South Africa Boer Genocide – Farming couple brutally murdered and tortured

Steynsrus, South Africa –  A married farming couple that lived between the town of Steynsrus and Senekal was brutally murdered. This is the first farmers that got murdered and tortured this year as the “boer genocide” continues.

The couple, Koos van Zyl and his wife Retha van Zyl were found with shotgun wounds and stab wounds by a worker on the farm that alerted the neighbours who then phoned the police.


The police claims that Retha van Zyl possibly left the house to switch the generator back on because the farm has no Eskom electricity, she was then attacked with a meat hook and stabbed in her chest and neck and shortly afterwards her husband also was attacked with the meat hook in his neck and head. Retha van Zyl was then tied up and dragged through the house.

The murderer then got the shotgun next to their bed and shot them both in the chest. They died.

The murderer or the suspect is a former worker on the farm that apparently got fired the previous day, he was found with the couple’s daughter’s car and had also stolen of the livestock and was later stopped by police and arrested.


The family had three children. The town and surrounding farms now mourn and fear they will be next.

The medics described the murder as carnage and brutal and something that is animal like.


No one knows when the white genocide will stop in South Africa and its been going on since 1994. The government denies it and barely speaks of the farm murders.

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UPDATE: As we wrote this I cant say how depressing it is to write news like this. These were two human beings that most likely loved each other and had a family, friends and loved ones. Sadly this might fall away as another statistic of the genocide in South Africa which is why people need to start speaking up against crimes like this. It is inhumane and disgusting to let this continue.

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  1. Europeans are the only hope for Africa. if they leave completely then Africa will continue to spiral out of control and become a failed continent without hope or promise. Shame. but really there’s nothing anyone can do.

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