Wikilieaks Julian Assange walked out on CNN interview

Founder of Wikileaks did not like how personal CNN’s journalist Atika Shubert was getting in her questions and walked out of the interview. As seen in the video Julian Assange repeatedly tells Atika what her questioning has to do with the real issue – the death of 109 000 people. He took offence that his personal life was of more interest than the latest announced leak from Wikileaks on the war in Afghanistan.

So far they have published 77 000 US intelligence reports of the war in Afghanistan and just released almost 400 000 US intelligence documents from the Iraq War. There is still 15 000 documents from Afghanistan coming. Wikileaks have learnt they lesson though from their previous large scale release and have removed any confidential or sensitive names and some information and all the information have been approved to be released.

Julian’s anger is understandable as the questioning was irrelevant to what is happening at the moment. Atika even went so far as to look for a previous employee to try and gets some dirt on Julian. Looks like she was ignoring the real important information choosing to concentrate on gossip and speculation.

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Walks Out of CNN Interview

13 thoughts on “Wikilieaks Julian Assange walked out on CNN interview

  1. secrets must be revealed for the sake of incorruptcy. The truth must be told, once and for all. Is transparency a matter of security irresponsibilty? No. What is up next is the decline of a falsely-“grown” Emperor, the USA, who has fed upon the misery of poor nations around the world, and is still willing to feed upon them more and more. I only believe americans who are self-critical. The world is (or shouldn´t be) no more a ping-pong table for the dirty USA diplomacy nor for the CIA or for the Pentagon. War crime is what Ms. Bush did to invade Iraq and steal “concealdly” the oil.

  2. for a guy who builds a site that reveals secrets, This guy sure doesn’t like it when the tables are turned. “How dare you question me!!”

  3. Last Anon: LOL. Would you want to give more media coverage to a rape charge against you? Mud like that sticks if it’s true or not, and that’s often why people throw it. Do you see the USA distributing pamphlets with the cables Wikileaks are releasing?

    I bet it’s all bullshit lies too, politically motivated trash. They’d probably thought to accuse him of child raping first then switched to adult women because they always use that one to silence the internet.

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