"Kill the boer" takes its toll, Eugene Terreblanche, was it politically motivated?


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“The BWB sympathizes with the family of Eugene Terreblanche and wants to point to the fact that this deed was politically motivated by Melama as revealed on Facebook””

White farmers all over South Africa are still under attack, now one of the biggest known boers have been murdered on his own farm because of a wage dispute allegedly. Many find it hard to believe that a normal pay dispute could lead to the death of Eugene Terreblanche the leader and founder of the AWB.

Eugene Terreblanche is said to not sleep at his farm at all and the fact that it came out that he was “sleeping” also brings up more doubts about the reality of what happened.

Whether or not this is politically motivated is another story, a white farmer employing black people on his farm gets murdered. The first thing that comes to mind is the song the ANC is so desperate wants to get unbanned. The same song Julius Malema was gagged not to sing but continues to sing in Zimbabwe despite court orders.

If everyone killed their employers in South Africa because of wage dispute there would be hardly any employers. The facts of the murder of Eugene Terreblanche also shows us that the murder was planned and encouraged by a “mob” or group.

Even though the ANC’s Jackson Mthembu said that the relation between the ANC youth league leader singing to “kill the boer” and the fact that one of the most well known boers in South Africa was then killed on his farm, it is hard to believe that.

The truth will come out sooner or later. In the meantime the DA also had their say, they believe that the murder of Eugene Terreblanche will lead to further tensions in South Africa.

All parties and organizations at the moment call for calm however.

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