Gunman on the loose UT Campus Austin TX

There is a gunman on the run at the University of Texas. Reports say the guy shot himself after shooting 10 shots. It is unknown if there are people injured.

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There is a gunman on the run at the University of Texas. Reports say the guy shot himself after shooting 10 shots. It is unknown if there are people injured. It is also unknown exactly what is happening but the sirens went off and some of the buildings in the area is locked.

There was a shooting.

Awaiting more info.


Shooter is dead, confirmed by police.


The shooter killed himself.


As some of you may know, UT Austin Police and other law enforcement agencies are investigating reports of a shooting on the UT Austin campus near 21st and Speedway. The shooting apparently occurred just after 8:00 a.m. today. As usual initial press reports vary in accuracy. We do know that the campus quickly initiated its emergency plan and notification system. Streets in the area have been closed as police continue to investigate the incident. The situation continues to evolve and further updates will be provided as necessary. For now, if you had planned business on campus today , please cancel those plans to be on campus.

Chancellor Cigarroa


A suspected shooter in library is dead. Police are searching for possible second shooter. Lock doors, don’t leave your building.


Second shooter said to be in the field house at UT campus.


There are reports of a Tank on the UT campus grounds.


The campus is on lockdown, police are now searching for the second suspect.


The first suspect that shot himself on the sixth floor of the University of Texas campus Library (Perry-Castaneda Library) was carrying a AK47. There was supposed to be some event tonight at the university about gun debates, this will probably contribute to that meeting.


There were two suspects, one is now dead and the police are still looking for the second suspect. They do not know how this person looks or what they are wearing. There are currently no injuries.

The entire campus is surrounded by police and swat personnel.


There is now a helicopter on campus searching for the second suspect. All classes are now cancelled due to campus shooting.


Emergency statement by the University of Austin Texas

September 28, 2010 at 9:47 am

The university is closed.

A suspected shooter in PCL library is dead. Law enforcement are searching for a second suspect. If you are off campus, STAY AWAY. If you are on campus, lock doors, do not leave your building.

Announced September 28, 2010 at 9:43 am

UPDATE from Campus personal:

Law enforcement still searching for second suspect on campus. STAY AWAY from campus or remain locked in your building!


Gunman could possibly be wearing a tuxido. Unconfirmed.


No one really knows what the second gunman is wearing. More people saying he wore a black shirt and a beanie.

Other people say he is wearing a ski mask and a tuxido. Still not clear what the second gunman is wearing.


Second gunman is said to be barricaded in Calhoun. Not confirmed. Stay safe.


Police say the second suspect has a rifle, he is wearing a blue jean and a black shirt with a black beanie.

Police advise people to stay as far away from the area as possible.

Stay out of the area, if you are there then lock yourself in.


Two police helicopters are now searching the area for the Texas campus shooter. ( The second one) The first suspect killed himself, see earlier updates.


Welch being evacuated, people coming out with their hands in the air by police instruction.


Sirens going off for the 7th time now, second gunman still hiding. 

John Lott to speak at UT tonight on "More Guns, Less Crime". Truly ironic.


Second gunman still hiding. There are no new statements from the University or the police. Buildings are currently being searched. Some buildings are still being evactuated.

Students are being evacuated one by one to make sure the suspect does not get away.

There are now three police helicopters searching for the second suspect.


Calhoun is being searched by what seems to be the army. (green clothing). Unless the swat team is wearing green.

Sirens are now starting for the 9th time.


There are many conflicting reports of how the second suspect looks. Police are now just making sure that there is a second suspect because there might not be a second person involved.

The second person could be the first shooter that got described wrong by some witnesses.

The University is closed and the police are still searching the buildings. IF there is a second suspect he should be found soon, if there is no second suspect the swat teams might take longer to give the all clear.

Bomb-sniffer dogs are also searching the place.

Second suspect? Remains to be seen.


Searching still going on. The only injury is one woman who sprained her ankle and the gunman that took his own life. Witnesses say the first shooter did not shoot directly at people but in the air.


Ambulances arrived and paramedics are entering a building for unknown reasons.


People are now calming down a bit. Police are still searching the campus and the lockdown is still in place. A lot of police activity. The busses are not going today, some students might find it hard to get home.

The second suspect has not been found and there might not be a second suspect at all but police must still search to make sure.


Austin police chief said that they are still searching and reacting to the report of the second suspect "We are safe rather than sorry".

The police are now making sure that there are also no bombs or explosives in the buildings. They are still searching for the second suspect.

The buildings are all connected.


Things are a bit more calm now. As we mentioned earlier, police are still searching for the second suspect, it is still unclear whether there really is a second suspect but police are making sure.


Instructions are now being given inside buildings, some busses are there for students. All clear given but people are unsure what that means. The university remains in lockdown. People that were stuck in offices and class rooms are now being allowed to leave slowly.

Police are looking confident that there is no other shooter, they still need to say it themselves. The danger could still be there but it looks like the investigation has started.

A lot of gun talk going on now. Should people have guns on campus etc.

Campus now getting more live, earlier looked like a ghost town.


The ALL CLEAR was given even though there is confusion about it. The campus area north of the East Mall is released from lock-down.

Some students can return to the buildings but only certain buildings.

UPDATE from the University of Texas at Austin:

September 28, 2010 at 12:20 pm

The university is closed.

Due to the events of today, the campus is closed. Unless you are needed for essential operations, all faculty, staff and students are urged to leave campus. Students who live on campus may return to their residence halls.

Because the area around the Perry Castenada Library (PCL) is an actively investigated crime scene and due to the difficulty of navigating that portion of the campus, it is urged that area be avoided. As you leave the campus, please exit the campus from north exits. Employees who ride buses to work may catch the bus at Dean Keeton or at on 23rd and San Jacinto. If you are in buildings near the PCL, please exit buildings from exits away from PCL.

On time sheets, please list time away from campus today as Emergency Leave. Also, please check the campus Emergency Web site ( ) for additional updates.

All other campus employees are urged to continue at work and to exercise care until the all clear is given.

Please direct any questions to or call 471-HRSC (4772)

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