Amazon took down the servers that hosted files of Wikileaks, the whistleblowing website that has the world’s diplomacy in panic. Amazon just kicked out Wikileaks so to speak, without any notice or the usual 30 day notice. This caused Wikileaks to be down for hours today.

Why did Amazon do this? How can they just "kick" someone out? Well it appears that Senator Joe Lieberman made a quick call and got Wikileaks removed from Amazon servers.

Now the heat is going up a notch. is threatening to boycott Amazon in a bold move.

In the past year, has received about $10,000 from for referrals on the sale of books and merchandise. We cannot continue to profit from or deal with We are removing the Amazon ads and book widgets from our website, and urge other supporters of WikiLeaks to join the boycott.

Will others follow Antiwar?

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