South Africa to amend driver licence law

South Africans hoping to get a driving licence for a heavy vehicle should know that from 1 February 2011 the laws will be different. From February you will not be able to use your Code 14 licence to drive a car or a light motor vehicle.

New amendments were made to the road traffic legislation that will kick in on the 1st of February 2011.

Current licence holders are not included in this new law and would be able to use their licence as usual.  This does not mean you would need two different cards with you while driving. The Department of Transport said that “Holders of two categories of licences will not be required to carry two different licence cards. One licence card will be endorsed with the necessary authorisations that allow that person to drive the stipulated class of motor vehicle”


14 thoughts on “South Africa to amend driver licence law

  1. So this mean one will have to pay for each one of the above stated authorizations, why can’t the government combine all the necessary things just for a person can be tested just once for all the applicable vehicle authorizations required?

  2. Thanx to the dranked law of south africa all what it does is to prevent people from following their careers and make them hard to get licenses so that they can stand by themselves.S.a government is so disgusting guys u should start first by reparing public roads people are dying vrydae cos of poor roads,eg potholes what u do is changing laws unnecessary.get over urselfs and think again.stop acting like rats that eat our money.

  3. I think that you have to support some time behind the books or computer in order to spell correctly, seeing that you do have access to the internet.

  4. This is not right,.it was not well comunicatd 2da people..the time frame was short and people r stil channeld 2da old system..i speculate many errors and i dnt surport dis at ol

  5. this is a money making scheme and discomfort for our people . as dificult as it is to get a first time booking for licence what will happen with all the different applications.more people will drive without the vallid licence and will weaken the capture of coruption & crime, goverment is missusing its athority!!!

  6. i actually see corruption growing in S.A ,as it now people prefer to buys drivers licence ‘s .who ‘ll prefer to spend Thousands on driver licence yet he can drive.?

  7. the government is bored. In other words i cant drive a code 8 car because i have code 14. They must think again before they affect people.

  8. some people are gona have small and big vehicles, must they go for long stressful procedures of tests for each? one is enough. this new law is just insane

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