Julius Malema sings the "kill the boer" song in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe – Julius Malema is on a trip to Zimbabwe to get both the Zimbabwe army behind him and to “learn” how mad bob turned his country from a flourishing democracy to a lunatic driven famine and plague infested dump.

Last week a Johannesburg court gagged Malema, he may not sing the “shoot the boer” or “kill the boers, they are rapists” song anywhere in South Africa. Yet today because he is not in South Africa but having a fun time with the dictator of Zimbabwe, the man and gang that single handedly destroyed one of Africa’s richest countries Robert Mugabe and his ZanuPF hooligans.

Twice this week already the judiciary system came under fire for apparently being “untransformed” and blamed on being the same “racists” that were there when apartheid ruled the country.

Julius Malema first received a welcome with the “kill the boer” song where he did not join in the singing, it was only later that he sang the song once again.

Julius Malema and the ANC is said to be planning Zimbabwe style “transformation” after the FIFA¬†2010 World Cup ends. He also received the support of War Veterans Association that will most probably join in the seizing of South African farm lands.

Transformation off course means Zimbabwe style land invations except here in South Africa we already see the brutallity taken out on farmers, they are being murdered by the dozens.

So not only do South Africans have the 2010 World Cup to be excited about but also Zimbabwe style land invations, plagues and famine in the near future.


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