Islamabad, Pakistan – The monsoonal rainstorms are worsening and the flooding is also expected to increase according to local weather forecasts. The Indus River is now flooded and according to authorities in Pakistan more than 10million people are now affected by the massive monsoon season that seems to give the people no break.

The Pakistan weather department said more rains are expected and that might cause even more places to flood. The prime minister of Pakistan, Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Friday as we wrote earlier that this is now the worst floods in the history of Pakistan and that the floods are taken over new areas continually.

There is also no break for aid agencies as most of the roads in the affected areas turned into rivers, people stand next to the rivers and roads with sticks to help those that might want to cross.

In the meantime Pakistan issed a red alert in the Sindh province because of the total destruction and devastation caused by the floods.

Check out this video footage of the flood

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