At this moment, while you are reading this, Willem Ratte is dying in a South African Prison.

He has been charged and detained on 30 September for charges that varies from theft, illegal possession of firearms and drugs.

Interesting to note is that the firearms that were found in his possession, was in fact pellet guns, for which no license is needed.  They also confiscated farm equipment such as a panga and knives, used for cutting grass and wood.
The theft charge has presumably since been withdrawn. 

A new charge of terrorism was bought against him.  It seems that every time there is a court appearance, the charges change, with the state failing to provide substantial evidence against him. 

The latest charge is now possession of child pornography.  However, the state can not confirm yet, if this was found on his computer or some other computers that they have confiscated.
When the judge asked the prosecutor exactly what Ratte is being charged with, the prosecutor changed the subject to pornography.

Willem Ratte himself is a poor white South African, offering his time and energy to provide a better future for young South African boys, teaching them some discipline, and giving them skills like welding.

He has been on a hunger strike since October 1st, and refuses to put in a bail application, because he claims he is being held illegally.  A previous judge also laughed in his face when seeing him in such a terrible condition.

The state must have known that he would engage in a hunger strike, because he did that on a previous occasion as well.

While the SA judicial system is still deciding what crime he has actually committed, this man is dying. Is that what they want??

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