Rango – teaser trailer released

Rango is a animated film about a chameleon named Rango who haves identity crisis and goes on a journey of ‘self-discovery’ in the Desert. Johnny Depp is doing the voice of Rango, that’s so perfect Johnny Depp as a confused chameleon. There are a couple of other people also starring in the film but their roles are rather obscure at the moment, which is perfect. There’s Isla Fisher as Lucy, Abigail Breslin as Missy, Timothy Olyphant as the Spirit of the West the rest at the moment are just names what they role is, is not released just yet. Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Harry Dean Staton, Ray Winstone, Stephen Root, Beth Grant and Ned Beatty.

Rango is directed by Gore Verbinski that brought us the The Pirates of Caribbean. With a excellent director a very talented cast and throw in animation with a lot of humour guarantees a success.

Rango Trailer HD (2011)

If the trailer is this funny I cannot wait to see the movie. Rango looks awesome but unfortunately for us will only be released at theatres on the 4th March 2011.

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