Shocking – Johannesburg close testing stations for sports event

People coming to testing stations in Johannesburg will be surprised that the stations are closed today. While the rest of the country has to wait almost 18 months before going for their drivers licenses, people coming to Johannesburg license and testing stations will be surprised that the stations are closed today for none other than a sporting event.

Some people are losing their jobs because they cant get a drivers license but it seems like the traffic department does not care, instead they are attending sport events.

One would think that they would rather make up something when showing away the 100’s of desperate drivers and learners but they did not. We could not figure out exactly what the sport event was but according to IOL (Independent Newspapers) the Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar actually said :

"Learners’ and drivers’ tests booked for Friday will be accommodated to another date available," said Minnaar.

In South Africa it takes long to get a appointment. Someone we spoke to said

"it takes so long to get your license you might as well drive without it."

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