Kate Beckinsale and Zooey Deschanel hot new Absolute Vodka ads centerpieces

Kate Beckinsale and Zooey Deschanel are the two main features of the new Absolute Vodka advertisement campaign. I think they made a good choice in both girls even though I Kate’s hot status is much higher than Zooey’s. I think they should have got someone who actually enjoys a regular Vodka such as Liz Hurley who has been reported saying she is on a vodka diet because wine makes her fat, not sure if that’s based on fact or not but sounds like a excellent idea.

I had a hard time to see who is Kate and who is Zooey when they put on the blond wigs but the skin tones are a give away: Kate Beckinsale golden, Zooey Deschanel creamy white.

I am rather puzzled by one thing, not that I mind, but why are they using super hot women to try and sell alcohol? Is it so that men might think that they can meet girls like these or at least imagine they might or maybe it’s so that woman can think if I drink enough vodka I would be sexy to? No I hot it. it’s to draw as much as possible attention to their particular brand not the product. Absolute Vodka has become quite famous just because they know how to promote and they make excellent vodka.

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