The biggest lie ever told by Microsoft and the worst excuse for a censored internet was given by Scott Charny, Microsoft’s vice president of "Trustworthy computing" that said to "protect" people from the internet and malware, the government has to license internet access.

Speaking at the ISSE 2010 the confused vice president believes that PC’s should be quarantined by government and be prevented from accessing the internet if they contain malware.

He said that if any device is a danger to the internet then that user should be notified and blocked before getting access to the internet.

Charney wants some sort of invasive track and control system for "malware".

This is not the first time a Microsoft "chief" has said something about licensing the internet. We now know their agenda.

Microsoft hopes that there still is enough clueless people on this planet to believe their spinning. How about we solve this malware issue once and for all and STOP USING MICROSOFT products?

The problem is not the users, neither is it their connection to the internet, the problem really is that too many people are still using Windows. 

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