Johannesburg, South Africa – Residents in Johannesburg got surprised by a massive earthquake or rather a tremor just after 9pm last night. The earthquake scared a lot of people and was felt at a lot of locations in Johannesburg.

Some reports of Bedfordview, Kensington and as close as 1km from Johannesburg went out. No one was injured neither any serious damage to property but people were "shaken" because of the tremor.

The Council for Geosciences in South Africa did not measure any earthquakes on Thursday night, the last one they recorded was on Tuesday, that was the smaller 2.9 Magnitude earthquake.

Some people also reported of buildings shaking in central Johannesburg. The earthquake was felt in numerous places around Johannesburg.

The biggest earthquake that ever hit Johannesburg was

Because the Council of Geosciences did not pick up the earthquake we could attribute it to mining activities similar to the earthquakes that were felt earlier this year near Gold Reef city. They also occurred because of mining activities.

No one until now could really confirm that the earthquakes happened because of mining activities.

The biggest earthquake in history we could find, since earthquakes have been tracked in South Africa was probably the magnitude 5.7 on the Richter scale that happened 36 years ago in Randfontein a 4.5 Magnitude earthquake also happened in central Johannesburg in 1966 as well as a 5 magnitude in Alexandra near Johannesburg.

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