Athens, Greece – Millions of frogs flooded Greece yesterday, specifically Athens. Traffic was disrupted, chaos caused. Eye witnesses claimed it looked like a "carpet of frogs"

It is a well known fact that when frogs flood an area then there is a major earthquake on the way, at least that is what history shows us. Last year in Italy frogs started to gather days before a major earthquake hit Italy and killed almost 300 people.

In 2008 frogs also predicted a major earthquake when they moved in the millions, a few days later parts of China experienced a massive earthquake that killed more than 10 000 people.

Studies found that frogs do indeed "predict" earthquakes. In 2009 when the earthquake hit Italy biologist Dr Rachel Grant of the Open University, in Milton Keynes, UK studied the frogs in the area just before the earthquake hit and found that the toads fled to places of safety where they wont be washed away by floods or be injured by falling trees and other dangers.

So does this mean a earthquake is about to hit Greece?

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