Noah’s Ark found on Mount Ararat – Press Conference

Almost everyone has heard of Noah’s Ark some believe it a work of fiction while others believe in the Ark and all it stands for. Here is a summary of how the story goes:

Almost everyone has heard of Noah’s Ark some believe it a work of fiction while others believe in the Ark and all it stands for. Here is a summary of how the story goes:

It is a story about God who made man but realised that man has become wicked beyond redemption and decided to wash the earth clean and start new. He picked Noah and for a hundred years Noah and his three sons built the Ark according to Gods instruction and preaching to the people to repent. The world laughed at him. God sent animals to the Ark most two by two so that life would go on after the flood. Then one day God told Noah it is time and when everyone was in the ark and God sealed the door the floodgates of heaven opened it rained for 40 days. After a time (150days) God calmed the waters and sent a wind over the it causing the water to draw back. After forty days Noah opened the window and sent out a raven but the raven just kept flying, he sent out then a dove but when the dove could not find resting place came back. After seven days Noah tried again releasing the dove who returned with a olive leaf so Noah new the waters has retreated. He stayed another seven days then released the dove once again and when she did not return he knew the ground was dry. God told Noah, he and his family and all living things can leave the ark and breed upon the earth and multiply. Noah made a sacrifice of thanks giving and God was pleased giving the sign of the rainbow that He shall not again destroy the earth again by water and will not curse the ground because of man’s sins. And when we look upon the bow in the cloud we are reminded of the covenant made by God with every living creature. For full account read Genesis chapters 6-9

In scripture there is made reference to where the Ark found it’s resting place, Mount Ararat. For over 2 000 years there has been a local saying that ‘There is an ancient boat on the mountain’. There have been numerous reference to a flood and a man on a boat who preserved mankind from all over the world. And many believe that this is indeed fact not fiction as the scientist of today would like us to believe. There is proof all over the world of major flooding and unexplainable things that would make sense if there was such a flood. And so over the years many people have gone in search of the ark some to prove the tale true others to prove that it is as insane as it sound and others to prove that Noah was real but a nut case. All those reasons seem insignificant in the light of the find.

It started in 2003 when the Noah’s Ark Ministries International sent their first expedition team at Mount Ararat with the help of the Turkish people. In 2004 they returned more prepared for the expedition at the altitude of 4 200m. They observed a broken opening and managed to take a video but unable to get a sample from it. (Remember on Mount Ararat there are no trees and no villages or settlements, so as you will hear in the video, there is no  reason for anyone to have build anything at that altitude with heavy wooden beams). Since then they have returned each year more prepared, seeing and documenting more and more findings. On the most resent press conference they have shown that they have found seven different spaces each consisting out of wood. Here are a description of each space according to Noah’s Ark Ministries International site:

  1. One of the spaces discovered is frozen by ice. Under ice is wood with wood beam above. There is tenon construction on the wall and it is obvious artificial structure.
  2. The space witnessed by Panda Lee is L-shaped. This is the first discovered space. It’s L-shaped and its features match well with some spaces discovered later, like tenon construction. We concluded that it was originally a box-shaped room and heavily decomposed.
  3. This space stands at more than 5 metres high. Team members had to get through a broken opening and abseil down to get inside. All walls are wood and the space is not box-shaped. Strictly speaking, the walls are not vertical but rather curved and inclined. The small door on one side, of dimensions one meter high and half meter width, presumably leads to another space but our team did not risk going further due to the lack of oxygen.
  4. This room is box-shaped, having a dimension of height, width and length of more than two metres. There is a wooden beam with wooden nails on one side of the wall. It is believed that a rope was hooked on these nails to keep animals in place. On another side of the wall, there are racks.
  5. A very small tunnel-like space connects two spaces.
  6. A few wooden staircases were found inside the structure, which seemingly craved by tree logs. Our team climbed one and found a door in the ceiling and concluded the wood structure has more than one floor. We tried to open it but failed. Since we did not want to destroy the structure, we will try again with appropriate equipment in the future.
  7. The team has not entered this space. They viewed and took shots from a small opening above. The height and width are estimated to be 5 metres and 12 metres respectively. ”


Soon after the press conference a man called Randall Price who is an archaeologist who worked with the team in 2008 said that it is a hoax, saying that Turkish labourers was hired to haul seven beams from a old structure close to the Black Sea. Also stating some of the pictures has cobwebs that is ‘impossible’ in such conditions.

 “My problem is that, in the end, proper analysis may show this to be a hoax and negatively reflect how gullible Christians can be.”

There are a couple of problems with his analysis, firstly this structure is obviously been frozen in place, that cannot be done easily. Secondly how are they suppose to trek enough wood up 4 200m to make such a elaborate design as seen in the footage. As explained by Dr. Ahmet Özbek, a Turkish geologist:

“In present days, the permanent snow line on Mt. Ararat is 3,900 meters. The wood structure was found higher than 4,000 meters.”

That has been confirmed by Professor Oktay Belli at the press conference:

“The search team has made the greatest discovery in history. This finding is very important and the greatest up to now. On Mount Ararat, human settlement has never reached up to 3,500 m. Mount Ararat is a holy place and has rich historical accounts about Noah’s Ark on the mountain. Many people have searched the mountain for the holy Ark. This time’s discovery is the first serious search that the team found a wood structure under ice.”

Randall Price’s arguments so far has made no sense. But this is to be expected until there is more evidence and a full reveal of the ark there will still be many who would doubt the find, seeing as so many have been convinced in the past that they have found the ark and been proven wrong. This time however there is actual substantial proof at least enough to make proper judgements to believe or not to believe.


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