As 2012 comes near, Planet X theory thrives

Some time ago NASA made an announcement. They discovered another planet called Planet X.

Some time ago NASA made an announcement. They discovered another planet called Planet X. Now just in this statement there are already thousands of people debating just that, even a NASA scientist in 2008 tried to debunk the Nibiru or Planet X "myths".

Well if you know what this is all about you might as well skip the rest of this article. If you have never heard of the supposed planet-sized object heading this way then read on.

Like many other “conspiracy theories” it should contain some truth because conspiracy theories are just that, most of them are truth of something that happened without those that believe it being able to entirely prove it or they do not get the opportunity to prove the facts behind most conspiracy theories, hence they remain conspiracy theories.. Although that also is not always the case the Niburu theory does get pretty convincing once you do some research.

Between 1982 and 1984 various newspapers and magazines published stories about the 10th planet, a planet so far that scientists described it as a mysterious object from outer space. (yes, their choice of words was much like everything else of the day).

In June of 1982 John Anderson of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California said that a 10th planet is most likely the cause of orbital snags, this planet was said to be further than 4 billion miles away at the time.

Then between 1982 and 1983 there were various reports of Planet X (X meaning 10th or 10 for the 10th planet in our solar system). Some of the reports claimed that a gravitational force was causing irregularities in the orbits of Neptune and Uranus.

The observation of Uranus back in the 1840’s led to the discovery of Neptune and the same irregularities that were found when Neptune was discovered is said to still exist, not the same irregularities but other ones that show that there should be a planet where one has not been discovered yet.

After the discovery of Neptune the orbital behaviour that led to the discovery of Neptune still existed with Uranus not having the full mass to cause that behaviour and that in turn led two Americans, William H Pickering and Percival Lowell to predict that there is another planet. Lowell called this planet Planet X.

After the prediction Pluto was found but scientists believed that was not the large planet that would be able to cause the irregularities with the planets.

Then between 1983 and 1984 Dr Thomas C van Flandern said that the irregularities could be explained by this undiscovered planet, the one that many call Niburu or Planet X.

In those days (1980’s) it was predicted that “planet X” was between 2 and 5 times bigger than earth.

From those days the story lived on and still does until today, it has however gotten a few twists. In the 1990’s Voyager 2 spacecraft found that the observed irregularities were due to miscalculations of Neptune’s mass.

Scientists mostly “agree” that Planet X does not exist, however many feel this is just a coverup, a conspiracy. Some scientists believe that Planet X is indeed the only way to explain some anomalies in the outer Solar System.


In September of 1983 astronomers saw a “celestial body” in outer space, they then immediately said it was Planet X. Gerry Neugesbeuer, director of the Palomar Observatory for the California Institute of Technology at the time said that they dont know what it is yet ( at the time) and it was hoped that the two space probes Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 would find something.

The way the “planet” was spotted is with the Infrared astronomical satellite circling the polar orbit more than 500 miles from earth. The object or planet was seen to emit heat about 50 billion miles away.

Niburu, Nibiru and Planet X

Nibiru and Niburu are two different things:


Niburu also known as Neberu or Nebiru come from the Akkadian language and means “point of transition” or crossing. For instance a river crossing.

The story of Niburu actually comes from a cult, Niburu was named as the seat of summus deus, a entity said to look after the stars. The stars have been referred to as his “sheep” in the way the cult believes he pastures the stars.


The Nibiru however is believed to be related to the Planet X story. People sometimes get confused with the two. However some have theories and beliefs that make intermingle the two.

The real story of what most people believe Nibiru to be is a large planetary object, as we wrote earlier a planet 5 times the size of earth (although some believe that Nibiru is 1/5th of the earth’s size) would hit the earth or come really close to earth and cause a doomsday event or to what some refer to as apocalypse . The end of the world or something similar. The claim of scientists are that this is all a bunch of crap.

Many think that Nancy Lieder started the theory as she claimed to communicate with aliens but modern day belief puts the theory somewhere in the line of NASA seeing a massive earth sized object in the 1980’s, after realising that this massive planet-sized object is actually moving towards earth they quickly hid the evidence and acted like nothing of that kind ever existed.

The name Nibiru actually actually comes from a guy called Zecharia Sitchin, he wrote a book in 1976 called “The 12th Planet” and the book claims that there is a undiscovered planet beyond Neptune, this is basically what Planet X is according to the theory but according to Sitchin’s book and theories the story of Nibiru has something to do with the mystical legend of Marduk.

Zecharia Sitchin seems like an intelligent person but for the sake of not getting confused we will skip this part unless you want to read about aliens, and all that. Lets just skip to the end of the world part.

The end of the world part.

You must have the idea by now. There is a massive planet-sized object, there are some beliefs of mythological entities guiding the stars and then there is the theory that this massive planet-sized object is heading to earth and the conspiracy that NASA is hiding the facts because they dont want to freak out the entire earth’s population by telling us that earth might be gone in 2012.

Scientific evidence

Some say there is scientific evidence for this, they might have a point when looking at what they claim to be the scientific evidence, or you might think otherwise.

– Weather

This is one of the most obvious things people notice today, the weather is going weird. Some blame global warming and some blame the earth’s natural cycles but those that believe in the Planet X theory believe that the weather is going crazy because the gravitational power of Planet X is effecting earth more because the planet is coming closer and closer.

NASA replies to the theories: 



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  1. If I had a nickel for every time I heard some doomsday theory I would be up to at least thirty bucks….. There could not be a massive world wide cover up because people own telescopes, and not every governing body is down with decieving their peoples. So in short, not interested.

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