Wikileaks – Zimbabwe displaces 25000 people to mine for diamonds, army forces villagers to mine

A Wikileaks cable revealed that around 25000 people were displaced because the Zimbabwe military wanted to clear the area for diamond mining. The area was labeled as “government reserve area” and then the people were to be moved to a “farm” where they were to be provided with tents.

The area is bigger than several hundred square kilometers where the diamond mine was said to be and the area where the villagers were to be moved to was said to be “just rough bush” in the cable.

A Russian gold company then found gold at the location where the villagers were to be moved and then “Consequently, the military is now seeking an alternate relocation site for the villagers.”

The cable also explained of villagers being forced to feed the army and the army forced the villagers dig for diamonds.

The cable dates back to 2009.

The mentioned area in the cable was Marange.

The cable also explained that the reason for this was that Mugabe wanted to use the diamonds to “bail out the failed Zimbabwean economy”.

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