Viljoenskroon, Free State, South Africa – Theresa (surname hidden) 40 was attacked in Vermaansdrift, District Viljoenskroon. The attacker was a worker that had been fired in December of 2009. The attack happened between 24:00 – 01:00 on January 25. She is currently in a very critical condition in the Wilmed Hospital in Klerksdrop.

Her neighbour said the following:


Our neighbour was attacked with a panga in the early hours of this morning. Nothing was stolen. No vehicles, jewellery or money. Thanks to the "fast" response of the police (1 hour later) and the ambulance (1 and a half hour later) she was taken to a nearby Hospital in a very critical state. The attacker however was found by the surrounded neighbours and friends 4 hours later and arrested by the police after he showed them where he had left the panga.”

The genocide continues


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