North Korea: We will punish provocative forces and invaders cruelly

North Korea said that the Korean Peninsula has been “escalted into the situation of full scale war” .

They blamed the United States and South Korea for being “pro war fanatics of the South”. North Korea’s propaganda machine said “Our military and all the citizens are ready to deal with all, whether it is limited or full-scale war”.

The newest statement from North Korea reads “It is crystal-clear that the provocations will expand to the full-scale war not confined to limited war if the South fires at us with aircraft, war ships and missiles and the U.S. intervene in war with its up-to-date weapons,”

“It will not remain as limited to the Korean Peninsula if the all-out war breaks out on this soil,”

“We will punish provocative forces and invaders cruelly and protect the dignity and security of the people gloriously.”

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