Osama Bin Laden the global warming activist says boycott US dollar and products

Washington, USA – Osama bin Laden has a new blockbuster audio tape wherein he warns the world of global warming and how the United States is destroying the world. He also blamed other countries for global warming.

Osama bin Laden blames none other than the fat country, the USA for bringing climate change into the world and says that the only way to stop climate change is halt the "wheels of the American economy".

Osama bin Laden also said that the world should stop using both products coming from the United States and stop using the dollar to bring the end to the United States fat machine.

While he might be the most wanted "terrorist" in the world he does not have this topic wrong. The US is the most consuming, polluting and destroying war mongering country in the world.

Osama also said that if people would stop using the dollar it would have great consequences and grave ramifications but it is the only way to free humanity from the dependence of the United States.


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