North Korea attacks South Korea

North Korea fired around 200 artillery shells onto the a South Korean Island where more or less 1300 people live. The Island in the far north of South Korea and very close to the North Korean border was basically on fire. Houses was on fire, people were in panic and two South Korean soldiers died from the attack.

South Korea is now in the highest non-war military alert possible

Border arguements between North Korea and South Korea is nothing new but today’s fire exchange is the worst in the last 60 years since the 1950’s war between the two countries.

South Korea’s president fled to a undergound bunker at an undiclosed location where he addressed the nation.

At around 2:34pm the bombing began lasting for some time setting everything and everywhere it lands on fire.

The attack has many suggested reasons, one being that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong 2nd is taking over and has to show some form of power. He has to get some credibility for his badges and this is what many suspect is behind the attacks.

13 people, mostly marines were also injured in the attacks.

South Korea’s president Lee Myung-bak ordered his military to strike if North Korea shows any more provocation.


  1. Who the hell wrote this? Kim Jong the 2nd? You realize it’s “I” and “L”, right? IL? KIM JONG IL? And his son Kim Jong Un is not the French Kim Jong First? How is this news?

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