Sarah Palin's site offline, down and out

Sarah Palin that earlier said Julian Assange is “un-American” had her site hacked or DDoS attacked by operation payback.¬† is now totally offline, the webmasters are aware of this but theres not much they can do about it.’s hack comes after and and Twitter may follow soon by the looks of things. “operation payback” had their twitter account suspended earlier.

Sarah Palin also said that Juliun Assange should be “hunted down like Al-Qaeda”.


  1. Is there any proof anywhere that this was anonymous? no. this is a worthless whorebag excuse for her to try to gain press coverage. I’m not above saying that it is a broadly held opinion that she just flat out lied to get this attention and may have been behind the site being taken down herself.

  2. @ The comment aboe me
    Anoymous did initiat talks of operation payback.

    We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forger

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