Seattle police kill wood carver for holding a carver (knife)

A 50 year old wood carver died on Thursday after being shot dead by police officers in Seattle. John Williams was a well known wood carver in the area was busy working on a piece of wood when police officers told him to drop the knife (a few times) John did not respond to their requests, they then shot him several times killing him instantly.

John Williams who could not hear properly died on the scene and police officers immediately blamed the incident on him being threatening. John Williams most probably died because he had hearing problems, this also shows the attitude of the Seattle police.

John Williams’s death caused anger all over Seattle. The police officer that shot and killed John is now under investigation. Seattle police have previously been blamed for their hard handed tactics, some of the videos appear all over the internet. This incident is just proof many claim to be a harsh reality of police brutality in the Seattle area.

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