Shocking! Thousands of Zimbabweans can now get "support" from SA tax payers

The Department of Home Affairs yesterday announced that “refugees” and asylum permit holders can now open banks accounts. That is great but what is not great is that the tax payers of South Africa will now have to feed or “support” another couple of thousand people as the South African government also gave the refugees access to social services.

Now what does that mean? Well it means that they can get disability grants, old age grands, child support grants. It means that the couple of tax payers left in the country now has more weight on their shoulders.

The department of Home affairs director general, Mkuseli Apleni said that

“This would be in line with international practice and conventions to help create a climate in which refugees and asylum permit holders can live their lives in dignity while engaging in economic activities to lead normal lives like the rest of the citizenry.”

“once you are granted a refugee or asylum status you qualify for all the rights in the country except the right to vote”.

Now if these were normal refugees maybe the citizens of South Africa would feel different but they are mostly Zimbabweans, that of which Jacob Zuma and their dictating “president” held hands and looked like two school children on a secret date.

South Africa supports Robert Mugabe’s regime, now we all support his dictatorship whether we like it or not. Will this move encourage even more xenophobia?