Mysterious object or planet moves over the sun on SOHO imagery

NASA has no explanation or announcements on what this could be so we can only guess that this is another planet moving past the SOHO imagery. The question is what planet could this be? Is it a astroid,  Venus or Mercury maybe?

Something did move past the sun, people online believe it could everything from the “nibiru” / planet x theory to a camera anomaly but no one has come out with an official answer yet.

That planet scientists talked about a few days ago, throwing ice bullets and causing chaos on earth, maybe he came for a visit.

The imagery is from 2010/12/06

What could this be?

Update: You might want to look at around 10 second into the video, it happens fast because the video is actually in fast forward mode,not real time. You can see the “object” coming in from the right side at around 10 or 11 seconds into the video.

Update: Could it be our moon?

Earlier this year NASA posted a few pictures and said the following:

This was a first for SDO and it was visually engaging too. On October 7, 2010, SDO observed its first lunar transit when the new Moon passed directly between the spacecraft (in its geosynchronous orbit) and the Sun. With SDO watching the Sun in a wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light, the dark Moon created a partial eclipse of the Sun.

These images, while unusual and cool to see, have practical value to the SDO science team. Karel Schrijver of Lockheed-Martin’s Solar and Astrophysics Lab explains: “The very sharp edge of the lunar limb allows us to measure the in-orbit characteristics of the telescope e.g., light diffraction on optics and filter support grids. Once these are characterized, we can use that information to correct our data for instrumental effects and sharpen up the images to even more detail.”

The images below show both a full disk version and a close-up of the event.

Update: The moon did not pass between the earth and the sun as shown in the video above at that time when the video was taken

Cant be the moon, what is it?


  1. The edges look too perfectly round to be any natural object. There was reference to a lens failure. Does this lens have various filters that could be damaged and out of synch thus creating this near perfect circle?

  2. I just read on Wikileaks that its actually Hillary Clinton’s homeworld coming to invade – they want eveyone speaking in a nasally voice and to be provided with free health care paid for by the rich, so long as she’s tax exempt.


    that was odd to say the least it was big enough to maintain a round shape so not an asteroid the speed at witch it moved means it likely very close to the soho satellite then we have the odd choice of wording did i see the word lunar

    The very sharp edge of the lunar limb allows us to measure the in-orbit characteristics of the telescope e.g., light diffraction on optics and filter support grids. Once

    so what size is the moon if seen in your area that is a pretty simple question cause if the moon is now 1.5 millions away from earth then it should be allot smaller if its orbit is now elliptical on that scale then it will also get allot bigger not to mention the tidal effects this will have

    not exactly that hard to figure out unless you wish to believe all is good until your dieing breath

    if so not my problem people like me can only tell you the already known you have to realize it as such

    somebody gave little to much info its the moon or some other object being classified as moon so what else do they know that they are not saying

  4. aia 304..witch is on the screen is sdo NOT soho…look it up….its the moon soho has been shut down since november 28th for mainitnace so the image is deff the moon….im not saying planet x dont exist but look at some factors….it has a horizontile orbit in the video…. alot of people that jump out of there chair everytime a video like this ….but nasa somehow made 24 hr error in there prediction for the lunar transit…they make mistakes…weather forcasters lie all the time about the weather and we dont run them off the charts saying there a conspiracy to keep the real weather from us…google aia 304 and it will come up as

  5. its the Space Jews from planet Jewpiter in their giant mothership coming to Earth to enslave the masses. Run to the caves. NOW!!

  6. SOHO is a spacecraft. It’s not on earth. The mood doesn’t have to have passed between the earth and sun for the spacecrafts trajectory to have taken in past the moon. Don’t be stupid, stupid.

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