Ron Paul disclose how the Federal Reserve ruined the dollar

Congressman Ron Paul explains how the federal reserve have systematically destroyed the dollar and have manipulated the economy. With the failure of the fed over the past couple of years more and more people are listening to what Ron Paul is saying and realising he is making way more sense than how things are currently being done. One of the surprising and enlightening things about Congressman Ron Paul is that he have been saying these exact things since he first started his political career. On 26 August1988 he did a interview that sounds very similar to the one he had on Freedom watch on the 21st December 2010. That is over twenty years ago and he is still saying the same things, Ron Paul has to be the most consistent politician of our time.

Ron Paul Uncovers the Federal Reserve on Freedom Watch 12/21/10



Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve and Government Deficit Spending



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