Paypal caves in to pressure from US government and DDoS attack

The places we trust with our money is showing some serious flaws. Paypal just released the funds of Juliun Assange’s account but said they will not enable the account again.

This comes after the internet fought back against Paypal with a massive DDoS attack that brought the site to a standstill. Although denial from most of the companies that stored money for Wikileaks , the US government involvement in the shutting down of his accounts it still remain obvious.

Paypal however is now singing almost the same song that Juliun Assange’s previous bank sang, they claim that they “reviewed” their policies regarding Wikileaks because of the US government saying Wikileaks might be in possession of documents that is in violation of US law.

“PayPal was not contacted by any government organization in the U.S. or abroad. We restricted the account based on our Acceptable Use Policy review,” writes PayPal’s General Counsel John Muller.


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