South African girl brutally murdered, hands sawn off and stolen

 Pretoria, South Africa – As Julius Malema rants on killing the "boers" and Jacob Zuma stands behind him the country is falling further into chaos. 

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Pretoria, South Africa – As Julius Malema rants on killing the “boers” and Jacob Zuma stands behind him the country is falling further into chaos.

A Pretoria girl Anika Tikkie Smit from Gerrit Maritz Afrikaans High School stayed at home because she was not feeling well. She simply had a ear infection and stayed home but it would be the last time her parents would see her alive.

Her dad with whom she was living left early in the morning to go to work, during the day he phoned her a few times but there was no answer and in the afternoon when he returned home he found the house in a mess, he could not find his daughter until he went to her room. There she was lying on the floor in a pool of blood, she was dead, naked and her hands were sawn off.

This is the cold hard facts South Africans have to endure, brutally tortured like this. The fact that she was Afrikaans or Boer might of been a factor especially since the threats the ANC leaders were given out in the past while and singing their “kill the boer” songs.

Her hands could of been cut off for either muti or because of evidence. Whether she was raped is still under investigation. This is not crime as the police minister or “general” as he would like to refer to himself has called but this is in fact genocide.

Many comments are streaming in on a Facebook group in memory of Anika Tikkie Smit

One of the many messages read:


 I might not of known you personaly, but i know sum of the ppl You loved, you are special and will never be forgotten, your memory will live on in the hearts of those lives you changed, may GOD hold you and keep you safe till we all meet again. Rest in peace

UPDATE: Was Anika Smit a victim of the genocide happening in South Africa or did someone with a far more personal hate attack and kill her? We usually write about the genocide in South Africa against white farmers and Boers, Boers in South Africa generally refer to white Afrikaans people. Anika Smit was white and Afrikaans hence we wrote about the genocide. Evidence now shows that Anika Smit might not of been a victim of this genocide but rather a victim of someone she knew. She locked the dogs away to let the person in according to reports we have. That however might just be guessing and she very well could of been a victim of some crazy person. For now we believe she was a victim of the genocide until further evidence shows whether this can be confirmed.

UPDATE2: Police now believe that the murder suspect must of known her and that the murder was a attack of jealousy and her hands were sawn of for a trophy. The police also claim that she was not tortured, however police also twist crime statistics in South Africa so we just have to take their word for it.

UDATE 3: Police arrested her boyfriend (her apparent boyfriend). He is 21, they arrested him with the murder. Is he the murderer? We’ll find out soon.

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    • Anonymous
    • 9th February 2011

    • Anonymous
    • 9th February 2011

    Why was the dad calling her that exact day that it happened? Did he get a psychic feeling of something bad’s going to happen i must call my daughter and make sure she’s okay? Sounds a bit odd to me,, never the less i think the police are a bunch of coock sucking and licking indulging assholess since this happened almost over a year ago and they still haven’t found a good suspect for godsakes i hope i don’t get murdered becuase my killer will indeed never ever be found because the police sit in their police cars and offices all day playing with their small penises the killer must have been found long ago what happened to forensic investigation? is the police department so lazy that they can’t even take a few documents to the crime investigators? surely we must have heard something by now, i think this country is one huge lazy fat fuck tart fuck up and we’re all heading for disaster

    • Anonymous
    • 13th May 2011

    This is just more proof that all kaffers are savages. Africa is fucked and should just be nuked so we can get rid of all the kaffers.

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