Julius Malema wants white people dead

 Cape Town, South Africa – Julius Malema sang the famous dubulu iBhunu song yesterday at a student gathering in Johannesburg.

Cape Town, South Africa – Julius Malema sang the famous┬ádubulu iBhunu song yesterday at a student gathering in Johannesburg.

This shows the blatant hatred towards white people and also proves that farm murders are supported by the ANC and the ANCYL, not only do they support it but by this evidence they promote it.

The police minister of South Africa said this week that the farm murders are not politically motivated or racist but evidence points otherwise. They are not only racist and politically motivated but here we have the president of the ANC youth league singing the famous “kill the boer, kill the farmer” song.

We have the president of South Africa singing “Bring my machine gun”, who does he want to shoot?

What would happen if a bunch of white folk would stand on a stage and sing “kill all the blacks”. They would be arrested, but here in South Africa there are double standards and second class citizens, white people are hated in South Africa and things like this just encourage that hatred further.

39 thoughts on “Julius Malema wants white people dead”

  1. Wow. Stupidity reigns supreme. Stop writing. You are bad at it and you come to conclusions based very little evidence. Sure, things are messed up, but when people spread disinformation like this, it only makes things worse.

  2. Just because the Apartheid regime fucked with the blacks, doesnt mean all whites fucked the blacks up?? I mean for fuck sake, why should normal whites be threatened by this cock sucker??

  3. I am a 32 year old white South African male, and I totally agree that apartheid was wrong and downright evil. However, I along with most people my age had absolutely no part of what happened back then and were not raised to hate black people. It’s been over sixteen years since apartheid was eradicated in SA and I guess my only question is: “when will us innocent white South Africans have paid off the debt’s of our evil forefathers?”

    1. I’m sorry for saying it so bluntly but you sir are a fucking idiot for thinking shit can change.That won’t happen.It’s time to either get the fuck out of SA or pick up a rifle and start defending yourself.

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