Michelle Obama let slip that Kenya is Obama's Home Country

This seems to be a slip of the tongue on Michelle’s part but it brings up the old question of; is Obama a legitimate America? There are many people that say that his birth certificate has been faked and the refusal to make it public, has cemented the belief in people. There was a copy released of his short form birth certificate that stated at the top Certification of Live Birth with a birth date of 4 August 1961, place of birth Honolulu. Some say this is not the same thing as a real birth certificate because the information can be altered. They want to see the original made out, at his birth. Another theory is that he was born in Indonesia making him a dual citizen of America and the United Kingdom, the reason for this belief is because he lived there from the age of six until he was ten.

Michelle might just have been referring to how Obama views Kenya, for example someone can be American and have relatives in Mexico so they visit often, it becomes a second home. Obama has many times confessed his love for Kenya and we know he visited often, so it just might be that he sees it as his second home. We would never know because even if his birth certificate is faked it would cause more harm than good if that information came out. Either of these two things will be the consequences: Obama would have to resign, people will be angry and there will be major uprisings all over America or they would vote to change the constitution so that he could stay in office and that would cause civil war.


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