Afriforum: ANC must accept responsibility for murder of 3 year old

Afriforum said that the ANC should accept the murder of a three year old and her family because of their use of the slogan “shoot the boer” and their fight to have it legalised.

The civil rights initiative AfriForum said as long as the ANC continues with its appeal case in the South Gauteng High Court to have the use of the slogan “shoot the Boer” legalised, the ANC and Julius Malema have to accept responsibility for the murders on farms, like the most recent incident where the 3 year-old Willemien Potgieter and her parents, Wilna and Attie Potgieter, had been executed in cold blood on their farm near Lindley in the Free State.


According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, the murder of the Potgieters make people all the more bitter because it took place in the same week during which the ANC had been trying to convince the Court that the “shoot the Boer” slogan in ANC songs is not meant literally. “People are literally being killed on farms and efforts by the ANC to justify ‘shoot the Boer’ is absurd,” Kriel added.

Kriel stated that in the light of the continuing bloodshed on farms, the ANC and Julius Malema have to do the responsible thing by putting an end for once and for all to the use of slogans that propagate violence, and by condemning the murder of farmers and all other victims. If the ANC were to refuse, AfriForum will, according to Kriel, continue with its legal action against the ANC’s appeal against the prohibition of the use of the “shoot the Boer” slogan. AfriForum is also going ahead full steam with its hate speech case in the Equality Court in Johannesburg against the ANC Youth leader, Julius Malema.

In addition, AfriForum intends to step up its protest actions at courts where murder suspects appear.

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