Mississippi Tornado damage summary – video of tornado

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This is video taken by storm chasers of the tornado that hit Mississippi. The tornado was very large and the damage quite extensive. It was much broader than a average tornado and much stronger. People has started clearing up already and is still searching for injured and missing people. So far there have been ten fatalities two of those children.

Path length: 97 miles… this length will increase as more
damage is surveyed east of today’s survey
maximum width: 1.75 miles
rating: EF4, with maximum winds of 170 mph
casualties: 10 total fatalities with dozens of injuries

A number of areas of EF3 damage with estimated winds of 150 to 165
mph were found along the path. Two areas of EF4 damage with maximum
winds of 170 mph were found… one in Yazoo City… and the other in
Holmes County.

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