is down, is Anonymous responsible?

Amazon in the United Kingdom is down, not only for those browsing in the UK but from any location. The website seems to be under a DDoS attack. We have no information if Anonymous is responsible but they might be behind it.

At this point no one knows. Anonymous took revenge last week against sites that kicked Wikileaks from using certain providers of services or providers that refused Wikileaks access to their services and payment systems. Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and a few others got attacked.

It was said that Amazon was also a target and a lot of people believed that Anonymous failed in taking down Amazon but they never did try to take down according to insiders and a press release from a Twitter account that appeared to be connected to Anonymous.

So, is Anonymous behind what looks like an attack on

Update: in Germany is down as well.

Update: in France is down.

Update: is down, no Amazon for Italy tonight.

Update:, and the rest are back online.

Update: Thus far Anonymous or those that appear to be part of Anonymous says they are not behind the attacks or downtime of the Amazon servers.

Update: It was not Anonymous, It was not attacks either it was Amazon’s hardware that malfunctioned.

20 thoughts on “ is down, is Anonymous responsible?

  1. And it’s back down again.

    These assholes need to grow up. No thought whatsoever for the people that use the websites they are attacking.

    They should go and die a very slow and very painful death.

  2. or maybe could just follow the fucking LAW, and treat wikileaks as every company that is not breaking the law, and nothing would be happening, its that will have to explain to the little kids, why santa didnt come by this year.

    “Little child its because we are government prags, and we want to make every last dollar, but we screwed up this time and now we are saving face by not capitulating, and thats why you aint getting any gifts this year.”

  3. Mate, perhaps you should go find out what it’s like to have illegal content hosted on your servers, ‘cos I can tell you, it’s a pain in the ass.

  4. A little overreaction?

    Did it occur to you that you could just use another website, CDWOW, Waterstones etc. Hey you could even just visit an actual shop rather than shopping online

    The world isn’t ending just because Amazon is temporarily down – get some perspective!!!

  5. lol what you said 😀

    any more comments first replyer? National security, terrorism, terrorism, osama bin laden, national security.

    I think that covers your next 5 responses

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