


    • rochelle mc bride

      if you think its ok to do that to children, then i truly hope you are not a parent. no person has the right to treat a child in such a manner. what the hell is wrong with you?

  1. rochelle mc bride

    that !@#$%^ bitch should be taken to the coldest palce on earth, left naked to hit rocks with a pick naked. no food only ot chilli sauce. “you clearly dont know what it means to be a mother and i want to say to you that it says in the bible that God has created a special plac ein hell for those who hurt children” you have it comming and you do not deserve the title “Mother”. How can you live with yourself.

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