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If you are looking for a Cinderella happy ever after type of movie Precious is not it. Precious is movie adaptation of the novel Push by Sapphire. The heartbreaking tale is about illiteracy,weight issues, rape, domestic abuse and incest. The leading girl of the movie is Gabourey Sidibe the most unlikely star at 350lbs/160kgs she carries her weight well and with confidence and the fact remains she gave a award winning performance as Precious.

Precious is about a sixteen year old girl pregnant with her second child who is also her fathers children, living with a abusive mother, very poor and unloved, she cannot read and uses her own dialect above all that she is extremely fat causing so much more heartache. Things start to change for Precious when she attends illiteracy classes and learns things about life and herself she never knew.

Mariah Carey surprised me with taking the role as Precious’s social worker Ms. Weiss, she looked and played the part convincingly. Ms. Weiss is vital to getting Precious to class where she was taught by Ms. Rain who is played by Paula Patton. The relationship they form is beautiful as you can see in the trailer the one line will bring down a storm of tears just by watching the trailer.

Precious: Don’t lie to me! Love ain’t done nothing for me! Love beat me down! Made me feel worthless!
Ms. Rain: But your baby loves you. I love you!

The mother’s name is ironically Mary but there is nothing Christian about how she treats her daughter. Played by Mo’Nique who is herself a large woman with a lot of attitude she pulls this role of brilliantly. We normally see her in funnier roles like Phat Girlz which is a very different to this very dramatic role of a ‘villain’.

But Gabourey ‘Gabby’ Sidibe is what all the fuss is about. She is being praised as the best newcomer and everyone hopes that Gabby will be seen on the silver screen again seeing that she never even dreamed of becoming a actress much less a star. She has had a very different life of that of Precious growing up with a Gospel/R&B singer Alice Tan Ridley as a mother and Senegalese father Ibnou Sidibe. She is more shocked than anyone that a girl of her size has become a star

‘A girl like me, there’s no way. Just because I don’t look like most actresses do. And I never though I could. And I didn’t want to.’

The biggest thing about Precious is the fact that it’s not rags-to-riches story it’s the little things in life that make the difference.

This Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey production will be released the 6 November in selected theaters.

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