Oil spill Gulf of Mexico – Video

In a day and age where the world revolves around the black gold called oil a spill of this magnitude is always bad news. Especially for Barack Obama who recently signed a deal for offshore rigs to be built and more drilling on United States coastline. This spill has far reaching ramifications more than people will expect. A already over fished marine life will need to be cleaned up and then have time to recuperate leading to fishermen not being able to fish. Not only are the environment in clear danger but also a lot of peoples lively hood. It will also cost millions to sort out never mind the millions the oil company has already lost with first the blast and now the oil spill.

Everyone will agree that something like this should not have been able to happen.

Crews rush to contain oil spill off US coast

US oil spill crisis continues



Coast Guard video shows part of oil spill burn




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