Farmer and family brutally murdered

The farm of Tweefontein was attacked and the farmer, his wife and their three year old daughter was brutally murdered this morning police confirmed. The farm lies between Lindley and Steynsrus. The area is known for numerous farm attacks in previous history.

The farmer according to police was stabbed (Edit: previously said shot, but the farmer was stabbed to death), his wife and his daughter were shot at close range. People that know the family are in shock, especially for the fact that they shot a 3 year old girl.

Farm murders in South Africa is nothing new but the government still blames farmers and refuses to acknowledge the attacks on farmers as planned. The ANC, South Africa’s ruling party went to court just this week to fight and keep the song “kill the boers” legal.

South Africa’s farmers get no help from government in protection, instead the government goes to court to sing about murdering this minority.


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