South Africa's murders continue – Belgian Businessman Etienne Cammaerts murdered in Limpopo

Last week South Africa saw another gruesome animal like murder of 61 year old Belgian businessman Etienne Cammaerts on his Limpopo farm.

He was found after being kidnapped and murdered.  He was found with his hands and feet tied and his throat slashed at the side of a dam or water pan. His farm vehicle was still at the scene and nothing was stolen. It is speculated that he was hijacked when he went to drop farm workers.

The farm that was in a area marked for "land reform" was thought to be in a safe place as Etienne moved their to escape from the stress.

He and his partner lived on the farm for 6 years before the murder.

Genocide in South Africa continues against white farmers.

UPDATE: Suspects arrested as noted in the comments. 

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